Hands up for the music: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 104-106

A/N: It’s getting more difficult to find scenes I want to recap, but luckily there were a couple of fun moments from this week I want to highlight. I’m also working on a corrective scene FF from Episode 104 so this will be a shorter than normal post.

**All screencaps from myasiantv.me** All other photos are mine!

Time for SC to “Man”-icure up:

I can lay quite a bit of the blame for the story derailment of LIDD at the feet of writer-nim. (Pun intended!) The behavior of some characters has been nothing short of baffling. Did WH and BW shut off their brains for 25+ episodes? Arrgh! However, this gaffe belongs to the PD-nim because it’s his job to ultimately choose the scenes and get the actors ready for those scenes.

Episode 104 starts out with SC looking at the necklace he gave CR many years ago–it’s now in BW’s possession because her Papa had ripped it from CR’s neck after she ran over him in the rain. Check out this closeup of SC’s hand holding the necklace:


At least his nails are clean…

As JY might say: “Terrible!”. SC’s hands look like they could use some major TLC. The dry peeling skin and overgrown cuticles look even worse when viewed on a 27″ Samsung HD monitor or a 55″ HDTV. If the PD was planning a closeup like this, he needs to find some money in the budget for a manicure for Kim Min Soo! A very basic manicure at the local nail salon where I typically get a pedicure runs about $10 USD + tip; a higher-end salon like YS’s Gangnam shop would probably be $25 or more, not including tip. It would have been well worth the investment. I can’t blame the actor either. His 14+ hour workdays 6 days a week for 5 months straight (my best guess based on articles like this one) prohibit the niceties of life like taking care of your hands versus basic needs like sleeping and eating.

To prove to my three readers that there is nothing I can’t justify in the name of this blog, I tried to get either one of my sons to have a manicure on my dime. I wanted to get before and after pictures to prove my point of how much a manicure would improve the look of a man’s hands for a close-up shot like this. Alas, they would not go for it! So I had to do it myself! I know, what a sacrifice to have to make! 🙂 Remember, I am in my 50’s, my nails are super short for playing piano and being a dental hygienist, I have my hands in gloves for over 35 hours a week, and I use tons of hand sanitizer with alcohol which is very drying. My hands are not pretty.

Side note: My hands were not pretty back in the day either. When my now ex-husband and I were married, our wedding photographer took a picture of our hands….and then when she developed the film (no digital photography back then!) she said this photo wasn’t going in her portfolio because she had 40-year-olds who married with better-looking hands.


Circa 1987. BTW–I had a manicure the day before this photo was taken! Dental hygienists and auto mechanics have hands that are less than ideal for photography. My 21-year-old son who works on exotic cars wears gloves, and his hands look much better than his father’s did here.

Please feel free to laugh out loud. I have no shame!

Back to the present–

I went to the nail salon and showed my Korean Drama watching manicurist the screencap. I wanted to get a professional’s opinion on SC’s hands. She was appalled when I showed her the above picture of SC’s hands with the necklace and told her it was a close-up of an actor’s hands on a KDrama. “What were the production team thinking when they allowed the final cut to have his hands looking like that? That’s so bad.”

I had her take a photo of my hand before we started:


Yikes! Plenty rough after a morning of housework! Now let’s check out the after photo:


Okay, that’s better. And the final version after the nail polish was applied:



Even without the nail polish, there was a big improvement in how my hands looked close-up. I wonder if it was the lack of money, lack of time, or lack of caring at this point in the show that led to the PD-nim accepting that close up of SC’s fingers for the final cut. I sure hope Kim Min Soo gets a gift certificate to the local nail salon and a case of hand lotion at the end of the show! BTW, I’d gladly volunteer to apply the hand lotion for the guys in this show anytime they’d like! Think of it as just another sacrifice I am willing to make for all the Kdrama viewers! **snort-laugh**


lidd104 fc-1

Fictional representation of me applying hand lotion to Sung Hoon. Great PPL for Alba Botanica Lotion too! From Episode 39 of “Five Children” Screencap credit to KBS YouTube channel.



Music from the deck of the Titanic:

My vote for the award for Best Western Music Selections as a Daily Kdrama sinks goes to….LIDD!! Let’s pick up in Episode 106:

For some inexplicable reason, WH is having dinner with CR at a super-fancy five-star European restaurant.



Thank goodness they are drinking water tonight. No alcohol for these two!


You’d think her mere presence would make WH wanna hurl his expensive meal, but again…there so many scenes in LIDD lately that make me cringe in despair. As CR whines for him to cut up her steak (WTH–is she still 6 years old?!) I can hear the music in the background. I’m not sure what it is, but I figure I will have to use my Shazam app when I get home to put a name to the instrumental piece. Then I hear a voice singing in a sultry, bossa nova style. Wait a minute…I do know that song!

I’m eating lunch at work, and my coworker is there looking at her social media stuff. First I’m whispering the words under my breath as my brain processes the melody….then I’m jumping out of my chair, and I accidentally rip the headphones out of my ear as I blurt out the title of the song just as the vocalist sings, “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas”! My coworker just looks at me, and shakes her head sadly as I try to find the words to explain why this is so absolutely perfect!

Quizas, Quizas, Quizas” was written in 1947 by Cuban songwriter Osvaldo Farres. Apparently, Farres wrote the words and lyrics and played the song–and had someone else transcribe the musical notation. The title translates to “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” in English.

I know writer-nim is an HK movie buff because the Nat King Cole version of this song is in “In the Mood for Love” and he already featured “Tian Mi Mi” from “Comrades: Almost a Love Story”. Wonder when/if writer-nim will remember how that song draws WH and BW together? I’d prefer sooner than later 😉

It’s also an interesting parallel to “My Love Eun Dong” which had loads of references to both movies. Both MLED and LIDD have handsome male leads, strong-willed and beautiful female leads, great side characters, lots of humor, and many fantastic episodes pointing to a superb finish. Like LIDD, it too imploded with a horde of angry viewers left in its wake.

The version used in LIDD is from Lisa Ono, a Japanese-Brazilian singer who has been very popular in Japan for years singing Bossa Nova standards. Note: Be patient with the link to the song–to get the right version, I had to link to the Tudou website (Chinese) and it took a few refreshes to get it to play, although today (5/7) it was perfect. Audio only–sorry. The YouTube link is not the right one. 😦

I could show my three readers other great renditions of this song….from the beautifully modern Andrea Bocelli/Jennifer Lopez version, to the old-school style of Connie Francis. But the version I am embedding here blows all of those out of the water. Here is Im Byeong Su–a Korean who grew up in Bolivia–belting it out in Las Vegas-Seoul fusion style. His Spanish pronunciation is as perfect as it gets. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, you might wanna check your pulse!

I love the fact that he’s got a full live orchestra including a piano backing him–for a TV show. There must be lots of employment opportunities for musicians in Korea! I don’t believe there are any synthesizers, artificially produced sound, or pre-recorded stuff here. And no hi-tech engineers or programmers–instead there’s a conductor! Daebak! I think it’s cool that he’s in jeans and a casual untucked shirt/vest combo, and wearing his glasses. How real is that?! If you go to the YouTube page, there are about 10 links to other Latin standards he’s covered and an HD version of “Quizas”. Im Byeong Su was also featured in the “Reply 1988” Kdrama–see the first link for details.

Here are the English Lyrics, translated from the original Spanish:

I am always asking you
When, how and where
You always tell me
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

The days pass this way
And I am despairing
And you, you always answer
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

You are wasting time
Thinking, thinking
That which you want most
Until when? Until when?

The days pass this way
And I am despairing
And you, you always answer
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

You are wasting time
Thinking, thinking
That which you want most
Until when? Until when?

The days pass this way
And I am despairing
And you, you always answer
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

Yes indeed–I can easily picture a delusional and increasingly unhinged CR growing ever more desperate to hear WH say, “I love you” to her, and it’s never ever gonna happen. I also have to like how the music director took a song where someone is stuck in a relationship where the other party won’t commit….and flipped that around to reflect on CR’s obsessive need to possess WH. What a perfect song for this scene! Kudos to the music director for LIDD. Thank goodness the music is still in the Grade A category!





3 thoughts on “Hands up for the music: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 104-106

  1. Omg!! I’ve been fixated with this song since ‘Strictly Ballroom’ used the Doris Day version for a mesmerising dance scene with our OTP (though we still have fierce family fights where daughters will say its Mary Wilson)…

    Strangely enough, the Nat King Cole version was also used in Mystery Queen the week before, which prompted me to do a like-minded search through the musical archives.
    I will enjoy listening to your finds!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The music in this show is simply amazing, and keeps me coming back for more. Spoiler alert–another great music selection appears in Ep. 108! BTW–is Mystery Queen any good?


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