Karma, Impressions and a few contrarian thoughts: “My Love Eun Dong” Episode 10

I’ve long warned readers of my blog (all three of them) that I don’t always see things the way the majority sees it. I will read something into a scene that isn’t a big concern for anyone else, or focus more on a side character’s reaction, or just completely miss something altogether. But this is why I started a blog, so I could throw this stuff out there and see if there was any agreement–or confirm that was I completely off base. (baseball pun intended)

*All screencaps from Tiveee.com unless otherwise noted

Episode 10 starts off on a huge downer for HS. His sister has just divulged that she is JH’s doctor, and that JH is ED’s husband. (until proven otherwise) She tells her oppa not to put the wrecking ball to that family, no matter how much he wants ED. And she knows that ED is the person her brother’s been looking for. OMG, does she have no compassion for her poor suffering oppa? Nope–HA’s top concern is getting her patient JH to walk again.


I’m starting to wonder if HS can catch any kind of break–everyone and everything seems aligned against him, with the notable exception of his manager DG. HS may be nearing the end of it all:


What hurts even more now is that HA has backstabbed her brother. I am pretty angry right now at HA, and I feel it’s justified. Her brother has done everything he could to be supportive of her. He kept in contact with her after she married the patient who had terminal cancer, and left their disapproving parents. He got a doula for her after her daughter was born, and he showed up at his brother-in-law’s funeral when no one else from their family did. She should have remembered this:


Now HA, with whom HS has had such a close relationship with, turns her back on him. What a crappy way to treat your brother who has always been there for you when you needed it. Darn that hand-hold scene between JH and HA in the last episode! Will HA now team up with JH to put the wrecking ball to her own brother’s life? I sure hope not! Betrayal at the family level is the worst. Generally speaking, your family should always have your back.

The majority take on this situation was that she was being morally correct and trying to see to the best interest of her patient. Considering the maze of lies and deceit JH has put ED through, I don’t have a single grain of sympathy for JH right now. Of course HA does not know what we the viewers know–JH and ED’s adoptive parents have been lying to her and keeping her from knowing the truth about the accident, the obviously sham marriage, and the real father of RI. That being said, I still don’t agree with what she did. This is a situation where “a good shutting up” is needed. HA also needed to shut her mouth when HS asked her this completely out-of-line question–twice!


Instead HA blows off JH’s patient confidentiality :


So much for “moral correctness”!

The next scene shows HS storming off to the van, and leaning back in his seat as he tells his driver to go take him to the filming site. Take a look at these screencaps:


Majority take–HS’s smirking, he knows JH can’t be RI’s daddy. No one has touched his ED. Look at that smug satisfaction written all over his face….

Sorry, I’m not necessarily buying that. My view is that HS is in a much more contemplative mood. He’s been dealt a huge punch to the gut by his sister, who then inexplicably turned around and gave him a piece of information that can have significant future implications. I can almost see the wheels turning in his head as the info his sister divulged answered some questions but raises even more. Will he connect the dots between the weekend away he took with ED 10+ years ago, and a little boy named RI?

I’m going to take another step out from the norm here. After some thought, I think ED deliberately wanted to get pregnant over their weekend together, maybe even on their first night’s tryst. I don’t mean this in a bad or manipulative way in any sense. It was pure self-preservation on her part. Increasingly pressured by her adoptive parents to be JH’s girlfriend, she may have decided that drastic measures were needed so she could insure staying with her oppa HS. She’d know HS would do the right thing and marry her the instant he found out she was carrying his child. ED already wanted to be married to him anyway, even if she had to financially support them both for a while. JH would be left in the dust at that point. An even better bonus–ED would be away from those manipulative adoptive parents of hers. A win-win-win all the way around if you ask me, and the more I think about it the more plausible it seems. Seducing her oppa HS probably seemed like a great idea–HS might have been inclined to move more slowly in the relationship because of his economic status as a poor struggling actor, but ED knew there was no more time to waste!

Here’s another scene where I agreed with the majority–but I wanted to bring this idea up too. We get a flashback sequence to the first time HS met SR. SR is at her hotel; HS and a couple of guys are there yakking about a script. She’s introduced to HS, and she’s obviously smitten by him.


He can’t even be bothered at first,


but then, he gives her a couple of looks:


Dayum, those are some smokin’ hawt looks! *fans self* How can he rock a plain white button down shirt like that?! If some handsome dude JJM ever looked at me like that…*swoons*….well, that’ll never happen, lol! Then he borrows a pen and writes something on a napkin. Whoa…what’s up with this?


Like a player of the highest caliber, he palms it off to her. Wow.


She reads it–what does it say?


Bwahhaahahaahaa! Majority opinion–See SR, HS wasn’t into you back then, just like he’s not into to you today. He’s only got eyes for ED, so fugeddaboudit. Or: HS probably sized up that rich heiress in a NY minute, and knew she was no good. He played her like a pro!

My take–I’m 100% in agreement, but what about this idea as another layer? He could have told her verbally the coffee was horrible, and she would have been embarrassed, especially if the other dudes he was with heard him say that. Instead he slips her a note, letting her know the coffee was bad, so she could correct it quietly and save face. #whattagentleman.  Have I watched one too many dramas to see that? Am I reading too much into this scene? Has my brain started seeing things from a Eastern perspective? Maybe I need more Vietnamese coffee this morning–that usually fixes things for me!

Ok, time to lighten up!

Somebody got into SJW’s closet from HITTG and stole a blazer for HS to wear today!


Here’s a big fashion boo-boo for HB. What landfill did they dig this jacket up from?! A true sewing class project disaster–and the green tie looks like a wilted vegetable hanging around his neck:


Some extra fun stuff for a “change-up” (baseball pun intended)

….And the award for Worst Baseball Pitching Coach goes to….! Yep, you guessed it!–Choi Jae Ho!

As a nearly lifelong baseball fan, I have to howl in laughter at this next scene. JH calls over the pitcher for the “Eclipse” team. (For an in-depth discussion of the meaningfulness of that name, I refer you to the Soompi Forum, pg 202)


Then he gives the pitcher this valuable advice!


Bwahhaahaahaa! That’s so lame. I wouldn’t even tell a 9 year old to throw the ball with more force. If it was only that easy! Like I said before, if a pitcher can’t throw 90mph and above consistently, and be able to change speeds with a repertoire of curveballs and change-ups–he isn’t gonna stay in the big leagues for long, unless he’s a crafty left-hander with a lot of breaking pitches (curve and slider). At least JH is sorta holding the baseball correctly if he was going to pitch. Looks like his hands and arms are working pretty well these days.

And that white fielder’s glove Do Ah has….what is up with that?! Did they think that somebody watching this show would not know that having a pitcher use a white glove is completely illegal in MLB?! See rule 1.15 (source) And illegal in Little League too. I can’t imagine the rule would be any different in Korea. Why is it illegal? Well, the batter can’t pick up the baseball after the pitcher throws it with all that white in the background. It’s deceptive–oh, wait… just like JH is deceptive! I wonder if that’s why they had the pitcher use that particular glove in this scene. If so, then kudos to whoever thought of that. It’s a fabulous detail. If not…then I will “throw this pitch”:

Dear PD-nim: I am available for expert consulting advice on many aspects of American baseball, automobile performance and after-market modifications, as well as dental hygiene issues. Please feel free to e-mail me. I would be willing to exchange services for an RT plane ticket–LAX to Seoul and a couple of weeks stay at the Lotte Hotel. I’m sure we can work something out!

Even more fun stuff:

To date, the MLED Viki running comments have been filled with spewage (Spewage=spew + sewage) from the outspoken Anti-Adultery peanut gallery, obviously straight from their last meet-up in the SLA Viki running comments. They preach against adultery–even when it’s a contract/sham/forced/illegal/immoral/never consummated kind of marriage! But it appears there is now dissent–and not a moment too soon. Take a look at these gems from Viki–I captioned them to make it easier to read:

“Wheelchair husband needs to die”

hope wheelchair guy dies tbh he's the worst husband ever and he's not even the real father just a liarrrrrrrrrrr

“hope wheelchair guy dies tbh he’s the worst husband ever and he’s not even the real father just a liarrrrrrrrrrrrrr”

I’m dying of laughter….just like in SLA, where Kang was considered a sympathetic character at first, but by Episode 14, the comments about him looked just like these ones. Viki MLED viewers are a couple of episodes ahead of Viki SLA viewers, so my faith in humanity is restored for now. I will continue to monitor this treasure trove of comedy gold, since there appears to be some opposition to the Anti-Adultery crowd coming out of the woodwork!

One more Karma pic before the meetup at the Hotel–thanks to @seungshinl:


Unlike SLA or HITTG, I have hopes that this writer-nim will deal out some serious on-screen Karma to the crew of jerks who have lied to HS and ED and caused them untold amounts of grief and sadness. Personally, I am sick and tired of seeing the baddies in dramas get away with way too much. I know in RL the baddies don’t get what’s coming to them nearly enough. That’s why I want my TV dramas to fulfill an expectation of justice not often seen in the real world. I can dream, right?!

The Showdown at the Hotel:

Every time I rewatch this segment, it gets better. All the looks that are going around….if looks could kill, this would be a mass murder scene! The tension is so thick. I keep wondering: Is HS gonna lose it, or give up? Poor ED looks like she is out of her mind with anxiety–will she collapse from the stress?  What will that brat SR think of next to put a wrench into HS’s life? Is JH going to bait our volatile HS into a fight? How much longer will HB have his head and neck attached after this clusterf*** he had a hand in? All the reporters there snapping pictures and recording everything…how much damage to HS’s reputation could ensue from tonight’s guaranteed debacle?

On the rewatch, I wanted to make note of the other character’s reactions in this scene. Here’s HS’s manager DG–he’s shocked that JH has asked his boss to come up on stage–


And even crappy friend HB and HS’s backstabbing sister look concerned:


One of my favorite parts–where HS makes a pretty good “Yeeeer out!” gesture toward JH.


Love the smirk! HS Fighting! Any worries I had about HS giving up are swept away as his speech gets rolling. What a deep wellspring his heart has–he literally isn’t gonna give up until death separates him and ED.

And how does HS look daggers at JH one second, and then look at ED with that “I love you and you are mine” stare the next. What amazing acting from KTH, KSR and JJM! They rock this whole scene!

After the speech, ED is the first one to lose it. She gets up to leave:


and HS can’t take seeing ED struggle to get out of the wrist grab by JH. As they struggle, HS starts to lose it. Yeah, I’m thinking JH’s hands are just fine if he can grab ED’s arm like that! That lying liar! HS tries to get up as she leaves, but DG pushes him down–reminding him that things will be worse for ED if he goes after her here! But ten years of pent up emotions gets the better of HS as he cries out her name:


The hall goes silent and lucky for HS, manager DG is there to save the day!


Eun Dong-ah (은동아) sounds similar to Woon Dong Hwa (운동화) which means sneakers or athletic shoes. (Thank you Talking Translator app!) I think that’s why I try to learn as much Korean as I can from these dramas–I love puns, word plays, and jokes of that nature. DG continues the Save of a Lifetime for his boss:


covering for him as he bails out. I hope DG gets a big raise from his boss after tonight–he certainly deserves it! HS gets in the van and makes a getaway before any more damage is done. I have to love how HS rips the battery out of his phone and throws it down after he sees who was trying to call him. Heh, another electronic device sacrificed in a temper tantrum. Gosh, I wouldn’t know anything about that! /sarc

Who was calling him?


Yeah, I don’t think HS’s gonna take your call ever again. #whattabitch

OK, back to slightly more serious stuff:

While ED is finally reading the letter that the Halmoni from the literacy class found after 10 years under her couch (lol, and I thought I was a bad housekeeper!) we get a flashback to teenage HS and pre-teen ED. HS, looking every bit like a tween girl’s dream rebel boy, pulls up on his motorcycle and helps them push a cart of recyclable cardboard up a hill.


It’s easy to see ED fell in love with him at first sight.  Right then and there, her heart was all-in for him.


Just like she said–she loved him first. She recognized him when he laid the motorcycle down in the rain,


sliding out and tripping her…he took her to the hospital on his back in the downpour.


And stays with her to make sure she’s okay:


It makes a lot more sense now that she went to court to get him off the hook and keep him out of Juvie. As a result of her taking a moment to be thankful to the boy who helped her, HS turned his life around. Instead of becoming a “drop-kick” (love that slang phrase–defined as a young man who is aimless and probably headed straight for jail after high school) he straightened up. I don’t think HS had any kind of plan for his life beyond the next day before meeting ED. He quit skipping school, stopped getting in trouble, and most importantly–he found a soft and tender place in his heart he never knew existed prior to meeting ED.

ED tells her Granny that if a man could be an angel, it would be him. I think ED was right–If I was 13, I’d think Junior/HS does indeed have the face of an angel. The current me thinks JJM/HS has the face of an angel. And the body as well….I wonder if Junior will look like JJM in 20 years–that’s not a bad fate if you ask me!  Will he be rockin’ the white shirt too? Oh, wait–back to the drama. Sorry!

So the point here I am trying to make is that you never know the effect of some seemingly insignificant thing you may say or do, and how that might determine your future. This goes back to the whole discussion on Karma (see pg 179 of the Soompi forum board regarding JH’s wheelchair and the tongue-in-cheek choice by Writer and/or PD-nim, and the post by @jadecloud on pg.186 regarding the poetry HS and ED read to each other). You could also call it the law of sowing and reaping. If HS had never stopped to help ED and her Granny that day, literally everything changes in his life.

Thinking about this motivates me to be on my toes every day. I need to remember–look for an opportunity to help someone out. Say something encouraging. Assume the best and not the worst. Instead of reacting with anger when the line is long, sympathize with others and compliment the worker that at least they are trying their best. Do the right thing. Be kind when I don’t have to be, and always keep truth and honesty as the highest priority. What if today, I do one little thing that makes a big difference in someone’s life? I hope I can keep my heart and my eyes open and not miss a situation because I am overly preoccupied with myself and my own worries. HS didn’t miss his appointment with destiny, and neither did ED. They deserve each other, and they deserve to be happy together.


Today’s Side Story–feel free to skip if you want!

My parents gave me a huge ration of grief when I found out I was pregnant with my youngest son. After having a daughter who was a handful, two miscarriages, and a developmentally-delayed autistic son with health problems requiring multiple surgeries (he’s 100% fine now BTW)  they questioned my sanity, and that of my then-husband. They strongly hinted for me to have an abortion ASAP. In their minds, they didn’t understand why would I want to tempt fate and have another child to add to my burden–especially one who in their minds might have even worse problems than my son already had.

I was determined that no matter what, that was never, ever, ever gonna happen. I didn’t ‘two-time’ religions like HS’s mom, but let’s put it this way–I understand about praying for your kids both before and after they are born. My then-husband and I had originally wanted a large (3+ kids) family. His mental issues had stabilized (albeit temporarily) and I thought things were turning a corner for us. He had just found a great new job and we had health insurance benefits and a pension plan. Still, I was crushed–it hurt me to hear things like that from my mom and dad.

One of my dental patients back then was the father of a friend of mine. She had four siblings, so she grew up in a fairly large family. He noticed I was very quiet one day when he came in–and he asked me what was going on. I told him what was happening, and how upset I was regarding my parents. I was about 4 months pregnant at the time. He talked to me for several minutes after his appointment, telling me that I was doing the right thing by choosing life, and having a large-ish family, and that I would never regret it. His words of encouragement to me were so amazing and profound. I’ve never forgotten them. I hung on to those words not only during my pregnancy, but long afterward as well.

My friend and her parents moved away, we lost contact, and 16 years went by–then she showed up at my office one day. I told her what her father had said to me all those years ago, and how meaningful it was to me. Unfortunately, her father passed away a year before I saw her, so she wasn’t able to relay my message of gratitude to him. She said that this was not the first time someone had told her a story like this. Her dad was that kind of man, with a gift to encourage others.

HS made a seemingly simple, almost random decision when he took a single moment from his life to help a little girl and her granny who were struggling. HS’s payoff for a moment of help–the blessing of finding his soulmate; the love of a lifetime. I wonder–how many good things came to that man who encouraged me? You might be wondering if I am crazy enough to think I need to be repaid for every little bit of kindness, or for every good deed? Of course not. But like HS said in his speech at the hotel–you can never be sure of things in this life. Angels often come in human form, just like HS did when he helped out ED and her Granny. I like to think ED was given a gift that day as well–beyond just help with the heavy cart. She knew someone cared about her, and tried to make her life better, even if it was just for a few minutes. Because her heart was moved at HS’s kindness, she could make the decision to go down to the police station and court and do what she could to get him off the hook. Doing the right thing like HS did that day seems to have the domino effect of opening doors to a better life, not just for the person you help–but your own self as well.


6 thoughts on “Karma, Impressions and a few contrarian thoughts: “My Love Eun Dong” Episode 10

  1. Awesome blog shamrockmom ! May I point this one out as my favourite among many great stuff you have here.

    “Unlike SLA or HITTG, I have hopes that this writer-nim will deal out some serious on-screen Karma to the crew of jerks who have lied to HS and ED and caused them untold amounts of grief and sadness. “

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  2. Where to start? I knew I should’ve taken notes.The scene in the van — 4 views, not one very different from the other! How did he convey so much satisfaction without moving any facial muscles — and I looked really closely! WOW.The critique of the guys’ fashion was too much! i had to go back to see who the HITTG guy was — how could I forget him!
    I’m worried about the Viki Anti-Adultery Association crowd — suppose they hear about you trash talking them and bring their gang over here? or follow us to Soompi? OH, I’d better let go of that terrifying thought! Actually, back when I had the comments turned on, I thought I saw some of them on Drama Fever! Like Jerry Springer said, sort of said, even those folks have a right to a forum (excuse me Soompi, not you) to express themselves. OK — NEXT!
    But I like the overall take you have on “karma’ and the unforeseeable effects of even one small good deed. Your own story is a perfect example. How often we read stories about these good deeds in Reader’s Digest, or they become a story in a TV Movie-of the Week. I need that inspiration!
    Happy to have found MLED and the forum —As described in some War Craft sites, The MLED Forum acts as a “force multiplier” and I can enjoy the drama that much more! Loved your recap & had me laughing out loud again. I
    After SLA & HITTG, my take-away-revelation is that I can not predict when “this perfect storm” will occur again. Not like the science of weather, is it? Can’t just pick a drama like a Book-of-the-Month discussion book either. Kind of like “falling in love” and wishing won’t make it happen. Think SR learned that yet?

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