Thoughts and Highlights–HITTG Episode 25 “Too Much Meddling”

Sadly, the tone of this drama has changed to unrelentingly serious and dark, and I wonder if it’s the change in production team, or the pressure on the writer because of the episode cut. Perhaps it’s just the storyline, and it will perk up again after a few episodes.

Episode 25–starts with IS, coming home to the Joseon Mansion–without his son and his wife.


He looks around, then goes over to the Prison study room, as his parents voices ring out: “You made the right decision.”  “You don’t need to worry.” “We’ll take care of the rest.” “Don’t worry and get some sleep.” I’m surprised they didn’t include the nine most frightening words in the English Language: “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help“!

To his credit, IS doesn’t respond to the banalities, and slowly climbs the stairs, only to run into his sister. She chides him for not answering the Evil Parents–


IS assures his sis–It’s for real. Heh–notice her t-shirt says “Lucky” on it?  #LuckyNotLucky if you ask me! I swear the characters in this wear some of the most ironic clothing…although it was nice a couple episodes ago to see IS/Lee Joon wear a t-shirt to promote UN relief to the Nepal Earthquake victims. As he goes in their bedroom, he hallucinates an image of SB, right after she gave birth to JY:


looking just as sad and lost as I remember from that second episode. IS, ya shoulda left right then, and saved everyone the grief–especially your wife and child. He takes a good look at the photos of the three of them:


And then at the poster that symbolized their idealism:


Then he does what any frustrated, angry young man would do–he puts his fist through the glass:


I love the way the PD-nim shot this scene. We don’t see IS’s face as he steps behind the pillar–that’s left to our imagination. Yet hearing his heavy breathing along with the shattered glass falling to the ground is profound. There’s no BGM, just eerie quiet as IS chokes out a sob.

Raising teenage boys pretty much guarantees you will have at least one incident like this, and probably a lot more. I used to have a pile of scrap wood in the backyard and an old dented baseball bat. I had no compunction about sending either one of my sons out there to beat on it to their heart’s content if they were angry and frustrated. It probably prevented a lot of other stuff from getting broken. I eventually bought a punching bag and put it in the garage–a great investment! Boys have to physically get it out of their systems, so it was in everyone’s best interest to do it in a relatively non-destructive way. The sons are older now and can handle things better. And sometimes it’s the big boys too–when my youngest son and I went on a tour of Angel Stadium a few years ago, it was interesting to see that the entire hallway between the locker room and the dugout bench was full of nicks in the concrete from baseball bats. MLB players call them “snaps”!

YJ comes running, and she must have grabbed the family’s first aid tackle box too:


The cuts on his knuckles look pretty minimal, but she cleans and bandages his hand up. YJ is way smarter than I’ve given her credit for–she knows that right now, SB doesn’t see just IS, but:


YJ doesn’t know how SB could even kiss him like that! IS grumbles:


My Dad used to say to me when I was growing up, “Fair ends in Kindergarten”! In fact, he may have said that before I got to Kindergarten! It’s more evidence that my father and Evil Daddy’s father must have met each other when my father traveled to SK many years ago. IS replays SB telling him how disappointed she is in him, and if he could live with her (in poverty) as he lies sleepless on the couch in their former bedroom:


I note two things here–he didn’t bother to change into more comfortable clothes to sleep in, nor did he sleep alone in the bed they used to share. Reminds me again of Eun Ki in “Maids”–he never shared a bed with that brat his parents forced him to marry either, and I had to admire him for doing that. Now my question is–will IS get his act together, or will he walk away from his son and his wife?

Things aren’t too great over at Camp Seo either. Mama Seo plays with JY while SB second-guesses herself:


Mama Seo dishes out more generic advice to think about it later, after she’s had some sleep, and then forget about it all. *snort* Yeah, right! I don’t think that’s gonna fly with your daughter:


If this were any other K-drama, I wouldn’t worry. I’d know that eventually the OTP will get back together. However, with this writer/PD-nim, there’s no telling where they could go with the story line now. I can sit around and hope that IS and SB will be together at the end, but there’s no guarantees…Mama Seo rips a page out of Shamrockmom’s playbook with this idea:


Yeah, that was my Episode 1 plan….maybe you should try it out now! SB kinda evades the question by saying, “The rich should come to the poor,” which I understand from her point of view (she wants IS to come to her home, since his house is a den of lying, deceit and treachery) but maybe there is a compromise in between? Like having their own place? Just sayin’! I think even Mama Seo knows that the sadness is doing the talking for her right now. SB tells her mom not to worry–


SB, your Mom’s FT job is to worry!  You will find that out real soon too! Every mom worth her salt worries 24/7/365. I have no doubt SB means what she says here. It’s telling that SB is ready to walk away from IS even though she really loves him because of the abuse/brainwashing she’s been put through by the Evil Parents.

Back at the Joseon Mansion, IS hasn’t moved from the couch….he will need a chiropractor after a few more nights curled up like that!  He looks pretty wrecked:


IS manages a shower and a change of clothes, as the staff wonder WTF happened last night:


IS sits down with his parents, and asks them (way too nicely) to not interfere, and to leave him and SB alone. Surprisingly, Evil Daddy agrees! IS asks for the use of the car and driver (Whaaat?? Doesn’t IS know how to drive?! He needs to learn ASAP!) and when Evil Mommy dredges up that he never asked for the car before, IS has this comeback:


Oh, no. I was afraid of this…IS’s gonna start acting like an arrogant jerk now, because he thinks he’s the victim here!  Evil Mommy reinforces my thought process:


Eh, no. IS has hardly changed anything about his life, where SB totally upended her life to live with his family. Evil Daddy can hardly contain himself:


Hey, Evil Daddy! Happy now that your cult member is back in the fold? I see you unbuttoned your collar to make it easier, but don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back! Evil Mommy asks her hubby if he was just kidding around about letting IS handle it, and he tells her he’s preparing a plan….and we all know by now that’s never good news!

AB has more common sense than any other adult on this show. He takes SB’s side:


And Secretary Lee and AH encourage IS:


But that look on IS’s face makes me think twice. He asks Secretary Lee to do a favor for him:


He heaps it on with this addition, as AH and Secretary Lee hang their mouths open:


His last order:


Well alrighty then!  Is it time to issue IS a Junior Viper Club membership card? What an arrogant jerk he is in this scene. Is this what I have to look forward to in the next 5 episodes? Count me out! Secretary Lee agrees to do what he asks, but AH begs IS to reconsider. I wonder why he’s sending her the resident card and stamp? Is SB gonna move overseas, and leave JY behind? Hmmm.

Over at Camp Seo, Uncle comes hustling in the door.  He’s huffing and puffing as he sees SB and JY….he found out:


SB looks like she’s about 16 in this scene…a complete transformation from the “Little Madam” to “Single Teen Mom in Poverty”. Uncle pleads with SB–he promises to:


NR watches this whole scene too, dressed in her nice work clothes….Uncle begs SB to talk to IS again. He will even talk to YJH and:


SB shoots that idea down real quick:


Yet her entire family blows her off–it can’t possibly just be a problem between her and IS! SB gets heated real fast, as her mom states exactly what I am thinking:


Uncle bails out to go talk to YJH, as SB protests. NR and Papa Seo tell SB to wait quietly, and Mama Seo tells them to leave SB alone! She gives these two nincompoops some excellent advice:


NR can’t believe her mom would even say something like that–I’m sure she thinks it’s the life of luxury for everyone over at the Joseon Mansion. Mama Seo has a great comeback:


NR might just be perfect for that job!  Mama Seo says if she had a chance:


That could be a whole new series spinoff of HITTG for next year…Mama Seo works over at the Joseon Mansion, and the Han’s get schooled by Mama Seo’s common sense and decency while she makes lifelong friendships with the current staff. Of course they will work together to funnel important intel to SB and IS about the Evil Parent’s latest plans.  Who’s ready for a script project? Let’s start small. Maybe a mini-series of 12 episodes? Send me a message….!

Secretary Yang is talking to the very nervous Nanny, who must be wondering about her job status. At least the Nanny can admit the truth:


And she won’t have any worries in the employment department either:


YJH comes into the office–he must have already heard from Uncle:


In an uncharacteristic move, Secretary Min shows her cards:


YJH meets immediately with Evil Daddy, as Secretary Yang and Min gossip in Japanese. Secretary Yang says the Boss was just waiting for this moment, and asks Secretary Min if maybe she might use this to her advantage too.

YJH has figured it out–Evil Daddy has interfered:


Preach it, YJH! Of course, Evil Daddy denies it:


YJH has brass-plated cojones and he’s not afraid to use them! He asks Evil Daddy, somewhat facetiously:


Then he tacks on a “Can I trust you?” at the end. Dude, you’re a lawyer. If you even have to ask….Evil Daddy decides to scold the young Jedi warrior lawyer:


YJH says that he will form a defense counsel for the case, and Evil Daddy wonders why. YJH gives the boss the 411:


Attorney Yoo, YJH and Secretary Min meet up and I think Attorney Yoo looks awfully pleased:


Ha! YJH says that he knew his Boss was lying–and that’s why he provoked him! Secretary Min brings up Attorney Yoo studying abroad, and that she hasn’t said No to the Boss yet.  Attorney Yoo thinks Secretary Min is mistaken-she didn’t “betray” her last time, it was that the timing wasn’t right. YJH is no dummy–he steers clear of this minefield betweem these ladies, and says he’s gonna fight to the end!  Yay!

Evil Daddy is gloating to Secretary Yang about his son’s upcoming divorce, and since he will have to ‘compensate’ SB:


Translation–I will wait and pounce on her like the tiger I am!  Secretary Kim tries lamely to get some info from Secretary Yang so he can feed YR the info, but she knows all about that deal:


She deftly manipulates him to tell him some news of what is going on inside the Joseon Mansion. He is so flustered, he has to mop his brow with a handkerchief!

Evil Mommy comes into IS’s room as AH is sweeping up the broken glass, and orders all of SB’s things to be thrown out, and the clothing donated to their “foundation”–so are they running a consignment or thrift store too? Lol! She piles on the nasty:


But then Secretary Lee brings Evil Mommy this sparkly memento:


Oh, it’s that little necklace she gave SB when she was so happy with her after the incident with the grape picture/poem incident! Evil Mommy looks at it like it she can’t remember where she’s seen that before, and Secretary Lee has to remind her…seriously, has the dementia in this household spread? It must be the mold. Evil Daddy can’t remember anything either. Secretary Lee says it’s too expensive to donate (really?) and Evil Mommy tells her to get rid of it:


I have a feeling that necklace is going in a pocket….and eventually over to SB. At least she could sell it for some quick cash…

SB and her mom are chatting as SB is getting ready to leave. Mama Seo feels bad for all the nice things of JY’s that had to get left behind at the Joseon Mansion. SB doesn’t miss any of her stuff, but she feels bad for JY:


Mama Seo is willing to call AH to see what stuff she can swoop rescue, but SB sadly says no. Instead, she’s found a place:


(Which is interesting because Yongsan Station is more known as a tech/geek heaven than a place for baby stuff. OMG, I can hardly control myself at the local Fry’s store….I’d go nuts there!  And those Samsung laptops “for foreigners”, lol!. I’ll take one please! Can you ship a Samsung or LG refrigerator over here too? I get so distracted by this kind of stuff.  Oooh, and it used to be a red-light district too, but TPTB cleaned it up? Innnteresting.)

When times were tough for me, I took advantage of free stuff when I needed it too. After I left my ex-husband, and moved into the Sillimdong-OC rooftop apartment, I had no job, and only state disability as my income. My children’s father was in jail–so no child support either. I got 2 checks a month….one entire check went for rent. I had to feed us, keep the lights on, put gas in the car (lucky for me the insurance was paid up for 6 months!) and everything else from that one check. Six weeks after I moved in, my daughter’s best friend (who had just turned 7) had some tragic family stuff happen (the grandparents both passed away and her single mother had a mental breakdown), and this little one came to live with us too; I didn’t want her to go to foster care. So now I had 4 kids–7, 6, 4 and 1 in my rooftop apartment with minimal income. My “FT job”–besides worrying–was to find free food, clothing and whatever else we needed to keep us going. This gal came with absolutely nothing that fit or didn’t have holes in it, plus no coat–and it was February. She was taller and bigger than my daughter so they couldn’t share things. I did it too–no one missed a meal, the oldest two went to school everyday with a packed lunch, looking like regular suburban kids: clean, with their hair combed, well dressed with jackets, shoes that fit, and backpacks. My son (4) didn’t go to preschool–no place back then would take him because of his developmental delays, so I worked with him at home. I am not ashamed that I took help when I needed it.

Mama Seo wants SB to talk to her dad when she gets back, cryptically saying, “He won’t like it.”  What won’t Papa Seo like? Having his daughter and grandson living in a home where they are loved? Oh, yeah, the money thing…I am sure SB will get some kind of a job. But just as she leaves the house, her dad calls her:


I find it interesting he calls his daughter by that, instead of her name, but I think I remember that is a Korean tradition. She tries to get out of it, and from the looks of it, she knows a scolding is in the pipeline for her. Papa Seo thinks she should be patient with IS and his freaky family….after all, she went through so much to marry the dude. Instead, SB is sorry toward her dad:


and it’s because of her. To his credit, Papa Seo downplays the mistreatment by the Han’s, saying he could bear it:


We get to see a flashback of Papa Seo at the door of the Joseon Mansion looking for IS and SB, as she says she found out later about his visit–but she was locked in a room, JY was kept away from her in another room, and IS was not allowed to see her. I swear I don’t know how SB doesn’t have major mental issues from the abuse/brainwashing cult tactics the Han family inflicted on her. Papa Seo starts to cry as he realizes his daughter went through a truly hellish experience at the Joseon Mansion, and SB tries to make him feel better. If he can be patient for now:


Of course, like any good father, Papa Seo is worried over these things:


and amazingly, he trusts that his daughter will negotiate this all successfully!  Nice job! SB says that isn’t going to happen though. First of all:


And secondly, there can’t be any division of property:


Plus she doesn’t want any alimony either. Although my instincts scream at me to have her get a few pennies out of the Han family for JY’s sake, I understand why she is doing this. SB needs to cut the the Han’s off right now, because if she takes any money from IS, the Evil Parents will use it against her to try and get custody of JY. No money, no visitation, she just wants herself and JY to fade away…it’s sad, but I get it. Papa Seo doesn’t:


Secretary Lee and AH are at the Joseon Mansion.  I have this same question:


It’s because:


Oh. Phew!  I was worried there for a minute that SB was thinking of leaving the country. Secretary Lee gets a text message that SB received the stamp and papers, and an apology for not saying good-bye. That seems to really hit Secretary Lee hard. Meanwhile, SB struggles to fill out the paperwork:


as she cries:


Interesting that there is use of Hangul and Hanja here. I wonder why? Feel free to leave me a comment if you know…


and it seems to be more and more real, as she turns in the paperwork. There’s other useful info at this neighborhood center too:


Then SB gets a message from IS:


He assures her he will do everything as she wishes. SB doesn’t want him to come inside (that would be a minefield like no other) Instead:


IS understandably looks less than thrilled with life right now…especially as the V-I-T’s show up.I wonder which one will be the bigger jerk to IS today. MJ starts it off:


IS mumbles a yes, as HS gets in on the beatdown:


IS has obviously adopted a zero-BS tolerance policy toward his frenemies; he gets up and leaves without a word. MJ is his usual (non) perceptive self:


They watch IS duck into in a car and drive off, as HS observes:


I think this is a really interesting line. I think I remember the household help or the secretaries at HanSong describing Evil Daddy as being “old” or from the old days, and HS called SB an “old lady” on the phone. Some people are “old souls” from the time they are kids; others have such difficult lives, they become old far before their time. IS has had 6-9 months (my guess) of pure stress, although compared to SB, he’s had a cakewalk.

Then we get to see a strange conversation montage–YR is gossiping about IS, and SJW is getting grilled about his “investments”. Very difficult to follow with both of them talking at the same time to different people. SJW advises VF-Eom and YR to check their kids bank accounts:




That’s because some of IS’s Doughpile is associated with something called “Supernova”. Wait, did I miss something?  What is this Supernova? Is that the name of the Investment Club’s fund? Hmmm. SJW suggests for everyone to look squeaky clean, and VF-Eom laments:


Boo-Freakin’-Hoo! Now I know where MJ gets his whiny style from. YR says Evil Daddy will put the brakes on this bad deal, and SJW asks:


In typical YR fashion she answers in full confidence:


I think I know how that is gonna go down! Should be mighty interesting to see Pseudo Affair–Part 2!

NR is not exempt from the rumors at work either. Her sunbae starts off with pity:


but NR wonders why she would feel sorry toward her. Sunbae corrects herself:


Okay, that’s better. NR does indeed appear to have a second shred of conscience left, as she recalls SB apologizing to her for getting her hopes up. NR thinks YJH is excited about the breakup so he can fight HanSong–even though he’s gonna lose. I’m pretty sure YJH must have read “To Kill a Mockingbird”. In that story, Scout/Harper Lee said it best: “Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.”

NR’s sunbae wonders:


A lot of people have asked me the question, “Shamrockmom, why do you take in your kid’s friends? It’s a hassle for you, an expense you don’t need…and in some cases, it could even put you all in a dangerous situation. So what’s the deal?”  My answer is how can I expect my kids to be compassionate human beings if I don’t model that behavior myself. I have to set the example. It always bothered me growing up that most adults were all talk and no action. I vowed to not be that kind of person, and although I’ve failed spectacularly more times than I care to admit, I keep trying my best. I can also say in my own defense that I was at a point once where I needed help to leave a bad situation, and I had precious few options. I want better for my kids friends who are often in situations they had no part in creating–like having an alcoholic parent. Some people can “live comfortably”. Others don’t feel that’s an option. I know it’s not mine. Once again, I may be having a young lady who is a friend of my youngest son staying with us over the summer to escape an abusive relationship. Her parents are MIA and she’s on her own. Right now, she’s couch-surfing with friends, but that’s looking increasingly sketchy in terms of her personal safety. I have this weird thing about not liking young ladies I know hanging around with dudes that threaten them, hit them, and put them down.

YJH and SJW have a heated discussion over his father, tax havens, embezzlement…I think the young Jedi warrior lawyer has excavated some serious dirt on SJW and his little investment club. We do find out that IS got the trust fund from his grandfather when he was six, and:


Now given how inaccurate some of the subbers have been with the money figures, I turn to Viki to see what their take is. As of this writing, Episode 25 is only 46% subbed, and of course, that part has no subs. Heh, they are as far behind as I am!  I will have to guess that figure is supposed to be 500 billion Won, or approximately 500 Million USD. And that’s just his grandfather’s fund…think of what else he will inherit from Evil Daddy (assuming Daddy doesn’t go to prison for a multitude of financial crimes) or what the other grandparents left him. Wow. Then YJH picks up his cell phone and reveals:


Whoa! I didn’t think that was legal! I will need to consult my new fave Korean Law blog for that one. SJW calls YJH a crazy punk:


and throws his drink at YJH too! Ha! First time I ever saw a guy in a K-drama toss a drink at another guy! Subverted trope alert! YJH calmly mops himself up while SJW takes a drink from YJH’s glass, lol!  YJH reminds his reprobate buddy:


Hey, even Shamrockmom knows that lawyers never ask questions they don’t already know the answer to! I mean if Atticus Finch didn’t do it, why would YJH? He argues that lots of people are gonna talk about this case. It’s not a forgettable sort of thing. SJW goes for the Confucian angle:


YJH tells him to MYOB, and the only thing that matters is the case. We then get an interesting reversal of the conversation between IS and SB at their farewell dinner in Hannomdong-by-the-Sea. Of all the Doughpile that IS inherited, the Supernova properties:


Okay, that makes sense. In my last recap, I sourced that Korea has a population of 50 million. 50 million at 10 USD each is 500 million USD. That ginormous figure does not include the wages stolen from the Daesan workers either. SJW has a pretty sorry defense:


Are you kidding me? The strong steal from the weak, and call it “business as usual” or “the way things are”?  Wow. I’m blown away. I have to hand it to writer-nim for her intolerance of corruption at any and all levels. SJW doesn’t even believe that others are “qualified”–there’s that word cropping up again–to envy them. Sheesh! YJH strikes that down with a light saber


One day that rabble may be coming for your head on a platter!

IS shows up on a street near SB’s home, and she’s right there as he calls her. I note she folds her arms across her body–a sure giveaway that she’s closed herself off–


while IS remains with his arms at his sides, open.


Very telling body language–she is done with this dude and his whacked-out family. She won’t even get within 2 meters of him:


I wonder if it’s because she knows if she hugs him, it’ll weaken her resolve (my guess) or is it because she is completely over IS and she can’t stand being near him (I hope not). SB asks about his hand, but IS hides it behind his back immediately, and asks her if she took care of the paperwork. After she says yes, she gives him back the card and stamp–which IS takes with his hurt hand!


I love that he’s such a dork sometimes! He promised her he would do everything as she wished…but why did she have to change her address/residency so quickly? SB, ever the practical one, informs him that there are “baby classes” (I think she means babysitting) at the community center she qualifies for if she lives in the neighborhood. And there’s that subsidy she’ll get as:


That “subsidy” is 50,000 Won a month. Yep, a whopping $50 USD each and every month–until the kid is 12. I guess they stop eating then, right?! (source here and here). IS looks very uncomfortable, but manages to say he hopes Uncle’s case is settled quickly–wouldn’t she be happier then?  SB doesn’t agree:


IS finally admits he wasn’t happy either:


Nice time to finally find your voice! /sarc

IS insists he doesn’t want all of his Inheritance/Doughpile:


so they can move out together. On the surface, that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea….except that the inheritance consists in large part of money stolen from others in one way or another. Another revealing moment: SB calls him “In Sang-ah” and he looks away from her as he replies:


Oh, that is heartbreaking. He can’t even stand for her to use the familiar, close “-ah” at the end of his name, because hearing the endearment causes him so much pain now that they have separated. I would never dream that something like this could make me so sad. SB says she doesn’t blame the Evil Parents. After the way she acted:


I don’t buy that for one minute. SB, you were the victim of the highest level of cult brainwashing techniques, at possibly the most vulnerable moment of your life. SB goes on to add that she was a person:


Well, yeah….the Evil Parents insult you and your family, make you and your son dependent on them, lock you away from your son and his father…of course you would want a compliment–anything to please your captors in the hope they might show mercy to you and the baby. SB lets IS know that living like that means:


She’s out of breath and overwhelmed with emotion as she says she needs to recover (from the brainwashing). I get it. It’s amazing to me that she was strong enough to walk away with any part of her mind still functioning. IS says fine–but don’t be in such a rush:


SB and I both go, “Whuuut?” as IS kicks a trashcan! Now he’s getting heated, as he reminds SB that he’s doing this all her way, and he even let her take JY! Uh, oh….”Wah-Wah, I’m a victim too!” alert! SB shouts back:


IS says of course he’s mad!  After all:


Oh crap. Is this some kind of foreshadowing? Yikes! Please show, don’t go there. Since my mom’s suicide a year ago, I’m really jumpy when I hear anything that gives me the idea that someone is contemplating killing themselves. IS says he thought they could be different than his parents, but SB accuses him of acting exactly the same. Now I don’t buy that either. IS has never acted anywhere close to the jerkiness of his parents–except for the scene where he told Secretary Lee to toss SB’s things out. They yell back and forth until the local Crabby Ahjussi comes out of his shop to shush them!


He scolds IS and SB until they apologize:


And Crabby Ahjussi’s wife drags him back inside! Maybe a beer will shut him up! /sarc


IS promises to call SB when the paperwork is ready–and I’m guessing he means the divorce paperwork. Like the good guy I know he is inside, he calls for his car to take SB home. She acts very petty here as she scoffs at him–she can walk; it’s only 3 minutes away. IS yells at her it’s not safe and:


like she can’t figure this out. *facepalm* The mom in me wants to put them both in a room together for a “Time Out” until they can be civil to each other! (or something better, Ha!)  They are both being ridiculous now. SB whirls back and accuses IS:


and that he only dipped his foot in hesitantly! Yeah, IS, I think you need to “go big or go home” as we say around here!  She turns and leaves as he screams, “I’m a fool!” and I can’t disagree with him. On the way home, IS asks the driver:


Oh no. Please tell me he’s not gonna do this. My heart drops. Thankfully, he changes his mind and tells the driver to just go home. Whoa. I feel like I just went on a roller coaster!

Tutor Park is with IS the next morning at the Joseon Mansion. Turns out he’s not in a mood to teach! His pupil isn’t in great shape either. IS looks sullen and depressed. He’s in a wicked black mood, as he lets Tutor Park know he can quit anytime he wants. Tutor Park isn’t buying-


IS begs him not to use the words “you guys”, and Tutor Park says yeah, too bad–I’m including SB in this too. IS is super grouchy, as he tells Tutor Park:


Tutor Park plays the tough guy, and tells IS not to provoke him–he may not survive!  YJ peeks in at a disgruntled and PO’d IS through the study room doors.

The Evil Parents are getting ready for bed. I note Evil Daddy is reading Forbes Magazine. Try as I might, I can’t get a read on which issue it is, or who is on the cover. Drat. Evil Mommy wonders why the house is so quiet…it’s strange and she has a bad feeling about it.  Evil Daddy gets up and calls poor AB to search the house again.  I am really starting to wonder if Evil Mommy has mental issues. She gets worked up over being alone in the house, she’s afraid someone might break in, and too much quiet is a problem. It sounds a little bit like agoraphobia. I didn’t think this was it, but then I read this line in the middle of the article: “Researchers assert the socialization of stereotypic (sic) feminine behavior – helplessness, dependence, unassertiveness, accommodation – contributes to the development and maintenance of the characteristics of agoraphobia.” Hmmm. That part fits Evil Mommy perfectly. YJ finds AB and asks him where IS might be–he’s not in his room. Here’s where he is:


That’s heartbreaking….IS, passed out from exhaustion in JY’s nursery, no doubt missing his son more than he ever dreamed possible. YJ meets him as he leaves the nursery, asking him if he slept there (duh!), and he gives her a grumpy “be quiet”. YJ whines it’s so boring with out SB and JY–he needs to do whatever he can to bring them back home. Yeah, sorry YJ, that is not gonna happen–unless your parents end up in prison for their financial crimes, and SB, JY, IS and you can all live there together at the Joseon Mansion. (Direct hint to writer-nim: that would be an epic ending!) The Evil Parents even acknowledge that having SB and JY out of the house is an adjustment.

The next morning, Evil Daddy has Secretary Kim cancel his meeting with Secretary Yang. Hmmm. Wonder why he is gonna go with her someplace instead? I’m sure it’s to stir trouble–perhaps with Uncle?

Yep–Called it!  Uncle sees the jackals pull up:


And he hustles off to warn his hyung and SiL. Mama Seo is polite–but curt:


She’s far nicer than I would have been. I would have slammed that door in her face! Papa Seo warns his brother to hide in his room and not come out, as Mama Seo rushes around before Evil Daddy arrives. SB is taking no chances today:


NR has a different plan:


OMG. Mama Seo shushes NR, but IMHO, NR is lucky that her mom or sis didn’t backhand her! If NR stays with YJH (providing he really isn’t gay, because that whole deal seems to have been dropped) they are in for a tumultuous relationship. Good thing Mama Seo doesn’t hear her husband say this next line, or he’d be in the doghouse for months–


Evil Daddy puts on his best magnanimous act, as he tells Papa Seo that his home isn’t shabby, but is part of the interesting neighborhoods of Seoul! *facepalm* Papa Seo has a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease today:


STFU already!  Sheesh! No wonder SB didn’t want this fool to come and rescue her from the Joseon Mansion. What a bootlicker he is. The two daddies finally tire of this game, and Evil Daddy makes his way down the narrow walkway–and immediately trips over something. with an accompanying loud clang! Royal Klutz Alert!


#SorryNotSorry! Papa Seo explains the alley is “rough”–


Ah, that’s an interesting tidbit. So if the redevelopment is cancelled, then the Seo’s can keep their home. I was worried that Evil Daddy would manipulate that situation so the Seo’s would be homeless. Evil Daddy thinks Papa Seo must be disappointed–but he should have “hope”! Maybe he should have some cake too! His Royal Han-Highness inscribes his name in the annals of clumsiness as he trips over some more trash in the alley:


Unfortunately, SB doesn’t hide herself and JY quickly enough:


This is kind of surprising. SB is not “a day late and a dollar short” kind of a girl. How did she not get into Uncle’s room to hide with JY? Anyways, it makes for a moment of total awkwardness. SB is polite enough, as she greets her FiL, and Evil Daddy asks:


Secretary Yang has her fake-concern act in award winning form:


NR introduces herself to Evil Daddy, but he can’t remember who she is!  Secretary Yang whispers the details. SB and Mama Seo exchange some incredulous looks. I’m going to pretend Evil Daddy’s not being facetious here, even though I know better:


Well, NR is kind of a question mark, but I will let it slide for now. Uncle stops NR as she’s leaving, and mouths “why is he here?” to which NR replies “no clue”. Papa Seo gushes over the ancestor books, and Evil Daddy can’t remember that either! There’s something off mentally with the Evil Parents. I wonder if all the lying has corrupted their minds. SB leaves to feed JY (although why she has to go in another room to give him a bottle of milk is beyond my understanding) and that seems to be the cue for the parents to negotiate their kids’ lives. Evil Daddy starts this round off by saying that the Han’s provided:


“in hopes of overcoming their innocent love.” Okay, the “material” part I’ll buy, but the emotional–I’d call that sabotage. Papa Seo is baffled as usual in this scene but look at Mama Seo.  She looks like she is one second from losing her patience with His Royal Han Highness:


Papa Seo continues his foot-in-mouth problems, as he floats this idea past Evil Daddy:


I find it interesting that Papa Seo also has a black plaid shirt on in this scene–a lot like the one IS wore on the night SB broke it off. I honestly think Papa Seo’s brain has been imprisoned by His Royal Han-Highness. Evil Daddy likes Papa Seo’s idea–yeah, can’t lose your cult members yunno! Evil Daddy thinks that it might convince them and make some:


I hate to break it to you Evil Daddy–you are the Evil in their lives! But then he contradicts himself and says he will respect the kids’ decision, and they will all be informed of the proceedings later. Mama Seo can’t take it anymore. She tells Evil Daddy that the kids have already discussed how they are going to sort it out, so:


Evil Daddy cryptically replies:


That’s code speak for: we will decide later how much coin is needed to pay you off so that you will go away. Meanwhile, SB gets a message from IS–he knows his father went over to her house to be a buttinsky. He begs her to not pay any attention to his father and:


IS, you better have one helluva plan up your sleeve to go against your Evil Daddy at this point. Would it be too hypocritical of me to hope for some blackmail in this situation–perhaps exposing your father’s financial crimes to get what you need here? Yeah, I think I will have to pass on that idea. SB gives IS a much-needed dose of reality…she’s like to trust him, but there’s this little problem with his Evil Daddy:


IS looks mighty unhappy to hear this:


And he texts this back to SB:


Dude, those are just words…you need some action to back this statement up! Uncle is downstairs, and he looks like he’s at the breaking point too. He apologizes and grovels in front of Evil Daddy:


I have a few words I could choose for a description of this scene, but “Goodness!” wouldn’t be on that list! Papa Seo continues in grovel mode as well:


Uncle fully ‘fesses up, as Mama Seo seethes:


Crumbs! Uncle promises he won’t make any more trouble or be “involved” with the lawsuit. Mama Seo asks him not to make a rash decision, and finally SB comes out (what happened to JY?) to let her Fil, Father and Uncle know:


Evil Daddy interrupts her and asks why SB would say this–after all:


What a whopper lie, especially after that whole speech he gave to IS and YJ: “Why You Are Different”. Breathtaking hypocrisy at it’s finest.  Amazingly, Secretary Yang tells SB she’s mistaken, and Papa Seo tells his daughter:


Whoa! Hey Papa Seo–The lack of oxygen from having your foot in your mouth has affected your brain cells!  SB begs everyone to let her and IS work things out. The amount of meddling in these two young adults lives is beyond comprehension from my Western Culture-Lock perspective. SB admits they may make mistakes, but they will correct them and move on…she emphasizes again:


Evil Daddy lies again and says that is what he’s doing, but SB calls him out:


I can’t believe that Mama or Papa Seo hasn’t thrown Evil Daddy out by this point.  His Royal Han-Highness decides to leave, and Secretary Yang has to help him find the door!  What an idiot he is…We get one final Captain Obvious moment from SB:


SB, your FiL lies as often as the rest of us breathe!


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