A Sobering Dose of Economic History: Shamrockmom’s Movie Review of “Default” with Yoo Ah In

A/N: This movie review will not be politically correct. Please feel free to leave the site as soon as you are offended!

Hot on the heels of Yoo Ah In’s last movie, “Burning” comes a new movie about the Korean IMF Financial crisis of 1997: “Default” or “National Day of Bankruptcy” (literal translation). I was especially interested in this movie not just to see YAI on the big screen again, but because I got an inkling about the IMF crisis while watching/recapping “Awl“, one of my all-time favorite Kdramas. Continue reading

Girls Night out at the Movies: Shamrockmom’s review of “Like for Likes”

After the on and off screen adrenaline rush that fueled my review of “Veteran”, I eagerly looked forward to Yoo Ah In’s next movie: “Like for Likes”. Let’s see….Yoo Ah In and Kang Ha Neul…both in a Rom-Com. How can this get messed up? Good news–it doesn’t! I’m hitting the “like” button here! No scary scenes, the ridiculous moments are kept to a bare minimum and there’s no boneheaded ending to wail over. This movie is just 2 hours of pure fun and entertainment. Okay, some thoughtful moments and a judicious serving of eye candy from Yoo Ah In doesn’t hurt either!

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A trio of problematic watches: Thoughts on the end of “She Was Pretty”, “5-ji kara 9-ji made” and “Oh My Venus”


A/N: I promise more recaps of Awl will be forthcoming. I just had to get this rant out of my system!

Even when life got tough recently for Shamrockmom, it wasn’t enough to keep me from watching Korean drama shows. However, I made several major errors in judgment–namely watching high-level ridiculousness and not dropping these shows like hot potatoes. This is how I know things are going off the rails for me–I keep watching stuff I know is bad for my brain. Thankfully, I have turned a corner, as I quickly dropped “Imaginary Cat”, which has the most annoying female lead I’ve seen to date. I cannot decide if the actress is plain awful, or if her character is merely written that way. As much as I wanted to see the cuteness of both the cat and Yoo Seong Ho, I couldn’t even make it to Episode 4. Continue reading

The Movie and the Interview–Shamrockmom’s review of “Veteran” with Yoo Ah In

I’d been planning to see the movie “Veteran” with Yoo Ah In for a few weeks, ever since I heard it was coming to the LA area. I thought it would include a trip to DTLA, so I was hoping I could interest some other YAI fans in a meet-up. (Furbabe graciously let me ask away on her YAI blog.) Drat. No takers. Then I had a huge stroke of luck–DramaFever advertised a free screening of the movie earlier this week–at a theater much closer to my house! And the director was going to be there too!

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