Fluffy, Mindless Fun: EXO Next Door Episodes 1 and 2

As much as Shamrockmom loves the intensity of a good drama like SLA or HITTG, there are times she wants to shut her mind down and just enjoy something fun. Excellent examples: “The Mermaid” (what a shame it got cut, I loved that show even though it had no plot, and didn’t know what to do with Song Jae Rim) and “Modern Farmer”. I also have a fuzzy memory of this past Christmas day, feeling sorry for myself that my oldest son was working, and my daughter was with her boyfriend and his family. I missed my mom too, she always made Christmas a Major Family Event. My youngest son and I were too depressed and lazy to even put up a Christmas tree. The two of us spent Christmas Day eating leftover Chinese food and an assortment of cookies and ice cream while watching a trifecta of movies that killed off our brain cells in a criminally efficient manner. (“The Interview”, “Harold and Kumar’s Christmas”, and “The Dictator”) We still talk about how fun and relaxing that was to lay around all day in pajamas, watching bad movies and eating junk food.

So while cruising around DramaFever, I came upon this little subscribers-only mini series “EXO Next Door” Now being in my age bracket, translated as old enough to be the mom of these young gentlemen, and having minimal K-pop knowledge, I decided to check this out. I did recognize DO from “It’s Okay That’s Love”, and since he did a fine job in that series, I figured I could risk a paltry 15 minutes of my time on the first episode while I ate lunch one day.

First Episode–This must have been written by a 15 year old girl–and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s the purest sort of FF fluff; having a group of cute and famous young guys in a band move in next door to you; the shy and dorky heroine. Supposedly, Yeon Hee is 23, and blushes furiously at having to buy maxi-pads (with wings!) at the corner mini-mart. The creators of the show even photoshop in some extra pink for her cheeks, so we know for sure-for sure she’s embarrassed! It makes me face-palm–but not in a bad way either. She’s a klutz–I can relate to that, and she’s naive. When her brother in the red track suit tells her there are some very hot looking men moving in next door, I bust up laughing. Men? Uhh…no, I don’t think so. Cute boys moving in next door–that I would buy. Gosh, those guys in EXO look like little kids next to my sons who are the same age. Now if Cha Seung Won, Joo Jin Mo, Oh Ji Ho, Kam Woo Sung and Lee Sang Yoon (gotta have a maknae!) moved in next door to Shamrockmom…now that would be my idea of relatively age appropriate hot men next door! (I have another list for my “noona version” of hot men next door too!) You better believe that Shamrockmom’s friend Kaciesmom would be over at the House too with her binoculars planted on LSY, and a bag of pastries for us from 85 degrees if those dudes moved in next door. Maybe Yoo Oh Sung (the actor who played Ki Chul in Spy) could make a cameo appearance from time to time, like Kai did in Episode 2. Shoot, this could be a web series too!

The second episode spends a lot of time recapping episode 1. I have to chuckle at the boys following the scent of fresh rice cakes. Whether in the US or Korea–young men are attracted to food and cute girls; it’s only the order that changes from time to time. Then things ramp up a bit. The boys from EXO note that YH is watching them like a stalker through the window with her plastic kiddie binoculars (Hint: Go big or go home. Get a proper set from REI!) So they decide to prank her…DO watches YH through the window, while Baekhyun and Sehun get on the couch…..and pretend they are making out!


Whoa! Whoa! I nearly fall off my own couch as I choke on my Vietnamese Coffee!  OMG, after the millions of FF that are out there about these guys and what they do or don’t do with each other….that’s some seriously funny meta-humor! YH sinks behind her bed, totally flustered, and in my mind, I’m sitting right next to her. I am sure these guys from EXO get it….and I have to admit I love the tongue-in-cheek humor.

It looks like there are 16 episodes, each about 15 minutes long. I think this might be bite sized fun–and if it gets too dopey, I haven’t wasted too much of my life on the silliness.


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