Tapped Out: Shamrockmom’s movie review of “Swing Kids” with Do Kyung Soo.

Ah, the holidays…what would they be at Shamrockmom’s house without some RL drama?! My daughter announced back on December 16th that her boyfriend had proposed, and she said “Yes!”. That was all well and good–no surprises, they’ve been living together for a couple of years. But the very next day, she told me they decided to get married at the local courthouse on January 7. As in less than a month! OMG! Cue a life derailment, as I plan a wedding with my daughter in a big hurry. With all that going on, plus the holidays, incredible stress at my workplace and my youngest son’s upcoming wedding in April, I wondered how I would ever squeeze in time for something fun and relaxing this Christmas–like watching a Kmovie at the theater.

I’d had my eye on “Swing Kids” for some time. I’ve been super impressed with Do Kyung Soo’s acting for the last 3 years; he keeps getting better and better. The music and dancing looked like it would be top notch. The trailers seemed to reinforce those assumptions. After trying unsuccessfully to coordinate with some DramaBeans readers to meet up at the CGV theater at the Source in OC (my schedule was not terribly cooperative) I went by myself on a Saturday night.

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A Sobering Dose of Economic History: Shamrockmom’s Movie Review of “Default” with Yoo Ah In

A/N: This movie review will not be politically correct. Please feel free to leave the site as soon as you are offended!

Hot on the heels of Yoo Ah In’s last movie, “Burning” comes a new movie about the Korean IMF Financial crisis of 1997: “Default” or “National Day of Bankruptcy” (literal translation). I was especially interested in this movie not just to see YAI on the big screen again, but because I got an inkling about the IMF crisis while watching/recapping “Awl“, one of my all-time favorite Kdramas. Continue reading