Pep talks and Evil deeds: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 67-68

I took a couple of days off from the blog to do some much-needed self-reflection on this show and how it was exposing the worst parts of my personality….the grudge-holding, the anger and negativity, and how incredibly easy it is for me to believe the worst of someone instead of the best…yikes! I don’t like what I am finding here. I am severely lacking in many areas. I think that the writer-nim makes Bang Wool seem extra positive as she looks for the good instead of the bad in every situation; Woo Hyuk’s got a fair amount of that too, as he seems much more reluctant to believe the bad in people after DJ’s heart transplant, and Sang Chul has much less of this characteristic after all the crap he’s had dumped on him. I had also dropped all the other Kdramas I had been watching and fully concentrated on LIDD. That was one mistake. I picked up “Saimdang: Light’s Diary” again (I’m on Episode 9 and love it. I can’t figure out why so many folks hate this show. I hope it’s not about to tank.) and started “Father is Weird” (Very early assessment: Not too bad–and Lee Joon is hilarious.) I had to permanently drop “I’m Sorry Kang Nam Goo” as the level of sheer evil in that show surpassed the need for fangirling my sockless cutie-pie and tall drink of water Park Sun Ho, and I dropped “Golden Pouch” because the birth secrets were so complicated I couldn’t figure them out even with a scorecard! That show had some real potential too, and the cinematography was A+, but a long break in the middle of the show due to the impeachment hearings was a big problem. I might go back to it, but I doubt it. I need some better balance between the negative and the positive in my Kdrama life–and in RL as well.

I’m gonna start in the very last minutes of Episode 66 for continuity. **all screencaps from**  Apologies for the spacing issues.

Dropping the Bomb–Round Two:

Well, that didn’t take long! Gotta hand it to the writer–never let a conflict drag on and on. It’s better to have a new conflict to take its place! JY has an idea I can get on board with–Byeol needs a haircut:


Good. That dorky cut has got to go. If Byeol shows up in the US with that, he would probably get some mad hassle from the other boys on the playground. He’s long overdue for a more grown up haircut. BTW, the actor who plays 5 to 6-year-old Byeol is probably closer to 8 or 9, judging by the way his two upper permanent front teeth are coming in. Sorry, the dental hygienist in me can’t help but see that!


#captain obvious

YS shows up and finds out that the little boy getting his hair cut calls Ji Yeon “Aunt”. Never one to let a piece of info go to waste, she asks JY if it’s true:


Oh, BTW–that’s your grandson too yunno! Immediately she begins to plot how to tell OHW and CR about the upcoming family dinner with BW, WH and the Yoon’s. Now OHW can really let BW have it! Nice way to throw your daughter and grandson under the (proverbial) bus! YS, I hope you collapse with guilt and regret for the rest of your days for what you have put and are putting your daughter and your little grandson through! No forgiveness for you! **headdesk**  Okay, I know–I’ve got anger and forgiveness issues!


Side Note: It’s bad enough when parents screw their kids over, but to me, it’s another level of bad altogether when grandparents screw over their own grandkids. Here’s a great example of my own grudge-holding negativity:  When my former in-laws conspired with their son to make sure that he didn’t pay any child support to me, it ensured a much lower quality of life for their grandchildren. I don’t think they ever thought about the fact that the lack of child support ultimately hurt their grandkids who lacked the niceties of life. They were more concerned with making my life as difficult as possible to extract some vengeance for having the audacity to leave their son–the one who held a hunting knife to my neck while he raped me and broke both my nose and cheekbone before I packed up myself and the kids, and left him permanently. 😦   See, I told you I have issues that need work!

I am capable of handling issues better: Back in the day, my older son (then 2 1/2 years old) desperately needed surgery on his ears. His dad and I were both working but neither of us had medical insurance available at our workplaces. I tried to get Medicaid (aka medical insurance thru the government for the very poor). Since we made too much money to qualify, the caseworker suggested my husband and I divorce to lower our income level. (Technically illegal, but I am sure it happens all the time.) Our marriage was strong at that point, and that idea was unthinkable to us. I asked my very wealthy parents to borrow the $3000 USD for the surgery; a sum that was to them like the rest of us emptying change from the bottom of a purse. (That amount would be easily five times more today.) I even had a written plan to pay it back. They totally refused. I was devastated. Why would they let their grandson suffer so much? It was mind-boggling, especially since my father wore hearing aids due to repeated ear infections as a child. I could not believe they hated my son to that extent. I went to the church I attended at the time, told them what was going on, and asked the pastor and the board members to pray for my son, which they did. Remarkably, a doctor friend of mine heard about my situation a week later and arranged a surgery for my son that spared his hearing–and we never saw the bill. I couldn’t even muster the energy to tell my parents off and throw it in their face that he got the surgery in spite of them. I was so grateful and happy. What my own parents meant for evil toward their grandson was turned around into good. My older son began to regain his strength and he was speaking clearly within a few weeks. He would need more surgeries in the future….but this bought him a couple of years of relief.


Now let’s look at one of the most bizarre fashion choices I’ve seen yet in this show–WH’s red bomber jacket. I’m gonna call it the Punk-Ass jacket because who else wears a jacket with bad words on it in front of a six-year-old child?! ***clutching at my pearls***  I would like to have a word with the wardrobe coordinator–this PPL is a massive fail. (Be careful if you click over to the homepage–NSFW! Highlighted links are safe.) You can read more about the designer here–it’s already translated into English. The jacket is currently on sale for 132,300 Won (approximately $117 USD) down from 187,000 Won. I can’t imagine why it was not a hot seller! /sarc


“I am not a human being”?  “$ame old $hit”? Good gracious! SMH….

YS must’ve sent a text over to CR informing her of the existence of Byeol, and the location of the restaurant where BW and WH were having a meal with Byeol. The Evil Joseon Dragon Queen enters, summoning her Prince. Then she points to Byeol and demands an answer to her question:


…while CR smirks in the background!

And gets the answer…like it or not!


And she gives BW a roundhouse slap to the face! Holy Guacamole! That was a sick ‘crack’ sound effect for the slap! All WH can do is yell:


Byeol tries to defend his mom from the scary Joseon Dragon Queen:


When the six-year-old calls out the adult for behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated on any playground…..

But here are DJ’s parents watching this whole deal! Omo…Mom is not taking this sitting down:


And WH just stands there in shock! At this point, I think WH needs a cojones transplant! What happened to confident and strong WH? Yunno, the one who punched out the cheating ex-husband of his sister? Who didn’t let anyone take advantage of him? Bad time to have a crisis, my friend! He weakly apologizes to DJ’s mom:


Nice way to have a first-time family meet-up! OHW puts all the blame on BW, claiming that she:


Uhh, no. Your precious prince dimwitted son did that!

WH, that was a serious mistake you made by not ‘fessing up about Byeol to your mom, and now it’s caused a ginormous problem. CR continues to smirk in the background as OHW makes the proclamation:



“Partner” is an interesting word selection. In the US, ‘partner’ often means one-half of a same-sex couple. I wonder why she didn’t say “wife” or “spouse” or “fiancee”? I wish there was an alternative sub choice for this show so I could compare them. No, scratch that. I wish I knew more of the Korean language so I could figure it out myself!

Difficult as it is, watching this scene twice so you can see the facial expressions of CR smirking and acting disgustingly satisfied at the chaos she’s created is a must. This actress is a very convincing psychotic and delusional baddie.


All I could think of while I was viewing this next scene was the old 1960’s TV show “Batman” and the campy, hilarious fighting scenes with the “Pow” and “Crash” slides thrown in so little eyes didn’t see too much violence! Here’s a clip for you young’uns who’ve never seen the corniest TV show of my early childhood years:


WH is on the receiving end of a no-holds-barred verbal beat down by Mama Bear aka DJ’s mom–her precious daughter cub was physically and emotionally attacked by an evil and vicious dragon OHW and she is not gonna stand for that! Especially when the Prince WH should have done a way better job of preventing this from happening in the first place! WH deserves every bit of scorn Mama Bear lays on him–especially since that jacket makes him look like a teenage punk who is being scolded by his girlfriend’s parents for making out with her!







DJ’s mom wants to know if OHW:

lidd67-10f…and WH admits that was part of the deal. Mom asks him if BW ever got to properly greet OHW on that day she was supposed to get formally introduced, and WH has to acknowledge that she did not. Perhaps WH doesn’t remember his promise to his future MiL? I sure do…



Dad finally gets a word in:



adding that OHW must have felt ‘stabbed in the back’. TBH, I couldn’t care less about how WH’s evil dragon queen momma feels right now! Can’t a Kdrama White Box Truck of Doom show up in her path? (Arrgh! See what a bad person I am?!)  Mom’s voice is starting to crack with emotion:


Mom wants to know what WH is gonna do next….and here’s his weak-sauce answer:


Not good enough, my friend!


#right on


Wow. When this show started, I fully hated DJ’s mom. She was absolutely unforgivable IMHO. Now I can’t believe this is the same woman who told BW to get an abortion, and who cried like a petulant sore loser at DJ and BW’s wedding. Talk about a turnaround! I could not be more proud of her in this scene. At first, I wanted to fly over to Korea and scold her for being such a rotten b*tch to her DiL. Now I want to fly over there and hug her! I hope this is a massive wake-up call for WH. Dude, if I fly over there right now to hug Mom, the next stop is a severe scolding from me!

BW tries to comfort Byeol, but this young man is his father’s son and knows right from wrong. And hitting in anger is wrong:


That’s two of us….

Byeol asks why “that grandma” would hit someone like his mom, and the answer from BW makes me rage:


Rant Warning: Yeah, Byeol your mom did a wrong thing! /sarc  She had you all by herself with zero emotional and financial help from your grandparents, she is a responsible single mom who has a job, she keeps you clothed and fed–oh, and that roomful of toys and books you have just materialized out of nowhere too!/more sarc  She’s done a great job of raising you (even if you are a little too whiny for Shamrockmom’s tolerance level) and has taught you good manners and modeled a proper positive outlook on people and life! How ‘wrong’ is all that! /rant over  **huffing and puffing**

WH comes in the room and even Byeol lets him have it:


At least WH is honest with Byeol–


I wonder if OHW bought him the jacket?  She might be that clueless. Perhaps OHW is “not a human being”.

Meanwhile back at the Joseon Dragon Queen’s lair, the melodramatic tantrum of the decade is being acted out by OHW, and abetted by CR. WK is sympathetic toward her mom, but not condemning of BW. She is simply worried and is her typical sweet self. She doesn’t know the whole story, and she wants to support her little bro who has always been on her side while believing the best about BW:


Note the contrasting attitudes of WK and CR here:


Nope, just the one his heart tells him is the right one!


Can you imagine the chaos if this was true?!?

Even when she isn’t drunk or angry and plotting some evil, CR is still delusional. No guy is gonna get together with a girl he doesn’t care for just because she ‘puts her mind to it’! That is some severely warped thinking.

WH gets back to his house, where he finds CR still hanging out on the auspices of ‘looking after your distraught mom’ but she is summarily dismissed by Queen OHW so the immediate family can have a more private fight. WH apologizes for the mess he made:


OHW is still stuck on the idea that BW was trying to pull one over on WH. Does she really not trust her grown son?


WH explains that it was BW who kept trying to tell him to acknowledge Byeol–then he levels a good one at his mom:


One thing that will get me to quit a drama in a big hurry is unnecessary and/or excessive harm to a child by an adult. I simply can’t stand watching it. (The second episode of “Mrs. Cop” is an excellent example, as was “Wanted”–I couldn’t even get through 30 minutes of the first episode.) WH tells his mom she went too far, and when she says she couldn’t see anything else at that moment, I can figure out she knows deep down in her cold, black heart–she went over the edge. WH and OHW fight some more over BW and Byeol, and they get back to the parenting problem again:


I don’t understand the problem here. Maybe that’s because there were several “someone else’s children” that I raised along with my own.

WH has no problems with being Byeol’s father:


But this time when he asks for her permission, the words are even harsher:


After OHW faints over at the mansion and DJ’s mom collapses in bed, SC is left to pick up the pieces with BW. He finds out Byeol witnessed his mom getting slapped and I can feel his heartbreak right through the screen. SC gives BW a very good piece of advice:



…and Byeol too.


SC also thinks that she should go to NYC and get away from the situation with OHW. It would only be for two years; the time would go quickly. His voice rises and his real feelings come to the surface:


***sniffle*** How can SC be such a good guy? He knows the girl he loves is in love with his best friend and he can still say this…I wonder when/if he will grab WH by the collar, throw him up against the wall and ask him how many more times he will let BW get hurt by that momma of his? I might volunteer to help with that!

WH tries again with his mom….different day, same results:


At first, I thought maybe those were roses on her bathrobe. But some of the flowers look like peonies. Peonies can be negative symbols of indignation and shame–two things that OHW seems to export in droves. It also makes me think about the hydrangeas in the Joseon Prison Mansion from HITTG.

WK tries to comfort his mom, who is so far gone with her tantrum, I feel like she should be pals with In Sang’s Evil Mommy in HITTG! She’d be a great frenemy for her–their attitudes are astoundingly similar:


I’d be happy to make a list for you!


CR shows up again with some porridge for OHW, but this time WH is not pleased to see her hanging around his house again. He starts to put two and two together as he wonders how she knew he would be at the restaurant with BW’s family and Byeol too:


CR does a good job at appearing offended and states again none of this was her fault. In fact:



After doing some shopping at the local produce vendors, BW and her MiL have a cup of tea together. Mom wants to know if BW would consider breaking up with WH. Here’s her biggest worry–and mine too:

lidd67-30lidd67-31and the most concerning thing of all:



It drives me crazy too! I swear if OHW (or CR) does anything cruel to Byeol…..

Then BW gives her MiL an astonishing piece of information about WH:


Check out the lattice work….and the little hearts. Wow! I’m blown away….


The white candle….a symbol of purity and truth in many cultures. A pillar candle like that one is usually lit by tapered candles held by the new bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. How perfect!


The Korean Wedding Ducks to the left are given as traditional wedding gifts. Mandarin ducks mate for life; if one dies, the other mourns. Both ducks have a string around their beaks–click on the link above for an explanation. My dad brought a pair of colorful ones like these back from SK when he was traveling there on business in the ’80’s, but sadly they have been lost.

Between the white candle, the hearts in the lattice work and the ducks–I can’t stop the tears. It’s all about the love that transcends DJ’s death, WH’s 180-degree transformation, and the rock-solid strong will of BW. I think the PD and Writer-nim know that the viewers including me are up to our collective necks with tension and can’t take much more. This is like a break in the storm, where the clouds part for a minute and I feel like everything will turn out all right at the end.


The Shuffling of the Props:

While CR is being especially cruel to BW as she lets her know that WH and his momma are on the outs, I note that the antique typewriters that used to be in WW’s rooftop apartment have been moved to this cafe!



A Pepto-Bismol Pink dress in case your stomach becomes queasy from the spewage. (Spew+Sewage=Spewage)

This tells me a couple of things: the show’s budget is tight and the schedule is tighter–no time to find new props; just recycle what’s handy! However, that the typewriter on the left is quite an interesting find. It’s not a real typewriter. It’s actually a decorative reproduction of an antique Gourland typewriter based on a photo, but the Chinese facility that made this prop thought the “U” in Gourland was a “V”…so it looks like “Govrland”! Priceless! I’m glad it’s here with other fake things…like CR!



The medicinal value of food:

BW finds out that WH’s mom collapsed at her lair home after finding out about Byeol. She decides that it would be a great idea to cook her some food that might help lower her high blood pressure. It would be a way to show she cares–and BW thinks that will soften her heart. My sentiment: Good luck with that! **snort**

BW goes to the store and buys stuff to make mushroom and onion soup:



So Shamrockmom wants to know: Is this a Thing? Does Mushroom Onion soup really lower blood pressure? ‘Cause I could sure use some right about now! If I believe the Soompi forum comments, this show gives several of us high blood pressure. I did a lot of reading and sure enough, at least the mushrooms are responsible for lowering high blood pressure. (Onions do too, but only if they are raw.) Here’s a quote from the link: “Studies of various types of mushrooms, including shiitake and maitake mushrooms, have shown them to be high in potassium content. Potassium acts as a vasodilator, relaxing tension in blood vessels and therefore reducing blood pressure.” Cool! Next stop was to look for a recipe–this one from Maangchi looked easy enough and here’s another simple recipe for a soup with mushrooms, onions and doenjang–which also has a number of health benefits. I think I have some new recipes to try, especially since these seem simple enough for my cooking level.

Mom has the same concern I do:


That does seem like a guaranteed outcome in my book too, but BW has it covered:


Which she does–and then texts WH to come down and pick them up:


No stray kitties strolling by the Dragon Queen’s Lair today! 


Mom is more than a little jealous that BW would cook something for the person who slapped her in front of Byeol. (I see she has conveniently forgotten The Breakfast of Guilt that BW cooked when they kicked her out of the house back in Episode 12. Grudge-holding Shamrockmom has not!) She complains to her husband:


She whines and gripes that she’s only a mother-in-law too. Geez!

BW’s FiL takes a more pragmatic approach:lidd68-6

Then we get a little extra info:



We already know Dad has a big heart. He unofficially adopted Sang Chul whose parents are now deceased because SC’s father was friends with DJ’s dad and SC was DJ’s good friend. He gives his wife some sage advice:



The purple plant ribbon says “Hard Work” (per the translator app) Dealing with Mom is Hard Work!


I get it. I think about two of the kids that used to live with us as a gift I was given because of the two babies that I miscarried. Technically, they aren’t my kids, and they are now grown adults in their 20’s. Yet it’s strange how it worked out. I always felt the two I miscarried were a boy and a girl; the boy was the older one, just like the RL situation.


After SC generously offers to take the food every morning to the Dragon Queen’s Lair, and BW turns him down (note how the camera lingers on SC’s sad face as he knows she’s having a bad time), Dad comes on the scene for a much-needed pep talk. Whether for BW’s benefit or the viewer’s benefit, I’m still glad to hear his wisdom.



He thinks if BW is sincere toward OHW, she will eventually give in. Dad remembers telling DJ:



Dad wanted to tell BW to break up with WH after seeing his momma slap her in front of Byeol, but he knows how much they love each other–so he held back. He gives some more good advice:



….unlike 99% of other Kdrama couples.



Back at the Court of the Joseon Dragon Queen:

After a hearty breakfast of Mushroom Onion soup courtesy of BW (although Gang Ja took credit for it per WH’s instructions) The Evil Dragon Queen decides today’s another wonderful day to pull out another tried and true Joseon Court stunt: If you need to get the Young Prince in line–simply torture his personal assistant/butler/bodyguard/bromance partner! The softhearted young Prince will not be able to stand to have those close to him hurting….and you don’t even need to lay a hand on him! SC is beckoned to Her Majesty’s inner sanctum to be softened up with a scolding before his punishment:



Note the colors she’s wearing: It’s a pure power play going on here with the red and black. The Evil Dragon Queen is not messing around anymore!


He apologizes in a general way–but does not beg for forgiveness or grovel. Yesss! The Evil Dragon Queen asks why didn’t he report to her as she asked? Did he lie? SC stands there silently…Yesss! No need to blather a bunch of nonsense. SC must understand the concept of when “a good shutting up” is needed! Heh…maybe too much!

She says she’d like to fire him, but since he was WH’s personal assistant, she demotes him…to the dungeon basement mail room. Can I say again how much I love that he didn’t give into the intimidation of the Dragon Queen? SC was cool and professional, showing no emotion in front of the Queen. It is baffling to me that OHW demotes him. Isn’t she concerned about her son’s health? SC’s main job was to be a human reminder to WH to take his anti-rejection medicine and keep him safe as the future heir to the corporation. I might categorize this move of OHW as “cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

On the way to his new job, SC runs into CR, who can’t resist giving him some crap over his demotion. CR even has the nerve to ask if helping WH was his innocent idea…


Ha! Nothing like projecting your own MO onto others! SC does not need this today or any other day:


CR takes that as an affirmation to her question:




#princess of hypocrisy 


That elevator can’t get there fast enough, as SC seethes and punches the button repeatedly! CR scolds him that he better be careful, or he will lose this job too!

We get a first look at SC’s new workplace…


Love the desk and it’s piles of envelopes and boxes….looks suspiciously like my own desk, lol! I gotta know…if this is the basement, how does that plant get any light to grow? Must be fake. The Boombox relic from the 80’s–a nice touch. As is the fire extinguisher on the floor behind SC’s leg….yep, no time to get that prop mounted on the wall! SC sits down heavily and surveys the mess:lidd68-21


Even the phone is buried! Love the ancient scotch tape dispenser too!

I wonder why a company that is as large as BH group has this disorganized mess of a mailroom. Is it because 95% of correspondence these days are emails, texts, and phone calls? It seems incongruous that they would be so sloppy about the company mailroom.

WH quickly finds out his personal assistant is currently unable to assist him! He knows precisely who is responsible for this:


Just like a Joseon Queen, she admonishes her son to hush up, or the court secretaries will hear him bellow! WH thinks if she needs to take out her anger on someone, it should be him! Sorry dude–that’s not how the Joseon Dragon Queen rolls! He does score a point for this statement:


OHW fights back–Yes, it was justified:


Wait a minute…Didn’t WH hire SC and put him through that test to see how loyal and courageous he was?



WH is saying this to his mom, but it is just as accurate going the other way!



Guess not–everyone is on OHW’s payroll. I suppose SC is an employee of the BH Group regardless of whether he works as a bodyguard/personal assistant for WH or in the basement mailroom. Surprisingly, the Evil Joseon Dragon Queen tips her hand and gives her son the 411:



I always roll my eyes when people announce their evil intentions, whether on TV or in RL. Why do that? It’s so stupid. However, this is good for WH–he has no excuses now. He can’t say he didn’t know.

CR makes sure that BW finds out about SC’s transfer to the basement mailroom. She’s obviously been keenly observing her mentor OHW because she parrots OHW’s words:


CR gloats that WH “has lost his right arm” and wonders who will be next! Hmmm. SC might be better able to serve his boss as he is out of sight in the mailroom, away from prying eyes and has much more time on his hands now to do investigative work. OHW may have done SC and her son a favor. Will this move backfire on her? Pretty please, writer-nim?!?

BW visits SC in the basement mail room–but before that conversation, let’s take a look at the mailroom now that SC has taken charge:


SC is not the kinda guy who is gonna sit there in the middle of the mess and feel sorry for himself! The desk is mostly cleared off, laptop installed, mail sorted…how awesome is this?! He even put on those sleeve protector things so his shirt won’t get wrecked from the dirt and dust! Wonder what the door on the right leads to…the all-glass front probably rules out a private bathroom, but perhaps it’s some other storage closet/hidey-hole that could come in handy later on.

Like the abuse victim she is, BW takes responsibility for SC’s new workplace digs:



SC tries to put her mind at ease–



BW turns away from him, crying. SC walks around the desk, puts his hands on her shoulders and turns her gently to face him….omo, is he gonna ‘fess up! Nope–


but he does give her (and me) some encouragement:



Unheard dialogue for Shamrockmom’s ears only: “We still have 50+ episodes to go! You can’t wimp out of the show at this point!”

After another round of honest communication and sharing between the OTP, BW gets a call the next morning at work from OHW–she wants to have a lunch meet-up. Uh, oh! Clearly nervous, BW finds OHW waiting for her at this very traditional looking restaurant:




OMG. I nearly choked on my ginger ale when I saw this set-up! OHW is still in the red/black power mode, but her high-necked blouse looks almost like a cheongsam! I don’t think it is, but the effect of the stark colors along with the roses (thorns and all, LOL!) is striking. Hmmm….a red rose–a symbol of timeless love worn by the biggest hater of love in this show. Yep, I can check the Irony box off for today! OHW could also pass for a bad-ass mamasan in a two-bit, badly dubbed Kung Fu flick from the ’80’s!

OHW invites BW to have a seat, then announces there will be someone else joining them….and here she is!


This can’t possibly end well. OHW invites CR to sit beside her, and begins the formal introductions:


Wow! Talk about presumptuous! Hey OHW–have you asked your son what he thinks about this?! ‘Cause I’m sure he’d think you are out of your mind!

Next up–I am having my next dental implant surgery this week so I will be taking a bit of a break. Not sure if I will skip some episodes or not–there is an endless amount of interesting background stuff in every episode. My daughter will also be moving out into her new apartment in the next few weeks (translation: pure chaos) and I am sure my assistance will be needed! A recent worsening of my menopause issues has also set me back on my heels, just as I am considering embarking on a new educational endeavor. I am hanging on tight to my WH “I am cheering for you” keychain–a much-needed item both in RL and in DramaLand!


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