The fallout from watching Love is Drop by Drop–Thoughts on Encouragement and Beginning Korean Lessons

One of the best moments of “Love is Drop by Drop” was in the 43rd episode where Woo Huyk had stickers made for Bang Wool’s coffee cup that said: “I am rooting (cheering) for you”.


응원합니다 “Eung won hamnida” I was so proud of myself for memorizing this phrase!

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Down to the Last Drop: Final thoughts on Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 117-120 and a Prop Giveaway!

A/N: My apologies for getting this out later than I had planned. My normal go-to site for screencaps has no larger, hi-def video feeds for Episodes 117-119, and so some screencaps are from Dramacool/Openload (the smaller ones) and some are from


At least I can’t say I didn’t know this would happen!

Back when I first started writing about LIDD in “Fishing for a Holiday Melodrama”, I wrote that I knew this show would cause me remorse, but I wanted to watch it anyway. I feared it would derail eventually, and make me unhappy. What I didn’t know is that the derailment would be in the last third of the show. It was as if the last 40 episodes had a different writer altogether. 

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A Big Bunch of Blabbermouths: Thoughts on Love is Drop by Drop Episode 115-116

A/N: With the postponement of the last episodes until Thursday/Friday, I curse TPTB out of one corner of my mouth–and cheer with the other. I thought I was gonna have to skip to Ep. 118 but now I can throw a few things in from Episodes 115-116.

I think that it matters greatly in a Kdrama that a character finds out the Big Secret from the appropriate person. Case in point–In “My Love Eun Dong”, Eun Ho finds out from Eun Dong that Ra Il is really his son, conceived on a getaway weekend 10 years ago, and right before the accident that paralyzed Jae Ho and wiped out Eun Dong’s memory until recently. I loved that when her memory came back, she told him herself. He didn’t hear about it second-hand, or from overhearing a conversation he shouldn’t have. I really applauded the writer for that. Then as that show imploded, Ra Il found out that Jae Ho was not his dad–by overhearing the nurses at the hospital gossiping about it. Ugh. It felt like lazy storytelling to me.

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Cinematography For The Win: Love is Drop by Drop Episode 114

Even when a drama is going downhill, there can still be some stellar moments hinting at the possibilities of what might have been. Since this show seemed to jump the track much later than the average Kdrama daily, it’s especially frustrating to see quality work from the crew who are working on a very slim budget. When their efforts are blown up with a storyline that is far less than what viewers expected given the excellence of the first ~75 episodes, I feel that it needs to be acknowledged.

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Side Post: The Armchair Quarterback– Love is Drop by Drop Episode 104 corrective mini fan-fic



Repairing the damage, one scene at a time:

A very popular pastime during American Football season is to sit back in a recliner chair and second-guess your favorite team’s quarterback. Even if you never played football yourself, it’s easy to look at the TV, listen to the commentators, and imagine how the play should have happened versus how it actually occurred; that is, in real time and with fallible human beings who are making decisions under vast amounts of pressure and with information viewers are not aware of.

I am finding that I am also highly prone to second-guessing the writers of Kdramas, even though I have only taken 2 semesters of college level English (35 years ago) and have exactly zero personal experience writing, editing or publishing short stories, screenplays–or any other kind of fiction. (Fan Fiction doesn’t count!) Continue reading

Frustration, Music and Karma: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 97-103

Today’s starter story:

I was having lunch with a friend last week and we were discussing a couple who are mutual acquaintances–they happen to be the closest thing to chaebol level rich we both know. Their daughter is happily married, but their son is not married yet. He’s in his early 30’s, straight (!), reasonably good looking, well-educated, and with plenty of family money to back him for the rest of his days even if he isn’t making a fortune in his current job. My friend told me the young man has a girlfriend, but she has two small children from a previous relationship. This young man does not want or like children, so he told his girlfriend to choose–she could be with him, but she would have to have the kids live with their father or grandparents. Or she could leave. Continue reading

The Good Example and the Bad Example: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 95-96

I’ve seen some dramas tank badly, but LIDD has set a new standard. Unlike a right-at-the-very-end disaster (The Good Wife) or a more common 2 episode implosion, (My Love Eun Dong) this once wonderful show is doing a much longer and more torturous flameout. It’s driving the once loyal viewers to new heights of anger and indignation especially since there were so many fun and lighthearted episodes in the middle of the show. The Soompi comments are bad, but the real venom is on the and sites. Even the writer’s AsianWiki page has exceptionally negative comments.

Thankfully this blog gives me the venting source I need or I’d be losing my last marble too.  I keep hoping the writer will pull off some kind of miracle, or there will be an extension (okay, I know—I’m a glutton for punishment!) to resolve the storylines in a manner which will not result in myself or any of the viewers destroying electronic devices or sending threats to the writer. I am finding that I can view this drama as a learning experience for future writing endeavors; it’s a “What Not To Do” model. We have a saying at Shamrockmom’s House: If you can’t be a good ‘good example’, then at least be a good ‘bad example’!  Continue reading

The Case for Sobriety: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 92 and 93

I’m hanging on by a thread. I feared the dreaded derailment, even at the beginning of this show. For more than half of the projected 120 episodes, that looked like an irrational fear. But as LIDD approaches the 100 episode mark, the baddies are getting away with way too much, the OTP is broken up with no sign of being able to reconcile, and once cute and promising side character plot lines with musical loving dentists have sunk into a swamp. Since I can’t and won’t drink like WH, I need to vent my frustration here at the keyboard! However, there might be a few hidden clues left by the Writer/PD-nim to give me a boost of perseverance.  Continue reading