“Last”–Episode 5 Highlights

Due to another appliance failure (broken dryer) and the ensuing chaos of trips to the laundromat and hanging clothes outside at dawn to dry on the line while I work a 10 hour day, I am going to have to skip over some episodes. Sorry–I hate it when RL interferes with the fun stuff!

I’ve been noticing that there are some commentators out there who seem to have an axe to grind over the fact that many new dramas are webtoon adaptations. Really! These webtoon writers are coming up with interesting, original stories that (mostly) adapt well to TV. This show is a prime example of that. Why gripe about it? A great story is a great story in my book. Webtoon writers are not getting the respect they deserve. Heaven knows that the regular crew of writers for K-dramas can screw things up in a heartbeat, so why not use webtoons as a source too?

*all screencaps from Tiveee.com unless otherwise noted*

Episode 5–starts at the alcohol distribution facility, where the #1 Big Boss’s homeless thugs are doing their best to destroy the plant. Just as they are getting started, two Hyundai vans roll up with LSPJ’s thugs–and it’s a free-for-all:

last 5-1

I note that Poison Snake mostly stands around and watches, occasionally throwing a punch, but Crocodile and the Sergeant get into the brawl and relish the action!

RJG is in his bus house, trying to get some sleep:

last 5-2

(Love the teddy bear–it’s the details like this that make a show great.)

HJ comes busting in, wakes him up (dangerous move IMHO) and gives him the 411–It’s a turf war between LSPJ and the #1 Big Boss KHS. HJ thought TH was with him, but neither of them know where he is. RJG pretends not to care, but he hustles out of his house in a big hurry.

Foreman Oh finds Na Ra, and they go back to where TH is laid up:

last 5-3

Meanwhile, KHS is holed up at a hotel, with tons of guys guarding him. He knows that this battle won’t end without one side being destroyed, and Poison Snake thinks he has a shortcut:

last 5-4

His plan–just hand TH over to LSPJ, and it’s all fixed, right?! Ehh…not so fast there my friend! KHS lets Poison Snake know that is not going to be the fix. If they give TH over to LSPJ, and it doesn’t work:

last 5-5

Okay, that’s legit. KHS says he’s gonna catch TH and properly deal with him. Uh, oh! He sends Mantis out to find TH and bring him back. Over at LSPJ’s place, he and his thugs consider storming the hotel where KHS is holed up, but they don’t have enough men and it will result in a lot of injuries, and probably an opportunity for Yong Pal to make some money! Then he gets the bright idea–kidnap MJ aka Madame Seo:

last 5-6

The thugs hanging out at the Lair/Club are a big downer for the clients, and the regular crowd clears out.

last 5-7

MJ tells the Sergeant to leave and take his dudes with him, and he balks. MJ threatens to call KHS, but right then RJG arrives and gives him the order:

last 5-8 - Copy

Sergeant finally leaves with his minions, and LSPJ’s men are watching. The Head Thug thinks this will be so easy, he tells his guys to leave the bats in the van, lol! Just as we get a nice, interesting conversation going between RJG and MJ, the thugs arrive. RJG gets a special rude greeting from the Head Thug:

last 5-9

Head Thug says his boss asked for him to bring MJ to him, since he has a “thing” for her. Uh, oh. RJG says yeah, that’s not happen today, or any other day for that matter:

last 5-10

Yeah, I know that sounds kinda sexist, but I’m okay with this since he’s protecting her. Head Thug starts the fight, and drags MJ off. RJG takes a couple of hits, including a broken bottle over the head as he fights off several thugs, and I like that MJ helps out here when another thug brings a knife into the fight:

last 5-11

Granted, it’s not as badass as Miss Cynthia over at Yong Pal’s Hospital, but it’s effective nonetheless. Plus Miss Cynthia is quite a bit younger too! RJG grabs MJ’s hand and they bail out:

last 5-12

into a way too convenient taxi (lol!), and they escape the thugs. MJ wants to take her guy to the hospital; he declines and they ride around in the taxi. Poor taxi driver–I hope RJG doesn’t bleed all over the cab.:

last 5-13

Driving a cab in Seoul must be one of the craziest jobs a person could have. I don’t know if I envy them–it couldn’t be an easy job, but it would always be interesting! The next day, KHS drives over to RJG’s Bus House and wants to know:

last 5-14

Okay, I have to comment–that is one hawt look LBS is rockin’ today! The sunglasses, and that stylish blue and white paisley print shirt with the blue jacket…so fine. KHS’s Fashion Grade for today=A+

RJG plays kinda innocent here:

last 5-15

KHS is not buying it–but I don’t know where he thinks RJG is hiding MJ in the Bus House!  No secret closets here…..RJG has a memo for KHS–he doesn’t want to be part of the Seoul Seven anymore:

last 5-16

But KHS has an assignment for #2:

last 5-17

So KHS wants RJG to kill LSPJ. Jeez, He really wants LSPJ out of the way. RJG sorta kinda accepts it–but declines to have a drink with the #1 Big Boss when this is all over, since he might not make it back. Then RJG adds this little gem on:

last 5-18

but it’s not just MJ–it’s TH as well! RJG likes TH ’cause he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t know when to give up!

LSPJ hires a couple of busloads of thugs (is there an employment agency for that? Rent-A-Thug?) and they arm themselves with bats and pipes. No knives though….Meanwhile, KHS rallies his men with a stirring speech; the world looks down on the homeless but now they need to fight back:

last 5-19

I have to hand it to the #1 Big Boss for having serious chutzpah to make this speech. This guy lives like a king off their backs, and then has the audacity to claim that he is one of them. I don’t know whether to admire his gall or feel angry. And then in the middle of this big rah-rah event–his cell phone rings!

last 5-20

OMG–that’s so ironic! How ‘millennial’! I have to ask my patients more and more to shut down the cellphone while they are in the dental chair. I understand about emergencies, but I have had patients take a dozen phone calls during a 1 hour appointment. One day, I ended the appointment and told the patient to come back another time when they were ready to shut the phone off. It’s so rude.

LSPJ and KHS are both at a Buddhist Temple (?) Giant House (?), where they have a meeting with this guy:

last 5-21

Whoever this guy is–he’s obviously the Biggest Boss! He says he has to call this meeting because the ‘turf war’ has gotten out of hand. He tells LSPJ to send the busloads of thugs back from wherever they came from. LSPJ says he can’t do that, because KHS sent a dude out to kill him. Biggest Boss is not happy:

last 5-22

Ha! This Boss Grandpa guy sounds like a parent with two unruly children:

last 5-23  last 5-24

….or there will be no dessert after dinner! Lol!

HJ gives TH some background on the Biggest Boss, aka Chairman Wang:

last 5-25

Not sure if that is Korean Presidents or American Presidents–but heck, maybe it’s all of them! BTW, isn’t “Wang” (왕) the Romanized Korean word for “King”? If I’m right–heh heh. That’s some irony right there! Government officials fear him, and even a boss dude like KHS would be a small fry in Chairman Wang’s eyes.

Mantis corners HJ who is on his way to see TH. Mantis wants info out of HJ right now, so he takes HJ to the “Repurposing” Factory. Mantis is ready to take some pretty drastic steps:

last 5-26a  last 5-26

I reach for the remote…I can’t watch this. HJ is chained to the table, screaming as Mantis walks over with the giant drill. FF button applied. Like I said, this show is not for the faint of heart.

TH sets out for Halmoni’s restaurant/room rental, where he finds Hacker dude. He doesn’t know where HJ is either. And the Chairman is MIA too–Hacker thought he might have gone to a facility for the elderly with disabilities, but he hasn’t shown up there yet. Na Ra stops by too–she has to fuss a bit at TH, yunno, ’cause she’s nosy. And there’s this too:

last 5-27

It’s not because she cares, lol!  Na Ra outright lies, and TH is not buying this load of BS at all:

last 5-28

It seems that TH has grown up a bit:

last 5-29

I hope TH is learning a few things–this scene is some good evidence. I find the scenes with these two cute but somewhat bland. It’s the scenes between MJ and RJG that show some real chemistry and spark. I read somewhere that NR was added into the TV drama, and was not in the original webtoon. I can buy that. It seems like the writers wanted to add in a (sweet and naive) love interest for TH. It sorta kinda works–but not like the MJ/RJG pairing. Those two are so interesting; a hard-luck lifetime of baggage, regrets, chances not taken and their age gap. I’m dying to know more. Who says the young people are the only ones entitled to some romance?!

TH heads back to the construction site, only to find Mantis beating Foreman Oh:

last 5-30

Foreman Oh tells TH to run, but TH knows it’s futile, and that KHS is looking for him. TH asks Mantis the question we viewers already know the answer to:

last 5-31

Mantis locks TH up in a pen in the Repurposing Factory, and he finds HJ there:

last 5-32

HJ tearfully apologizes to TH for getting scared and giving KHS his whereabouts, and he divulges that KHS gave him some coin to keep tabs on TH. TH isn’t even mad; he just seems more concerned with HJ’s injuries than anything else.

MJ reappears, and tries to console RJG–she knows he’s missing his lil ‘Bro TH:

last 5-33

RJG astutely replies that TH can’t be that smart–he took on the job to assassinate LSPJ! Point for RJG… MJ wheedles him into meeting her in a couple of days to buy him a new suit. That way, when he finds his daughter Eun Ji, he’ll look fab. I hope he gets the stylist for LBS. RJG might clean up pretty good, just sayin’! A shave, a haircut and a suit–and MJ might find herself with an Ahjussi Crush all over again!  RJG can’t say no to MJ, even if he’s decidedly uncomfortable with her touching his forehead, and ruffling his hair! Gosh, I just love these two characters…..unfortunately for all of us, the moment is interrupted by Foreman Oh:

last 5-35

RJG hustles over to the Lair, and gives his most direct pitch to the #1 Big Boss:

last 5-36

He tells KHS that TH did his best, and that TH should just get kicked out of Seoul Station….yeah, I am sure that’s not gonna fly, my friend. KHS’s comeback to this is straight up stolen property from my daughter’s mouth!

said every teenager at one point in their lives!

RJG asks KHS to let TH go for the sake of their friendship, but KHS is not buying it today. He whines that he’s not only lost money in the deal, but his all-important reputation as well. RJG apologizes for overstepping, and adds:

last 5-38

KHS looks genuinely surprised at that statement from RJG.

last 5-39

TH and HJ get a visit from KHS and Mantis. I wanna know more about Mantis too….where does he fit into this whole picture? How did he get to the lair? He’s a young guy…Is he an street orphan that got funneled into the #1 Big Boss’s plan? Mantis drags a hysterical HJ off to the “operating” room, and it’s really sad how he pleads for TH to save him, but TH doesn’t say a word. KHS reminds TH that after the anesthetic kicks in, it’s just like going to sleep. (I really should not watch this show at night before I go to bed–it’s way too intense. And “Yong Pal” is even worse…!) KHS gives TH this lovely bit of 20/20 rear view mirror wisdom:

last 5-40

Uh, yeah I’m sure TH is pretty aware of that fact right now!  KHS asks if TH has any last words he’d like to say…

last 5-41

I need to mention the BGM music here is another win. It’s not what you think it might be–like dark and foreboding. Instead, it’s kind of relaxed….and yet it doesn’t feel out of place. Oh, KHS almost forgot to tell TH this:

last 5-42

But TH, the man of infinite courage levels, is not done yet! He starts his pitch: Doesn’t KHS want to catch LSPJ? After all….

last 5-43

TH asks for 10 minutes of KHS’s time to tell him the plan:

last 5-44

but TH then backs off, and asks for HJ to be released. If anyone is gonna get killed, TH wants it to be himself. TH knows the best way to catch LSPJ is:

last 5-45a

But by:

last 5-45b

Yeah! Now that’s what I’m here for, Show! Brains over brawn FTW. I love it when a swindler gets beat at his own game…Woo Hoo! KHS gives TH 5 minutes, and the plan is hatched:

last 5-46

I fast-forward through another intense scene with HJ on the operating table…And then Crocodile, Poison Snake, some minions and a doctor show up. KHS tells Crocodile and PS to take the doc back home, and leave HJ alone–Mantis has taken care of TH.

last 5-47

Crocodile runs over and unzips the body bag–Here’s the proof:

last 5-48

Yikes! HJ is beside himself:

last 5-49

After HJ gets back to Seoul, Na Ra overhears the gossip:

last 5-50

Na Ra tries to pry info out of these guys with no luck. All the homeless dudes hush up–I am sure they don’t know, but they want to ‘protect’ her.  Wow. Now I’m sure they faked TH’s death, and the rumor will get right to the person they want it to. LSPJ will let his guard down, and then he can be taken out…jeez, I almost hope they don’t kill him off. LSPJ is a great side character, and I love seeing this guy on screen–he’s almost like a comic-book villain, but a well written one. I would rather him suffer a bit (while staying in the show) for what he’s done to TH and buddy Min Soo. Na Ra has a backbone, and wants a straight answer–so she goes to the source:

last 5-51

HJ tries to be evasive and say that the situation is complicated, but that does zero for NR’s peace of mind. She asks HJ what happened since he was supposedly there with TH.  HJ gives her this line–which I call ‘Mushy BS’:

last 5-52

I’m kinda torn here…I hate that HJ has to lie to NR. In the short term, NR is going to be devastated that TH is gone, because I am sure she’s falling in love with him. In the long term–she’s gonna eventually find out that he faked his death, and be justifiably PO’d. But they all have to be careful, since TH is allegedly ‘dead’. The fewer people who know anything, the better. Part of me wants HJ and Hacker to include NR in on the deal, so she doesn’t worry or could maybe help them–but I am sure TH put the kibosh on that, under the premise of ‘protecting’ her. HJ is right. It’s complicated. NR even goes over to RJG at the Bus House and confronts him:

last 5-53

I really like that NR wants demands some straight answers. She asks RJG why he is sitting around and letting stuff like this happen. Fair enough. Then she says something I think is incredibly naive:

last 5-54

Uh, has she not been watching Mrs. Cop helping the homeless guys long enough to know that the police aren’t going to give a rat’s rear end that some homeless guy is missing? Pffft! She’s smarter than that. Please Show, don’t make her a dim bulb. Writer-nim, you created this original character–now give her something important to do, other than make moony eyes at TH, mope, or be a dunce. RJG gives Na Ra the rundown on how this works in RL. Even if someone confesses to killing another person, yet there is no body to be found:

last 5-55

NR blusters that the cops need to find the body. I don’t have the heart to tell her how pathetically inept the police in SK are. Heck, I’ve seen “Mrs. Cop”, and I can tell you the Keystone Cops look like a elite military trained SWAT team unit next to Choi Young Jin’s co-workers! (P.S. I think I found the original footage that the PD of Mrs. Cop based the show on–for fun times and a great example of Ragtime piano, click the link!) Poor NR is still operating under the delusion that the Seoul Police can actually solve crimes….RJG tries to set her straight:

last 5-56

Yeah, that’s pretty much how it works. Na Ra valiantly protests that it’s unfair–the homeless people lost jobs and/or families, and they have names and identities.

last 5-57

RJG tells NR to get a grip:

last 5-58

Ooof. That was harsh. She rightfully accuses RJG of being part of the problem:

last 5-59

and asks this important question too:

last 5-60

She was hoping that together, RJG and TH could make a difference. RJG sounds exactly like me after a staff beating meeting at my office:

last 5-61

I do want to add here that even though there are moments where Na Ra is yelling, her voice is controlled, and she hits the right notes of being angry, but not being screechy. Nice job! NR apologizes to RJG, and leaves, but her blunt words appear to have some effect on RJG, as he punches the tire stack in frustration.

I know there has been some speculation that NR is actually RJG’s missing daughter Eun Ji, but I am not buying into that just yet. I think there will be some other twist in the plot….but I’ve been wrong before too.

TH wakes up on a couch with a crashing headache from the drugs he was given to fake his death. KHS is there too, and tells him this is the place he will be working from. It’s out of the way, and inconspicuous:

last 5-62

KHS also drops that this place used to be an office for gangsters, and back in the day, he was a messenger who delivered drugs to addicts. Heh. That oughta be a great resume-builder! Mantis brings in some helpers that TH requested–namely Hacker dude and HJ. Boy are they surprised to see their buddy!

last 5-63

Note: Hacker dude says “Hyung!” which DF/Tiveee/Viki translates as “Sir!” KHS tells TH he will need to use up all the luck he has for this assignment:

last 5-64

KHS tells Mantis to give TH and his crew whatever they need for the operation. After Mantis and KHS leave, HJ stumbles over to TH and begs him to run away while he has the chance….but TH declines and says they need to find the Chairman! Oooh, I can’t wait to see how they are gonna scam LSPJ. They also pick up Foreman Oh, and he is just as surprised to see TH as Hacker and HJ were! He also lets TH know that Na Ra was pretty upset when he saw her at Halmoni’s restaurant yesterday. (I wish there was a place like that close to my house–an informal place to get real home-cooked Korean food, not just Korean-American BBQ. I know there must be, I just haven’t found it yet!) Foreman Oh thinks TH should tell RJG and NR what the deal is, but TH wisely disagrees:

last 5-65

*screencaps from Viki.com* due to tech probs at Tiveee.com 😦

TH finds the Chairman at a Mental Hospital (?) and convinces him that there has been an incident at the company, and he is needed. After giving the attendant one of his legendary “Hundred Thousand Won” checks, he tells TH:

last 5-66

and TH’s high-wattage smile says it all!

last 5-67

I swear his whole face lights up when he smiles… *fans self*

They get back to the Gangster’s Office, and TH has scripts (!) and a whole outline of the plan. The Chairman may have some dementia issues, but he gets the gist of the plan:

last 5-68

The Chairman seems to balk a bit at the plan, so HJ reminds him that it’s merely ‘wealth redistribution’ since so many people have been taken advantage of by LSPJ! But that is not what is bugging the Chairman..it’s his Korean-American name!

last 5-69

Ha! He suggests Bernard Shaw or Ernest Hemingway (!) and TH tells him to pick whatever name he wants! HJ worries that LSPJ’s Head Thug has seen him before, but TH says not to worry:

last 5-70

They all head off to the sauna for a scrub, shave (except Foreman Oh, who needs it the most!)  and haircut.  Then it’s shopping time!

last 5-71

Yeah–they all clean up pretty good if you ask me….but someone needs to get some stylish glasses for Hacker dude!

last 5-72

And they are ready to take on LSPJ! Nice PPL for Lacoste too….

last 5-73

Oh, this is gonna be good! *rubs hands excitedly* I can’t wait to see how they are gonna scam that greedy bastard LSPJ!


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