Side fun from “My Love Eun Dong” Episode 8

I wanted to take a break from the white hot intensity of our OTP getting closer to a reunion to share a couple of fun things I found while re-watching MLED Episode 8:

After HS/EH gets a message from ED inviting him out to dinner, he comes home to change and is confronted by his over-the-top militaristic housekeeper who I will call “Sarge“. She’s ticked off because he said he would be eating at home tonight, and she made a special chicken risotto dinner for him. Since he got the dinner invite from ED, that’s never gonna happen. To save his hide make her feel better, he rooks his manager DG and his pal HB to go over and eat Sarge’s dinner, then puts a HS/EH style spin on it!


They find her cooking quite tasty, and since he’s not there, the friends rake HS/EH over the coals about his picky/fussy eating habits.  They call his taste buds “cheap” and that he likes salty and greasy food, so he’d never like this dish!  I guiltily admit to chuckling over the fact that these two dudes can’t imagine why Sarge is divorced, since she’s such a good cook!  In their thinking, the fact that a woman is a good cook means she’s a keeper, no matter what!  I have a slightly uncomfortable feeling they are more right than I want to admit. (I am a bad cook, so I feel intimidated, lol!) Then HB makes this comment:


Okay I think…wonder what Taru is? It must be some sort of candy..maybe a pastry, right?  Nope. Wrong question: It’s who….Taru is a Korean indie pop singer, with a cute, breathy, little-girl voice. She has sung a number of songs featured in older K-dramas. HB has the dates a little off, because some of these songs came out in the mid ’00’s to early ’10’s so they would have been in college–unless of course Taru was just starting out as a relative unknown back then, maybe just in their local area. Here’s a music video I found where she’s on the soundtrack of a popular K-drama “My Princess”

Okay, that’s some pretty sweet stuff. Nothing new here…we already know our HS/EH was a mushy and romantic guy back in the day. But it’s this video and the K-drama it’s from that interests me more:

From “Save the Last Dance for Me”, a 2004 K-drama with some remarkable plot similarities to MLED.  Plot synopsis from the Wikipedia page:

“Hyun-woo (Ji Sung) is the reluctant future successor of his father’s chemical company and engaged to be married to Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young). Eun-soo (Eugene) lives a simple life, running a bed and breakfast with her elderly father. Their two lives collide one fateful night when after a failed attempt on his life, Hyun-woo loses his memory in a car accident. Discovered on the roadside by Eun-soo and her father, they take him in and nurse him back to health. Over the course of his recovery, Eun-soo and Hyun-woo (whom she has named “Baek Chang-ho”) fall in love.

On the day of their engagement, Eun-soo’s father passes away. Following another attempt on Hyun-woo’s life and a resulting accident, Hyun-woo regains his original memory but forgets the year he spent with Eun-soo. He leaves Eun-soo and seek out his past life.

Eun-soo is determined to find her lost love and travels to the city where she meets Hyun-woo again. Slowly Hyun-woo falls in love with Eun-soo again. A close confidant of Hyun-woo, Tae-min is revealed as a traitor seeking to gain control of Hyun-woo’s company. Tae-min is ultimately exposed and Hyun-woo regains ownership of the company.

In a final desperate attempt to get revenge on Hyun-woo, Tae-min tries to run him over, but instead of Hyun-woo showing up, Eun-soo does. This accident paralyzes her from the waist down. Refusing to be a burden to Hyun-woo, Eun-soo disappears and works as a teacher at a home for disabled children. Until one day, Hyun-woo sees a familiar drawing, and after a year of searching, he finds Eun-soo and the lovers reunite. The final credits show Eun-soo slowly learning to walk again with Hyun-woo’s assistance.”

Wow!  Sounds like MLED with a couple of extra twists!  I am liking this writer-nim more and more for throwing in all these little details. I can only guess our romantically minded HS/EH either watched that on TV or maybe he even auditioned for it! Looks like another classic melo reference too–this writer knows ’em all, whether 90’s HK cinema (which I now know a lot more about, thanks to MLED!) or older K-dramas! I will have to add this one to a growing list of shows I want to watch. Lucky for me, it’s on Yay!

P.S. Yes this is the drama where LBY and JS first met..and fell in love. They are now married with a little baby….How utterly romantic, right? Another reason I think this reference is in MLED–a RL, honest to goodness pure love story with a Happily Ever After!

Here’s another fun item: HS/EH is always reading scripts in his spare time.  What is he reading today?


Crumbs…it’s upside down. Let’s fix that:


Okay, now I can read the Hangul characters…but what does it say? For us non-Korean speakers, Google translate and Bing translate are practically worthless. I have only had slightly better luck with an online translator Since I don’t have @seungshinl’s ability to translate every single thing I want to read in Korean every day, I can only look longingly at sites like Daum Cafe or Naver–the True Holy Grails of K-drama info, trivia, netizen comments, rumors, gossip, and previews. For this little side project, I wanted to try something new. On a whim, I decided to use my phone’s app called Talking Translator. This is the app I found for my daughter to use last summer at the day camp when she had kids that only spoke Korean. It worked pretty good for speaking. The kids understood it. My daughter could have them speak into the phone and she could get an idea of what they needed too. Would it be just as good for a written translation? I put the Hangul characters in from my downloaded Hangul keyboard app….and it comes up:

“I’m a Lover”

OMG. Seriously….That is hilarious! I think it was @jadecloud on the Soompi board who provided the translated title of the book JH was reading in bed: “Honey, I’m Sorry”! You can bet I’ll be looking for more of these in the future!  Daebak, writer-nim!


2 thoughts on “Side fun from “My Love Eun Dong” Episode 8

  1. Great detective work! I am truly impressed Not just one app, but two apps that are actually useful by “foreigners” like me! Thank you!.
    And the research on a name — so much info. from so little given out (by the Writer).


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