Patience and Encouragement: Love is Drop by Drop 61-62

A/N:  I wanted to turn your attention to an interesting and thoughtful blog post I saw recently on Kdrama editing. The way a show is edited–the cuts and transitions–can make Kdramas a cracktastic viewing experience. And if they are done wrong–it can be an epic fail. It’s so different than the way US shows are edited, with a much greater emphasis on emotion versus action. Watching LIDD with these elements in mind adds greatly to the overall enjoyment level for me. A similar article on angst, suffering, and tragedy in Kdramas is also recommended–just as this show crosses the halfway point and delves into the more difficult-to-watch elements. 

Before I highlight some of the angsty scenes, I wanted to focus on some lighter material that was also important–the gift of being able to teach, and the power of encouragement.

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What WK really needs in her life is a personal cheerleader. Cheon Gang Ja, the annoying friend of YS who is the housekeeper for OHW tries to teach WK some simple cooking skills, but fails miserably. Why? Because all she does is berate her:


WK is frustrated and upset. I would be too. BTW, let me say that my piano teacher deserves a gold medal for putting up with me and my talentless fingers!


Bad and impatient teachers are often the cause of student attitudes ending up in the dumpster of depression:


WH seizes the moment with a plan that I heartily approve of:


From WH’s point of view, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. His sister will get some lessons from kind and patient BW, mom OHW will see BW in a good light and then OHW will be more likely to accept BW. Or so WH thinks! BW looks a little intimidated by the prospect but agrees to give it a go with WH’s positive words:


With more than a little encouragement from WH, she goes over to his mansion home and he introduces her to his mom and sis. The two ladies get along wonderfully, as patient and kind BW gently encourages WK on how to cut vegetables evenly. WH and his mom eavesdrop on them:


and WH can hardly keep that ear-to-ear grin off his face! His mom seems mildly impressed, but I will take that as a win for the moment. Awesome. I really hope that WK will accept BW for who she is, and not care about the fact that she is a single mom with a son. For all that WK is a ditz, she has a good heart along with her common sense–and that ought to put her squarely on BW and brother WH’s side in the inevitable upcoming conflict with OHW.

WK gets a great money making idea–this time from her employee:


WK subsequently starts a CrowdFunding campaign to raise more money for the musical, and she uses (my guess) the photo-shopped pic of Woo Wan:


Who is that handsome ahjussi dentist/musical producer?! Dang, that photoshopped pic makes him look like leading man material! I wonder if he was quite the hottie back in the day.

Is WW happy about this? Does he congratulate her on this endeavor and give her a hug? Or supply any encouragement? Nope–he’s still pulling the crabby ahjussi act:


WW wails and cries that everyone he knows is calling him up, and asking if he’s totally broke. WK never even considered that:


He asks her to take down the website immediately. WK is loathe to do that:


Ever so slowly, WW wakes up to the fact that people are contributing to the CrowdFunding campaign for his musical.



I think the prop guy or PD-nim has an obsession with antique typewriters. There’s at least 3 at WW’s place, and even a pic of one in Byeol’s room. 


Yeah, your girlfriend might have a brain too, yunno! It might be a different kind of intelligence than what you have, but that doesn’t mean WK is a total airhead!


Dropping the bomb–Round 1:

I want to remind readers that this scene is merely a warm up for when the Big Bomb shows up. That’ll be the day OHW finds out about Byeol….and how much her son loves and cares for this young boy who is BW’s son. It’ll make this scene look tame in comparison!

After WH introduces BW as “the woman I love” to his mom and big sis, OHW freaks out:



Wait a sec….aren’t you a widow too? We have a saying here in the US:”The Pot calling the Kettle Black”. OHW, I think you are jealous that BW has decided to love someone again, whereas you decided to keep loving money, power, and prestige after your husband (who was not the love of your life) passed away. Let’s see how those last three items work out for you at the end of the day drama! People over things….I wonder how many times I’ve said that to my kids. Things with feelings (people and pets) come before things without feelings (material stuff). I’ve even heard my kids say it to their friends, so I know it has sunk in on some level!

After leveling some insulting words to BW:



OHW, we viewers are disgusted by your presence as well! 


OHW tries to get WK to throw BW out of the house. WK knows better. She implores her brother to get himself and BW outta Dodge asap:


Note how BW apologizes, then immediately thinks of WH:


Gaaah! My delicious lunch is stuck halfway in my throat! WH takes her over to the restaurant lab. She decides to hang out there for a while because if she goes back home too soon, the parental units will be asking questions she doesn’t wanna answer. WH asks if she is gonna be okay, and BW serves him up some more Pollyanna Pie:



BW might be too good for WH. I think he’s the one ‘marrying up’.


Then she waits until he leaves to sob her heart out alone:


I finally gave up watching this episode during my lunch hour. I could not swallow my food because I was so distraught. Darn you show! I’m not the only emotional one here. The Soompi forum is a hotbed of comments lately.

SC shows up, and for all that he gets maligned in this show, he has been a friend like no other to BW. He immediately suspects the worst:


and BW confirms it:


He even buys her fishcakes to cheer her up:


and how cool is it that the subbers expect that we seasoned drama viewers know what Eomuk is! Love it! Thanks subbers for respecting my intelligence. Even if this was my first drama, I would have paused the video, grabbed my phone and googled it. How else would I learn important stuff like this?!  🙂

WH tries to take his mom some porridge and talk to her, but in a scene reminiscent of DJ’s mom throwing a fit, the porridge ends up on the floor as she has a tantrum. What a waste…and I am sorry for Gang Ja who has to clean up the mess. WH and his mom have a round of yelling at each other that is likely to be repeated many times before the end of the show:



#Elitism   #Classism


In OHW’s book, not having a mom and doing an honest day’s work is a bad thing!  SMH….


Tragedy is not a personality flaw!

Side note: If you think that kind of elitist attitude toward education exists only in SK, you would be sadly mistaken. Getting a degree from a state school is not enough for some of the rich and arrogant snobs I work with as both patients and colleagues. They believe that you absolutely must send your kid to a prestigious school; Ivy League is preferable, but Stanford, Berkeley or MIT works too. The student loans are not even considered–in fact, they are considered justifiable because of the diploma. I guess that’s why my daughter with her degree from a state school (and a fraction of the student loan debt) and who has had steady teaching work from the minute she graduated is less than their kid who has a mountain of debt, a pricey piece of paper and no job! Oh, and as long as I am bragging, she is also in line for a FT tenured faculty position at the ripe old age of 26! I enjoy mentioning to the snobs the ease with which my daughter has found teaching positions, and the fact that she has been accepted to every single college she’s applied for a teaching position. She turns them down, not the other way around! Not too shabby for a kid who left high school with a 2.5 GPA, never took the SAT, and never passed an Advanced Placement/Honors class! Her college GPA? 3.85


The “She only has a high school education” phrase irritates me to no end, only because I see how much that very common attitude affects my youngest son. He’s the kind of young gentleman who believes you should ask permission of a young lady’s parents before dating her. He knows that when they find out he only has a High School diploma, they will look down on him. Never mind the fact he has a solid FT job (with benefits) repairing multi-million dollar exotic cars, travels all over the world to both repair the cars and learn more skills, and has factory certifications that only two dozen other technicians in all of the US and Canada have. Even though he is a trustworthy young man who achieved all this before the age of 21–yeah, he’s still a loser to people like OHW. Character comes first and counts the most in my book–but not everyone goes by Shamrockmom’s principles. If I had a kid who had a Ph.D.–and that might happen someday if my daughter decides to go for it–but that kid was a narcissistic brat like CR, I would consider that an epic failure on my part as a parent.



I wish he would’ve said, “I only care that she’s a kind, generous and honest person who loves me for who I am–and not my bank account or job title.”


This scene certainly illuminates OHW’s Effed-up attitude toward love and relationships.Here’s a doozy. She believes that love:



Really? Yunno, I could see that attitude if WH had a string of disastrous relationships behind him. Sure, he’s dated before, but a few dinners together over 4 weeks do not equal a serious relationship! Besides, how would she know?! She didn’t marry her first love, opting instead for WH’s dad and his money and prestige. I really want to know more about WH’s dad. I wonder if he loved his wife, and she loved his money?

One thing for sure–both OHW and WH are digging their heels in for a fight:



I’m gonna regret it forever if this show has a bad ending!


After that dramarama, WH needs to brood for a while. Shower? Nope. (Drat! I keep hoping to see a scar!) Car? Nope.


This time he picks “Whiskey + Dimly lit Bedroom” which is at least a safe combination. Whiskey + Car=DUI. That’s no good. Whiskey + Shower= Might drop the glass because it’s wet. Also dangerous. So it’s the best he can do for tonight!

The horse illuminated in the background above is another interesting prop choice. A horse in the Chinese Zodiac represents love, devotion, endurance, and stability. (link) In Native American culture, a horse is a symbol of freedom and a free spirit. In Celtic culture, it’s a symbol of war. Major kudos to PD-nim for finding a prop for WH’s room that works from a multitude of perspectives!



Here’s another awesome prop choice. The seahorse is thought of as a ‘sea dragon’ and symbolizes good luck and strength. (link) WH needs all the luck he can get right now!  


WH shows up the next day to meet BW in his coat that looks like a decrepit tiger print room rug and purple shoes.


Are they sneakers? Interesting fashion choices. Then WH utters the biggest understatement yet in this show:


WK and WW even exchange words over BW and WH. WK firmly supports her brother:


WW? Ehhhh…not so much. He’s still on his niece’s side


WW doesn’t understand why BW is a better choice as a life partner than CR. I get it. He doesn’t know the half of the crap his niece has pulled. WW still thinks she’s the sweet and lovely CR that’s been on his side for years. WK is not too happy with WW right now:


I know one thing for sure: WW is not gonna be happy with his niece when he finds out the truth. He is not the type to look the other way or sugarcoat things. He’s got principles, even if he’s a crabby ahjussi.

Sang Chul: Wingman, Guardian Angel–and Sympathetic Friend

I really like this scene. Many episodes ago, SC bought a very expensive special custom-made chef’s knife for BW. I thought he might give it to her when he asked her to date him, but that’s off the table now that BW has agreed to date WH. SC seems very sad but accepting that BW and WH love each other. In a sincere gesture of kindness, he gives her the knife at what is possibly her lowest point since DJ passed away:



BW knows that this is a very special custom order knife. Didn’t he have to wait to have it made?



What a big heart this man has. He knows BW loves WH…and even though he is brokenhearted over it, he doesn’t resort to anger, revenge, or other petty behavior. He can be the bigger man and keep his friendship with her. Writer-nim, I beg you again to give SC some relief in this show. Can you write in some lovely lady for him to love too?

WH takes the wheel:

In another great scene, OHW gets in the car after a long day at the office. Heh, who’s driving her home tonight?  (Great song from the ’80’s too!)



It’s all about the eyes!   ***pats self on back for awesome screencap***

Oh yessss! You go WH!



Entrapment in the car to force a needed discussion? Excellent idea! Indeed, WH has ripped a page right out of Shamrockmom’s playbook. I did this so many times when my kids were teenagers–and I used it on their friends too. Put them in the car, and the car became the ‘Rolling Confessional’. What was talked about in the car stayed in the car. There were no distractions, nobody could run off to a bedroom and slam a door, perfect privacy….we got a lot of stuff ironed out in the car.

OHW is not going for it:


Then WH rips another page out of Shamrockmom’s playbook: Never, ever have a potentially heated and/or important discussion on an empty stomach!


WH may look like he’s in the driver’s seat, but his formidable momma ain’t going down without a fight as she asks him to stop the car again. WH tries to reason with her:


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out as well for WH as it did for me. She has him pull the car over, and she takes the keys. OHW doesn’t wanna talk unless he is breaking up with BW. And that’s not gonna happen! (hopefully ever)

Look at his momma driving off…



WH, I hope you have a bus pass or some cash for a taxi on you–or it’s gonna be a long cold walk home! 


OHW–you may be putting your son in the rearview mirror now, but he’s gonna put you in his rear-view mirror permanently just as soon as he decides his happiness is more valuable than your delusion of him getting together with CR!

More commentary coming soon!






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