Picking sides–Thoughts on “Awl” Episode 4

A/N before starting Episode 4 after the jump:

I didn’t intend to take a 6+ week hiatus…it just sort of happened that way. My 3 readers know I’m pretty honest. So what happened? Well, let’s just say that I thought I was going to lose my remaining parent to suicide and/or depression, coupled with said parent also behaving erratically and showing signs of having an eating disorder. It made for a whole lot of anxious moments for Shamrockmom. While all this was going on, I turned to the things that sustain me when my life gets especially tough: my piano and writing the FF. Things have substantially calmed down now, the parent is stabilized, and I should be back to writing for the blog on a consistent basis. Thanks for understanding 🙂

*All screencaps from Dramacool.cc**

On to Episode 4– We start with an instructional cartoon, narrated by Goo Go Shin as he lectures the striking workers outside. There are 2 factories with 10 workers each; one factory makes umbrellas, and the other one makes fans. There is high consumer demand for umbrellas in the rainy season, and fans in the dry season. The factories agreed to send 5 workers to the other factory during their respective down times to help the other one during its busy season. This way, everyone has a job and the consumer has plenty of what they need too. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? Well, maybe. It’s really about market flexibility….but easy-to-hire also means easy-to-fire. Oh, and who profits from all this increased productivity and profits? (Cui bono?–“Who benefits?” is one of my most favorite phrases to use!) Is it the workers who run back and forth between jobs? GGS gives his audience the scoop:


This is why temporary workers should get a higher wage–but they don’t. In reality, it’s not even that they get the same pay:


So the companies are making more money, and paying the workers less, right? Not quite says GGS–here’s who is really skimming the cream off the top:


There’s a historical component to this setup:


How charming….serfdom/slavery with a pretty modern spin. /sarc

GGS turns to the Scarface dude from the last episode, asking how much the SanJin Corporation is paying him for his services. GGS knows the going labor rate for a guard is about $300. (the subbers mention Dollar figures and not Won figures, so I’ll go with that) But Scarface is getting $150, right? He doesn’t answer. GGS asks his students:


Answer: The outsourcing agency. And that’s on top of the “introduction fee” the outsourcing/temp agency got from the company! GGS must be right on the money, because it’s making Scarface start to lose his temper:


More facts: 70% of new hires in 2002 were temporary workers. (Link to a great article about wages and benefits for irregular/temp workers in SK, with nice pictographics.) Will these temp workers get a permanent position if they work hard? Probably not:


In the US, GGS says it’s about 57%. Personally, I would have to dispute that based solely on my own knowledge of dental assistants and hygienists who’ve worked through a placement agency. I’d bet that the stat is much closer to the SK number. GGS sums it up by saying that the majority of SK workers will never have a hope of a permanent job in their entire lives. Lee Soo In listens intently, as GGS tells the striking workers that after the IMF fund crisis in 1997, and all the sacrifices people made from selling their wedding ring to voluntarily resigning from their jobs:


(Here’s an excellent read on how the US had a hand in helping manufacture that economic crisis in case you are interested.) Mr. Hong aka the trash truck guy and Lee Soo In listen as GGS says something that is as applicable to the US as it is in SK:


As a single mom, I admit to having mixed feelings about this statement, because I think he’s talking about a husband supporting a family. Then again, I am the head of my household. Hmmmm. Food for thought.

Why would companies want to get rid of a system that lets them reap all the benefits of temp workers without having to pay them a full wage or perks like a pension or paid time off? GGS is a very persuasive speaker; no one moves a muscle while he’s talking, and even Scarface and his two minions are listening in.

Back at Fourmis Mart, LSI is watching Kang Min as he replays GGS’s advice to find someone everybody likes, and get that person to join the union. No one will join if an outcast like LSI is trying to get them on board. LSI counters that in the army, he got medals for exemplary leadership! GGS reminds him that just because he started it doesn’t mean he gets to be the leader:


He will have to personally recruit people to be union members and let them go if they change their minds. This is not a “signed up for life” deal!

LSI watches for a good moment to approach KM. But he’s like a creepy stalker, which does not escape the sharp eyes of the Ahjumma Crew:


The ladies even think LSI was/is like that with girls too! We see a flashback to LSI in college, watching a cute girl and then ducking behind a shrub as the girls warn her about a stalker. She says that’s her boyfriend and the other girls laugh. Hmmm, real or imagined scenario? Either way, it’s still kinda funny. KM finally spots LSI, and LSI asks him in the most awkward way ever if he would like to join the union. KM is so freaked out, he has LSI ask him a second time:


We don’t get to hear the answer as KM bows and walks away. But judging from LSI’s lowered head, I’m thinking that was a big No Thank You.

Meanwhile, Jun Cheol is begging Manager Heo to keep his promise:


JC reminds Manager Heo (who he addresses as Hyung, subbed as Kyung Sik) about all the times he’s helped him out. Manager Heo says five days, but not consecutive days….but this is a no-go for JC. He’s gotta have the time off:


Gahh…check out his panicked expression! In-laws are always super scary both in RL and in DramaLand.

LSI and GGS meet at the Labor law center. GGS has a slow pupil on his hands as he tries to explain to LSI that if someone says,”Hey! Let’s join a union. It’ll be fun!”, that’s not gonna get people to join, especially when the prevailing attitude is like this:


GGS compares it to dating a girl….uh, oh! LSI likely has minimal to no life experience there either! He gives his pupil a great tip for both work and dating:


So Jin muses that there’s soooo many hawt dudes (har!) hanging out now at the Labor Law Center, and her boss has attracted them all because he’s so charming! He disputes this:


She hilariously compares him to poop, and the other dudes to flies! So Jin says that LSI is the hawttest guy GGS has attracted to the Labor Law Center! GGS acknowledges that he charmed him in the door. I love these two together. Even though So Jin and GGS are probably father/daughter when it comes to age dynamic, she’s definitely got his number.

Cut to Gaston giving Manager Jung a royal chew-out regarding getting rid of the employees. Manager Jung answers back in English that he’s trying his best. Gaston blusters that he needs results, and demands a plan from Manager Jung. When Manager Jung tries to respond, Gaston berates him for not speaking English better.

Hey Gaston! Breaking News Bulletin: You are in Korea now. How ’bout you try learning some Korean and see how that works for you! Might help ya communicate a little better with the staff at Fourmis Mart yunno! And here’s a bonus: If you do get thrown in prison for interfering with the union, you will know what the inmates are saying about you want to do with you! Gaston finally throws him out, and Manager Jung stares out the window, fully humiliated:


It must be a full moon, because Jun Cheol is on the hot seat tonight with his girl Min Jung:


She had a lot of difficulty getting time off work too, trading shifts and juggling things around. She notes that with Manager Heo, the favors are a one way street:


Jun Cheol tries to put the good spin on it:


JC lets Manager Heo know this wasn’t easy for him:


Side note: I had a co-worker (now retired) who missed her son’s high school graduation. The dentist she was working for back then told her she couldn’t take the time off because she was the office manager! Like the entire office would have fallen apart if she was gone for an afternoon./sarc

I can also tell you about the pain I felt many years ago when I asked my boss for two days off because my then 2 year old son was having ear surgery on a Thursday.  She told me I didn’t need to take the time off because my mom could just take care of him at the hospital while I worked. I told her I was taking the time off whether she liked it or not; it was not my Mom’s job to take my son to the hospital and stay with him during his surgery. Single mom or not, I nearly quit my job that day. I held my temper, and decided to come back to work the next week and dare her to fire me. She didn’t. To her (minimal) credit, she apologized some years later when her own kid had some health problems and had to go to the hospital for tests and treatments. Can you tell I still hold a grudge?  😦

Manager Heo’s got his own set of problems though…there was a night when a rep from the Young Kwan Fish Company took them all out for drinks. Something “fishy” went down, and now the Fourmis Market is targeting JC. (Sorry for the bad pun. I can’t resist!) Manager Heo says to JC: Write a letter of resignation. WTH is going on here? Manager Heo says that he will try and help JC:


Uhh….JC is about to get married! I’d bet big money that if he loses his job, the wedding is cancelled, maybe even permanently. Is this Manager Heo’s way of getting rid of JC, or is this legit? Flashback to a roaring party in a norebang, where there’s plenty of loud music, singing, ladies and drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. Both Manager Heo and JC were there downing the drinks; the ladies were draped all over them, especially Manager Heo! Sheesh! JC wonders why he’s the target and Manager Heo asks if JC is gonna pull him down into the mess as well! Well, uhh….you were there too, dude. Just sayin’. Kang Min is the voice of reason here:


But this is DramaLand South Korea, and logic is out the window. JC wonders if it was this:


Dong Hyub seems to have brought his brain to work today:


Jun Cheol says that’d never happen. He asks KM what he should do, but nothing is resolved. LSI is shown in the background, undoubtedly overhearing the whole conversation. I like how observant he is.

LSI goes over to Manager Jung’s desk to get some papers, and he bumps the mouse, opening up the screen so that he can see a report from Manager Heo in a file. LSI looks up to see if anyone is checking him out, then he opens the file. Whoa…I didn’t know he had it in him. What a ballsy move. It’s a notice of dismissal, presumably for Jun Cheol. So now LSI knows that Manager Heo is framing JC.

In an equally ballsy move, LSI clicks on the file to print it out! Ahhh, I hope LSI gets over to the community printer first to grab it when it’s done printing. Thank goodness it’s a trusty HP printer and doesn’t jam or run out of ink/toner. Unfortunately, the printer does make a pretty fair racket. (Next time, he should try the quiet Samsung printer that In Sang used in HITTG to print out incriminating documents) That noise wakes Manager Heo up to go look for something he printed. Oh crap….LSI hits another button, and covers the document up with a blank piece of paper. Whew! Not so fast–here comes Manager Jung! LSI is cool as a cucumber:


Manager Jung side eyes him, but says he doesn’t have the list. LSI grabs the document and bails out. Geez!

Cut to Kang Min, Joon Cheol, Dong Hyub and another dude all having a beer after work at the local pub/watering hole. Check out the mini-kegs of Heineken Beer (?) in the background! JC is increasingly worried:


KM says not to sweat it, but JC feels like he has no choice except to resign. Just then, LSI calls KM. LSI is at the Labor Law Center, and he asks KM if everything is cool with Jun Cheol. KM is immediately suspicious:


LSI gets right to the point: Did JC write a resignation letter? KM starts to stutter as he says–No, not yet. LSI says to stay put; he will be right there. LSI shows the document he printed earlier to JC, who realizes his “hyung” boss is throwing him under the proverbial bus. He starts to bang his head on the table….aish!  Now his head is dripping blood. LSI looks on, paralyzed. The other dudes listen as JC tearfully recounts that on Min Jung’s birthday last year, he was helping Manager Heo blow up balloons and lighting candles so Heo could propose to his own girlfriend. Ugh. It gets worse:


Dong Hyub has an idea. Unfortunately, he left his brain at work:


The other guy says they should all quit, ’cause then Manager Heo would be screwed, but LSI is the cool head here, and tries to calm the guys. Earth to LSI: They are not going for that ‘calm’ idea:


Turns out Manager Heo has known JC for 5 years. LSI has a flashback to his army days, when he tried to stop some shenanigans and was rebuffed….it was like a glass wall went up, and LSI couldn’t break through it. I totally get it. That happens to me too. The boys decide maybe it would be best if they all quit together during the busiest time of year….but then we see GGS sitting at the other end of the table. He is not impressed with their line of thinking:


He knows these guys are not understanding the basics here, so he frames it like this:


Yessss! Thank you GGS–I was starting to think I needed to go over there and scold the lot of them myself! Hot-headed young men don’t/can’t/won’t think clearly. Believe me, I know from personal experience! GGS lets them know the real MO of Fourmis:


If they all quit at once…problem solved for management! GGS asks KM if this is happening because the managers hate Jun Cheol. GGS says No Way. In fact:


GGS says that 77% of supermarket workers are temps. LSI confirms this by saying Fourmis Mart has 30% FT and 70% PT/temp workers. GGS gives the dudes the scoop:


Fourmis Mart wants more temp workers to increase their profit margin. GGS asks why on earth the guys are playing into their scheme. Hitting them where it really hurts would be better. KM asks the million dollar/won question: How do we hurt them back?  GGS answers:


GGS says he needs to see the company handbook….oh, this should be good. I remember that in HITTG, there was no handbook, no official employment agreements, nothing in writing. It’s just as bad here, and even LSI is at a loss:




GGS can’t believe his ears as he hears that LSI has not one clue that there is a company handbook, or even why it’s needed. GGS schools him, complete with eye roll:


LSI goes on a quest for the elusive Employee Handbook. His first stop is the HR office:


The HR employee is shocked, and the entire office staff grinds to a halt as they hear LSI’s request. HR Office Drone asks LSI why he wants to see it, and LSI replies: Why not? Are we not allowed? No one else in the office seems to know anything about an employee handbook either. The HR drone guy digs around in a cabinet and finds it at the bottom of a pile of other documents. LSI muses that the cabinet is probably not the right place to keep this. Instead:


Heh..there he goes again with that logic and reason stuff. I’m pretty sure that by law in the US, you get an employee handbook when you get hired if the business has a certain number of employees. I know that my kids all did. The dental office has one too. The HR drone has a different take:


Ehh….I don’t think that’s gonna cut it. LSI brings the Employee Handbook to GGS that evening as they meet at a playground/park. He works out on some of the equipment as he says the handbook probably needs to stay in the cabinet. It has all the necessary stuff, but:


He advises LSI that the company will probably stick to the book. This should be their next step:


GGS gets on another exercise machine, and it turns him upside down. He starts to have a panic attack, and can barely choke out a call for LSI to turn him right side up. LSI runs to get him a water bottle, and GGS is obviously shaken up. LSI wants to take him to the hospital, but GGS blows it off:


As they walk through the park, GGS asks if LSI is worried about him, but LSI says he is really worried about Jun Cheol. After all, JC was there at the wild ‘n’ crazy norebang party, and so was his boss Manager Heo. GGS tells him to get down from his high horse for a change. Should someone get fired unjustly:


LSI replies that no, he shouldn’t. But still:


Okay, he’s got a point there. I should mention that Manager Heo was also engaged and/or married at that point, so he shouldn’t have been there either IMHO. GGS is exasperated with LSI’s lofty moral code:


And that includes less than perfect human beings too, not just the good and/or morally upright ones:


Instead, for petty and powerless people, they fight the petty and powerful people! Well, that’s quite a way to put it. How breathtakingly real and accurate is that statement?! LSI wins points with me for being morally uncompromising and GGS wins points with me for being down to earth. GGS and LSI have a stare-down, and again I believe that what we have here is a conflict between two unwavering and upright people who each believe they have the moral high ground.

Back to Fourmis Mart–Manager Heo is on JC’s case:


Manager Heo says that if JC doesn’t write the resignation letter, he can’t ‘protect him’ and JC will get fired. JC replays the conversation he had with GGS in his head as Manager Heo spouts the hot air. GGS tells JC to never write the letter; once he does, there is no going back. The guitar playing ahjussi tosses in his 2 cents and advises JC to not sign any document the company gives him. Anything he signs will only come back and bite him.


GGS has another piece of wisdom:


Poor JC looks like he’s gonna lose it, as he asks why that’s okay, and GGS says Hey, you were gonna quit anyways, right? He can take the case for free if JC gets fired, although winning is not a guaranteed deal. Manager Heo is incredulous that JC says to let the company fire him. He reminds JC of the unemployment benefits and termination pay. JC is one gutsy dude to resist the loads of BS being dumped on him right now by his ‘hyung’ boss. More flashback to GGS warning JC of the company trying to make it look like JC terminated his employment agreement, and he reminds JC that there’s compensation if it’s found that he was wrongfully terminated. JC tries instead to terminate the BS session today:


JC says he’ll go to the disciplinary hearing. GGS asks the guys if the company has ever had a disciplinary hearing. They can’t remember hearing about one, and that could be a good thing:


And when that happens, the company is gonna get a kick to the gut!

Like a true a-hole, Manager Heo gives JC the disciplinary hearing notice in front of all his co-workers:


But thanks to GGS, JC is one step ahead. According to the company handbook:


And the notice in his hand says the hearing is tomorrow. He hands the document back to Manager Heo with this advice:


Oh Yeah! Point for Team Jun Cheol! And all his coworkers saw it too…daebak! Manager Heo slinks away, muttering to himself. JC is thrilled for even this tiny victory, and gloats to his buds at the Labor Law Center:


KM notes that JC hasn’t shut up the entire day; and they talk about how the HR department worked all day and night to bust this document out. LSI is concerned:


KM, DH, and JC are not thrilled to hear that from LSI, as they give him some strange looks. KM puts the positive light on things:


I wish I could have that kind of a positive outlook on things. I envy people like KM; they don’t let situations or other people derail them for long. So Jin comes in to offer them all drinks, but it turns out the only thing on the drink menu is coffee! DH is smitten with her; KM teases that she will break his heart when he asks her out and she rejects him. Heh. DH gets up like he’s gonna go ask her for a date, but So Jin brings the coffee….Americano for LSI and KM, and instant coffee for the other dudes. DH, I don’t think you have a chance. Just sayin’. I’m so glad this show has these fun little interludes, otherwise it would be a pretty dry watch.

Cut to the Ladies changing room at Fourmis Mart, where the ladies wonder why this time there is a blow-up over the vendor/supplier entertainment issue. Jung Mi makes this observation:


The ladies want to speak in Jun Chul’s defense at the disciplinary hearing, but Young Sil warns her coworkers that might backfire, and she reminds them of how their families depend on them to be the breadwinners.

I had to grab this next screencap, only because it contains the bathtub of my dreams…sitting on a rooftop in Seoul:


I mean seriously…how many Kdramas do we see where there is no tub in the bathroom, and here’s one abandoned on a roof. WTH! Oh well, it’s probably rusted out anyway!  LSI is brooding on the roof (instead of in a nice steam filled shower, gosh darnit!) when Kang Min decides to join him. KM apologizes to LSI–he’s working so hard for the people who aren’t even his friends. LSI demurs and says he really hasn’t done much yet. KM says he’s only involved because of his buddy JC.

We then see a flashback of KM having a chat with Manager Jung, where KM is told that if JC is ousted from the store, he might be in line for a promotion. It’s also because the other workers listen to him and not LSI. KM is told to quit associating with LSI in order to maximize his chances to advance at Fourmis. At least KM admits that he kinda liked the idea of being a manager. He says that’s not why he said No to joining the union–then he asks LSI if he ever gets angry. LSI has a long fuse, but it might have an end to it:


KM obviously likes hearing this from the stoic LSI, and declares him to be “a real man”! Then he does an ‘about-face’! (#sorry-not-sorry for the military pun!):


LSI is tickled pink as KM asks LSI to address him informally. KM calls LSI “Hyung-nim” and they awkwardly shake hands.

KM is definitely the charismatic leader of the dudes at Fourmis:


DH has the very effed up idea that union guys start riots and burn stuff down, but GGS quickly rids him of that notion:


Nah, dude. No going around and partcipatin’ in some anarchy! (Reference link here) Thankfully, the other guys admonish DH for his hot temper. GGS tells the guys that playtime is over, and they have to prepare for JC’s disciplinary hearing meeting.


#Good advice

GGS and KM meet with a man from the fish company, perhaps hoping he could testify in JC’s favor. He drops a bomb: Manager Heo’s nickname given by the other suppliers is “Lighthouse”. Why is that?


All together on 3…..1, 2, 3…EWWWW!

Can I barf now?! BTW, the lip curl that dude has is classic. The man says the fish company coughs up some cash to Manager Heo pretty much every month. I guess those are “regular bribes” just like the ones mentioned in HITTG!

KM finally tracks down his coworker Sang Min from the fish company and asks him about the night that his boss entertained Manager Heo and Jun Cheol. Sang Min gives his best impression of a complete dummy:


KM isn’t fooled:


He asks Sang Min to write a statement that Manager Heo was there with JC. Sang Min decides to be a wuss, and thinks JC should just quit:


Yeah, ’cause it’s not your backside on the line here buddy! Sheesh! We finally get to find out why Sang Min is so reluctant to write the letter:


Knowing Fourmis, he’s probably right. LSI and JC are staking out a Mr. Choi, who I think was there the night of the roaring norebang party. LSI confronts him, but to no avail.

KM does his best to charm the ahjummas, trying to get them to speak on JC’s behalf:


He even offers to pay for dinner! Sadly, they are not impressed:


Don’t worry KM! You can take Shamrockmom out for dinner anytime. I’m totally down for Korean food, but I also know a great new fried chicken place you might like if you ever come to my ‘hood! KM gives in with a smile, and asks the ladies for help with JC’s case/disciplinary hearing. They aren’t buying, as they list off all their financial commitments and situations–and the fear of getting fired. Even Jung Min isn’t thrilled to help out:


LSI is voicing his worries to GGS about JC’s hearing:


Oh, look! Just for you “Imaginary Cat” fans: The ahjussi is playing with Bok Gil’s great-great-great grandmother’s kitten! I love it when dramas cross-reference each other. 😉

LSI is willing to go into the hearing with JC, but GGS nixes that idea. GGS thinks that if JC loses, there’s always an appeal. LSI lets GGS know there’s another reason why he’s concerned:


That is quite an interesting combination of personality issues, but I do think that it’s accurate in JC’s situation. LSI thinks JC will fold under the pressure of the formal hearing. The ahjussi disputes the fact the LSI got them into this mess, but does make this exceptionally astute acknowledgement:


The next scene is kind of confusing as LSI compares the standoff between management and the workers to having your divorced spouse living with you and your new spouse. (?) Very weird. However, I quickly forgive the weird narrative because the subbers translate some of the signs here, which is nice for me–my translations are not always accurate, and I’m dying to know what the signs say:




My personal favorite–JC’s sign:


And LSI’s sign. So dignified….


Overview so you know who is holding which sign:


Just then, Jung Min shows up with her own sign. LSI is surprised to see her, but she’s got her reasons:


But she’s scared of Gaston, and hides behind LSI!

We get a flashback scene of LSI and GGS:


GGS tells LSI to put his big boy britches on! A fight is about testing the limits:


If you don’t know where the boundary line is, how will you know if you’ve crossed it? Side note for any readers with young children–teenagers know this fact intrinsically. You have been warned. 😉

He advises LSI that he will find out the company’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities while the fight goes on. In the middle of the tense standoff between management and workers, GGS shows up with a grocery cart full of cheerfulness!


Preach it, GGS!

He loudly proclaims that if a company is exploiting workers, then of course there is grounds for a fight! GGS says “Excuse Me!” in excellent loud and rude English before running over Gaston’s toes with the grocery cart and “Sorry!” as he takes off into the store! Textbook passive-aggressive behavior right there! LSI wonders if the other workers in the store who got to see this little drama are feeling hope, fear, or contempt. I would think that to the general public, seeing LSI who is in management standing up for the workers might cause them to question what is going on and why.

Cut to Manager Heo having a frothing fit while ripping up one of the signs that the workers were holding!


Yeah, that’s productive! Manager Heo calls JC crazy and asks:


**raises hand**  I know, I know! Would you like a detailed list? Manager Heo is especially PO’d that the sign read “Manager gets the treat, employee/assistant gets the sack”, dragging him into this fight. He pulls the BS guilt card out: “This is how you thank me for hiring and training you.” To his credit, JC keeps cool and reminds his “hyung” boss:


Ha! You are dead meat a dead fish now!  Manager Heo asks who told him that, and JC starts to holler that it doesn’t matter. Manager Heo says he could have chosen one of the other dudes, but he didn’t. Manager Heo sits down holding his head and admits that he thought JC would be an easy target! Omo.


Manager Heo confesses that eventually all the dudes have to go:


JC does not look impressed, and Manager Heo says that LSI is just using JC to get back at Gaston. Ehh…I don’t think so. That’s weak sauce. JC gives him an ice cold stare, and we see the last shred of Manager Heo’s conscience on display:


#total agreement

But his conscience is now on E for Empty, and he tries to blame JC’s lack of patience for everything:  awl4-97

Manager Heo tells JC to beg for forgiveness at the disciplinary hearing. He throws LSI under the bus again:


Gah, what is it about LSI that people hate so much? Manager Heo lays the guilt on with a trowel:


Heh. Real brothers would already be punching each other by this point! JC agrees with Shamrockmom:


By now, Mr. Observant aka LSI is up on the roof  watching the unfolding dramarama between JC and Manager Heo.  The ominous organ BGM is daebak!

GGS goes on a fact finding mission to the norebang where the fishy party went down. He asks about getting the footage from the CCTV cameras that are in the room, only to be told by the norebang boss that they are fakes. *facepalm* Then a lady walks in and the boss tells her to get to work–but it’s obvious that she and GGS recognize each other:


Oooh, who is this mysterious norebang employee all dressed in black? GGS’s ex wife? Ex-girlfriend? Relative? Inquiring minds want to know…

Back at Fourmis, LSI is standing in the hallway with his “The union will support you” sign. He greets Mrs. Song, who I’m guessing is also in management. She asks LSI if this is illegal, and he gives her the 411 that if it’s on his time and not disrupting other employees, everything is cool. She laughs and proclaims him an expert, adding:


She reminds him when they first met, and we get a flashback to Mrs. Song standing up at a meeting and getting raked over the coals by the ‘boots on the ground’ workers when she floats a colossally stupid idea that everybody should just leave when the store closes–like nothing needs to be put away, cleaned or shut down. LSI sees that she’s about to cry, and he stands up and asks the men to not be so rude. They counter that everything they said is true, and LSI agrees that they are correct. Mrs. Song finally leaves, crying, and LSI brings her a drink:


She says that this is not the first time she’s been criticized like this, but LSI had a different take:


Probably true, although I’ve certainly heard my boss (female) give a serious earful to men when it’s warranted. Back in the present, Mrs. Song acknowledges that LSI must be having a difficult time, and gives him a small word of encouragement:


Note–I have a weird feeling someone from the Tumblr universe is going to steal this screen cap and add it to the next collection of “Inappropriate out-of-context captions”!

Mrs. Song has her own agenda for being on LSI’s side:


And of course–it’s to make her life better!


I believe this is called ‘Chadojigye’ or “executing your plan with someone else’s sword” (See episode 14 of HITTG for more info). Geez–she’s a jerk too. I wonder if LSI is sorry now that he bailed her out. Mrs. Song runs out just as Gaston and crew show up for the meeting, and Jun Cheol too.


Gaston barks at LSI to get back to work, but because LSI is a salaried employee with no set hours (which works in management’s favor when OT/evening/weekend work is required) he can be up here on a “break”! Ha! LSI asks why all the other guys are going in the room–they aren’t on the disciplinary committee. Manager Jung tells LSI they are from HR, and LSI argues that he should be able to attend the meeting as well. Manager Jung dares him to try:


But two thugs/security guards grab LSI, and they start to scuffle….


Arrgh! Shamrockmom wants to fight those guys too! Lemme at ’em! JC tells LSI not to worry–he’s got everything handled:


I’m not buying this. JC talks tough, but he’s got a marshmallow core. This isn’t gonna go well. JC walks into the room:


And the intimidation begins:


Well if you didn’t want him to sit down, then why did you put a chair there for him?! #whattabully

Manager Jung calls JC “a punk” (but I think the subbers might have cleaned it up, because it sounded more like ‘bastard’ to me) and asks him:


as Manager Heo looks daggers at JC. When JC tells Manager Jung that he can’t speak to him like this, Manager Jung wickedly counters with this:


#whattabastard. I have a feeling I’m going to be using that hashtag a lot! I wonder if LSI is overhearing this conversation, or better yet–he has GGS’s pocket recorder in his jacket?








One thought on “Picking sides–Thoughts on “Awl” Episode 4

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