Shamrockmom’s KCON LA 2017 Adventure: The second time around is always better!

A/N: Just a warning if you have to watch your mobile data use–This is a picture-heavy post.

Also, due to my school issues, I will be on semi-hiatus status until December. If I’m lucky, I might get a post in for October and one for November. I will be back to catch up over the Christmas holidays.


After a fun but less than ideal trip to KCON-LA in 2016, I had planned a multi-day extravaganza for KCON 2017. I even had my 3-day ticket purchased on the first day it was available online, and taken the days off work months in advance! Sadly, I had to do the “adulting” thing and put the major fun aside in order to take a course to give me some better options for working as a dental hygienist in the future. Nevertheless, I decided to make the best of it, and go on Sunday. What a difference a day–and a year–make! Continue reading

The fallout from watching Love is Drop by Drop–Thoughts on Encouragement and Beginning Korean Lessons

One of the best moments of “Love is Drop by Drop” was in the 43rd episode where Woo Huyk had stickers made for Bang Wool’s coffee cup that said: “I am rooting (cheering) for you”.


응원합니다 “Eung won hamnida” I was so proud of myself for memorizing this phrase!

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“Not Success but Service”: Shamrockmom’s review of the documentary “Seo Seo Pyeong, Slowly and Peacefully”

Now that the crew over at Dramabeans have dramatically (pun intended) expanded their recapping capabilities with additional staff members and a new website, almost every prime time Kdrama is being recapped. That’s so awesome! I am all in favor of more coverage for Kdramas. However, there are still a few nooks and crannies of the Kdrama/Kmovie world the usual blogs don’t cover–weekend dramas get minor coverage, and dailies get even less. Continue reading

Shamrockmom’s Continuing Piano Adventures: The “Barn Find” piano upgrade

My three readers know how much Shamrockmom and her family love cars. I often joke that I really do speak another language–it’s called Car! In Car lingo, when you find a very old and valuable car in bad condition, it’s known as “Barn Find”. That’s because many rare and vintage vehicles were stored in old barns and outdoor sheds for years until they were found by someone interested in restoring the car to it’s former glory. After restoration, these cars can be worth some substantial money, plus there’s the thrill of unearthing a hidden treasure. Now I have a “Barn Find” piano, and I’m pretty darn stoked over it!

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The First Time Around: Shamrockmom goes to KCON-LA

It’s been a goal of mine for a few years to go to KCON-LA. Somehow, something always went wrong and I couldn’t make it. This year, I made it–and learned a lot in the process.

Long before I became interested in Kdramas, KCON-LA was practically in my backyard at the amphitheater in Irvine, the City I Love to Hate. The next year when I started watching dramas, a friend told me that I should go to KCON-LA, but it was held outside at the Sports Arena in Downtown LA…in the searing mid-summer heat.   Continue reading