The fallout from watching Love is Drop by Drop–Thoughts on Encouragement and Beginning Korean Lessons

One of the best moments of “Love is Drop by Drop” was in the 43rd episode where Woo Huyk had stickers made for Bang Wool’s coffee cup that said: “I am rooting (cheering) for you”.


응원합니다 “Eung won hamnida” I was so proud of myself for memorizing this phrase!

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Shamrockmom’s Continuing Piano Adventures: The “Barn Find” piano upgrade

My three readers know how much Shamrockmom and her family love cars. I often joke that I really do speak another language–it’s called Car! In Car lingo, when you find a very old and valuable car in bad condition, it’s known as “Barn Find”. That’s because many rare and vintage vehicles were stored in old barns and outdoor sheds for years until they were found by someone interested in restoring the car to it’s former glory. After restoration, these cars can be worth some substantial money, plus there’s the thrill of unearthing a hidden treasure. Now I have a “Barn Find” piano, and I’m pretty darn stoked over it!

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Shamrockmom’s continuing Piano Adventures: Lessons, Concerts and a Master Class


Picking up from the last post about my adventures in learning the piano at 50+:

In October of 2015, I got two pieces of interesting news. First, Miss Ahn was Mrs. Ahn….and she was going to have a baby! Then I found out that piano studio was going to move from the multicultural neighborhood I wrote about before to my local Koreatown. Cool! That means it’s a shorter drive from my house, and it’s across the street and down a bit from the H-Mart and Paris Baguette.   Continue reading

A trio of problematic watches: Thoughts on the end of “She Was Pretty”, “5-ji kara 9-ji made” and “Oh My Venus”


A/N: I promise more recaps of Awl will be forthcoming. I just had to get this rant out of my system!

Even when life got tough recently for Shamrockmom, it wasn’t enough to keep me from watching Korean drama shows. However, I made several major errors in judgment–namely watching high-level ridiculousness and not dropping these shows like hot potatoes. This is how I know things are going off the rails for me–I keep watching stuff I know is bad for my brain. Thankfully, I have turned a corner, as I quickly dropped “Imaginary Cat”, which has the most annoying female lead I’ve seen to date. I cannot decide if the actress is plain awful, or if her character is merely written that way. As much as I wanted to see the cuteness of both the cat and Yoo Seong Ho, I couldn’t even make it to Episode 4. Continue reading

A Blessing without Disguise–Piano Lessons with Miss Ahn

Have you ever wanted something to happen…and then it didn’t? Some series of events kept you from doing something you wanted to do, or getting something you thought you had to have? When it didn’t happen, you might have been disappointed at the very least. Maybe even angry at the circumstances or sad that things didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Then after a few days/weeks/months, more information came to light. Or you found out some previously unknown detail that changed things. And that thing you wanted to have happen, or go do, or get….it was better that it didn’t happen. Suddenly you were relieved. Thank goodness it didn’t happen that way. It might have been a disaster. Now things are actually better than before. This is where I am after the College piano class was cancelled and I have a new piano teacher–and the joyful relief that things seem to have worked out for the best.

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