Quick thoughts from “Last” Episodes 6-7-8

The dryer is fixed! Thanks to my youngest son, we now have soft towels and underwear again. Not only can he fix half million dollar cars, but dryers as well! I am going to try and restart from Episode 9 later in the week. Viki subbers are also caught up, and I am going to be very interested to see if there are major differences in the subs. Unfortunately, I am hopelessly behind on the recaps, but I did want to make a few comments about these episodes–because they are so awesome! These are in somewhat random order:

The Big Reveal: I was totally shocked that Se Hoon and KHS are brothers. Whoa. That changes a lot of things….first of all, KHS becomes a much more sympathetic figure in the show. After watching him defend RJG and keep Eun Ji from being sold into sexual slavery (another moment in this show not for the weak of heart) to pay for her dad’s drug debts, I felt that he was probably like TH in that he had a decent side to him once. But to know that he sacrificed himself so his little brother could go to school and become a respectable person after their father was wiped out…wow. I am sure KHS thinks he has Se Hoon wrapped around his finger; and he can manipulate things to get revenge on the guy who bankrupted and killed their father. Maybe TH was sort of “collateral damage” in that deal. I’m still waiting to find out where Jung Mi enters into this picture. I admit to being slow to figure stuff like this out.

The Big Sting:  Watching Loan Shark President Jung get taken for 7 billion Won was the very best thing thing that happened to me last week. His greed finally did him in. I am sorry that they killed him off–what a great character he brought to life. The outrageous colors he wore, his over-the-top glee at being part of the ‘oil sands’ deal, his bluster and outrage when he found out he’d been duped….I loved it all. Hae Jin–who knew he was such a cool headed guy! And the Chairman was epic as well. Even when he gave LSPJ that pretend 100,000 Won check, and I thought the whole thing was going to blow up, HJ and his quick thinking saved the day. I really enjoyed watching the entire sting operation. TH is one smart guy, and KHS knows this now. Showing TH the safe was quite a surprising moment…BTW, I did some research and found out that SK has only 50,000 Won notes as the biggest bill. There is no 100,000 Won equivalent of the US “Benjamin” $100 dollar bill…so no wonder everyone carries around wads of cash. If the biggest bill you can carry is the US equivalent of $42 (as of this date), then it makes sense.

The Big Vinyl: I am glad I am not the only one who noticed that KHS held that Vienna Boys Choir LP vinyl record close to his heart during the epic brawl in the Lair. That record must be some last connection to KHS’s former life as a rich and privileged young man. And what a sterling musical choice too: “Heidenroslein”….the poem about a young man’s unrequited love; a perfect metaphor for the Big Triangle of doomed love between RJG, KHS, and MJ. I wanna know more now about KHS and his past life…we’ve seen snippets, but how did he manage to keep in contact with his little brother? I’m thinking there must be a nearly 10 year age gap between them; so how did Se Hoon survive while KHS was homeless and on the streets? I also wonder–does Se Hoon really like Jung Mi, or is he using her? I am pretty sure she is using him, and I can only guess that relationship won’t end well either.

The Big Refusal: I wanted to stand up and cheer when MJ told KHS she was not gonna sleep with any of the “special guests” anymore; she would run the business for KHS, but nothing more. ‘Bout time if you ask me! I wonder what made her finally find her backbone and tell KHS “no”, because people who say “no” to KHS usually don’t live very long. Is it TH’s influence? Is she just tired of the whole deal? Does she really want to run away with RJG? Also–does MJ and/or KHS know Eun Ji’s real whereabouts? And where the heck is she? I am a contrarian by nature, so I don’t think Na Ra is RJG’s lost daughter–especially if she was a character created for the show, and not in the original webtoon.

The Big Mantis: I am more and more curious about this guy. Where does he fit into the picture? How did he get to be KHS’s trusted assistant? I think he’s more than just a lackey or right-hand guy for KHS. He seems to follow orders blindly…yet I get this feeling that there is some resentment building up.

The Big Brawl: 3 dudes over 30 vs. 20+ dudes under 30….yeah, I don’t know how KHS, RJG and TH survived. I will have to give Show a pass for that one. I have not needed to give this show any passes so far; it’s been a great story, filled with interesting well thought out characters, stellar acting and plenty of action. I hope the second half of this series is as awesome as the first half!


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