Effective Communication 101: Highlights from Love is Drop by Drop 52-53

A/N: I am going to have to skip over some episodes because of pesky RL issues, like having a job and needing to sleep more than 5 hours a night! I literally can’t keep up, and there is so much great stuff to talk about in this show. Here’s just a few goodies from last week…

Toning down the Angst:

This is a scene that could have ended with one or more characters sobbing, running away, yelling/screaming, and/or using dishes or food as weapons–but it doesn’t. Chae Rin thinks that she can make Bang Wool look like a lowly servant by inviting her over to her parent’s home to cook while she is entertaining the guests from the middle east. She accomplishes this by telling BW her stepmom is needing help with the recipes….yeah, right!


WH walks in and sees his lady….


and he’s not a happy camper! BW is not looking real thrilled either, as CR’s dad asks if she’s a housekeeper. Gotta love his initial assumption that BW is only there as a servant!


The only person with a smile here is Chae Rin.

Side note: I believe that the middle eastern couple is from Saudi Arabia because the keffiyeh (head covering) worn by the gentleman is a traditional color and pattern worn in Saudi Arabia. Why do I know this? My late uncle lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 3 years after leaving Vietnam. (He sent one to me for my 16th birthday–more on that another day!) However, the guests could be Jordanian as well; the woman’s colorful yet modest outfit suggests a less restrictive standard than Saudi Arabia, and the men wear red/white keffiyehs as well–but usually the edges have a fringe. I wonder how much research the PD-nim and the prop-guy did on this subject, or what Prop-Mart had in stock when they got there!

Oh, and that thing about wearing a tie with the colors of the flag to impress the foreign guests from the middle east a few episodes ago? Couldn’t find a single source for that anywhere. I’m not saying it’s totally inaccurate, but it might have been for dramatic effect–and a convenient way to have CR mess with WH’s tie.

WH scores some major points here. He could have thrown a massive hissy fit but he keeps his cool and very calmly asks why BW is there. CR cheerily explains that the guests wanted to taste the special shrimp dish so she asked BW to help since it was her recipe. I don’t think WH is fooled for a second, but he’s been set back on his heels here. I hope he learns quickly that CR is an extraordinary liar and manipulator. He’s got to stay one step ahead to protect himself, BW and Byeol.

After serving the guests, WH tries gamely to include BW at the table:


And here’s another shocker…Young Sook offers to get a chair for BW and have her join the dinner without any issue! She doesn’t seem to treat BW as a lower class person. Hmmm. I think YS is not a bad person but feels the deep need for financial security and she wants to forget her life as a poor orphan. BW is obviously uncomfortable with the entire situation, and declines the offer. She goes into the living room–and I think her heart is racing this time:


WH needs a bathroom break, and he also takes a minute to brood:


My friend, this is only the beginning of the opposition you are about to encounter. You might want to check those cojones of yours as long as you are in the bathroom, ’cause you are gonna need a set of brass ones real soon! He gathers himself together and when he sees BW, he looks so sorry about the situation…but luckily BW is more resilient and gives him a ‘smile’ sign:


WH leaves looking just as dejected as he did in the bathroom.He’s gotta be frustrated, but he’s keeping his temper down. Later, he tries to get BW out of that tense situation again, and she wastes no time using his excuse to leave. SC runs into BW in front of the house:


BW is a champ at minimizing other people’s evil intentions as she says she was there to help make dinner for the foreign guests. SC asks if WH knew she was gonna be there, and she says, Oh yeah it was all last minute but he knew…liar-liar-pants-on-fire! I know SC isn’t buying this load of manure, and he tries to get BW out of this situation:


Even though I am begging and pleading in my mind for BW to take SC up on his offer to get her away from this CR-created clusterf*** , she takes off on foot for the bus stop. Then we find out she fibbed again, as she wolfs down a dinner at home. Didn’t she say she ate beforehand? Grrrrr. I do not like BW lying to cover up the jerky behavior of others!

WH attempts to extract himself from the toxic situation as well. CR offers to drive him home.


I think WH would rather walk home barefoot in the freezing cold than take CR up on that offer! She wheedles and wheedles to get him in the car, but there’s something else WH would rather discuss:


CR serves up some weak pablum as she says her mom was having trouble with the recipe, and it was all last minute…but WH’s temper is at the boiling point:


CR is shocked…shocked I tell you!


Check out those crocodile tears!

CR says she was only thinking about impressing the buyers and this was simply an extension of BW’s work as menu developer. Yeah…suuure it was! WH blows that warped theory to smithereens:


#logic and reason FTW

CR makes this all about her; she was under pressure and stressed out. She pours it on, asking if WH has feelings for BW! Holy Cow! The turning moment of this scene arrives….and instead of yelling or arguing, he gives her an fine underhanded verbal smack-down:


No need for him to raise his voice…it’s more effective this way. WH’s in control of the situation.

He says that she should not call him by his name anymore, and she should call him “Chief Director”. Bam! That was awesome! Way to go WH! No more saying his name CR…it’s a reserved item only for his new love BW, and he only wants to hear her say it.

If you had told me 4 years ago how addressing someone in a Kdrama could make my day, I would have only understood the concept in the fuzziest of ways. I am gonna smile all afternoon over this, and that’s no easy feat at my dental office!

As frosting on the cake for this scene, WH calls BW out that evening to meet him at the local playground/park–where he rewards BW, himself (and me too) with a big hug!


BW asks if the buyers didn’t like the food, and WH says no, that wasn’t it. It was that he couldn’t do anything for her at CR’s house without starting a war:


BW is cool with that:


**Gasp** A Kdrama OTP that communicates clearly with each other so resentments and misunderstandings don’t occur? What sorcery is this?!?

Then she offers to go for a walk with him, while calling him Woo Hyuk-ssi. That makes WH smile, as she was having some issues saying it a few days ago. Then BW takes his hand in hers! Daebak…This scene could have been everything and then some as fodder for those who complain about crazy scenes in Kdramas–and instead the deft hand of the writer turned it into something that is rational and thoughtful. CR ends up getting an appropriate amount of karma (for now) and the OTP are happy. Remind me again why this show is not on prime time? Bonus–the young people watching this show get to see a fine example of how adults should work out problems in a relationship by communicating often and clearly. Thanks Writer-nim!


Ahjussi Dentist, Woo Kyung, and a potent dose of Meta for Shamrockmom:

Woo Wan and WK are walking down the street to the thumping Kpop music in Dongdaemun or Hongdae–not sure which. WK has already told WW that she likes him, but he hasn’t really confessed back to her and is still acting like a curmudgeon. Check out his expression!


Turn that frown upside down!

I wish he would come around and realize WK is just the tonic he needs in life, but his crustiness is so real for someone his age who’s been dumped by a long term girlfriend and dissed repeatedly by everyone over his life choice of very PT dentistry and FT writing and producing musicals. He’s built a great big brick wall around his heart so he won’t get hurt again. He’d rather live behind that wall and be true to himself than live a life that he can’t stand. I appreciate and understand making difficult life choices like that–and this is why I love this character, crankiness and all.

WW reminds WK again that she is the one who likes him, but then she sees a crane machine at an arcade…and runs over to it like a 12 year old who forgot their ADD meds!


She tries over and over again to get the stuffed dog you can see in the lower left corner of the machine until WW can’t take it anymore:



As they leave the arcade, WW reiterates that he’s not walking with her–they just happen to be going the same direction. I swear this guy needs more of those Kimchi Lactobacillus drink packets to fix whatever is constipating him! WK sadly says that she’s too old to have a crush (I might disagree with that!) and turns to go home on the subway. WW turns back and looks at her while saying to himself:


Oooh, Oooh! I know this one! **raises hand in the air**  ‘Cause her mom didn’t get the kid with the personality she wanted? ‘Cause her dad passed away when she was a young girl and her mom was super busy trying to grow the doughpile? ‘Cause little brother WH is her mom’s favorite child?  ‘Cause somehow growing up in a household where money is worshiped, WK has figured out that relationships and people are more important, and mom has no clue how that works, so she ignores her?

WK arrives at the academy for her lesson the next day…and looky what we have here!


WK wants to know how he got it out of the machine….but WW says it wasn’t like that:


Heh, even I don’t buy that. WK can’t believe someone would leave a valuable item like this (!) out on the street:


WW denies it again….but then we get the real scoop:


Each coin is 500 won. And he was chiding her about saving money for dinner! Tsk-Tsk!

Oh, so he went back with a stack of coins and tried again and again to get it? Whoa! He does like her! WW gets the toy dog with his last coin and his joy is boundless:


It’s the little things that make him happy!

as he dances around his apartment with the dog. See! He is a softie! He even kisses the dog! WK watches him relive the moment in his head:


Look how young and handsome WW seems when he’s smiling! It erases 20 years off his face. Please writer-nim, let me see more smiles from WW!  He quickly reverts back to normal and chases her off to go practice for the musical.

That night, WK takes the stuffed dog with her to bed…and notices something special:


I can tell you from personal experience that there is something to this. My first love smelled so, so good to me. It wasn’t like he used cologne or after-shave, because he didn’t. It was just him. If I borrowed his band jacket, I slept with it next to my face all night so I could breathe in his scent. Interestingly, that sort of thing never happened with my ex-husband. Not even once. Too soon old, too late smart!

Then WK says something that makes Shamrockmom’s mouth drop:


Omo. Did I hear that right? Yes I did!


Wanee and Junah” is a 2001 Korean movie starring Joo Jin Mo as Junah–the most loving, patient and kind boyfriend imaginable. Too bad he is hooked up with Wanee (Kim Hee Sun) who still has a crush on her half-brother and plenty of incestuous feelings toward him to boot. **headdesk** I cannot even imagine having a handsome and sweet guy like Junah as a boyfriend and trashing that relationship in favor of a potential incestuous romp with a half-brother. Has this girl lost her mind or what?!? Yeah, I’ve seen it. The movie is very slow, and even though JJM has a dorky haircut it’s easy to see (at least for me) that there is no disguising the level of hotness that he intrinsically has. I do think he is more handsome now, but that’s splitting hairs. His voice is mesmerizing at any age.

The animation parts are cute but made me feel slightly manipulated. The ending of the movie is baffling, and I admit that I only watched it because of my JJM withdrawals after “My Love Eun Dong” ended. Lots of people liked the movie for its artistic feel. Like I’ve said before, my cinematic tastes are not refined in the least.

Side note: One of the burning questions of my life is–Will Joo Jin Mo ever get a movie or TV show where he doesn’t get shafted in some way, shape or form? “Woman with a Suitcase” was awful, and even though I wanted to watch 16 episodes of JJM and hear his sexy voice, I couldn’t even choke down 4 episodes before dropping it. Heaven only knows if I will ever see the subbed version of the Chinese drama he was in last year (and where he met his current GF) or find out if it was any good either. I hope now that he’s changed his agency, good projects will materialize for him asap.

On one level, it’s pretty funny that the stuffed dog has a big nose:


and so does JJM!


From Episode 10 of  “My Love Eun Dong”

I like his nose! I am so glad he didn’t have plastic surgery and change it. It works for him…and me! There are some other interesting parallels too. Junah is a frustrated screenwriter who has issues balancing what he wants to write versus what will sell…kinda like WW has been having with his theater production. I bet WK thinks that WW is the kind and loving boyfriend that Junah was in the movie too. She even calls the dog WW’s little brother! I love that the writer added this great piece of meta to the show. It exponentially adds to the fun of watching Kdramas for me.  But then this scene turns very quickly….and not in a good way for lovable WK and her musical theater teacher.


Busted–by Mom’s Accounting Department:

Well, at least we know OHW keeps a close watch on the finances of her business:


Take a closer look at WK’s pajamas/lounge outfit here…do you see the word “Greed”?

This show is chock full of tiny details that are insightful. I’ll  admit I missed this on the first watch, but caught it the second time around. How ironic….WK is not what I would call a greedy person. OHW wants a heads-up on the money trail:


I thought it was quite clever for WK to ‘launder’ the money from the store deposit through the university/theater professor so WW would not question where it came from. He would have had no reason to argue over being given a grant like that. WK is a terrible liar as she stutters around that it was to help someone. OHW asks if she donated the money to an orphanage or a senior center, and she is planning to check up on the place her daughter donated the money. WK insists that it was her money after all, and we get to the issue I was commenting on in the last post; WK needs to earn her own money and not to be financially propped up by mom. Mom lets her know who really controls the dress shop:


OHW threatens WK with being kicked out of the house and that does the trick. WK spills the beans:


OHW wants to know if WW asked her for money. Knowing how sweet and naive her daughter is, this is probably a relevant question from her point of view, but we viewers know better. WK denies it:


WK wants her mom to forget about it, but OHW immediately violates her own daughter’s wish for privacy and runs off to blab this info to her pseudo-daughter CR:


#peas in a pod

Geez Louise! Here’s her biggest worry:


Those mythical ‘other people’ sure do cause a lot of trouble!

OHW then reiterates that her daughter is not trustworthy. Way to go, mom! /sarc

CR marches right over to her uncle’s home, barges in without knocking, and demands an answer:


Gosh, she’s so rude. WW is understandably hurt and confused by the accusation:


When CR mentions that WK said she gave him $50,ooo (about 57 million won) to invest in the production, that triggers WW’s memory. He calls the professor who gave him the ‘grant’:


and finds out how she funneled the money around so he wouldn’t know it was her.


WW is not pleased in the least–and once again, CR has to make it all about her!


WTH! Why is she ruined? WH broke up with her a long time ago. Is it because she thinks somehow she’s gonna get back with him? Does she think OHW will look down on her because of this? SMH. CR’s rage-aholic Doctor Dad finds out and naturally he starts throwing a fit. YS has to play her role as Chief Feather-Smoother again:


More interesting book titles for your consideration: “Arletta” is a butterfly subspecies and “Rocky” Two things that transform and change into something better. Am I overthinking this, or are the writer and PD-nim (or Prop-Guy) at Genius level?

That is such an exhausting role to have in a home or work situation. My poor mom did it for years and years while I was growing up. My dad and I fought over everything, and it was only because she (and my grandmother) worked constantly as the family peacemakers that we were able to live under the same roof as long as we did. I go back and forth feeling sorry for YS in her current situation and anger at her for abandoning her first husband and daughter. I know the Karma is gonna fall hard on her by the end of the show for what she did all those years ago. I do note that YS is consistently kind to WW, and takes his side every time. CR snaps out of her usual delusions for a minute to utter a few words of truth:


WW meets up with WK outside of her house that evening after he downs a bottle of soju:


WK knows her mom ratted her out about the grant, but she defends her actions:



WW says he thought the money was from the school. If he knew it came from her, he’d never would’ve touched it. WK knows this, and runs down the list of reasons she wanted to invest in his production–she wanted him to catch a break for a change, she wanted to have a good musical go on stage because she likes musical theater, and the biggest reason:


Well, how ’bout that for another round of clear communication today?! She turns around and leaves with tears in her eyes as WW stands there stunned that he was the recipient of a love confession. Somehow I don’t think it was in his plan for this evening! My question is: Okay WW, now you know she loves you…so what are you gonna do about it? Don’t leave her hanging…choose love with the right person this time around. Your life may be different, but it will be better and different.

WK goes back into the house and lays into her mom–and I don’t blame her a bit!


And just in case you were wondering if OHW was a loving and concerned mom who cared about her daughter and her feelings:



WH is listening to this conversation, and throws in his two cents:


WH knows better than to throw stones from his glass house!

Ha! Bet he would’ve never said that before the heart transplant. And yunno, it’s not like WH has not dropped a few dozen coins on things like printing up those coffee cup stickers, finding the car wash scammer, toys for Byeol’s class and shoes for his lady. I love that even from the start, he has been supportive and protective of his big sis. He’s gonna need her (and anyone else he can get) on his side once his mom finds out about him dating BW!

That’s it for this time…I gotta go work on the “Fabricated City” write-up and catch up on my other two shows “Golden Pouch” and “Saimdang”.



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  1. Thanks, thought its about time someone said something here. You are not alone talking.

    Like reading your blog, I noticed that your eyes are much sharper than mine noticing the meta messages that this show brings an interesting perspective about it and today’s society.

    Take care

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