“Shoe” much fun: Love is Drop by Drop Episodes 32-33

I never thought I would say this–but this show is a blast!  If you are not watching yet, there’s still time to catch up…the story is in high gear and manages to serve us funny, emotional and thought provoking scenes one after the other. Another win–the BG music is superb now that the overly melodramatic music has been put on the back burner. Show is on break for the New Year Weekend, so I thought this would be a great time to recap. Spoiler Alert: These two episodes are good–but they’re just a taste (pun intended) of what is about to be served up!

Shoe DramaRama: Round 1–

Chae Rin finds out Woo Hyuk gave the Swamp Water Ahjumma Loafers to Bang Wool, and she’s furious about it! What a hoot…she should be heaving a big sigh of relief. After all, those ugly shoes are going to a hoobae at work and Woo Hyuk doesn’t expect her to wear those around town–especially with that cute bright pink dress she’s wearing:


She marches into the Prick’s office and whines that he’s bought BW shoes, but she hasn’t even received a lipstick from him! Umm, don’t most girls usually buy their own makeup? All those lipstick shades are confusing for men. Woo Hyuk is mildly amused:


After he gives her an awkward hug, I realize we have been trolled once again by writer-nim! It was all in CR’s mind. Then they go through this: Where do you wanna eat? I dunno, where do you wanna eat? routine that sounds like a typical mealtime conversation at Shamrockmom’s house. WH and CR end up back at the arcade for a “date” which would be peachy if they were 14 or 15…


Who wears a suit and vest to an arcade?

CR asks him if he ever thinks about what to do or where to go on a date…and WH is honest to a fault:


Being with CR is just one Excedrin Headache after another for the Prick:


Yunno, if this wasn’t a KDrama, and I didn’t know any better, I might think WH was just not into the ladies. He shows zero interest in CR–or in any woman for that matter. He certainly doesn’t seem to be swinging for the guy’s team either; he is pretty much uninterested in any relationship whatsoever. Maybe he prefers to be alone, and physical contact is not what he needs or wants. Check out this tae kwon do inspired block of unwanted physical affection by Woo Hyuk at the end of their date. How often do we get to see this in a Kdrama?!


Say “No” to the Kiss!

Back at home, overly observant Ji Yeon notices the ugly shoes outside the door and caustically comments that BW must have a boyfriend to buy her shoes that are so expensive. Even Dong Min is in shock when he finds out just how much Swamp Water Ahjumma Loafers cost:


Yep, that’s what I said too.

Whoa! Bang Wool is feeling really guilty about accepting the shoes and cleans them up. She brings them back to the Prick:


But he’s not having it:


BW insists that taking a pair of $500 shoes to replace a $50 pair of shoes is uncomfortable for her and she goes to leave…only to be wrist-grabbed by the Prick who tries and fails to give her the shoes. Winner of this round: BW.

Shoe DramaRama: Round 2–

The Prick meets BW after work and asks where she got the black heels she’s wearing today–thanks to Sang Chul’s thoughtfulness to get them repaired. When she replies, “Dongdaemun“, he says, “Let’s go!”


Notice how it’s still all about him, and how he feels…ah, geez. WH gets the keys from a silent but concerned SC and takes off. Of course, CR gets to watch all this and she gives SC some mad hassle, but he’s not going for the bait:


SC scores another point every time he stands in CR’s way and refuses to be further manipulated by that wily fox.

WH gets an education while in Dongdaemun:


WH, didn’t you go to school in the US? My friend, lemme introduce you to shopping establishments like Target and Walmart, where a measly $30-40 can get you a pair of shoes that are pretty darn close to what BW wears to work! He wonders how anyone can make money selling shoes that cheap, which would normally sound stuck up and snobby–but he’s genuinely shocked. The education of The Prick continues as BW tries to get him to eat fish cake on a stick:


He frets over the cleanliness, but it looks reasonable to me. What a wuss:


Hey, you survived cafeteria food in college, right? This is probably a step up…

But then he gives it a go:


OMG–those little-animated fireworks over his head **mind blown** Bwaaahaaahaa! BW gives him a thumbs-up and he gives it right back with a big grin on his face. Guess he was hungrier than he thought:


The stomachache starts in 3…2…1

Wasn’t there a scene like this in “Boys over Flowers” where Jun Pyo gobbled down fish cakes with Jan Di? (link)

BW says that the cost of the fish cakes is almost as much as the shoes! She takes him to another place where he eats something that looks like a meatball on a stick (almost any food on a stick is pretty good IMHO) and his mind blows again!


This is so fun to watch–WH is not acting like a prick, he’s having fun, he’s relaxed and best of all–BW looks so happy too. This is probably the first time she’s been out with a man (without Byeol in tow) since DJ passed away. And speaking of DJ…Woo Hyuk gets a flashback as he reaches out to BW to touch her hair:


And she swats his hand away with a fair amount of force! Yeah, I can see where she thinks he’s being inappropriate–he’s her boss after all! WH tries to explain his actions by saying he’s keeping her hair out of the food, and she says not to worry about it–it’s her hair! The doll that DJ gave BW for her cell phone back in the first episode goes flying during the swat…and lands behind a bench. WH is not privy to the significance of this object:


BW is unable to reach it, but WH retrieves the doll and gives it back to her…just as a tinny version of  “Tian Mi Mi” begins to play on the outdoor speaker. They both tear up….


and for the first time, I start to believe that maybe WH is ready to turn from Prick to Gentleman. I want to cheer for WH–but when he acts so rotten, it makes it difficult. I hate having Second Lead Syndrome too. It can ruin the entire show for me.

BW asks WH why he’s crying, and he says this:


Which is exactly what BW remembers that DJ said years ago:


BW wonders how there could ever be another man who got emotional over the movie and said the same thing. WH wonders why this moment feels like deja vu:


WH drives BW home and then follows her in when he thinks a strange guy (with a hoodie) is stalking her. It’s Korea…hoodie up and shoulders hunched means “high potential for being a bad guy” not “It’s 20 degrees F outside and I’m in a hurry because my ears (and other body parts) are freezing!” Oh WH, are you concerned for your employee’s safety?! That’s a first. Heh, WH never walked CR up to the door of her place. He ends up in front of the Yoon house….and yet he doesn’t recognize it. Hmmm. Winner of this round: The Viewer. This feels like a major turning point in the show, and the beginning of the end for Woo Hyuk as The Prick.

More Shoe DramaRama: Round 3–

Chae Rin takes Woo Hyuk to the Department Store to buy her a gift. How’s that for being presumptuous?! His cool, matter-of-fact response says it all:


He throws out another bored/disgusted look as they go into the shoe department:


That’s hilarious….almost every other shoe in the store is black, brown or blue, except for those pink heels we’ve seen before! ‘Cause yunno, 6″ heels are soooo practical in Seoul during the winter cold and snow! Shockingly, CR picks up the Swamp Water Ahjumma Loafers…and even WH knows:


CR says that all her shoes are flashy, and she wants something simple. OMG–her jealousy and insecurity are gonna cost WH $500 tonight! He gives it another try as she puts the shoes on:


Be honest….those shoes don’t look good on anyone!

CR can’t take a hint, and WH ends up buying another pair of Swamp Water Ahjumma Loafers. I bet the saleslady is laughing her buns off! CR wears the new shoes out of the store. Uh, oh. Bad move–that’s how you get blisters! Yep, first she says that her feet are fine….and then suddenly they hurt. There’s only one cure in CR’s mind, but her telepathic communication skills are lacking today:


The concept of a piggyback ride doesn’t even cross WH’s mind. He tells her to wait there and he’ll bring the car around, but she decides to soldier on as she alternates between grinning to herself, and the “my feet are killing me” face when WH is looking!

CR decides to see if she can rattle BW about the shoes. Hope she brought the band-aids for the blisters! She wears them to work and announces to BW:


Yeah, the $500 shoes are just a ‘lil consolation prize from the boss since the recipe CR developed didn’t win the contest. She extols the virtues of the shoes:


While BW wonders why CR is delusional enough to be wearing such ugly shoes:


Later on, CR visits a temporarily ill Woo Kyung who notices the new shoes CR is sporting. She gives CR the 411:


Winner of this round: BW. Life is too short to wear ugly shoes that give you blisters!

More “Love is Drop by Drop” recaps coming soon!


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