Side post–My Love Eun Dong Ep. 1–“Comrades: Almost A Love Story” Updated

From Episode 1, about the 49 minute mark…we see HS, learning to act, going to auditions and botching them up, and singing with his great voice! Later on, HS is sitting in front of the television, watching a movie…..


(Screencaps from because it’s easier for me, lol!)




Wow. This movie is bringing our HS to tears…and we know he doesn’t cry a lot!



What movie is this? Is this a “Hidden Treasure Nugget” which will provide some clue to the possible ending of MLED? Or will it merely enrich my life, as I learn something new while adding to the fun of watching K-dramas. After the research for the German movie that I knew played into HITTG,  I had to dig into this one too. I didn’t have much to go on. I knew who would know about this movie if I showed her the video clip–the lady who cuts my hair speaks Mandarin. Yes, the same person who watches K-dramas subbed in Mandarin, while I watch with English subs–and everyone else in the shop laughs at us! But she’s off today. Drat. This is one of the times I’m all about instant gratification. I put the lyrics into Google, thinking I had a snowball’s chance….then this came up:

Whoa! It’s Luhan!  Even an old lady like me knows who that guy is…..he recently bailed out of EXO causing a veritable firestorm of controversy, he has a huge fandom, he’s been in some popular movies in China recently. Then I notice the words “Comrades: Almost A Love Story” in the upper left corner. So that’s the next step….and yes, that’s the movie HS is watching. You can read all about it here, and even watch the whole thing with English subs on YouTube for free!  The end of that movie that we see HS watching on the little TV in MLED is a tribute to Teresa Teng, who sings the song in the background. She died tragically from either a heart attack or an asthma attack about the same time this movie came out in the mid ’90’s. I love this description from the linked article: “Her voice was also described as being “like weeping and pleading, but with strength, capable of drawing in and hypnotizing listeners. Songwriter Tsuo Hung-yun said Teng’s voice was “seven parts sweetness, three parts tears.” What a perfect choice for this drama; the sweetness/tears ratio seems about right to me! Luhan was asked to re-record this song since the movie was recently released in Mainland China. (Link from Soompi) Cool. Now I have a movie to occupy myself with while waiting for the next MLED episode!

The second trailer from the show is our OTP reenacting that classic scene:

And here’s a picture set from

Uh, oh. That was Trailer #2. I watched all the Webisodes the other day. Maybe I need to check out the other trailers now. Trailer #1–nothing new here. Here’s Trailer #3–an angsty little piece with a sort-of European feel that makes my heart pound. Honestly for me, this trailer is a FF waiting to happen!

OMG, the music takes my breath away! I watch this clip over and over, it’s totally addictive. It almost could be from Secret Love Affair–that’s actually the first thing I thought of. The way it’s filmed, looking through the tree branches at first, then EH’s shadow on the wall is totally SLA. EH looks like he can barely keep his emotions under control. ED is crying as they embrace. My mind is completely blown as they ride in a dark taxi where she leans on him, and they hold each others hands. (I wrote a taxi scene like that in my SLA Episode 16 FF, and to watch it nearly come to life in front of me–it’s hard to describe the feelings). Wow. Could this be an upcoming scene in the show?

The music–If you liked the music from SLA, you’re gonna love this too. Is it from a soundtrack? Answer–Yes! Took me a while to track this down. It’s from a 2000 HK movie “In the Mood for Love” with the same lead actress that was in “Comrades: A Love Story”. You can watch it here on YouTube with English subtitles. The name of the piece is “Yumeiji’s Theme”.

According to the website, the music is taken from a Japanese film “Yumeiji“, a biography of Takehiro Yumeiji, a poet and artist, and composed by Umebayashi Shigeru. Even cooler–I found an arrangement for solo piano that I think even a rookie like me can play–with a whole bunch of practice, of course! Woo-Hoo!

Is this a reenactment scene from “In the Mood for Love” as well? Does any of this tie in with the poetry/lit reading in HS’s classroom at the 27:00 mark? I will have to watch the movies this week and update this post!  Stay tuned….

Trailer #4 has Tim McGraw and Faith Hill singing, “Meanwhile, back at Mama’s” in the background–and that seems pretty perfect too in a way, knowing what a close couple they are, our OTP is a lovely parallel. I gotta hand it to the music director of MLED for finding some great tunes for the main soundtrack and for the trailers.


2 thoughts on “Side post–My Love Eun Dong Ep. 1–“Comrades: Almost A Love Story” Updated

  1. You are amazing! You are so lucky to have that friend who watches kdramas subbed in Mandarin! Just this past weekend I had resolved to watch this movie on Youtube at a site listed under this name: Filmgeek Domain. The print looked good and it had English subs. Now you’re reminding me I really want to see it. But how did you see it on that teeny weeny screen in that old TV? Such a beautiful song and voice!
    I also got interested in the film kind of “sideways” via someone of the interviews.articles posted on the Soompi MLE forum. Kim Sa Rang told a story about a little boy who hurt her feeling when he said she looked like (—a mangled actress’s name—) Teresa Teng, with the same very white skin. KSR said she only knew much later what a compliment he paid her!
    Thank you for this beautiful side journey. Really another great drama ensemble, isn’t it?

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  2. Wow, shamrockmom, this is awesome. Very nice iteration of how these could all tie together. That SLA like scene of the against the wall and in the car. Gives me the chills.


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