A Big Bunch of Blabbermouths: Thoughts on Love is Drop by Drop Episode 115-116

A/N: With the postponement of the last episodes until Thursday/Friday, I curse TPTB out of one corner of my mouth–and cheer with the other. I thought I was gonna have to skip to Ep. 118 but now I can throw a few things in from Episodes 115-116.

I think that it matters greatly in a Kdrama that a character finds out the Big Secret from the appropriate person. Case in point–In “My Love Eun Dong”, Eun Ho finds out from Eun Dong that Ra Il is really his son, conceived on a getaway weekend 10 years ago, and right before the accident that paralyzed Jae Ho and wiped out Eun Dong’s memory until recently. I loved that when her memory came back, she told him herself. He didn’t hear about it second-hand, or from overhearing a conversation he shouldn’t have. I really applauded the writer for that. Then as that show imploded, Ra Il found out that Jae Ho was not his dad–by overhearing the nurses at the hospital gossiping about it. Ugh. It felt like lazy storytelling to me.

In a similar way, WH finds out about the donor of his heart by overhearing a conversation, and I think that’s disappointing. He should have been told face to face–and while he’s awake and coherent; not supposedly unconscious in a hospital bed. Let’s look at the lead up to that event.

The ball gets rolling with YS having a guilty conscience after watching OHW put the WWF smackdown on BW in front of the ICU. She spills the beans about the donor of WH’s heart:


YS tells a half-truth–because it was actually CR who overheard her dad and then did the info digging to prove it:


Note the peacocks in the background. (There are actually 2, but only 1 in this screencap.) Peacocks are symbols of love, compassion, and goodwill in Buddhism. The peacocks are not in OHW’s background, and that says a lot to me about where the sympathies of the writer lie.

YS also said that because CR liked WH, she didn’t say anything at first. (Lousy excuse if you ask me.) OHW looks fairly horrified, but manages to ask:


and YS serves it up:



Unheard dialogue: “…and I am very sorry I didn’t take out my cell phone and record that scene. I would have posted it all over Twitter, Kakao, and Line so your shareholders could see how you really operate.”

YS said that seeing it got to her conscience! Heh, didn’t know she had one of those! Maybe you can buy them at a store! **snark**

I also want to mention the color palette for this scene. Note the soft pastels, lavender, and gold with white flowers around YS. Even her blouse is a pale mauve. OHW is in much more stark and severe colors–her favorite power combo of black and red. The background behind her is dark brown and black, with no flowers–only the minimal green from the fake tree. Very interesting.

OHW whines she didn’t know any of this (duh):


and then YS lowers the boom again:



…is that actually possible?!


I don’t buy this. It’s YS who doesn’t want to feel guiltier later on. The heck with OHW–It’s all about her guilt toward JH and BW!

OHW thanks YS for telling her the info, and YS asks OHW to keep it a secret. Har–like that will ever happen!

After an awkward moment where OHW asks BW what her deceased husband’s blood type is while in the hall at the BH Group Headquarters, (WTF?!) it takes her approximately 2 seconds to set up a meeting with Doc to confirm what her hunch is:


When Doc’s hand begins to shake, OHW knows she’s scored a direct hit:


and Doc ‘fesses up:


He clarifies that he knew the donor’s father, but he didn’t know that the donor was also BW’s former husband until a day ago. He adds that BW only recently found out that DJ donated his organs, and that BW and DJ’s mom opposed the surgery, but the father and brother gave permission, so he did it with only their permission.

Side note: As a dental professional, the laws are really strict about what we can and can’t say to family members of patients. This gets really sticky when young adults (18-26) are still on their parents’ insurance and need treatment–but we can’t tell the parent what that treatment is unless the young adult gives express permission, even if the parent is footing the bill! It’s a mess, and when the young adult doesn’t want us to divulge anything, it puts us in a spot.

What Doc should have said here was that he could not confirm or deny anything and that unless the donor’s family wanted to meet the recipient and their family, he could not say a word. Then he should have escorted OHW out of his office, and the matter would have been over. I originally thought he was off the hook here, but he’s actually contributing to the blabbermouth problems in this episode. He should be reprimanded by the medical board at the very least, but he could potentially lose his MD license over this if they wanted to make an example out of him–and given what an A-hole he’s been, I’d be good with that. He should lose his license anyways for putting CR’s stalker boyfriend from the US in a mental hospital too. I am strongly rooting for that dude to make a comeback and put Doc out of his career permanently.


OHW takes a turn at the Blabbermouth game:

WW and WK are in the hospital room with WH when the Dragon Queen comes in. I note she is still in Red/Black mode:


Her feathers clearly ruffled by finding out that the husband of the woman she hates with a passion saved her son’s life, she blurts out the information to her daughter: lidd115-9alidd115-9b

When WW asks if this is true, she replies:


You never know what amount of information unconscious people might be aware of and able to hear–so the fact that she blabs this right over her son in the hospital bed is utterly ridiculous and disrespectful of WH.

WK has been repeatedly maligned as a dingbat in this show, but she’s got a handle on this:


OHW then shows her ignorance and stupidity again by saying that she thinks WH was injured because she had been so awful to BW’s family! **facepalm** I suppose she is technically correct, but not in the way she is thinking. It was her classist and elitist attitudes that led to this by feeding the CR monster and putting BW in a place where she had to choose between her son and the man she loved.

WK tries to minimize the blame her mom is taking, saying it was an accident. That is a disgusting statement; OHW’s attitudes are no accident, and she showed all kinds of premeditation in thinking of ways to harm BW and her family.


WH’s monitor sounds an alarm–Let’s take a look at the machine for some clues:


I don’t believe medical accuracy is a primary concern in this drama, which is a darn shame. It shouldn’t be too difficult or expensive to get a nurse or a retired doctor to consult with PD-nim. Then again, this is the same crew that forgot WH would have a scar from a heart transplant surgery!

My first thought is that WH might be nearly dead with these numbers. I’m not a nurse or a doctor, but I can figure some of this out, even if the controls are partially in Hangul. The top number 143 is his heart rate. You might get up to 143 beats/ minute if you were jogging or walking very fast on a treadmill, so that’s pretty high if he’s laying in bed, unconscious. The second number is the oxygen saturation. Normal is close to 100%, so at 87, he’s in trouble. WH’s blood pressure is 72/48. Again, he’s in big trouble. It’s way too low; even low normal for an in-shape young guy like WH would be close to 100/70. I’m not as familiar with the carbon dioxide level so I won’t comment on that. Hey, at least the machine is set to “ON”!

I remember a BTS video from “W: Two Worlds”, where they had a working monitor like this, and when Lee Jong Suk put the monitor on and held Han Hyo Joo’s hand, his heart rate went way up and everyone got a big laugh! (link–no subs, but they’re not needed). At least I know that Prop-Mart, Props-R-Us and Prop Depot all have working monitors!

WW barks for a doctor (how about running over to the door instead of standing at the bedside of WH and hollering?) and Doc comes barging in, but he only looks at WH’s eyes while the nurse silences the monitor. CR comes in at that point, and I admit I wished that WH would wake up and throttle her in front of everyone in that scene.

So I’m left to guess that WH overheard his mom talking about how BW’s husband DJ was the donor of his heart, and that caused his heart rate to go up. What a bummer that he had to hear it this way–and from his mom who despises BW, Byeol and the Yoon Family. WH must be laying there in bed with a ton of conflicting emotions. Too bad we will never know what those were. That could have been a few great episodes instead of all the other ridiculous time-wasting stuff that went on, like the baby issues of JY and DM.


OHW blows it up for the Yoon Clan:

I wonder if OHW in her haste to apologize to the Yoon’s even thought for one millisecond if they knew about the recipient of DJ’s heart, or if they even wanted to know. But once again, OHW makes it all about her and her needs–and too bad if anything else gets in the way. It makes her apologetic gestures completely insincere–and I believe the Yoons and BW are not fooled for a second.

Heedless of the Yoon’s mealtime schedule, she arrives unannounced at their home. How rude!


Nah, just another tornado about to touch down in your life!

BW is the one who arrives at the front gate to let her in. How I wish she would “Just Say No” but that doesn’t happen. She escorts OHW into the house, and I start to cheer as Mom starts in on her:


Dad immediately shushes Mom for being rude to OHW, and he greets her formally. Aw, come on–I want Mom to give OHW a serious earful tonight, or any night! I have all those “Bam” and “Zap” pics saved for just such an event! Note how Byeol runs over to his mom and clings to her. He’s not fooled! They sit together at the table, but OHW kneels and begins to apologize:


Shamrockmom’s added dialogue: “…and I should have never known, but now that I do, I’m gonna make sure you know too–whether you want it or not!

Did it ever cross her mind that maybe the family doesn’t want to know who has DJ’s heart? Or that some family members were against it? Or that they really don’t want to know it’s her son since she’s been so evil and vengeful to them? How about Byeol? Once again, he’s in the middle of a conversation that he shouldn’t hear, and now that he’s heard it anyways he’s gotta have a ton of questions.

Let’s look at the background here….a pic of SC, BW, and Byeol. How weird is that? Mom never got rid of that picture. And an owl….the harbinger of death. My head is spinning! That picture would be the real deal, if Mom had put the final kibosh on DJ’s organ donation, or if the transplant surgery failed. WH would be dead, and DJ would be dead. SC might just have ended up with BW. Another stunning use of props by PD-nim.

DM must be having trouble digesting this information. With his hand on his chest, is it heartburn? (pun intended) Or does his heart hurt for his brother, knowing that his little bro’s big heart is now in a member of the jerkiest family he’s ever known:


OHW continues on with the apology that is only benefiting her at this point:


**sigh** Weak. It’s just weak. It’s like she still has her expectations….she’s merely apologizing for them. It’s equivalent to apologizing because her eyes are brown. If WH had someone else’s heart, she’d never dream of apologizing for her behavior.

Mom starts to scold OHW–and I pray: Please, please channel that Mama Bear you unleashed on WH a couple of dozen episodes ago, and give this woman a piece of your mind!


Poor Mom–she just found out that DJ’s heart is in WH’s chest a day or so ago, and now this. It’s a miracle she doesn’t have a heart attack. Pops shushes her again and says to let OHW say her piece.

OHW even has the gall to ask Byeol for forgiveness too, and Pops reminds him of the puppet scene which grates on my nerves just as much remembering it as it did the first time I watched it! Byeol reluctantly forgives her and reminds her not to do bad things to his family anymore. (Pfft!) I note that no one else says, “I forgive you” to OHW. To me, this is major–they’ve heard but not accepted her apology. They aren’t ready to forgive her yet. They may never be able to fully forgive her for what she’s done. Letting OHW off the hook this easily is textbook ‘cheap forgiveness‘. I’d want to see some major change of attitude along with some action. BTW, I am not talking about financial compensation either; that would “barf me out” if OHW gave BW or the Yoon family a chunk of money right now, although I could totally see it happening.

BW goes out to see OHW off, and OHW asks if this is how she found out about the recipient of DJ’s heart:


Well, that….and the bizarre question OHW asked BW at their workplace no less–


I agree. How random was that? More sloppy storytelling…

Mom and DM visit SC in jail, and they make sure that he is up to date on the latest news. SC says that BW must have been shocked to hear about DJ’s heart being donated to WH. Mom and I are on the same wavelength here–I don’t think she’s in a forgiving mood right now:



#donation reversal

DM gets upset when his mom says this, but I get it. Mom clarifies her statement:


I’m so glad she said this. It is all about OHW–the woman who put the wrecking ball to DM’s job, scared the bejeebers out of Byeol, blatantly manipulated WH, and completely destroyed any self-esteem that BW had by repeatedly making her feel like she was lower than dirt.  She doesn’t give a fig about anyone else other than herself.

Now let’s look at the aftermath:

After OHW permits (!) BW to visit WH in his hospital room, he wakes up to a tearful BW–nice touch (pun intended) to have WH brush her tears away just like DJ would do:


And he suddenly appears a few days later waiting for BW near the restaurant, casually dressed and hanging out by his car:


Just for the record, Shamrockmom is still waiting for Jake Ryan, casually dressed and hanging out next to his car:


From the movie: “16 Candles”. Both Jake and the red 1984 Porsche 944 are smokin’ hot!

BW is surprised he’s out of the hospital already, and so am I, since he had “surgery for multiple organ failures”! Ha! Then WH gets down to what I originally thought was gonna be the Big Issue of this drama, but never materialized until now:



At the start of the show, I wondered how many episodes would be spent on BW asking, “Does he love me or is it DJ’s heart?” or WH wondering, “Do I love her or is it DJ’s heart?” With 4 episodes remaining, those questions are gonna get answered in a big hurry one way or the other!

So two things are clear to me in this scene–first of all, WH knows his heart came from DJ. Whether he overheard it, or someone else told him later, it’s not a secret anymore. The other issue is that WH knows that BW is aware of this too–and she might have some conflicting feelings–yunno, just a few! I like that he proactively addresses the issue, without waiting for BW to bring it up. However, she immediately squelches his heartfelt words:


WH is not discouraged in the least. My question is–where was this attitude from him 30 episodes ago?



He says he was only going to NYC to make her feel better (Liar–he couldn’t stand seeing her with SC!) Now he says he won’t leave if she tells him not to go. BW looks like she’s considering it, but the fear of OHW rises up and causes her to say that it’s none of her business what he does, because their relationship is over. Then she adds this line so we viewers can scream and WH can have maximum emotional pain:


OMG! Are you kidding me?! Is she freaked out because she knows DJ’s heart is in WH’s chest? Or is it fear of being emotionally destroyed by OHW again. Wow. Good thing those Instagram wedding pics were leaked or I’d be a basket case right now!

WH is left to brood in his car. He takes the rings out and looks at them, and I see that his hands are also in need of some TLC from Shamrockmom!


I may talk a big game, but if I actually had to put lotion on his hands, I don’t think I could do it!


OHW contracts “Buttinski Syndrome”:

Too bad there is not a vaccination against this disease! After watching WH get shot down again by BW at the elevator:


She calls her prince into her royal bedchamber later that evening for a meeting. She informs him:


Oh, look! It’s a new BG prop–a pig!

In Chinese mythology, a pig is seen in a positive way.  They represent luck, overall good fortune, wealth, and honesty. Having a figurine of a pig in your home was thought to attract fertility and virility! Heh, considering she’s been a widow for many years that’s pretty funny. She could’ve married her First Love after WH’s dad passed away if either of them would have had some cojones. I guess it’s been hanging around collecting dust for a few years.**snark** In Buddhism, the pig is located in the center of the wheel of existence and represents ignorance – one of the three illusions that prevent a person from arriving at the fullness of life, aka Nirvana! I’d certainly go for the concept of OHW as ignorant–look at the way she treats people and her crazy beliefs in superstition. In Western Culture, pigs are representative of greed and laziness. I can buy this too–not just the obvious greed, but that she’s a lazy parent, and doesn’t consider her children’s feelings in the least. Another fantastic prop choice–at least we know PD-nim isn’t going down without a fight!

WH thinks this is a pretty sudden change of mind on his mom’s part, and I’d have to agree. OHW says that from now on, she wants him to do what he wants. Wait a minute! Did she get a personality transplant too? Is she on some of CR’s meds from the psychiatrist? Inquiring minds want to know!


And the Joseon Dragon Queen agrees to do just that! Okay, yeah that’s cool….but what about Byeol? That was the sticking problem before! It was that BW could not marry WH and bring Byeol along–he would have to stay at the Yoon’s house. BW was not gonna ever ditch her kid, even for WH. Sooo….is this whole issue with Byeol about to be swept under the rug?! No way! I want to drag it out into the middle of the living room floor and poke at it a while! This needs more episodes to get hashed out, darnit!

Now there’s another problem for WH:


OHW wants to know if he asked BW to take him back, and WH’s evasive response is “Not really.” A lingering camera shot of OHW at the end lets me know that the cogs and sprockets in her brain are turning round and round, thinking of a way to meddle in her adult son’s life yet again!

OHW must want to project a ‘softer’ image, because today, she’s back to basic black and white polka dots without the red. She shows up at the restaurant, confounding BW:


I gotta snicker at the fact that OHW has to travel with a personal secretary/bodyguard/maidservant just like Evil Mommy did in “Heard it Through the Grapevine”! It’s difficult for me to imagine having someone trail me all day, or accompanying me everywhere I went. Oh, the excitement! **snort** Stop at the gas station, the car wash, then pick up some groceries, maybe a run to Target or the 99 cent store later on….If I had a personal maidservant, she’d be even more bored than this young lady looks here! Now a housekeeper to clean my place…that I definitely could go for!

OHW stays true to form, and makes it all about her:


Ohhhkay…..OHW dismisses her servant, and then shows symptoms of another illness for which there is no cure–Foot-In-Mouth disease!


Oh, you mean where the ‘little people’ who work for you change their clothes or take a break?!? WTF kind of a jerky and elitist comment is that?!?

Even BW is speechless:



Dear BW:  Please carefully consider whether you want Byeol and any future children you may have with WH exposed to this evil woman and her toxic attitudes. Your current MiL looks like Mother Theresa next to OHW.


I love how PD-nim left 2 full seconds of silence so that her statement, along with BW’s reaction could sink into the viewer’s brain. Heedless of how ridiculous she sounds, OHW acts like the Joseon Queen she believes herself to be:


OHW blabbers on that WH still loves BW, and that if BW took him back, OHW would even allow them to move to their own home! And she will be good with that! Omo. What a sacrifice! /sarc

BW levels with the Queen:



Yunno, BW–you can change your mind…but then again, you might not want to.



**facepalm** My entry for “Biggest Understatement made in a Daily Kdrama” for 2017


Side note: I never thought I would watch a Kdrama where I would be good with the OTP not being together at the end of the show. This time, I can honestly say it might be for the best. OHW is just too much to deal with. If I was BW, I might break it off purely because of her. Even if I loved WH.

WH has not shown enough initiative either in trying to break away from his momma. It does not bode well for their future together.

Alrighty, one more post to finish up this drama, and then look for a follow-up post in a few weeks about the aftermath of LIDD. I don’t obsess over a Kdrama for 6 solid months without some repercussions!

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