“My Love Eun Dong” Episode 11–Highlights, goodies and more outside-the-box thoughts

“Did They or Didn’t They?”

Part of the fun of watching K-dramas for me is seeing how creative the writers/PD’s can be within the boundaries of the socially conservative society in SK and the TV/media censors. How will they show that the OTP have been, shall we say…intimate together? It leads to some interesting scenes which bring into question whether the OTP has actually done it–or not. Then the netizens pick sides. Did They? Or Didn’t They? Choose your side, then duck and cover! Which side will prevail? Who will put forth the most convincing argument?  It can spur some intensive debate.

When I was watching SLA, the now-infamous “Pots and Pans” scene generated a heated discussion on the Soompi Forum boards and the Viki Running Comments like nothing else I had ever seen. It was a virtual firestorm, with one camp’s theory that it never happened and the other camp just as insistent that it really did happen. For me, the “Pots and Pans” scene was a no-brainer. Of course they did it. There was no question in my mind. All evidence pointed in that direction–the lead-up, the event itself, and the aftermath. I watched that scene again and again, looking for clues to play Devil’s Advocate with, or for little details which would reinforce what my heart and brain seemed to agree on.

However, I learned to trust my judgement more after the scene in Episode 10 of SLA–when HW and SJ were behind the curtains in the auditorium after the concert. All the recap sites talked about their “make-out session”. I didn’t buy that for a second–it was way more than a make-out session IMHO. I was so convinced in my mind of what had happened backstage, yet every single recapping site disagreed with my assessment. It made me crazy! I ended up writing my first FF, originally intended for my eyes only; I had no idea back then anyone else would be interested! I filled in the blank spaces left by writer-nim to assuage my overactive mind. When @seungshinl translated the script later on, and I found out how close my FF was to what writer-nim intended, I nearly had a heart attack! I’m not going to say I haven’t made mistakes in the past, or won’t screw up in the future, but I try to balance out logic and reason with the emotions of my heart.

*All screencaps from Tiveee.com unless otherwise noted

So, let’s look at the lead-up first:

Episode 11 starts with ED in a hospital bed, after she collapsed in shock while reading HS’s letter from 10 years ago at the end of the last episode. I hope she has the letter from HS tucked away safely in her purse; if JH found it, he’d probably burn it. JH is at her bedside:


and it seems creepy to me he’s there watching her in the hospital bed. We viewers have just found out that what happened was no accident–it looks much more now like a murder-suicide. If JH couldn’t have her, no one else could either. What a sick and twisted bastard he is. An accident is one thing, but to be so enraged that he says things like “You and I–let’s end it right here.” is way over the line. JH doesn’t even bother to evade the White Box Truck Of Doom–


Technical note–I asked my sons who are employed in the automotive industry about the effect of airbags and showed them the clip of the accident. Would side airbags have saved either one of them? Or made any difference at all? Their answer was what I kinda already guessed–probably not. Even a Volvo–a notoriously safe passenger vehicle–wouldn’t have withstood an impact like that. Back in 2005, side airbags were just beginning to be standard issue on vehicles too. The chances of JH’s vehicle having them were probably very low.

So it’s pretty clear JH meant to take the both of them out. No wonder ED yanks her hand back from JH and won’t even look at him. She tells him (way too nicely):


JH returns later to find an empty bed.


There’s some Karma for ya!

I want to comment quickly on the cinematography of this short scene–


Look at the pure white light that is on the other side of the door when ED opens it. Yes ED, leave that house of darkness, lies and deceit, and step into the light of truth!  Fabulous job, CP-nim!

And DG continues on in his star role of Wingman Extraordinaire, dispensing important info his boss might need to know:


Another flashback reveals this nugget of info. After JH forces ED into his car, he asks this question of her:


And ED can’t lie–she tells JH the truth. And that he can have any other girl, just not her..

Here’s an interesting thing I saw during the flashback of the weekend away that ED and HS had before the accident. Look at her hands, over his stomach. Then he puts his hands on top of hers. It almost forms a heart…..


HS and ED would have no way of knowing she was pregnant at that moment– but they had already spent one night together. If they had been able to live their lives normally, he would be putting his hands on her stomach in a month or so. I find it interesting that HS said he was seduced by ED–yet this flashback sequence shows that he was not exactly a hesitant kinda guy either. He was the one who said things like:




I also have to include this incredible scene of ED and HS on a rooftop–in a blanket. So beautiful. The cinematography keeps getting better and better.


The actor and actress who play ED and HS in their twenties are exceptional; so natural and believable, and no awkward kisses either. I really dislike seeing two characters kiss when it looks forced or awkward. Yet another reason this drama works so well is because of the casting. The 3 actresses who play ED and the 3 actors who play HS are so well matched, a viewer has no problem believing they are the same people from one age to the next.

Back to the present–HS gets the phone call he’s been waiting on for 10 years:


Even his “Hello” is choked with emotion, but nothing like the shock his face registers when he hears his girl say:


True to form, he gets up out of bed and leaves immediately. That’s our HS–Just Do It!


right after giving Wingman DG the night off!


He drives alone through the night toward his ED.


And the thunderstorm starts in earnest…

At this point, I’m thankful this drama is set in Korea. If it was set here in SoCal, things might have turned out much worse for our OTP. First of all, we don’t have rainstorms like this one around here very often–and if so, they’re in the winter. Because we get so little rain, the roads get coated with oil and grease between storms. When it does rain, the roads immediately turn into a surface similar to an ice skating rink, or they flood. People don’t bother to slow down because they’re in a hurry as always, or they slow down so much, it causes problems. Add in some car/truck tires with heavy treadwear and windshield wipers that have been scorched by months of heat and sun, and it’s no wonder that a rainy day is a day of overtime for tow-truck drivers, and a boon for insurance agents and auto body shops! Rain could make my normal 11 mile/30 minute morning commute to work an hour or more. My dental patients don’t even bother–they just cancel. Some people don’t even send their kids to school if it rains, according to my co-workers. Heh–I guarantee you, that one would have never happened at Shamrockmom’s House!  So as HS drives on into the night, I hold my breath and pray (and ask HS’s mom to pray too, since she’s got the double hook-up!) that he doesn’t get in an accident on the way. That would be too tragic.

Wingman DG is trying to find his hyung/boss:


Oooh, and look at that t-shirt he’s wearing.


I wonder if that’s a clue for the future? Five Finger Death Punch is a US heavy metal rock band. According to the Wikipedia site, the name of the band was taken from classic martial arts cinema (source) Their first album is titled “The Way of the Fist” which I’m gonna guess is from the early classic Bruce Lee movies, “The Big Boss” and “Fist of Fury“. I’ll let you read the plot summaries. They are pretty typical martial-arts movie plots containing elements of  greed, corruption, revenge and death–lots of death at the end. I can only hope writer-nim is more gentle with us. Side note–I briefly dated a guy who was totally into classic HK martial arts cinema. I’m sure I’ve seen several of Bruce Lee’s movies when we were dating; it was just a long time ago. Knowing how volatile HS has been in the past makes me concerned–he’s been a gentleman for the most part. But are the gloves about to come off? I know there’s a bunch of Soompi Forum members who might volunteer to give JH a Five Finger Death Punch right about now!

Here’s another awesome goodie–DG’s sister’s cellphone ringtone.


It’s “Habanera” from “Carmen“, the famous opera by Bizet. I’m not really an opera fan, but now we’re into something closer to my kind of music! The plot of the opera involves a whole lot of seduction, jealousy, cheating, revenge, and ultimately death for Carmen. This is a precious and amazing detail–I have to give kudos to writer-nim or whoever thought of adding “Habanera”. Here’s a link to the lyrics in English, but I’m gonna highlight a line I’d like to personally share with JH: “The bird you thought you had caught by surprise beats its wings and flies away…”

Hey JH! Can you hear the beating of the wings now? Your wife-by-deceit is about to fly far, far away. ED gets up and looks out the window as the rain pours…


Her HS oppa is there, waiting for her, the anticipation lights up his face ..


Not bothering to put on anything more than her gossamer-thin short white nightgown, she runs downstairs.


#whattakiss  No awkwardness here–these are two adults who look like they are well versed in the art of kissing! He looks over toward the van. Note the outside lights of the van are on…


it’s not out of the question that HS could have left the engine running to keep the heater on, keeping them warm and drying their clothing. Otherwise, it would have made more sense to shut the lights off–which they are here at the end of the scene.


It also makes sense they would want to get their wet clothes off ASAP–both for obvious reasons, and so they didn’t catch a chill.

I think using the van as a love nest is quite clever. First of all, if ED was sharing a room with DG’s sis at the B&B, that would have been awkward. If they went back inside the B&B, they might have woken someone up, blowing their privacy to smithereens. The van offers privacy, there’s plenty of room to do what they needed to do, and they can lock the doors. It looks like HS kept little pillows in there and possibly a blanket for a nap while he was filming, so that was handy–and not out of context within the storyline. A total win, and an ultra-creative scenario. Again, I have to mention the cinematography–nothing shown, only JJM’s bare shoulders (nice!) in a fine haze, and everything else left to the romantic imagination of the viewer. Daebak!

There was some speculation that scene, coupled with these fragments featuring the red sheets:


meant this was all JH’s bad dream. I believe it was JH’s guilty conscience combined with his delusional thoughts, which produced the sequence with the red sheets. Like I commented before, leave it to JH to take something beautiful (that he will probably never experience BTW) and mess it up. He knew ED had already slept with HS, and he had to fear it would happen again eventually when/if her memories came back.

Some commentators didn’t want to believe ED and HS’s first lovemaking session after being reunited should happen in a van–as if doing it somewhere other than a gorgeous four-poster bed cheapens the deal. I will paraphrase HS here: “Four-poster bed, my butt!” I don’t buy this at all. Why does their tryst in the van cheapen this reunion? These two have undergone so much unhappiness and grief being separated by lying jerks that they deserve this moment together–away from everyone else. I’ve never understood the “only in a bed” crowd. (This was briefly brought up at the end of HITTG too, when I wanted to throttle MJ after he asked SB how she and IS managed a sex life with a baby, and minimal space/privacy. Answer–Creativity, my friend!) I already know that I am a “think outside the box” person. I now realize that I am a “think outside the bed” person too! There is no way that these two people who love each other with a white-hot passion are going to sit in a van and talk all night after 10 years of being apart. If you buy that, then I can’t help you. Common sense FTW!  Adultery issues are off the table for discussion. Marriage by deceit is not a legal marriage. ED was deceived by JH, her adoptive family and his parents. She was not in her right mind to give consent to marriage, if indeed there was a marriage–we have seen no evidence thus far. No marriage=no adultery. Most importantly in this scene–I have to believe that RI will have a sibling in about 9 months, give or take a few days. JH would go bonkers if ED was pregnant with HS’s child–again! I will admit–there is a part of me that wouldn’t mind seeing that happen.

Or….the red bed sheets could have been a intentionally hilarious meta-reference to the movie “A Frozen Flower”. In case you missed it, this legendary Korean movie showcased JJM as a homosexual king who groomed a young warrior (Jo In Sung) into his lover. When pressured to produce an heir with the Queen (Song Ji Hyo), the King asks his lover to do the deed with the Queen. JIS likes this assignment a little too much. Cue disastrous consequences. The red sheets were featured prominently in both scenes between JIS and SJH, and in the kissing scene between the two men. This time around however, ED and HS are laying on the red sheets and covered by a white sheet/blanket. I have to believe the white sheet symbolizes purity. It certainly did in the drama “Healer”, and the sheets/blankets in the scenes from HS and ED in their twenties were also white. Interesting choices by writer and PD-nim.

Side note–Yeah, I’ve seen AFF. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t do much for me. The kissing scene between JIS and JJM was more than my heart and mind wanted to see. (although the level of courage it must have taken these two exceptional actors to pull this scene off boggles my mind) The sex scenes skate a mighty fine line between intense and pornographic.  More importantly, those scenes between JIS and SJH seemed devoid of love; portraying only lust. Add in some gratuitous violence and an ending where everybody dies, and I’m out. A lot of people liked it, and it won a ton of awards, so I can’t say much for my cinematic taste. It’s on Youtube and Dramacool with English subs if you are interested.

Okay, so now let’s look at the aftermath:

The fact that HS and ED wake up fully dressed is pounced on by the “Or Didn’t They” crowd. I kind of understand that, but my thought is they knew they were going to have to get up, so they got dressed in their now-dry clothes–then spent some time cuddling or they fell back asleep. It makes sense later on when HS is really late for his film shoot. Plus, I don’t think they’re gonna shoot a scene with them getting dressed. Just sayin’!

ED and HS wake up inside the van.


Holding hands, touching each others face.



Like the answer to his dream, ED cutely nags him to answer his phone and go back to work.


He’s gonna be late!


HS loves hearing his girl call him “Oppa”…


The cute nagging goes on and on….it’s sweetness overload! Given my high tolerance for fluff and sweetness, that’s something to say! So was it all a dream? Our OTP doesn’t think so:



Wingman DG is at the end of his rope, trying to cover for his boss. That’s a strange t-shirt he’s got on today…


It seems to me that Top Star EH is not often late to a filming. Oh, he must have overslept here’s the problem; no wonder he’s late, lol! Way to lie and cover for your boss, DG!


When HS finally shows up, DG gets a little too close to the Boss’s personal life:


And gets gently rebuked for it:


Then HS asks DG about the invigorating or restorative soup–


Jackpot! And kudos to the subbers for helping me explain this one! Why on earth would HS ask for something like this? Only because he’s spent a whole night making love to ED! Would he need this after merely talking all night? Heck no! He’s probably exhausted but in the best way! I’m gonna guess they went more than one round. They certainly went that route before–why would it be any different now!? HS’s been ‘buried deep underground’ all night; he needs something to restore his energy! After 10 years of celibacy that’s just been blown away in a single night of sexual bliss, you can’t blame the dude for asking for a little restorative soup. BTW, it can be made with dog meat, and since I hear HS say boyangtang  (보양탕), I’m gonna guess he means that soup. But I’m not sure, so don’t shoot the messenger!

HS is miffed when DG informs him that there’s no soup:


And Top Star EH says:


And leaves with a little smile! I love petty, fussy, picky, and slightly grumpy Top Star EH. He’s so real….

After a tough day of filming, preceded by a night of unbridled passion, HS can barely walk! He does his patented couch-flop:


He looks like he falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow:


Gawd, he looks like an angel sleeping on that couch. After this drama, I fear I will be ruined for life. No RL man could compare….

Mrs.T aka Sarge knows exactly what the problem is:


And how to fix it:


Side note–I wonder if sweet pumpkin soup is the same as pumpkin porridge? I can’t pick up the words she says to be sure. I remember pumpkin porridge as a fave dish of Soo Won in Angel Eyes. One of my “Idol Moms” (awesome mom characters in K-dramas that Shamrockmom would like to emulate) Jung Hwa made it for her!

Okay, I rest my case. They did it–no doubt in my mind. Sorry if you don’t agree. [Spoiler alert–Even after watching the staircase moment and what-happens-next in Episode 12, I’m not swayed. It’s like comparing apples and oranges…wait for the post! You’ll see…]

Quick note–Going back to the martial arts thread from earlier in this episode, I notice that one of the films mentioned here for HS to star in is a Chinese martial arts film. Interesting.


“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” Department:

For the life of me, I cannot understand why a man or woman who cheats on their spouse thinks they will get away with it. It never works–it may seem that way for a time, but the truth plays catch-up very well. HB has been eyeing a young actress for a couple of episodes now. She seems to do what paramours do best–pay special attention to a man and make him feel important. Here she is, bringing HB some kind of healthy juice drink:


Quick shout-out to the awesome subber that gives us this great explanation of DG’s outrage–


HB married his first love–he admitted that himself in a previous episode, and that maybe it wasn’t the perfect marriage. Regardless, HB has been in blurry territory for way too long, veering between friend, crappy friend, frenemy and flat-out enemy to HS for over 20 years. It’s not unthinkable that he may be on equally sandy ground with his wife too.

SR thinks she’s a scorned woman, so she wants to do everything she can to bring HS down. I’ve never understood that either…love is not a zero-sum game. Now SR has tried to lasso dimwitted HB into selling HS out for some cash. HB even discusses this with the girlfriend. I have a bad feeling that he’s gonna pick the money over his buddy. HB calls some kind of urgent meeting:


to make an announcement that I am sure will screw HS over yet again. He starts the meeting off with a statement that sounds the alarm, both for me and for HS:


HS and DG both have a look on their face I can only translate as: “This is pure BS”


The meeting is interrupted by HB’s wife and lover duking it out in the hallway, and bringing the fight to the conference room. HB’s wife produces some mighty fine picture evidence:


Here’s your pro martial arts move of the day–a kick to the nuts for HB! Hi-Yaaah!


Time for talking is officially over! HS tries to be the peacemaker here:


Nice reference to the infamous Section 241–the recently abolished law which made adultery a criminal offence:


but after being asked a direct question by his wife Ji Sook:


and HB answers:


She still manages to try and beat the living daylights out of him!  Poor HS is stuck in the middle, trying to break up the fight. HS, manager DG and HB retreat to the relative safety of HS’s bachelor pad:


During their meal, Ji Soo wants picture proof that her hubby HB is with HS. So everyone, including Sarge–gets in the pic for a selfie. Note the pathetic heart that HB makes with his hands! Great comic relief–


But even funnier is the scene between HB and HS that night. I have to hand it to JJM–he must really have a fine sense of humor to be able to pull off this parody of AFF. For some unknown reason, they sleep in the same bed:


HB even thinks they are fated to be together….OMG, this is so funny! They snuggle:



And HB reminisces:



Early the next morning HS finds HB cuddling with him!


And leaves for the peace of the couch.


Domestic Violence, not played for a laugh this time around–

Fun times are over. All 3 readers of this blog are pretty clear on what I think of domestic violence, abuse and intimidation. ED returns home to a confrontation with JH. She tells him she remembers everything:




JH throws the cell phone, breaking the mirror–


and from the way ED reacts, I know she’s been abused before, at least emotionally if not physically. She’s scared of him–that’s fear written all over her face. We saw a quick moment before where her adoptive father slapped her when she didn’t want to be JH’s girlfriend, and how JH grabbed her wrist at the lake and at the banquet.

JH tells ED his delusional view–



and I note he says “the child” not “our child”. There’s a giveaway–as if we needed more! Even though JH is delusional, he knows he’s not the father of RI.

JH threatens HS and ED:


then more blatantly toward HS if he meets ED again–


Personally, I’d like to see JH get crushed for the 10 years he stole from ED, all the lies, and the pain this will eventually cause poor RI. ED cuts her finger on the shards of mirror:


HS calls ED on the phone–and she begs him not to call her as she’s crying.


I can tell you exactly why she does this–she lies because she’s scared. The only time ED ever lies is when she’s scared. She doesn’t want HS to get hurt. JH grabs the phone out of ED’s hands and confronts HS:


JH can blow hot air all day long:


But all HS can hear is his girl crying in the background. Her finger is really bleeding too! Whoa….did JH just hit ED with the cell phone on her back?!?


If HS sees a bruise on his girl, he will kill JH for sure! Omo… what a soulless bastard that JH has turned out to be in this show. Hitting your wife like that is so cowardly. I’m sure JH is ready to “go to the wall” again to possess ED and possibly RI as well. Would he go as far as killing them all? He was ready to once before–what’s to stop him from trying again?

HS must have a stable of cars at his disposal, because this time he takes the Rolls Royce:


to go rescue ED from this jerk. That is one serious and determined look on his face:


JH is in big trouble now!


Today’s side story–feel free to skip!

The scene where DG’s sis covers for ED when JH calls brought back this fun memory:

When I was in college, I was friends with a girl who I will call “Aimee”. She came from a ultra strict immigrant family. Aimee had the amazing luck to fall in love with a guy “David”. This dude was every Jewish Mother’s dream for a daughter–he was in a Pre-med program, he treated Aimee better than a princess, and his parents were fabulously wealthy with a mansion in the hills of LA. Not only that, but David had a great sense of humor and he was blond and tan to boot! Not kidding, he was like a RL Prince…But Aimee’s strict parents did not want her to date David since they were not of the same ethnic group. Her dad used to set her up on blind dates with these awful, creepy older men that she would ditch as soon as she could. David’s parents loved this girl like their own daughter. Even while they were dating, his mom would take her to lunch or they would go clothes shopping together at the Galleria.

Like the good friend I was, I used to cover for Aimee and David–just like DG’s sister did for ED when they went away together. Aimee would inform her parents she was studying over at my house. Then Aimee and David would meet up at their special “No-tell Motel” (they were there so much, the whole staff knew them, lol!)  and she would call me and give me the number of their room. If her parents called me, I had to lie and say she was in the bathroom, call her at the No-tell Motel, and she would call them back in a minute! Knowing the volatile nature of her father, I was nervous, but I did it!  No cell phones or pagers in those days. Lucky for me–and Aimee and David–her parents never called me. Even luckier–David and Aimee somehow managed to not have Aimee end up pregnant before they got married, even though they took risks beyond anything I could imagine–and they both knew better! I almost wondered if they wanted to get pregnant in a way to force her parents to accept David, like I suspected with ED and HS.

They decided to get married before David started Med school out of state, so that provoked a huge confrontation with her parents. The parents finally backed down, allowed Aimee to marry David, and their wedding was the most awesome one I have ever had the honor of attending to this day. The invitation said the ceremony would start at 6 pm, it didn’t start until 9 pm, and the dancing was still going on at 2:30 am when my friend and I left for a nap. We came back at 8 am the next morning for an after-breakfast with all the other guests who were still up and partying! Like a real-life fairy tale, David became a doctor, they are still married and have a great family. Happily-Ever-After…it can happen! I sure hope it happens for ED and HS as well.


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