Highlights and Goodies from Episode 9 “My Love Eun Dong”

Fun stuff first today, before I get into more serious discussion:

“This is funny only to me” Department:

I love how HS has been consistently shown to have the thought processes of a teenage boy throughout the show.  I had to grab a screencap of this because to me, HS is still 16 between his ears!

*All screencaps from Tiveee.com


The front grill of his Chevrolet van….has flames!  I can 100% assure you–that is not a stock item from the manufacturer! I could imagine in Korea, if you were a Top Star riding around in a super expensive, gas guzzling, American-made van conversion, you might think it would look pretty darn badass to have a grill insert with flames. But around here in SoCal, it looks like you are a punk–a wannabe who slapped some cheap aftermarket goodies from Pep Boys on your ride to impress your High School classmates who are hanging out at the local 7-11! I’m surprised HS didn’t go for the grill insert with the red LED lights, so it actually glows like real flames! I have to wonder if the van has been lowered, with a body modification kit as well. It would sure fit in with those grill flames! What a hilarious detail–many thanks again to the writer for providing comic relief in all kinds of different ways for me.

More “HS is still a teenager” evidence:

This next exchange between HS and ED gives a lot of credibility to the theory postulated by @docster6 on the Soompi forum board that men are often really shy creatures who can get quite flustered around the lady they love:


I might buy that….he was pretty hesitant around ED after they met again. He nearly fainted just asking her out to the movies, even though he put on a great show of bravado, boldly telling her he wanted to win her fair and square. Heh, he should have known he had the capability to be an actor back then.

Look at that puppy-dog expression…my heart melts…


I remember that scene–he was too shy to even hold her hand at first! Just like he is right now! After all, she was seeing another guy back then aka the Lying Liar JH. And that guy is still a thorn in HS’s backside! He gently accuses ED of planning it all out..which she vehemently denies:


I think she may say that, but the truth is she wouldn’t have accepted the date if she really didn’t want to go. ED would not have told HS to “Increase the speed” if she didn’t want to give him a extra-large glowing “green light” signal to proceed with the skinship. Now things move into the present, and a slightly more mature HS knows what he wants, and isn’t as afraid to go for it. He reminds ED, that as he said in the audio files–


Sh replies that saying that was okay back then…and he wants to know–what about now?  Sadly, the conversation degenerates into ED saying she’s talking about ED in the audio file, and he tries to get her to admit that she is ED. However, she does ask him if he’s mad, and we get this sterling observation:


HS’s legendary short fuse when it comes to ED has been well documented. From beating up the bullies at the corner mini mart when he was 17, to pulling the ring off her finger and throwing it in the lake, he acts first and thinks later. Tonight, he stutters and stumbles around…then smiles as he realizes his 90-tailed fox has outwitted him again.


If the first episode had not been so perfectly written by writer-nim, and so well acted by Junior and LJI, none of the rest of this drama would have flown. Because young HS acted in such a pure way toward ED, it’s not hard to buy that he would continue in that mindset. I don’t find it shocking that he’s been celibate for 10 years. His 90-tailed fox has trapped him and sealed his mind from a young age, protecting and preserving his innocence. Looking at other ladies just doesn’t cut it for him.

The Depths of Despair:

Once again, writer-nim takes a worn out K-drama trope and puts a new spin on it. How many times have we all seen one half of the OTP drink themselves into oblivion because the other half of the OTP has temporarily rejected them, or they are forcibly separated from each other? This time, we get to see some stark confessions and harsh reality intruding as the alcohol intervenes, and I am content that this is not minimized or sugarcoated in any way. In fact, this whole scene really shakes me up. It’s much more emotional to watch this than when the OTP yell at each other out of frustration.

I want to state for the record how much I hate drunks. I don’t drink myself, and I don’t like to hang out with people who don’t know when to put a lid on the drinking. I prefer to hang out with people who don’t drink at all in front of me. My uncle totaled my HS graduation gift of a new car when I was 18 because my parents let him take it out without my permission, then he got drunk and crashed it into the center divider of the freeway. Thank goodness he didn’t kill anyone! (Yes, my parents bought me another new car.) I absolutely refuse to go to any after-hours gatherings at my work because my coworkers and bosses don’t always know when to stop either. I won’t even begin to get into some of those stories, except to say that I am shocked that no one in my office has been pulled over for a DUI or been in an accident to date. All of my kids’ friends that I have taken in over the years had one common denominator–an alcoholic parent. I don’t have anything against alcohol in moderation–it’s just that it doesn’t always work that way.

At least HS has the good sense to warn his manager DG and buddy HB that he’s about to get stupid-drunk:


They quickly show up for damage control, and I am quite thankful that HS is not a loud and obnoxious drunk. Instead he’s sitting drinking quietly in a corner as his fans take pics of him–


DG and HB shoo the photo-happy fans away. Heaven knows those pics will be up all over the ‘net in an hour….

HB tries to help HS in a strange way–He spouts a load of BS nonsense, reminding him of their friendship, and:


The smell of fresh BS seems to penetrate through the alcohol induced fog, and I think the subbers cleaned up what HS said here:


Because of this comment from HB:


But then, the brutally honest confession from HS comes out:


He’s got it all–money, fame, material goods, and he could even have a plastic-perfect Chaebol woman for a wife if he wanted to…but all of that is meaningless because the pain is so deep:


HB whines that he’s lonely and so does DG. Then HS says something that shocks me. Should he just:


WTH?? Omo, did he really say that? My heart sinks. How depressing..he’s giving up, the pain of losing ED again is too much. Never underestimate what depression and loneliness combined with a lack of hope will do to a person. This is when I start to lose it and reach for the Kleenex. Knowing what he’s gone through….all the lies, the deceit, and he’s never hurt anyone else. HS reminds his friends that SR is a chaebol’s daughter. Perhaps:


I hope that this next line from HB is tongue-in-cheek. If it isn’t, I may have to fly over to Korea, find Sarge, and the two of us will scold this guy since HS will be too hungover to do the job correctly. He’s been punched out a couple of times before, so if we merely scold HB, I’m sure it won’t be a problem:


HB is a regular fountain of BS today, saying that when you are lonely, you need to think of your first love! Since HB married his first love, that doesn’t work for him:


Dude, STFU already! I think HS would give up everything for the simple married life with ED. HB thinks HS would have been “done” if he would have married ED. HS agrees. They would have probably fought all the time. Yet:


He would have been more than happy to have a bickering, nagging wife–as long as it was ED!

Side note–I had one set of grandparents that I will call “The Bickerfords”. They picked at and corrected each other all the time–but it wasn’t in a bad way, it was just their personalities. They traveled extensively after they retired, and when they came back from their vacations, we would go to their house for dinner. As a kid, I used to enjoy keeping count of how many times they contradicted each other over some detail of their trip. It would get increasingly difficult after 40 or 50 “fact discrepancies”! When my Grandfather passed away, my Grandmother became profoundly depressed–after 55 years, there was no one to bicker with anymore. She passed away less than 9 months later; I begged her to hang in there until my son was born so she could see her great grandson, but it wasn’t enough.

HS then asks the timeless question:


wondering how ED could love another man and have his child. He hasn’t finished loving her yet, plus she is still so pretty. HB and DG look like they are shocked by this outpouring of feelings from their friend. DG especially looks like he is about to cry for his boss.

HS–your life is crappy because a bunch of a-holes have made it crappy. I fear what you are going to do when you find out the extent of the lies that ED’s adopted mother and father, and JH have told to wipe out your life and ED’s life–and your innocent son as well. I wonder how you can keep your years of pent up anger from destroying any future you might be able to have with ED. How large will your heart have to be to forgive these jerks (at least at some level) and enjoy the next part of your life? I could see where the bitterness and anger from the last 10 years could destroy your soul if you let it.

The comic relief in the second half of this scene gives me a chance to grab some new Kleenex. Sarge is waiting for the guys when they get back to HS’s bachelor pad:


Which he does!


Yes, always know when to salute! HS is deposited in his bedroom, and his buddies have some questions for Sarge before they bail out for the night. She is making some kind of restorative for him since he’s filming…


Oooh, what’s that? I’m gonna guess that what she’s making is a ginseng-jujube tea. According to the link, boiling it the way Sarge is doing it would make the scent permeate the whole house, which HB has already noticed. My guess is the bellflower is added in to help make his voice clear. Between K-dramas and going to a DAOM for my menopause issues, I’ve learned an enormous amount of info on Chinese/Korean herbs and food remedies…in fact, it was a K-drama that gave me the idea to find a DAOM in the first place!

HB’s inquiring mind wants to know if Sarge will undress her boss or wash his feet since he’s passed out drunk. Now I know he’s drunk too, or he would never have the guts to ask her something like that! Sarge tells them in no uncertain terms that’s not gonna happen:


Nice to know Sarge and I agree on one thing. I’ve kicked patients out of the dental office before when they have shown up drunk to an appointment. No way am I treating them when they’re wasted–I call them a cab and send them home.

And frankly, these two blokes don’t look so good right now either! HB makes Sarge promise to have some hangover soup ready to go for her boss tomorrow morning, and she chases them away, saying they are halfway between normal and wasted! Fun times are over for now, and HS is in a world of alcohol induced pain. The morning light streams in as reality hits. He stumbles from his bed to flop on the couch:


I have to like how he goes over the back of the couch, not around–too much trouble. Just like a teenager would.


Have we ever seen him sleep in a bed? Why do I have this sneaking suspicion he sleeps on the couch most, or maybe even all of the time? I wonder if he misses ED so much he can’t be in a bed by himself after being seduced by her and “buried deep underground”. He doesn’t last long on the couch, as he needs to make a stumble-run to the bathroom to barf, and he looks pretty wrecked afterward.


No sugarcoating here–just the reality that the alcohol didn’t fix anything, and now he’s got a day of filming coming up with a mighty hangover. Oh, and he has to deal with Sarge too. That’s another whole headache right there!  More Advil, please!

HS already has everything from a material standpoint in his life. Now what he really wants most in his life is the simple companionship with the woman he loves and sharing day-to-day mundane activities. The sequence where he imagines what it would be like to have ED as his (beautiful) nagging wife is deeply moving, and makes me need even more Kleenex. His tears at the end of the sequence give me the feeling he is coming to the end of his rope. Will he do something desperate, or will he give in to the black hole of depression?

One thing I do have to comment on is this scene:


There is a limit to togetherness, and for me, it stops with the toothbrush! I hear this all the time at my dental office–one spouse uses the other one’s toothbrush. To me, that’s just gross. Yet when I was married, I’d catch my now ex-husband doing this all the time. I simply brought a lot of toothbrushes home from work, and if I caught him using mine, I’d throw it out and grab a new one. Sharing other things–fine. But not a toothbrush! I love K-drama’s for their portrayals of daily oral hygiene as the norm, and dental visits that show dentists as normal, everyday people instead of freaks like I’ve seen in US and UK TV shows!


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