Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 11-17: Highlights, contrarian thoughts, and non-PC musings

Ahhh, this show has me hooked! I hope it continues to have a plenitude of humorous moments. I have never had so much fun watching a daily drama!

**screencaps from Sorry about the news ticker…**

Many questions to start:

So now that Dong Joon has been declared brain dead, his family agonizes over the decision to donate his organs.**cue super OTT melodramatic music in background** Wasn’t that the purpose of the donor card, so his wishes were perfectly clear? Why are they so hesitant to donate his organs? Perhaps it’s just the fog of grief. Finally Dad comes around:


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Fishing for a Holiday Melodrama: Early thoughts on “Love is Drop by Drop”

A/N: More Awl recaps in the works. Hopefully Episode 7 will be done by the end of December.

Shamrockmom is not the brightest bulb sometimes when it comes time to pick a new show. The allure of something I want to watch–but will surely regret–crops up from time to time. With a ginormous hole in my drama watching schedule after “Start Again” and “Working Mom, Parenting Daddy” both ended, I started searching around for new lunchtime diversions. Continue reading

A look at both ends of the Kdrama Spectrum Part 2: “The Good Wife” (and the WTF ending)

A/N: Apologies for the lateness of this post. RL is annoying and gets in the way. I hope to also get one more “Awl” recap completed before the end of the year.

I ran across an article recently that indicated most Koreans can’t imagine that anyone outside Korea watches any of their TV shows. That’s stunning to me. Korean TV produces some of the most unique and imaginative shows I have ever seen–let alone the sheer quantity of shows that the studios churn out year after year. When you consider the population of South Korea and the population of the US, the TV and film industry in SK is exceptionally robust. I believe that interest in SK films and TV shows outside of Korea seems to increase every year. More shows are getting subs. More theaters are showing SK movies. That’s a good thing. Continue reading

Shamrockmom’s Continuing Piano Adventures: The “Barn Find” piano upgrade

My three readers know how much Shamrockmom and her family love cars. I often joke that I really do speak another language–it’s called Car! In Car lingo, when you find a very old and valuable car in bad condition, it’s known as “Barn Find”. That’s because many rare and vintage vehicles were stored in old barns and outdoor sheds for years until they were found by someone interested in restoring the car to it’s former glory. After restoration, these cars can be worth some substantial money, plus there’s the thrill of unearthing a hidden treasure. Now I have a “Barn Find” piano, and I’m pretty darn stoked over it!

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