More questions than answers: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 108-110

This was a short week due to the election coverage, but these three episodes had some great prop and BG music choices that I wanted to cover. Even as this show winds down into what I believe will likely be a rushed and messy ending, the goodies for Shamrockmom keep on coming!

Putting a band-aid on the Bromance—and ripping it back off:

I’ve always thought that SC and WH need to be on the same side in order to have a great ending to this show. SC can be an excellent wingman for WH. He knows how to keep his mouth shut (sometimes too well!) and he shows no fear and intimidation around OHW. I like that. This scene starts off with a heaping helping of promise that this show is ready for a turnaround–only to completely and utterly send that hope to the garbage heap.

Episode 108: WH gets another batch of papers from Attorney Lee, the friendliest attorney I’ve ever seen in RL or a drama. Of course, considering what WH has been paying him, I might be happy too! What is this information?


Gotta say that the actor playing Attorney Lee here is not too bad looking either! There’s been consistently good casting to this show, right down to the characters who only get a few scenes, or in the case of young CR, one scene. Attorney Lee tells WH that Detective Ko will have to do further investigation on these dealers.

BW is in a deep fog as she lets SC know that WH is moving to NYC.


SC plays his cards close to his chest and acts like he is not surprised.

WH then calls SC to meet up for a paperwork exchange:


After some small talk about the investigation, SC extends an olive branch to WH:


There’s always time for coffee in DramaLand! Otherwise, nothing would ever get discussed.

Let’s take a closer look at this coffee shop:


I like the cinematography here. The light fixtures on the ceiling are interesting and unique. The entire shop feels open and airy. Love the mix of light and dark wood for the table and chairs. Note the signage: “Real Born”. Is that a for-real coffee shop in Seoul? It sure looks genuine. After hours of research, I can’t say for sure. But I did find something called ReBorn Coffee Roasting Company which supplies coffee to independent coffee shops in Korea, and has a few cafes of its own. Amazingly, they even have one a few miles away from me near the University in Fullerton! I wonder if they changed the signage. Hmmm.

SC brings over the iced coffee drinks and WH starts the conversation:



Note the strategically placed signboard partially covering the sign on the counter.


Yeah, don’t get me started thinking about this drama’s past, ’cause it was all good. Now it’s gone right to where I put old coffee–down the drain!

SC says that he heard WH is going to the US and WH correctly guesses he heard that from BW. SC wants to tell WH something before he goes to the US:


The background music here has to be another pick by PD-nim’s young intern, but the understudy is learning fast. It’s “Officially Missing You”, covered by Jayesslee. Here’s the video:

Jayesslee is Janice and Sonia Lee, twin sisters who are Korean-Australian. They have a huge following on YouTube covering different songs but have declined to sign on with a record label many times over. Why? They don’t want anyone to dictate what they can and cannot sing! They want freedom in their life and creative control over their work. OMG! **fist-pump** How awesome is that? You can bet I’m on board with this 100%.

WH needs to have a serious sit-down talk with these strong-minded and independent young ladies. In a show that has OHW dictating his entire life, reading the above-linked interview is exactly what WH needs right now. It’s also a good song because when/if he goes to the US, BW and Byeol are gonna miss him terribly. Shoot, I’m gonna be officially missing this drama when it’s over, although I have a backlog of shows to catch up on, and a Kmovie I want to see at the theater as well. I know it will be almost impossible for me to watch a show I really enjoy and not look at the props and music for details after the experience I’ve had with LIDD.

Back to the conversation–SC finally lets WH know the truth:


WH needs some clarification here:


Cue the bomb drop:


WH’s brain must be ready to short circuit. He looks devastated. SC explains it for his Boss:



Unheard dialogue: “And I don’t blame her after what your mother did to her and Byeol.”

WH wonders:


SC replies that she never actually came out and said that they were dating. (He’s technically correct, but the inference was strong IMHO). The driving force behind it was when BW saw….



More unheard dialogue: “Because she knows your mother will never accept her and Byeol. Your inaction dealing with your mother simply reinforces that she needs to get over you, even though she really does love you.”

SC says that he didn’t want WH to leave for the US with the misunderstanding about the relationship between BW and himself. Already I am feeling better with some of the secrets cleared up between the brosephs. WH thanks SC, while I picture WH in my mind….He will have to brood for a bit, without drinking. Then he’s gonna pull himself together to fight for the woman he loves and her son that his heart gravitates toward as a father.

**Sigh** Not even close! The scene turns on a dime–and not in a good way. WH asks a semi-rhetorical question:



WTH! It makes a huge difference! Dude, what is wrong with you? Don’t tell me you are throwing in the towel on BW and Byeol? Noooo!

Hey WH! Are you ‘jealous of a dead guy’? Maybe you should be. DJ was willing to give everything up for BW, and you keep horsing around. Then again, nothing beats a premature demise to be remembered as a saint and placed on a pedestal, which is exactly what BW has done with DJ. I thought you were cool with everything after that proposal at DJ’s grave site, but maybe not. If your Dragon Queen momma had not been so judgemental and cruel toward BW, you might be with her right now, and not worrying over DJ. His ring would be where it belongs–in a box with his picture in a drawer. And your rings would be where they belong: one on your hand and one on BW’s hand! Even more importantly: You and BW would be where you both belong–next to each other, and preferably planning a wedding with a Parisian honeymoon!

WH continues on as he remembers something he heard once:


I’d buy the first half of that statement, but the last half is pure BS. OHW has done a perfect job in splitting BW and WH apart. SC tries to stop his boss from this foolishness but fails miserably. WH is on a downward spiral:


SC is speechless:


and so am I. What is this insanity? WH is the lead guy in the show. He has to fight for the woman he loves, and not give up! Writer-nim, let WH be the hero we viewers want to see!

Like I said on the Forum, there’s already too much “I give up” in RL; men are especially guilty IMHO, but women are right there too. Who wants to see this kind of attitude from the leading man in a drama? Not me! I watch these shows to see something better than what I see every day in RL. I want a leading man who is mentally strong, who uses his brain to outwit the baddies, and who refuses to give up the woman he loves.

Here is a great quote by Robert Savage, the author of many inspirational books: “You can measure a man by the opposition it takes to discourage him.” WH is not measuring up in my eyes. I find it interesting that just like his mom’s first love did not have the courage to pursue the woman he loved, WH is about to repeat the mistakes of the previous generation and with the same results: Everyone loses.

Because of the writer creating this highly frustrating dynamic, the losing extends not only to the characters in this drama but the cast and crew of LIDD and the drama that was supposed to follow LIDD. It’s now been shelved as SBS has decided to cancel the early evening daily drama in favor of ‘alternative’ aka non-drama programming. The viewers of this show are screaming their anger out on any available forum, and swearing off watching any future project from this crew. The writer will have a difficult time living this one down. Literally–everyone loses.


Let’s take a look at a great piece of meta, as the books in CR’s room have changed. In Episode 109, WK is up in CR’s room asking if she’s feeling ok, as she’s looking queasy after rechecking the blood-stained cloth from the accident.

By this point in the show, I know when PD-nim wants me to look at something, he simply has to use big bold capital letters! Hmm, a mathematics textbook, a book on space…and what’s that last one?


Beautiful Youth” (Hermosa Juventud) is a 2014 Spanish movie that won a number of awards at the Cannes Film Festival for its portrayal of a poverty-stricken couple in their early twenties in present day Spain. Carlos is working a minimum wage labor job and Natalia dropped out of high school and spends her days aimlessly hanging around as jobs are few and far between–and she’s not qualified for much anyway. To drum up some cash, these two knuckleheads decide to shoot an amateur porn film! **face-palm with one hand, pearl-clutch with the other** OMG. Talk about a bad idea! The scene is thankfully short, but it’s completely and utterly devoid of love or emotion and is not sensual in the least. Ugh.

Things continue to go downhill quickly for this couple after Natalia finds out she’s pregnant with Carlos’s baby. They have the baby, and of course, the baby cries all the time, the couple is stressed out even more over money, her mom nags at them….all the typical stuff. It’s so real, it feels like the viewer is eavesdropping into their RL situation. (Yes, I skimmed through the movie–no subtitles in the version I watched.) The constant needs of the baby seem to wake Natalia up that she’d better do something to earn some money. Carlos keeps looking for some kind of instant business that’s gonna make him rich, and that never really happens. Education is not on the menu for either of these young adults. It’s too expensive and takes too long–plus they don’t seem motivated or (sadly) intelligent enough. Natalia leaves Spain to work in Germany and communicates to her daughter, mom, and Carlos through Skype, Facetime and text messages. It gave me the impression of how amazing it is that we have this kind of technology, and how completely lacking it is when compared to being physically present next to someone. The end of the movie makes me angry, as Natalia starts shooting more porn to make money–this time without Carlos. **headdesk**  Here’s another review of the movie if you are interested.

So what on earth does this depressing and amoral film have to do with LIDD? I believe this movie is in CR’s room for a specific reason: Once you start on the downward path, it’s easier and easier to keep going. One compromise leads to another, and then another. In the movie, the leads start out by shooting the porn film to get some quick cash. By the end of the movie, it seems like just another job to earn a paycheck. I wonder when their little daughter will find out their secret? Will it be 15 years later when one of her friends says, “Hey, isn’t that your mom and/or dad in this porno flick?” **covering face with hands**

A look back shows that YS tried to get CR to turn herself in at first. From Episode 4:

lidd109-4 4ajpglidd109-4 4bjpg

and CR was totally against it:

lidd109-4 4cjpg

…but YS changed her mind after finding out someone died:

lidd109-4 4ejpg

No need to carry it that far–about 108 episodes should do the trick!

Even at this late date, CR thinks about it:


What? And spare the viewers the joy of watching you (potentially) being publically humiliated when you are arrested for the hit-and-run in front of (choose as many as you wish) BW, SC, WH, WK, OHW and your Daddy and Uncle?  **Gasp** No Way!

but is discouraged by the consummate liar YS–who’s had approximately 30 years of experience lying and covering up after abandoning her infant daughter and Jang Ho.


I keep telling myself not to break down over this show, but it’s not easy!

CR and YS are in so deep. They aren’t going to stop lying anytime soon.

Even DJ’s dad knows how that goes from his experience. Back in Episode 4, after hearing his wife destroyed DJ’s phone to keep him from calling BW, and finding out she lied to DJ about it, he calls her out:

lidd109-4 4djpg

Preach it, Abeonim!


A couple of random statements….or are they?

At one point, I had unwavering faith in the Writer and PD-nim that everything little thing in this show was there for a reason, but I’m sorry to say that faith has been eroded. However, I had to bring these two scenes up, because I didn’t see any Soompi forum discussion on them.

In Episode 109, CR is taking her father to task over acting like a devoted and caring husband to YS in front of other people and then treating her like dirt at home:


Well, there’s one for the books! What a whopper of a statement by CR! Did she ever really forgive YS for seducing her dad marrying her rich doctor daddy?

CR and YS have already hashed it out over CR finding out and sort-of forgiving that YS has a biological daughter, and now she’s turning it around on her father. Wonder how much of a prophetic statement this will become? Will Doc forgive his daughter for killing a man while driving under the influence and then lying about it? How about when he finds out YS sold the property illegally to pay off the illegal car dealer’s blackmail demands? How will YS forgive CR when she finds out the man CR killed was her old boyfriend Jang Ho? (She already knows the victim was BW’s father, but she doesn’t know his name.) Will BW ever forgive her egg donor mother YS for treating her like garbage and her part in covering up JH’s death? The forgiveness question I really want to know is: Will WH forgive his mother for pushing CR on him and rejecting BW/Byeol after she finds out that WH is the recipient of DJ’s heart? That’s a lot of forgiveness for 11 more episodes!

Here’s another one I missed the first time but caught on the second watch:

JY and DM are in the process of getting a divorce. JY is done with being pressured by Mom to have a baby, and big dummy DM waffles back and forth, trying to please his mom and his wife–and losing both battles. Personally, I don’t blame her a bit for bailing out on DM and his crazy Mom. It’s unreal that a MiL would put that kind of pressure on her DiL for a baby. In my book, reproductive plans are to be kept private between the two individuals involved. Inquiries about such things from outsiders should be met with a withering stare and a statement that such things are no one else’s business, period.

After getting ungraciously booted from CR’s house, JY takes up residence in a hotel/motel. (It’s been described as both.) Tonight she brings Samgak Kimbap (aka Triangle Kimbap) back to the hotel room from a convenience store for dinner. Gosh, if that’s the Korean equivalent of eating at the local 7-11, she’s living much more dangerously than I suspected! You have to be seriously desperate IMHO to eat prepared food at a 7-11 or AM-PM mini-market around here. Their food is considered borderline at best.


Oh no! Is she finally pregnant?!? I’m sorry to say this, but it would be so trite to have JY end up pregnant at this point. DM needs to have a serious wake-up call to decide who he loves more–his wife or his mom. If she’s now pregnant, that is not going to resolve their issues. His brother had to go through this rite of passage and he passed with flying colors. WH is failing the test so far. So many “Mama’s Boys”, so few men in this show. 😦

Planting the seed of doubt:

I wasn’t going to review this scene because it makes me want to write even more corrective FF for this show! However, I saw a great comment on one of the streaming sites that said, “SC got f***ed and didn’t even get kissed!” Ha! I am sure that’s a paraphrase of a quote from the 1975 US movie “Dog Day Afternoon” about an actual bank robbery that went wrong in every conceivable way. (Actual quote: “Kiss me. When I’m being f***ed, I like to get kissed a lot.”)  I think it’s pretty funny when the viewers add their own meta to the show!

With the police investigation and Attorney Lee’s help, the suspicion begins to get closer and closer to YS and CR. YS now decides to double down and frame SC for the accident! She bribes the illegal car dealer with money from the property she sold to give false testimony that SC approached him to sell the car. Meanwhile, she gave a statement that she let SC sell the car for her. Now it looks like SC was driving the car that night since he drove CR out to the villa house in Daechon. CR gives the police a statement that the necklace that SC says is fake does not exist. SC goes through an emotional round of grilling at the local police station with Detective Ko and meets up with WH and BW afterward. WH finds out the one thing I wish SC would’ve told his boss way back when he found out about WH’s contract date deal with CR:



SC and WH need to learn the American phrase: “Bros before Hoes

Well, SC is an extremely private person for starters. He was deeply hurt by CR breaking up with him.


Add in the bankruptcy and death of his parents and the fact that he didn’t want his boss to think badly of him because he’d wonder why CR broke up with him (the most important factor IMHO) led to this.  All SC can do now is apologize.



And WH is not a happy camper:


BW still believes in SC and tries to get WH to refocus on CR’s role in the accident with no luck. After SC says that CR is framing him, WH thinks about it a little more and then plants doubt in BW’s mind about SC:


SC’s track record isn’t looking too good. WH warns BW:


And advises:


Then comes the scene that absolutely screams for a re-write. WH and BW have lunch together at the fanciest Chinese (?) restaurant ever. Take a look at the presentation here.


A screencap doesn’t do it justice. The colors, the flowers and greenery, and the food are amazing! Look at the carved fruits! They’re too pretty to eat.

BW looks uncomfortable to be around WH, and that makes me sad:


The color palette in this scene is lovely….purple, grays, bright light, white roses. The figurines in the back seem to be watching over WH and BW. Cinematography grade today–A+

So here is our OTP at Episode 110 out of 120. Both of them are battered, bruised and beaten down by the baddies. They finally have a moment alone. No interruptions.


WH knows at this point that the ring on her finger is DJ’s and not SC’s. Does he start out by clearly communicating what he knows? Nope. Does WH tell her that he will never give her up? Nope. Does WH let BW know that he will never stop loving her and Byeol under any circumstances? Nope. Do they discuss their relationship problems? Nope. All of that would’ve happened about 40+ episodes ago…but now they simply discuss SC’s possible guilt. **headdesk**

The music in the background is so familiar to me, I don’t even have to reach for my phone and the Shazam app. It’s Chopin’s Waltz in B minor, Op. 69 No. 2.  Here is the full piece played by one of my favorite pianists Evgeny Kissin:

and a link to the sheet music if you are interested. I remember this piece well, as it was featured in “Story of Kang Goo” (I have updated the links on this page too.) Chopin thought this piece was junk and wanted the manuscript burned after his death. Thankfully, someone decided his idea was junk instead! They kept the manuscript, and today it is one of the most played pieces of Chopin. The lesson for today: Keep stuff that you’ve written hanging around. You might get famous later on!

This is another interesting musical choice because there have not been any classical selections used so far in LIDD. Believe me, if there had been, I’d be all over them! This melancholy piece fits the mood at the restaurant very well. Chopin wrote pieces as ‘waltzes’ but never intended anyone to actually dance to them. The piece Chopin wrote before this one (A flat major, Op. 69 No.1) has the nickname “L’adieu” because supposedly he wrote it as a farewell piece to a young lady he was once engaged to–but it didn’t work out.

Yes, whether today or hundreds of years ago, the course of true love rarely runs smoothly. In DramaLand, there seem to be many more obstacles in the way of True Love. Will BW and WH find a way to be together, or will the trifecta of evil women in this show discourage the OTP enough that they feel the only answer is to simply walk away from each other and chalk it off to fate?


2 thoughts on “More questions than answers: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 108-110

  1. Girl you are good, I enjoyed what you said about the men of this daily in essence they are not real men. When you describe SC I laughed out loud. Since you are at soompi, I am sure that you are aware that a wedding is a coming for the OTP lets see how they resolve this one with 9 episodes left.

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    • The wedding pics remove some (but not all) of the compulsion I feel to write fanfic for this drama. I wonder if there are only 9 episodes left. Will there be an extension? Still waiting for the return of CR’s stalker ex-boyfriend too!


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