Thoughts and Highlights–HITTG Episode 18 “Picking the Right Moment”

I’ll start today with a cautionary tale from my past.

I was in my second year in HS (circa 1980) when a girl I knew on the periphery of my friends–I’ll call her “Sheila”–started to date a handsome dude I’ll call “Jimmy”. Everything seemed cool at first, but then they started to argue–a lot. Then I noticed Sheila was putting makeup on to cover bruises from Jimmy–he was hitting her. Some of my other buddies pleaded with her to break up with him, but she wouldn’t hear of it–she loved him, and he just lost his temper, he was sorry, he’d never do it again….until the next time, of course. We all knew this was going on, and talked about it constantly. It never dawned on me to tell my parents or a teacher (there were several that were trustworthy). Finally, one of my friends spilled the problem to one of the teachers we trusted. This teacher took control of the situation, and called Sheila’s parents. To their everlasting credit, her parents took it seriously, talked to their daughter, and convinced her to never see this guy again. Then they took the extraordinary step (for that day) and got a restraining order against Jimmy! The school was notified, and Jimmy soon found himself in hot water with the school–and his dad. The next week, Jimmy came to school looking like he had been worked over by a gang of thugs–bruises and cuts everywhere you could see on his face and arms. . He told everyone he’d been in a fight with another guy–but that same teacher figured out that “guy” was Jimmy’s own dad. The authorities were notified, and Jimmy was removed from his father’s home and sent to a nearby community to live with his grandparents. To this day, I am ashamed of myself that I did absolutely nothing to stop this, even though I knew exactly what was going on. I told my kids this story early in the game, hoping that they would trust me enough to let me know if something horrible like this was going on with someone they knew, before the moment we needed to intervene had passed.

Episode 18–starts with Evil Mommy giving her husband “the silent treatment“. I understand what she’s doing, but I’m not sure I like it–it seems kinda passive-aggressive. I don’t think this tactic will improve their relationship. Evil Daddy grabs some pillows and a blanket and commands that his wife sleep alone. Hmmm, I think she won’t consider that a punishment. Daddy Han looks around for a place to plop down for the evening.


Geez, that big ol’ house and nowhere to lay your head. Mommy Han declares it time to talk, and Daddy Han backs into the room. She shows him the bauble in it’s case–and tells him that he sent this as a sign of forgiveness–so what was the other one for?


Ooooh, I wanna know too! Evil Daddy looks like he’s been caught red-handed. Evil Mommy tells him everybody already knows the deal-except him.


He throws the blanket and pillows down. He roars–What don’t I know? Uh, try this: hittg18-4

She sends him off to the showers, and he reappears in a bathrobe and PJ’s. She sits down with a tray of food. When he asks her where his chow is, he gets this in reply:


I’ll admit that the dinner she fixed for herself looks suspiciously like instant ramen, but whatever. I’m pretty sure she’s never fixed a meal in her entire life–there’s always been a cook/maid/housekeeper for that. Evil Daddy barks for AH to fix him something–then remembers she’s not there. Evil Mommy gives him the card that he sent her to read aloud. He does, and when asked if that card made sense, Evil Daddy says of course:


Mommy Han spells it out for him:  I haven’t done anything that I need to be forgiven by you. Daddy Han gets angry and walks away from the table while she says, fine–keep on being ignorant and ignored. After all, his momma taught her that if a husband does something stupid, to treat him like a pet–and if that doesn’t work–ignore him. Well, now that’s pretty warped. Daddy Han doesn’t buy that his Momma told her something like that. Then she blows it up for him–she saw his mom do this back in the day:


Oh, ho! So Evil Daddy’s Poppa was a cheating, philandering SOB as well?!?  Heh. Evil Daddy doesn’t believe his dad would have done such a despicable thing, but his wife ignores him. He stomps off, still ticked that there’s no dinner for him. Evil Mommy goes up to their bedroom, and finds Evil Daddy on it, practicing making a snow angel. Oh wait, maybe not!


(High 5 to my Canadian readers!)

We get to leave that mess for a much happier scene at Camp Seo–Papa Seo playing his guitar, and joking around that both his daughters have BF/husbands related to HanSong. As they wait for YJH’s taxi, SB observes that it’s good for YJH to see how HanSong works. YJH says that today, he learned that HanSong never breaks the law, and that process:


Yeah, reminds me of that saying,”Laws are like sausages. It’s best to not see them being made.” YJH leaves, and IS tells NR that they look cute together! SB asks if NR has met his folks yet, and she says not yet–there’s no rush.  Mama Seo wonders why NR doesn’t talk more about YJH; SB goes for the easy lob–oh, she has to get up early tomorrow, but IS knows the real deal:


Papa Seo is so happy tonight–because JY is a blessing, and his girls are happy. Now NR is with this YJH guy (I think Papa Seo likes him too.) Mama Seo can’t let herself get too caught up though:


IS and SB talk about YJH in her bedroom. It’s pretty cute that Mama Seo made him a bed on the floor, since her bed is too small, lol! They wonder–is YJH on their side?  SB hopes so:


Then things get cute–and hot. IS has an idea for “playtime”:

hittg18-13bjpg hittg18-13jpg

SB’s response:


And IS’s response is: Make sure you follow through! I nearly swoon from the cuteness of IS hiding his face, like he’s almost too embarrassed but he can’t help it, to SB’s response which seems to say-I already thought of this, no problems. I can’t help but contrast this scene–where IS’s basically asking for sex–with the scene of his dad and mom, botching it up. Somehow, IS was brought up by two toxic parents, and survived. Amazing. But before playtime starts, SB thinks they should check up on the Parental Units. IS thinks maybe not–


IS sure knows his Dad’s MO! SB calls AH instead. Sigh. Cute times over–back to the Joseon Mansion. Evil Mommy is trying to sleep on the couch in SB/IS’s room (how ironic is that, hmm?!) when Evil Daddy comes in, rips the blanket off of her and declares–this is my room too!  She goes into YJ’s room and is told the same thing–except this time she has something to say:


He doesn’t understand what’s wrong with saying that. *facepalm* Evil Mommy heads downstairs to hear this:


Seriously, dude…Then he pulls a real passive-aggressive D-bag move, and pushes the couch away as she sits down. Uh, oh. Things just ramped up. I reach for the remote, as my stomach clenches. She throws some couch cushions/pillows at him, and then he grabs a crystal lamp. Oh no. She yells at him–that’s fragile. What are you thinking? Thankfully, he puts the lamp down slowly. I breathe out. Ok good. Nope–too soon. Evil Mommy goes to leave, and he grabs her shoulder.  At least she calls him out on it:


We get a break from that drama-rama to check in on the gossip from the household help. AB gets a text message from the security company–cameras inside the house show that there may be some kind of altercation going on inside. My first thought is–they have CCTV cameras inside the house?! That’s just so over-the-top. I mean how do you have any privacy? AB calls the security company, gives them his pass code, and then gives us another nomination for Understatement of the Year:


Whoa! Cut back to the Joseon Mansion, and Evil Mommy with a golf club in her hand like a weapon! Oh, crap…not good. Not good at all. And just as bad–Evil Daddy has a golf club in his hand too!  WTH is wrong with these two? She’s shaking, and he has a mighty determined look on his face. This can’t end well, and I have the remote in my hand again. They threaten–but don’t actually hit each other. Evil Daddy aka His Royal Clumsiness, forgets where his feet are, falls down a couple of steps–and loses his weapon. The goofy music starts up, irritating me no end. Dear Show, please don’t tell me what to think. I can figure it out for myself. Evil Mommy seizes the moment and sits on his back, pulling his hair. Evil Daddy is screaming for her to stop when the entire household staff comes charging in to break this up. I notice that Tutor hangs back though.


Evil Mommy has her husband’s precious hair in a death grip, and then realizes that the entire staff is witness to this debacle. She asks–when did you all get here? AB’s answer:


Yeah, and thank goodness you showed up too! Secretary Yang tries her hand at being a Helpful Honda Guy by suggesting a verbal agreement to end the conflict. Evil Mommy says No Way–then this is all for naught.  But she does let go of his hair, and Evil Daddy runs away upstairs, like a scaredy cat. Secretary Kim is right behind him, until he is called back by Evil Mommy. AH and Secretary Lee offer Evil Mommy some water, and suggest she sit down and rest, but Evil Mommy turns her wrath on them! She rakes them over the coals for showing up uninvited (?) and that:


Why should they see this? Ummm, because your life was potentially in danger–and you weren’t exactly being rational either. And you both had things in your hands that could be used as weapons. I really hate this scene. I’ve seen cops–both on TV and in RL–go out on a DV call, only to have the victim become angry with them!  It makes no sense to me. (Side note–nothing like that happened in my situation. The cops were called when I was in the ER, and they picked up my then-husband immediately from our home and took him away.) Evil Mommy can’t see that there was legitimate concern for her safety by her employees, and they acted quite appropriately, in my opinion. What if they hadn’t showed up–and either Evil Mommy or Evil Daddy beat the living daylights out of the other? *headdesk* This show frustrates me no end, as do the commentators who said this week that it was great how Evil Mommy put her staff in their place, they were over-involved and too close. I will agree–maybe they are over-involved, but there is an appropriate time to get involved. And this was one of them.

Oh, so this is why Tutor was hanging back:


Cell phone video proof–it’s the way things are now. You screw up–and somebody is there to catch it with their cell phones. Now SB and IS get to see the whole mess:


Part of me is happy that SB and IS get to view this video–it’s painful, but they need to know what the deal is. I just hope they got to have their playtime before they saw it, because seeing that is gonna wreck the mood. I do hope this piece of video doesn’t get into the wrong hands–can you imagine if YR saw this? Or if it was posted online?

The next morning, IS and Papa Seo go to the bath house since NR has taken over the bathroom, and everyone there is all smiles. It’s a complete contrast at the Joseon Mansion–sort of.  Evil Daddy starts out of the gate by praising his wife in his typical over the top way for handling the servants “wrongful interference” with dignity. It was brilliant!


But he can’t leave well enough alone. There was one thing she could have done–instead of pull his hair, she could have used a more “affectionate” gesture. *face-palm* Evil Mommy is nice, and gives him a clue:


She leaves Evil Daddy still huffing and puffing, and takes a video call from SB and JY.  Evil Daddy continues to seethe in the background.

NR is getting ready to leave for work and Mama Seo says something to Evil Mommy that I hope she understands:


NR then says this to SB–


I don’t think she’s fully forgiven her sis for that Lunchtime smack down….maybe there’s two Seo girls who hold grudges! Mama Seo lets SB grab some extra nap time–goodness knows she never has a minute to relax at the Joseon Prison Mansion!

IS and Papa Seo have breakfast–wow, look at Mama Seo balance that baby on her back in the wrap!


That’s some mad skills! I carried my kids around in a sling like this pic–in fact, my oldest son who was only 4 pounds at birth rode around in that sling so much my friends back then teased me, “9 months in and 9 months out–only difference is about 1 inch!”

IS confirms that they never can just chill at his house:


He remembers the rice-bowl-shaking scolding, and they laugh about it. But then IS steps in it big time when he reveals that Uncle, SB and him had drinks together yesterday. Check out the expression on his face:


He runs to SB–and immediately ‘fesses up:


Have I mentioned before how happy I am every time he is honest with her?  It’s so refreshing after all the subterfuge and lies that nearly everyone else goes with. Still, SB looks pretty upset, but she doesn’t panic–and neither does IS.

Evil Daddy is back at work. Secretary Yang has a great idea!


No, Evil Daddy wants to put it on hold, but Secretary Yang insists…and he finally agrees. Phew!  Another disaster averted–for now. YJH meets with his boss, and they discuss some upcoming piece of legislation(?)  Not terribly sure. DF helps a with this scene. This makes the point clearer…compromises need to be made because:


Evil Daddy calls up Attorney Yoo, and ask her to give YJH a reality check:


We also get this interesting info nugget about Secretary Min:


YJH says he is very interested in that case!  Ok, now we are getting somewhere…he’s at HanSong to excavate for info too. Attorney Yoo looks like she is tickled pink that someone else is opposing her boss…but she gives him her take on the situation:


No, I think they might just be thrilled if you are on the side of justice for the injured workers. NR has an inkling too–


as she tells her sunbae about YJH’s interests. I find it interesting that her sunbae scoffs at the idea:


As a relatively old person, I’ve noticed that so many young people today have profoundly nihilistic attitudes. Listening to conversations between the students over at my local college is a depressing business. NR is worried about this too:


Don’t blame you one bit NR!  I wouldn’t want to be an enemy of HanSong either.

SB and JY are back at the Joseon Mansion. Evil Mommy gives SB a Han Cult thumbs-up!


Careful there SB!  You are getting way too close to one of the Cult Leaders!  AH and the Nanny fill SB in on the Han Parent’s fight–


SoompiTV translates it as “Police” and not “Security Guards”. SB gets up and bails out of this gossip section. She wonders if Evil Mommy will be on their side to Tutor. Tutor doesn’t think so–even if SB and IS are on her side. This might be one reason:


SB tells tutor that they are getting the documents from Secretary Min. She needs all the people she can get on her side because:


MJ and IS are chatting on the way to go play basketball.  For some reason I get real nervous when I see IS with either one or both of the V-I-T’s. It’s like they are trying to drag him down to the gutter with them, and he’s spent the last 12+ years of his life refusing their offer of gutter life. MJ starts all nicey-nice–oh, I’m so glad your parents were ok after I told you that story….but then he drops a bomb here:


Oh, so MJ’s dad has had an affair too? Wonder if his mom VF-Eom knows…or cares? I’m at a loss…Can’t these grown men keep their zippers in the locked and upright position? Can’t these women (I’m talking about the mistresses here) put their foot down and say the word, “No”, or better yet, “Hit the road, Jack“? I swear the adults on this show make me ashamed to identify myself as a grownup. IS replies–they should regret it. If they don’t, they aren’t human. I realize now that MJ has graduated to being a member of the Junior Viper Club, as he says he doesn’t regret stuff like that. IS calls him crazy.  MJ makes a big boo-boo here:


Uh, dude…calling your friend’s wife an alien is not a good idea. It’s a great way to get a five finger knuckle sandwich to the face. But he’s not listening to Shamrockmom (must be that teenager selective hearing/mother deafness thing) and tells IS this gem:


MJ must have woke up this morning and heard these lyrics: “Today seemed like a good day to burn a bridge or two…“.  He informs IS that most girls he’s met (including his mom) just forgive the guy and move on. Oh, so his mom did know!  Omo. FYI–Don’t come to this ‘hood MJ. You’d be toast if you dated a girl like my daughter and she found out you cheated on her. MJ throws the ball to IS before he’s even finished rolling up his shirt sleeves, then fakes him out for an easy basket as IS ends up on his backside. #whattadick. Remind me again why these two are supposedly friends?  Uh, oh–here comes the human tornado aka HS. The wind begins to blow, and she picks up IS’s backpack and heaves it at him!


Whoa! That was a jerk move!  MJ can’t get out of there fast enough as HS wants to talk to IS about his dad, because he’s a big freaking headache to her. (I thought the pain might be lower, but whatever…) IS is all–hey let our parents sort it out. My Daddy’s not gonna do anything…. Then she shows him the incriminating text his dad sent to her mom:


IS knows that’s his Daddy’s phone number. And just for the record your Honor, when was that text message sent?


There it is–irrefutable evidence there is serious intent on Daddy Han’s part to commit adultery.


Your Honor, I rest my case. IS is stuttering in shock as HS goes to Category 4– All this is going to negatively affect her mom–and that’s a bad thing since her parents are about to get divorced:


HS threatens to put all this dirt in a public “Breaking News Bulletin” if it happens again. I’m surprised she hasn’t already done it. HS is one unhappy camper; she’s bitter, and as unpredictable as a tornado. IS looks like he’s just had his whole world pulled down yet again. I hope he thinks about his wife and son before he does anything stupid.

Before we leave this scene, I want to comment on the wording of the text message: “Seduce Me..”  It’s as if Evil Daddy wants to abdicate responsibility for his own actions here. By asking YR to ‘seduce’ him, he makes it seem as if she’s in control, and he’s helpless. It’s an interesting twist. I can see why he did it though–he can then place blame on her for the affair. The other half of that message: “I want to forget everything.” What exactly does Evil Daddy want to forget?  That he screwed up a long time ago and didn’t put his foot down with his own parents so he could marry the girl he loved? Did Evil Daddy have some kind of idealistic, righteous sense of justice that got buried beneath the love of money and his competitive ego? There’s quite a bit to think about for two short sentences. I almost wish there was a pre-quel to this show so we could see how these adults ended up in the mess they are now. (TBH, I wanted that for SLA too!)

Poor IS can’t catch a break today. As soon as he gets home, YJ comes running up to him:


IS is shocked that YJ already knows. She asks what should they do now as IS holds his head in his hands. His voice is deep and chock full of emotion. It’s heartbreaking. Just then, Evil Mommy pops up to ask how their day went at school, and YJ runs over to give her mom a hug. IS follows for a hug too, but this must not be the norm at the Joseon Mansion:


I think if a day goes by where my kids and I don’t hug, there’s a problem. I understand cultural differences and all, but still…IS leaves YJ and Mom, and heads off to the Prison Study Room. He asks SB–rather curtly, and without greeting her–if she got the documents from Secretary Min. He sits down in a big huff. Tutor didn’t fall off the Turnip Truck yesterday–he knows something is wrong:


Evil Daddy and YR meet once again at the Club of Exclusiveness. She’s wearing her “Client Gift” today so Evil Daddy can see it. She tries to tell Evil Daddy she’s just meeting him here today as a client, but that’s not what his (little) head is thinking:


YR says she’s serious–


YR laments that she’s always been behind the curve raising HS, and blames herself.  Evil Daddy tells her–it’s cool, you did your best. YR tells Evil Daddy it’s time to stop all this–but Evil Daddy is a lawyer, and he won’t be talked out of it. He attempts to persuade YR to talk to HS, not like mother-daughter:


YR can’t believe the line of BS she just heard–and she calls him out on it:


Suuuure he does, ’cause he’s Progressive Father of the Year material–for the year 1300!  #JokingNotJoking  Ah, now here comes Secretary Yang to bust up the good times. She greets YR with a “It’s been a long time” and YR is passive-aggressively polite as she complements Secretary Yang’s unchanging style! Nice backhander there,YR!  Secretary Yang’s got an Important Document for her Boss to review–wanna read it with him?


Well, if that’s not the blinking red light on the dashboard of his life, then I don’t know what is. YR did not fall off the Turnip Truck this week–she knows exactly what’s going on here. She can’t resist creating just a wee bit more chaos here:


Is Evil Daddy is still thinking with his little head? It’s hard to tell, but we do get to see him in the Beveled Glass of Deceit–


as he informs Secretary Yang that he’ll take care of it.

Back to the Joseon Mansion….only SB and YJ are there to greet him. Evil Daddy demands to know–where’s IS? SB plausibly lies–he’s in the shower. Evil Daddy gives her a message for IS–


YJ and SB go back upstairs. YJ says exactly what I was thinking:


Yeah, this dude’s got a hard head (maybe 2!) and he’s gonna have to have more than just this scare to change his Royal Han-Highness ways. SB thinks it’s because Mommy wants the kids to respect Daddy Han, but YJ says–It’s just a show. Thanks–I need to remember that too, YJ!


If I had a dollar for every time one of my boys or their friends sat on my couch with that same expression IS has right now, I’d retire. All that angsty, brooding, sullen facial expressions and body language….what a spot-on piece of acting right here. Perfect. SB comes in and asks if he’s okay, then gives us this bit of wisdom: boys become men–


That’s sad–and somewhat true. My boys never had a single good memory of their father. They became men far too young, IMHO, and shouldered burdens they should never have had to deal with. It doesn’t have to be that way though– I’ve seen other families where the father and son had a great relationship from day one. SB also mentions something I notice as well:


IS says he’s angry–because ever since he was twelve:


His voice in this scene, like it was when he met YJ at the door makes me choke up. SB says she can’t hate Papa Seo–I’d agree with that too–he’s frustrating, but not hate-worthy. IS tells SB the hardest part:


Other kids who didn’t like their Daddies frivolously spent the family’s money or did bad stuff–but IS didn’t do any of that. (Geez, my kids have told me a thousand stories from that department–especially the money wasting deal.) SB is rightfully concerned–if they get all the documents from Secretary Min:


Writer-nim must have some first-hand experience with teenage boys to bulls-eye this many points. Teen boys are not known for rational, well thought out plans on a good day. If they are angry and/or under duress–there’s no possible way. IS has everything going against him. He’s been holding back for six, maybe 7 years with repressed anger toward his dad. He has a deep need to protect his wife and child. There’s no doubt he’s incensed over the way his parents have treated his wife and her parents as well. He wants justice for the unfairly treated workers. Then add in his righteous anger against whatever dastardly thing his father did to screw over the company Papa Seo worked in and/or the union–that’s one volatile mix. IS begs SB to stop him if he goes crazy (excellent idea, BTW), then he breaks down sobbing.


Wow. How many times do we get to see the lead guy comfort the girl, but here, SB comforts IS. She has to be the strong one.

Evil Daddy had some clueless juice for dinner. He asks his wife if IS might:


Sir, would you like the list single spaced or double spaced for easier reading? Evil Mommy asks her hubby if he thinks he’s perfect!  Oh no, he says…but he is always striving for perfection! (LOL)  Evil Mommy has a pretty good comeback:


I don’t know why this struck me as so funny. Can you imagine a book of all of Evil Daddy’s sayings? Talk about Politically Incorrect! For a moment, I imagine a skit on the “Colbert Report” or the Jon Stewart Show, where they interview Evil Daddy. Now that would be comedy gold! Side note–I had a US History teacher in high school who said some of the funniest and most outrageous things–a modern day Mark Twain. Unlike other more liberal or middle-of-the-road teachers, this guy was a Right Wing Libertarian–and quite prescient in some of his sayings and predictions. About 10 years after I left HS, one of his students wrote down a bunch of his stuff and is now trying to get it published. I’m going to be first in line for that book!

Evil Daddy asks Evil Mommy for his medicine (for his hair? to sleep?  not sure…), and she says for him to get it himself.  He starts to roar that she confuses him, and she issues another clue for him.


The household help are gathered for the nightly intel exchange/gossip session.  Secretary Kim makes an unusually astute observation–that Evil Mommy respects Evil Daddy in front of others, but ignores him privately. AB is his usual wise self, and says that if Evil Mommy keeps going like this and stay married, it’s gonna cost her. Tutor throws this in too:


I might use the word “masochist”, but that’s just me. Secretary Kim thinks Evil Mommy is the ideal wife–because she ended up with Evil Daddy!  Really? Secretary Lee shoots that down–having to be “a fox” aka being on your toes every minute to outwit someone–is tiring. I’d go for “exhausting”. Tutor doesn’t agree–everybody envies them. Secretary Lee gets PO’d and leaves, saying she can’t believe she dated a dude like him.  AB gives Tutor a clue:


The sister secretaries are having their own private gripe session over some beers. Secretary Yang recounts the “important document” interruption she orchestrated while her boss was meeting up with YR. That beer must have been laced with Clueless Juice too–because she thinks YR didn’t know the deal:


Oh, is that so? Secretary Yang, you have been played by YR! Secretary Lee tells her sis that YR can pretty much bring any man to his knees:


That’s a pretty astute observation. Secretary Yang goes from clueless juice to Captain Obvious–She thinks YR manipulates men for this reason:


Duh!  Of course, it’s like one big cat/mouse game, although I think YR manipulates Daddy Han for revenge purposes, not necessarily to sleep with His Royal Clumsiness. Secretary Yang declares it even more ridiculous that Evil Mommy wants him to maintain his dignity–because everyone thinks of her as the perfect wife. The doorbell rings–and it’s Tutor on the monitor. Secretary Yang says she’ll slip out the back. Tutor doesn’t even need the door opened to say what he needs to say:  She was right all along–


Tutor says he was imitating Evil Daddy, and he is ashamed of himself. He will try to be a better man in the future.  Wow–I’m not sure whether to buy that speech or not. It sounded genuine….let’s see how this rolls. Secretary Yang isn’t buying it, and she starts laughing. She then reminds her sister of the past:


Sounds like Secretary Lee hasn’t been too lucky in the love department either!

The next morning at the Joseon Mansion, SB runs to tell IS–they got an email from Secretary Min. IS gets out of bed at the speed of light and they start reading the files. Uncle gets the message that IS and SB have the info. Secretary Min is no dummy–she knows IS and SB are going to grow up fast after what they are about to read. Uh, oh! We then get to see SB and IS sorting a slew of papers through the Beveled Glass of Deceit.


Good thing they have a reliable Samsung laptop and printer for that big job! (I think I have mentioned before that I am the worst Samsung junkie–if they make it, I want it, if I don’t already own it.)  Suddenly IS gets some papers and goes for the door. SB asks him:


When IS says yes, I cringe. He’s angry, and way too ready for a confrontational blowout with his Daddy. This is not gonna be good. They need to sit on this info for a week or so and think very carefully about how to use it best, but IS’s temper is overruling his good sense right now. SB knows all this too:


IS tells SB that he wants to talk to his Dad beforehand.  After all:


SB knows they are in over their heads.  She sends a text message to Tutor. Another nomination for Understatement of the Year:


SB, I think you need to tell Tutor that IS is about to push the Big Red Button of Nuclear Doom this morning. I notice IS’s swagger as he walks up the stairs to his Dad’s home office–just like he did when he went to get SB to take her to the courthouse. He hands his Daddy a big notebook, and asks for an interpretation. Evil Daddy takes the notebook…while IS just stares at him. I need to remind myself to breathe as I watch this, the tension is sky high. SB comes in, and tells Evil Daddy they have questions about this case but haven’t fully reviewed it yet.  IS interrupts her and says they can ask a few questions. IS then recounts the industrial accident, noting that the dates were changed so it happened after the layoffs. Evil Daddy starts to get suspicious…oh, and is that YJ in the background to witness this debacle?  IS starts to go for the kill when he asks his Daddy if he ever met anyone that was injured or disabled because of the accident. Now the Secretaries Lee and Kim are watching too. When Evil Mommy hears IS say that he hopes Evil Daddy gets to meet them in person, and stop obsessing over money, she gets up and tries to break it up with this line:


No, I think it’s a lot more than that. She calls both IS and SB over to her as Evil Daddy looks like he’s going to explode.  Evil Daddy warns IS not to ask him “emotional” questions, and then tells Secretary Kim he wants to meet with Tutor Park today. Uh, oh….collateral damage ahead. Evil Mommy calls IS out:


Even if what your husband did was illegal and immoral? Yikes, what kind of message does that tell your son? YJ says that she opposed Daddy Han when he told her to lose weight, and Evil Mommy quickly tells her to shut up. SB goes for one last try to prevent the disaster ahead:


IS replies that he is opposing his Daddy, and tacks this moral requirement on for good measure.


This comment brings Evil Daddy out from behind his desk. He goes over to his son and throws the clumsiest right hook ever toward IS’s face. IS ducks, missing the blow, and AH and AB run for their lives. IS runs over and grabs SB’s hand and they run off. Good–run upstairs, get that young son of yours and leave for Camp Seo, like Shamrockmom told you to do 17 episodes ago! You’ll be fine. You’re both smart kids. “Better to have a crust of bread in a peaceful house than feast in a home with constant strife.”

My take on this scene: Evil Daddy doesn’t like being called out in front of everyone for his evil doings….especially by his own son. He has no alternative way to defend himself, because what he’s done is inexcusable. So he goes for the punch. It’s so low-class…plus there’s all that intimidation of his family and staff that using violence brings to the table. Evil Daddy mistakenly thinks that by punching his son out, that his staff and family will respect him. Instead, he’s just lost the respect of everyone–he is the adult, he should be able to control his temper, but he can’t or won’t. I notice this time IS doesn’t let his dad beat him. Good for him. I think IS has made some forward progress in stepping away from the Han Family Cult. I fully approve of IS getting SB out of there–she doesn’t need to see his dad flipping out: she could potentially be caught in the crossfire and injured as well if a full scale Breakfast Brawl #2 erupts. SB has got to be scared by her FiL’s behavior. He is so volatile and unpredictable, unlike her dad and mom. She should be concerned for the safety of her son JY as well, because his grandfather is so prone to violence. The other part of this scene that bothers me is that a parent hitting their young adult offspring is considered by this drama to be funny. The goofy and highly irritating music tells me that I am supposed to override my good judgement for a laugh. Sorry Writer and PD-nim, it’s not working for me.

Cut to Evil Daddy grilling Tutor–Evil Daddy asks what happened? I wanted you to teach them a “clear world view”–circa 1300. He’s so disappointed in Tutor. To his credit, Tutor sits there calmly, waiting until Evil Daddy finishes spouting to begin speaking. He knows his job is at risk, but he’s going to be honest, and I admire him for that. IS and SB’s generation is different, it’s not like your deal:


Evil Daddy did it this way:


However, that’s not going to work in this Modern Age. But hey, if Evil Daddy wants his son to be part of the Dino Club, then:


It’s refreshing to see both IS and Tutor taking the high road today. It’s never an easy road, but the alternative is far worse in the long run. Tutor will be sorry to leave his bright and adorable students, but yunno, they’re not his kids! Evil Daddy can only stare at Tutor and seethe through the Beveled Glass of Deceit.

IS and SB are in the Prison Study Room, and SB is worried–she calls IS a fool because:


IS doesn’t buy it:




Omo!  Busted…


Sorry, Evil Mommy. The truth hurts…especially when you have to hear it from your son.

Will try and catch up this next weekend with the thoughts and highlights, but studying for another test in Music theory class will take priority, as will my health. Ironically, I seem to be suffering with a myriad of “The Big M” problems myself–I have had a non-stop hot flash spell for 4 days now, along with a bunch of other related problems. I had done such a good job keeping the symptoms at bay–even though my medicine cabinet looks like a health food store and a TCM pharmacy blew up together and reassembled themselves there. I hope this weekend is a better one for me–mentally and physically! Secretary Lee and I agree:



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