Thoughts and Highlights–HITTG Episode 24 Second Half “The Refugee and the Monster”

Being a refugee is no fun. I spent a small amount of time as a ‘refugee’ after I left my abusive ex husband. The first place I went was to my own parents home. I was immediately told I could stay there a total of one night with my 3 children, then ages 6, 4, and 10 months. All we had was the clothes on our backs, and whatever emergency supplies I carried in the car in case of earthquakes. I was not surprised to hear that–I knew my parents would be like that toward me and the kids because they hated me so much for marrying this guy….I tried to get me and the kids into shelter after shelter–but they were all full, or I could only bring one or two kids, but not all three. I was not going to play “Sophie’s Choice” and give up custody of my kids and/or put one or more of them in foster care–it was all of us or none of us no matter what. If we slept on the streets, then so be it. And we did–we slept in my car one night at a church parking lot. The next day, I called my husband’s parents who were vacationing in Mexico, and let them know that their son was in jail (and why) and if I could stay at their house (which I had a key to) for roughly 10 days until I could round up some kind of place for us to live. They were kind enough to let me stay there, and the irony that my own parents kicked me and their grandchildren out while my soon-to-be-ex husband’s parents gave us a place to stay was not lost on me. Fifteen days after I left my then-husband, I moved into my rooftop apartment in Sillimdong-OC, and my time as a ‘refugee’ was over.

Part 2 of Episode 24–Evil Daddy is at his desk at work, and across from him is Attorney Yoo. He looks way too gleeful:

hittg24-3g - Copy

as he taps his fingers….Attorney Yoo simply smiles as her boss pontificates: “They” are all enemies:

hittg24-3h - Copy

That sounds like it’s a quote from “The Prince–the Modern Joseon Version” by Han Jeong Ho. Attorney Yoo is a cool one, as she calls her boss out for rattling the rookie lawyer YJH–who was supposed to be under her watchful eye. Evil Daddy says it was to teach him a lesson, but Attorney Yoo knows better. A good attorney could hardly ignore new information on a case:

hittg24-3i - Copy

Hey Evil Daddy…I think this sharp lady knows you and your MO’s way too well! He knows he’s been called out, and abruptly changes the subject:

hittg24-3j - Copy

He reminds her that she gave up the chance to study abroad for “it” (ugh) and that she can go abroad now, right? I think know he’s trying to get rid of her. Seriously though, why would she leave a less-than-one year old baby? She’d have to be crazy! Evil Daddy is so clueless. YJH is called in next, and Secretary Kim offers to be the Helpful Honda Guy and get some info, but Secretary Yang and Min both know he is worthless at intel gathering.

Secretary Lee, Tutor Park, AH and AB meet, as they discuss keeping Secretary Yang on a leash regarding the slush fund money. They call SB their “Insurance”. I think they are betting that once she knows, she will help them somehow, and also convince IS to help as well. Since Evil Mommy is out of the house, Secretary Lee extends an invite:

hittg24-3k - Copy

Secretary Lee thanks SB again for all the help with getting the staff some benefits, and they reminisce over lunch:

hittg24-3l - Copy

AB remembers meeting SB:

hittg24-3m - Copy

It’s good to know even the dimwitted Nanny has a conscience:

hittg24-3n - Copy

SB looks so happy here–I know the staff really cares about her. I just don’t think it will be enough to keep her at the Joseon Mansion long-term. The Evil Parents are so unrelenting in their harsh criticisms of SB and her family. Secretary Lee chats with AH and AB about the slush fund. AB is concerned:

hittg24-3o - Copy

I agree. If Secretary Yang gets investigated, those funds will be held as evidence (aka sequestered)….or confiscated to pay back any stolen money/property the Han’s have acquired. Translation: No money for anyone. Lose-lose-lose–all the way around…

Secretary Lee gives Evil Mommy her itinerary for the next day, including this new word I learned today:

hittg24-3p - Copy

So an atelier is like an Artist’s studio…that’s interesting. I don’t remember any mention of YJ’s artistic talents, but I could be wrong. Anyways, this is what Evil Mommy is worried about:

hittg24-3q - Copy

Bwahhaahaa! You won’t die, I promise you! I used to to wonder if I would ever get to have some alone time in my own home….back when there were 7 of us living here, there was not one single moment that I was ever alone in the house. Now of course, I have plenty of quiet time….but not too much. It’s a good balance right now. Sometimes I wonder if Evil Mommy has a real fear of being alone–like a phobia. Secretary Lee assures Evil Mommy that a butler from a neighbor’s home will be on duty, and then adds:


I…I can’t even……! **mind skids into gutter and crashes** I need a Vietnamese Coffee! Now!

IS and SB are holed up in the Prison Study Room again. IS gives SB the rundown–his Daddy is gonna make an offer:

hittg24-3s - Copy

Just to clarify—

hittg24-4a - Copy

and with the requisite non-disclosure agreement, of course! SB seems disappointed that Evil Daddy would think like that (but why wouldn’t he?) and IS thinks his Daddy believes that it’s an appropriate solution. SB knows that if either Uncle or Secretary Min’s brother take the offer:

hittg24-4b - Copy

Late that night, SB meets Evil Daddy in the hallway outside JY’s nursery. I immediately start to worry–SB looks really intimidated by him. Evil Daddy asks why she’s not in bed. Her reply:

hittg24-4c - Copy

She tries to talk to him about her Uncle, only to be told to MYOB, then she tries to get a word in edgewise about the inheritance–and he shuts her down:

hittg24-4d - Copy

Dang, he’s cold. Evil Daddy reminds me of my own father so much in this scene….JY’s musical mobile plays in the background, giving this scene a surrealistic feel. Her days are numbered in this house. SB is gonna be a refugee too. I already hurt for her. I hope that if she has to return to Camp Seo, her dad and sis will be okay with it–no worries over Mama Seo! She probably already wishes her daughter and grandson were staying with them.

Speaking of which…Mama Seo is cooking in the kitchen when IS, SB and JY arrive. Heh, look at IS, the pack mule.

hittg24-4e - Copy

Did SB take enough stuff for a one day outing?! Even Mama Seo says it looks like they are moving out! We also find out how much JY weighs:


But I notice IS seems preoccupied….he’s looking around, and setting up the baby’s things way too perfectly. Mama Seo calls him out on it, but he says he’s doing it to help her out. Mama Seo proclaims:

hittg24-4f - Copy

Yeah, except for the fact that IS lacks 2 major things a husband needs–a backbone and cojones!  And I’m not talking about the kind of cojones that make babies….I mean the ones that will give him the ability, along with the backbone, to stand up to that Evil Daddy of his! Mama Seo is having her own delusional moment as she tells IS and SB that if they keep sticking together:

hittg24-4g - Copy

I’m starting to seriously doubt that’s gonna ever happen. Mama Seo dispenses some more generic advice that they should try and understand and love each other more in difficult times….but the strained relationship between IS and SB is clear as a bell. SB insists on feeding JY since he spits up a lot, and IS excuses himself to use the bathroom. Mama Seo is not fooled either, as she asks SB if things are tough. SB lies and says no–but her expression says just the opposite.

IS sits in the bathroom….and his mind replays the sentence we didn’t get to hear before:

hittg24-4xrhittg24-4i - Copy

Hmmm, that plaid shirt he’s wearing brings back some wispy SLA memories of Episode 14, and a hellish party…..

SB and Mama Seo busy themselves with feeding JY…..Mama Seo tries to get her daughter and IS to go on a date and spend some time together, but she doesn’t really answer her mom’s question. IS is in the bathroom, wiping his hands on the shabby towel; it looks like it would belong in my house as much as the Seo’s.

hittg24-4j - Copy

His mind replays all the happy times he had at SB’s humble home, with her family….oh, no…he’s gonna blow this, he’s losing his will, it’s the fear of being without money. Just like in SLA, the fear overwhelms, and keeps a person from making the right decisions. If I have learned one thing from watching both these shows–it’s that fear truly does destroy one’s soul. You can take all the other stuff out; the pregnancy, the baby, the corruption, the adultery….and at the end, it’s all about the fear.

Even watching this scene for the third time brings tears to my eyes. When I watched the livestream early in the morning, it was even worse–because I had to go to work right after this episode ended. (Yes, I broke my promise!) For the first time in this show, I felt those huge hyperventilating sobs descend on me…the ones that were my near constant companion in the last few episodes of SLA.  I can’t believe he’s gonna let her go–and his son too! He’s going to destroy his marriage, and walk away from his son. For what? A pile of money, and all the trouble that goes along with it? I remember how he said he wanted to be an involved dad. Now the best he can hope for is a strained relationship with his son, if he has any at all. My mind goes into overdrive. Is this show going to be a parallel of the same mistake his father made? Is IS going to become bitter and spiteful? Will those awful parents of his wrestle custody of JY from the loving home of the Seo’s? Will SB get to take and pass the bar exam, perhaps facing off against Evil Daddy in a courtroom someday? SB and IS leave on their “date”, and I’ve never seen two less happy kids going out together.

Secretary Lee is at her home, yakking on the phone…she knows that the right MO with her sis is to wait her out–

hittg24-4k - Copy

Then again, if Secretary Yang spills the beans to the Boss:

hittg24-4l - Copy

I admit to being highly annoyed by the household help’s easy acquiescence to sharing the embezzled funds of Secretary Yang. I fully understand they’ve been cheated out of a lot. But two wrongs don’t make a right, and they are just as bad–in their own way–as Evil Daddy. Secretary Yang arrives, and after some minimal pleasantries about traffic and amusement park rides, they sit at the table and get down to business. Round One!  /Ding-Ding!

Secretary Yang tells her sis she likes the tea (?) juice(?) whatever non-alcoholic beverage they are drinking, and Secretary Lee offers a bottle of it to take home with her. Secretary Yang declines with breathtaking hypocrisy:

hittg24-4m - Copy

Oh great…first I was crying, and now I am nauseated!  It’s gonna be a great day at work! /sarc

Secretary Yang wants to know the “higher than halfsies” figure her sis wanted from the slush fund. Secretary Lee has a new plan: Share the Han Trust stock evenly!  And who might they share it with?

hittg24-4n - Copy

That way, no one is worried over their retirement! Secretary Yang is incredulous:

hittg24-4o - Copy

That pic should be in a visual dictionary under “Incredulous”! Secretary Yang proclaims that her sister is crazy, but Secretary Lee knows this:

hittg24-4p - Copy

And an idealistic guy like that would probably just rubber-stamp the whole shebang, right?!  Uh, oh…I fear there’s some serious miscalculation on Secretary Lee’s part. IS may be idealistic, but he’s more justice-minded than anything. He already knows his dad is a crook….now he is gonna find out the household help that he loves and trusts are crooks too, for taking this illegal coin. IS is a barely out of his teens young man, who has already taken several huge shocks, from the baby, to Uncle’s mess, to finding his dad is a criminal. He’s liable to lose it–I know I sure would. Secretary Yang doesn’t agree:

hittg24-4q - Copy

but Secretary Lee has other ideas:

hittg24-4r - Copy

and even thinks SB would back him! Secretary Yang thinks her sis needs a dose of reality:

hittg24-4s - Copy

Secretary Lee doesn’t believe it, but her unni knows this detail–Everything will be over between SB and IS:

hittg24-4t - Copy

Knowing that Evil Daddy has the papers waiting…Okay Evil Daddy–it’s your turn: #whattadick. He’s been planning this all along. I always knew Evil Mommy hated SB, but I held out a tiny shred of hope that Evil Daddy might change his mind when he saw what a smart girl his son married. Ehhh…guess not!

IS and SB arrive at a very nice restaurant–much nicer than Olive Garden or even Red Lobster!

hittg24-5a - Copy

(Sorry, I ended up watching that whole clip about Mrs. Wolowitz…it’s really funny, and I needed a break from this show! Now I keep imagining her as Evil Mommy….”In Sang-ah! Is that your little friends at the door? Are they here for a playdate or a sleep-ovah? Tell that golddiggah girl you married to get off her tuches and get some cookies and Hawaiian Punch for them!”)

At least they are still holding hands as they go in–and then back out to an outdoor deck, with little candles, and the lights shining on the water. It looks like Hannomdong-by-the-Sea…Everything on the surface seems cool as SB is impressed with the romantic music and lights.  IS chose this place–it’s a meaningful day. SB says it’s their first date:

hittg24-5b - Copy

But then the music and the mood change…the underlying tension between these two hasn’t vanished. SB looks at the menu, with it’s exotic and expensive dishes. One dessert:

hittg24-5c - Copy

Now I can hazard a guess that Mama Seo could stretch that amount of money into several days worth of meals at Camp Seo. I used to be so good at that–I had to be with 7 of us living here! SB looks at the price of the dessert in this way–If he wanted to, he could buy one dish:

hittg24-5d - Copy

So I did the math. There are roughly 18 million households in SK, with a population just over 50 million (source) IS must be worth an estimated $864 million USD.  That’s quite the Doughpile. SB makes her decision:

hittg24-5e - Copy

She’s “full”. As in done with the money, the games, the power trips…she asks IS:

hittg24-5f - Copy

IS is not getting the picture here:

hittg24-5g - Copy

As they sip their coffee, IS asks SB to listen to him:

hittg24-5h - Copy

Oh, this is bad…She asks if he’s been ‘persuaded’ and he denies it, but what he really wants is to “have his cake and eat it too”:

hittg24-5i - Copy

SB knows that if he wants to keep the Evil Parents happy and have his inheritance:


I note (through my tears) that there is no shouting, no threats, pleadings, accusations….I am watching these two very mature young adults calmly walk away from their marriage. It makes it even more heartbreaking. As the conversation goes on, it becomes clear what IS wants–a foot in each world. That way:


but if Uncle/Secretary Min’s brother win the case, it will financially destroy the HanSong corporation, and then nobody will have any money. Sigh. I get where he’s coming from, but it’s not gonna work. It’s just one compromise that will lead to another, and another…..SB starts to cry, as she realizes that the man she married has chosen the Doughpile over her:


That seems to hit IS hard..but not hard enough! Geez, he’s got some cement between his ears!

Back at the Joseon Mansion, the Evil Parents are wondering where SB and IS and the baby are–then YJ gives them the scoop:


The Evil Parents: “Whuuut?”  Yunno, Costco has a hearing aid department…I like how YJ doesn’t give them any additional details and walks away. I’m gonna guess she knows what is going on, but her clueless parents are still in the dark:


After they think about it for a few seconds, Evil Daddy says that it was about time, and Evil Mommy thought it took longer than they expected!  *headdesk*

IS gets a text from YJ:


and he asks SB if this separation makes any sense…..she asks him:


She knows he couldn’t (although I believe IS is completely capable of it–he’s just fearful) and reminds him that she lived at his parents house. It was difficult, but she could do it:


And just in case he was wondering:


SB admits that she was tempted briefly by the money (who wouldn’t be?) as NR eavesdrops on their fight…and runs off to tattle tell her folks:


Oh great…just what these two need–more noses in their business! Papa Seo is clueless, but Mama Seo knows the score, and calmly packs JY’s things. IS pleads with SB to come home with him so they can think about this…yeah, that stall tactic that works with your Evil Parents is not gonna fly here!


I’ve been wondering that for about 24 episodes now. IS reminds SB that she was a “tiger”, especially when they went to his dad’s office. SB knows this:


My question here is about JY. I wouldn’t want him raised with the ‘monster’ either. He might pick up some warped theories from his Grandpa. IS thinks it’s cool to live with his parents–and that:


SB informs IS that he’s lost his mind (along with several other key body parts, IMHO) as Papa Seo and NR arrive to get some meddling in…NR immediately asks SB what her problem is, as SB explains that in IS’s house, she’s a “nothing”. Papa Seo implores IS to come out for a drink:


Okay, that is an awkward translation, but I know what he means. I always felt like Papa Seo got a son, a SiL, a drinking buddy and a BFF when SB married IS.

SB is done with all of them, as she begs her dad and her unni to “stop acting like I won the lottery”. Actually, she’s not too far off–Lottery winners often end up really unhappy, just like SB is right now. (source) SB tells NR and her Dad that the Evil Parents bought all the stuff:


I will admit this is an interesting and foreign concept to me. YJ also complained that her mom wanted her to be a size XS so she could “be a doll” I’ve never had this experience–I am definitely not doll material, that’s for sure! I never wanted ‘doll’ status for my daughter either. IS looks shocked right down to his toes:


I don’t think he even considered that this could happen, but he’s been such a filial and compliant son for 99% of his life. NR and Papa Seo look pretty shocked too. Mama Seo takes JY into another room so he won’t have to hear his mom cry.

SB admits she wanted:


but her conscience saved her from making that mistake. She had carefully studied Evil Daddy’s MO–and then she levels IS with the truth. His father:


Whoa. That’s some major disrespect. SB hugs IS–and cue up the really ominous music:


And she tells him to go home alone. I see now why she did this–it’s her way of taking control of the situation. Being thrown out is one thing; leaving on your own terms is another. SB may not realize it, but she has power; she makes decisions, rather than being at the whim of everyone else and going for victim status. IS looks like he’s just found out someone died…no, dude–that’s your marriage that’s now DOA, and you can’t say you didn’t see this coming! I have this bad feeling he’s going to opt for victim-hood. I’ve seen this happen in RL, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Meanwhile, the Evil Parents are having a victory meeting in the Indoor Gazebo. Evil Mommy isn’t worried:


Why, so you can have JY raised by a nanny too? Or are you just that much of a control freak? Evil Daddy says that he will be surprised if IS comes home alone…but he believes his “remedy” is working quite well?  Oh, that divide and conquer thing?! I hope it gets turned around on you in the next couple of episodes!


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