Thoughts and Highlights–HITTG Episode 24 First half “Living Like a Refugee”

Just in case some readers are naive enough to believe that exploitation of the poor by large corporations doesn’t happen here like we see in this drama, I would encourage you to consider what is happening in a neighborhood that is about a 30 minute walk from Shamrockmom’s House. There is a large dump/recycling facility/trash collection center, across the street from an elementary school and preschool. The school and preschool serve a neighborhood of financially disadvantaged and/or minority students. The smell coming from the trash facility is awful–on a cool and cloudy day. As the weather heats up, the stench is unbearable. Seagulls pick at the trash that is out in the open, and then the birds poop all over the kids as they play outside at recess, creating another health hazard. There have been a lot of complaints, but nothing has ever been done. Now it appears things are about to change. It pains me to say this–the minority parents don’t want to speak up, probably because of their immigration status, and unfamiliarity with the US legal system. Finally, some other parents (translation: the white and/or highly educated sort) from the city are getting involved to help change this situation. I talked with one of them yesterday, who told me that things are heating up…they’ve been able to get someone in there to monitor the health of the teachers and students and the asthma/breathing problems are pretty much endemic throughout the schoolkids and staff. This person told me, “The white parents wouldn’t stand for their kids to go to this school for one second…the hispanic parents feel powerless to change the situation. How can I sit back and explain to my kids why it’s okay for other kids to go to this school, while they go to a school with no bird droppings and clean air to breathe?” The trash facility is putting up a massive fight, mostly due to the costs involved of covering the garbage and there is some bad behavior on the part of county government health officials too, who did not follow up on the complaints in a timely manner…hmmm, sound like corruption or a payoff to anyone? Drat. Evil Daddy has minions in my own community! Petition and more info at this link, if you are interested.

Episode 24–starts with Evil Mommy (and presumably Daddy) discussing the Grandparents will–we know from previous episodes that there was money left for IS (maybe YJ too, but not 100% sure) by at least one of the deceased grandparents. Now there might be more:


She continues to whine about the staff leaving “at a certain time”, and:


I cannot stretch my imagination far enough to include Evil Mommy ever going camping….unless you consider a suite at the Lotte Hotel ‘camping’ like her hubby’s Boy Scout troop! More whining:


Oh, that’s priceless. She’s got it completely bass-ackward as we say around here. Don’t listen to me, Evil Mommy. Take Tom Petty’s advice instead! Heh, you better get used to that empty nest aka the Joseon Mansion. Your kids are growing up, and they are gonna leave real soon, put you in the rear view mirror and never look back after the way you’ve treated them–like refugees! SB is certainly treated as a refugee, maybe worse at the Han household,

IS, YJ and SB are together in the Prison Study Room, as YJ plays with the baby JY. IS tells YJ that she was a big help to them, and I love this line from YJ:


YJ may be immature at times, but I believe her heart is in the right place. She will have good examples in SB and IS to guide her in the future. Evil Daddy arrives home for his kingly greeting, and Evil Mommy immediately tries to stir up some discord:


Yes, His Royal Han-Highness needs a full contingent of servants and subjects in attendance for his evening greeting! /sarc Evil Daddy then summons IS and YJ for a talk:


pointedly leaving SB out of it–and by the expression on her face, she knows something’s up:


IS hesitates, as SB asks him to go and obey his father. If he had a real backbone, and not that wet noodle he currently possesses, he would have told his father that since he is married, he wants his wife with him. I know that’s asking a lot, and my Western culture-lock bias is affecting how I view this scene. I’ve been pretty tough on IS lately–I think it’s because I know he can step up here and do better. He’s been sliding along too comfortably. Another reason I’m so tough on IS–I’ve seen young men his age step up, take responsibility, make hard decisions and do the right thing even when it’s extremely difficult. If they can do it, so can he!

Evil Daddy asks IS if he’s taken the practice exam, but IS fibs and says he doesn’t know the results yet because Tutor Park had to leave. Evil Daddy says he will find out tomorrow. He then launches into his speech titled, “Why You Are Different”. YJ immediately declares that she doesn’t want to be different! Ha! Spoken like a true teenager–most teens (but not all, thankfully) want to “fit in” and to not be singled out as “different” aka “weird”. Breaking free from that sheeple thought-process indicates growth into adulthood, IMHO, and the sooner that happens, the better. Evil Daddy proclaims IS and YJ his “heirs”, but especially IS…as the oldest son, he stands to inherit the vast majority of his father’s wealth. SB walks JY around in his stroller in the Prison Study Room–I still have to chuckle at a house that’s so large, you can walk a baby around in a stroller indoors! Back to IS and YJ–she seems cutely happy about some building that is going to be hers, while IS looks like he wants to barf:


YJ asks when she gets the building in Naeja-dong. (info in English, upper right drop-down menu. Naeja-dong is one neighborhood in this district. Kinda interesting, lots of historical sites, and quite fitting that His Royal Han-Highness would have a holding here…) YJ gets the 411 from Evil Mommy:


YJ proclaims that idea absurd, which leads Evil Daddy to dismiss her from the lecture. She wants to stay and get more info:


I have to mention here how great a job Lee Joon does acting the part of IS. He’s got all the right teenage boy angsty expressions, barely controlled anger and frustration, and brooding postures down to a science. He also exudes sincerity and openness too–he was great at the start, and has improved as the show progresses.

YJ leaves and goes into the Prison Study Room with SB and JY, grousing about how her brother is gonna get more coin because he’s the eldest son. YJ wants to know if SB is upset because she wasn’t included in the discussion, but SB reiterates what she told YJ and IS last episode:


YJ then plants her foot firmly in her mouth:


Oops! She immediately apologizes, but the damage is done. Meanwhile, IS gets what looks like the shock of his life, as he finds out his family’s net worth. Evil Daddy pontificates about his son’s responsibilities, and rips IS for wanting to distribute a few Won/Dollars to each household, which Evil Daddy proclaims as meaningless. Then Evil Daddy goes for the kill, as he uses this for an example:


According to Evil Daddy’s twisted logic, they want to distribute a few Won/Dollars to each of the workers, and that’s ridiculous. IS is not buying his Daddy’s BS today:


Evil Daddy lets IS know how he’d handle things:


but only for Uncle. IS asks how it’s considered justice if only Uncle gets the compensation. Yeah, I’d like to know that too. As a reply, Evil Daddy lets IS know that a leader:


but demonstrates what kindness is! My jaw drops. Evil Daddy must be on drugs. It’s that medicine he takes…there’s got to be something hallucinogenic in it. What else could explain this kind of warped thinking? Evil Daddy cites “The Prince” as evidence of where power comes from:


“Real power comes from fear.”–Machiavelli and Evil Daddy. IS disagrees again:


Gah, even here he’s still respectful and polite to his father. At this point, Evil Mommy leaves her husband and son to verbally duke it out….this conversation is probably over her head anyways. Evil Daddy rips into the condition of the Seo family home:


it on paper only (!). It may have been a cozy middle class home at one point, but now it’s a run down, worn out dump! Considering the good times IS had there, that’s gotta hurt. IS puts up a meek and lukewarm protest–He’s:


This is his wife’s family home, for crying out loud! Then Evil Daddy pronounces his final decree: “That’s the condition to be my heir.” Translation: Give up SB to get your inheritance. Evil Daddy has put IS in a terrible conundrum. IS wants to be a filial son, and respect his father. But the cost will be his heart and soul if SB is not by his side. It’s an awful thing for a parent to make a child choose like that. One of the most soul-crushing things I ever heard (and there have been many) from my own father is that he wished that he had done something like this to keep me from marrying my now ex-husband. He said it was the biggest regret of his life that he didn’t act on that thought.

IS goes upstairs with the weight of the world on his shoulders. There were many guesses on the Soompi forum as to exactly how much wealth Evil Daddy would leave IS. I think the figure most settled on was approximately 500 million USD. SB tries to get some info out of IS, but he blows her off, saying that he and Evil Daddy just talked about “the usual stuff, yunno, ‘The Prince’…”. He looks like he’s in a trance. I don’t think SB is fooled for a second–IS is as transparent as glass.

Mama Seo is paying bills at the kitchen table, when Papa Seo comes in. He wants her to call and check up on SB. Mama Seo says No Way–if there’s a problem she will call me. Papa Seo tries to guilt her into calling:


Mama Seo replies that of course she’s worried….but she controls her temper, and doesn’t say the things to the Han’s that she’d like to. The fact remains:


to stay at the Joseon Mansion. It’s amazing how Mama Seo trusts SB’s judgement:


SB has to take the responsibility. That takes some real restraint as a parent, believe me. I have a good friend whose daughter is in an abusive relationship with a boyfriend. He and his wife both know–they’ve seen the bruises. How her dad–an ‘old-fashioned’ guy even by my standards–keeps from applying some much needed justice to this situation is beyond my knowledge. Instead of going to jail on an assault charge (or worse) they’ve been trying to talk to the daughter, to get her to make the decision herself. It’s very difficult. Their relationship has been strained for years. I’ve offered to take this young lady out for a little chat over lunch or dinner myself. They are walking a tightrope here–as is Mama Seo. I’m sure if she had her way, SB and JY would be safely ensconced at Camp Seo–and roll the credits!

Papa Seo worries:


Mama Seo has had enough of her spineless husband:


She stands up to him–literally–asking him what reason did they give IS’s parents to hate their daughter? He backs down and leaves, as Mama Seo gets her Captain Obvious moment in this episode:


NR and YJH are at SJW’s Lair. It seems if the lack of spine problem is contagious today–NR has contracted the illness:


When YJH says No Way, NR comes back with this:


I guess they don’t teach schoolchildren in SK about Ben Franklin, or she would know this: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Of course SJW has a solution:


Oh, and the fact that she saved your sorry backside a few episodes ago–yeah, let’s forget all about that!  Sheesh! NR has a wish I hope comes true as well:


YJH drops an interesting clue–He says he studied so he didn’t have to be like his father. In fact, his thesis in school was, “How being the driver of a official vehicle can affect the employee’s family”! SJW says he read that on the University website, and thinks how difficult it must have been for YJH to listen:


Ha! That sounds an awful lot like Evil Daddy reading “The Prince” every morning with IS and SB! SJW had that same experience of a daily lecture in Confucianism too by his daddy. YJH realized after he got to HanSong, he could become like those guys…oh, you mean the kind that are seduced by money and power?! NR is still in Safe Mode:


So that means he’s already one of them! Ha! SJW backhand slam/compliments NR for being so honest, and YJH takes the opportunity to bail out. NR better watch this guy–he’s a cheeky one–as he asks her to forgive him for this one thing, and then:


Hmm…’ great for..umm…everything else’. *pulls mind out of gutter*  I swear he says the funniest things, or maybe it’s just the way it gets translated and subbed. I also loved his line “Give me your hands….” (episode 15). Watch out YJH–NR may just take you up on your offers!

The Household help are in gossip mode….AB gives them the scoop:


IS will get it all–if he ‘behaves’. AH thinks that’s burdensome:


The level of fear that every character in this show deals with on a day-to-day basis proves the need for extensive mental health benefits under the SK National Health Service. Secretary Lee brings up the Duke of Windsor (aka King Edward VIII), who refused his inheritance to marry the woman of his choice (very long article, but interesting) Secretary Kim is speechless–no one would do that! Uh, check your Western European history book my friend. Tutor wonders about this:




AH reminds everyone that Evil Mommy was the one who asked them to call SB “Little Madam” and Secretary Lee reiterates:


Which thankfully gets a unanimous vote from all! Yay!

The Vulture Friends are meeting up too. Here’s VF-Eom’s take on the situation:


They all assure Evil Mommy she made the right decision. These frenemies are the walking definition of groupthink. YR gives us an important confirmation:


Whoa! So IS is the magic 20! He’s an adult! Thank goodness, not a moment too soon. I breathe a small sigh of relief. His daddy is gonna have to really dig deep into his dastardly bag of tricks to either force them to divorce or force the custody issue. VF-Eom shows off her particular brand of delusional thinking:


She thinks young couples tire of married life easily! No, what they get tired of is other people meddling in their lives! SJW is checking the stock prices, and they are on the upswing! Then YR gives us another tantalizing clue–Evil Mommy is selling the bonds:


Double Whoa! Crumbs, I thought that could be IS’s ‘ace in the hole’. If he could get his hands on that money, it’s the cleanest coin he might have. @baduy on the Soompi forum gave an excellent explanation of how Evil Mommy could legally do this if the bonds were for IS, but she had discretion as to how to invest them. Oh well..that money was probably dirty anyways. Fugeddaboudit IS, just make a clean break from your parents before they get arrested on a myriad of corruption charges, and start from scratch. If your great grandfather did it, so can you!

MJ and IS are at the park with a dejected IS. MJ’s already heard the rumors over IS’s inheritance. He spills the beans over SJW’s investments and how that dude manipulates rumors to make them all money. IS couldn’t care less. MJ whines that he doesn’t have much in his account (boo–frickedy–hoo!) then he asks IS:


Bwaahaahaa! There’s nowhere to drive as fast as those cars can go in Korea, but that kid’s daddy fixes the problem for him:


This is funny only to me. My youngest son works as a mechanic/technician on cars that are “competition” to Ferrari. The owners take the cars to closed tracks and race them around. It’s relatively safe–my son has even driven one (with a helmet and fire suit) on a track with a professional instructor before. No, I will not disclose how fast he drove; but it was almost three times the legal speed limit in our state. Driving those kind of cars on the street is stupid–you can’t get out of second gear, they cause rubbernecking, and if heaven forbid you park it and leave it, someone will scratch the paint or door-ding your car–instantly thousands of USD in damage to the super-specialized paint job. They break down frequently, and the maintenance costs are astronomical. But if you are uber-rich, and want to burn your money, they are fun and fast on the track!

HS arrives, skipping up and calling IS “heir” as MJ reminds her–IS hasn’t said Yes to the Doughpile yet! IS asks HS if she has conditions on her trust, and she does–


HS is kinda okay with that, then MJ utters a piece of truth I’m not sure he fully understands:


Yep, there’s always a trade-off. But some come at an unconscionable cost…MJ asks IS what his condition is:


That is the face of a young man with a nearly impossible choice to make. His bride or his family…Will he make the right decision and have a satisfying yet financially difficult life, or will he opt for economic safety and a lifetime of regret? HS is too smart–she knows what condition the Evil Parents have put on the inheritance:


Poor IS can’t take it, and he gets up and walks away. We find out exactly what kind of decision MJ the Junior Viper would make:


#whattadick. Sorry–It seems to be my favorite tagline for MJ; he infuriates me. I know there’s a lot of young men out there just like him, yet thankfully I don’t see them, because my kids don’t bring them anywhere near the House. But I hear the stories from my sons and daughter, which always enrage me. HS adds that SB is “an alien”, as she remembers meeting SB at the Joseon Mansion, and SB speaking nearly perfect English to her mother! They agree that such an “ordinary” girl doesn’t belong with IS or his family…yeah, I agree about the Han family part, but not IS! He’s an “alien” too, with that integrity he possesses. Now if he will just quit hiding it to placate his parents….

Tutor counsels SB:


There’s a gap between them…


Hmm. I wonder if this is a foreshadowing of something else. Filed for future reference. IS comes into the Prison Study Room, and immediately Tutor Park knows something is up–because IS looks so serious. SB agrees as IS denies everything (ha, he is such an open book!) They go back to their discussion on power, and Tutor brings up the talk IS had with his father–boy does that make the kids look uncomfortable!


IS thinks he messed up:


SB says she messed up even more:


saying she “fell at it’s feet”. Here’s the hard lesson she learned:


Over at HanSong, YJH gets a message from Secretary Kim to meet his boss in the Club of Exclusiveness. Evil Daddy gets right down to business, asking him about Uncle’s case. He’s not happy over this request by YJH:


Yeah, nothing like a clear paper trail to help dig out the corruption! Evil Daddy says it’s a problem because that info is ‘confidential’. Heh…YJH lays the butter on his boss with a trowel, saying he should listen carefully:


but adding that he allllmost bought that ‘confidentiality’ business and doubted himself!  Evil Daddy leans back, and asks this young Jedi Warrior lawyer why he would add that clause if his goal was to settle out of court. Oooh, Oooh,*raises hand* I know! YJH spells it out for Evil Daddy–as he is trying to find grounds for an apology and compensation.. this little fact came up:


I can almost see this scene as a prequel to an eventual light saber duel courtroom showdown. Evil Daddy flat out says–Remove The Clause. It’s a different matter. The names on the foreign accounts aren’t what the ‘rumor’ says–it’s not under Daesan (translation: I’ve already thought of this and hidden my tracks well, young Padawan) Some reporters have traced this already, and if you go down this trail, it will weaken your case. Evil Daddy gives YJH a Final Warning:


But YJH is already a Jedi one step ahead of his boss, as he sends a message to Secretary Min:


and the false info was spilled intentionally. Uncle knows exactly why Evil Daddy did this:


Secretary Min knows they are being watched, so she implores Uncle:


Heh, I know why she says this, but I think Uncle might be pretty chuffed to take her out on a real date. I really ‘ship these two. Secretary Min knows they are in a public place, but not wiretapped…and she lets Uncle know she’s got a helper inside HanSong. They are being followed–right now as a matter of fact:


This is such a eerie scene…Uncle plays along quite well, smiling and chuckling as they talk, knowing they are being watched, recorded. Yet Uncle is clearly uncomfortable:


but Secretary Min encourages him to keep talking. She wants to know if he’s spoken with SB,and he answers that he only spoke to her on the phone, since his brother didn’t want him to meet up with her. He misses his niece (aw!) and says that SB says everything is just fine and dandy–even though he and Secretary Min knows that’s not the real deal.  Secretary Min knows she is putting Uncle through the wringer with this, so they agree to communicate for now through YJH. As they leave, Secretary Min leans her head on Uncle’s shoulder (ostensibly to look like they are sweethearts on a date) and Uncle is clearly rattled. He walks so stiffly, he looks like a robot. My guess is Uncle is equal parts worried over his niece, and nervous over how Secretary Min is hanging on to him:


The V-I-T’s are back, and plotting to find a way to create more chaos for their buddy IS.  MJ wants to visit IS–HS shoots that idea down:


And so does SJW! He even calls them “brats”! Undaunted, the V-I-T’s force feed SJW’s words right back to him:


Ha! MJ calls him “confusing” and HS says it’s probably because of what Shamrockmom said several episode recaps ago:


Yeah, but if you wanna be cool, you have to remember what you said!  And wearing a flamingo pink jacket is not too cool either, unless you live in Miami or your name is Don Johnson (heh…one of my ‘Ahjusshi’ crushes back in the day!)


Whoever gets to be the fashion consultant for SJW in this show must be having the time of their lives; picking out the printed pants and most outrageous colors of jackets for him. The V-I-T’s decide to have SJW’s driver take them over to the Joseon Mansion. That SJW is such weak sauce. He knows those kids are going over there to cause chaos, and he does nothing to stop them other that a lame, “Yeah, that’s not a good idea.”. I cringe…what trickery do the V-I-T’s have up their sleeves? MJ and HS are barely welcomed by a grouchy IS (he probably knows they are there to spy on him and/or create havoc):


I love that expression on IS’s face. He is totally done with these so-called “friends” of his. No snacks or drinks either–the staff is off duty! SB greets MJ and HS politely, and MJ bows to her! Boo-yah! HS asks him what is he thinking—and MJ says SB seems like an adult to him! Yeah, because you know authority it when ya see it!  HS plays it cool, saying they “just stopped by” after hanging out with SJW, then MJ blurts out this steaming piece of ridiculousness:


I don’t think HS buys that fake line either!  Evil Mommy arrives to cheerfully greet the V-I-T’s, and MJ sticks his foot in his mouth again!


Dude, STFU already! Evil Mommy swiftly denies everything, as YJ comes downstairs to join the gang, and I notice everybody sits down–except for SB. Evil Mommy chides SB, saying that since they have guests…she should get in the kitchen and fix a snack for them!  And she does it! Aaagh, I hate SB acting like a doormat; even worse is IS not sticking up for her! IS finally arrives in the kitchen–check out this withering look from SB:


I hope IS notes she has a knife in her hand….he asks her to not fix too much food, and to come back in to the room. At least he knows why his frenemies are here:


Evil Mommy bellows for IS to come back. She’s weak sauce too–Evil Mommy needs to take lessons from Mrs. Wolowitz over at the Big Bang Theory. IS makes it clear to SB–first, he never invited them over.  Second:


They hug, as IS says exactly what I’m thinking:


Meanwhile, HS asks MJ:


and our friendly neighborhood D-bag aka MJ has the answer:


And they have the gall to say all this right in front of SB, like she’s not even there! Whatta couple of jerks! IS is so done:


I can’t believe he hasn’t punched MJ, or physically thrown the both of them out yet. YJ isn’t stupid–she calls out her mother on it:


HS continues to diss SB, asking her if she knows why IS turned her down. Ummm, because you are a shallow, greedy and vengeful young lady? No, it’s because:


The conversation spirals downward, as MJ declares he’s uncomfortable too with the girls from families that his mom is friendly with, and HS picks at him a little over this–but MJ declares they are like family to each other! Ok, a messed up set of siblings, but whatever. HS brings up the catfight between VF-Eom and her mom, and SB can’t take it anymore, and politely excuses herself. IS looks somewhere between PO’d and defeated as SB leaves. If he only had a backbone….

HS gets pumped for info by YR as soon as she arrives home:


Then I fall on the floor, laughing!


My tummy hurts! Tom Petty is probably in facepalm mode by now. The lyrics are here–I think the line of “You believe what you want to believe” is pretty darn relevant. At least YR gets it. She knows who it is that’s living like a refugee, and it sure is not Evil Mommy. This is why I can’t hate on YR–she’s been so hurt by the put-downs over the years, she fights Evil Mommy back tooth and nail. I don’t blame her. I really hope writer-nim does something great with this side character–I longed to see Young Woo from SLA either get some redemption (my choice) or get punished, but she kinda got left in the dust at the end of the drama. HS tires quickly of the interrogation, and snaps at YR to leave her alone. YR is frustrated because she can’t get the scoop from Evil Mommy, and then she lets loose with one of the truest things I’ve ever heard her say:


I totally agree. If Evil Mommy was not so filled with hatred, jealousy, and ignorance, she might be borderline tolerable. HS asks who Evil Mommy hates, and YR correctly states it’s SB. HS bails from the conversation to take a shower, while her mom makes her a cocktail!  Another June Cleaver moment for YR:


YR starts interrogating her daughter again, and HS is in no mood for it, cocktail or not! She begs her mom to quit it, and YR steadfastly refuses to give this notion up:


HS give her mom the MYOB line, and kicks her mom out of the Valentine Room–if she wants IS, she’ll get him herself!

Later that night, IS has something to tell SB:


Dude, I think she already knows…but IS lets SB know about the inheritance:


Just like MJ said earlier, hmmm? IS hesitates, then tries to put the soft-sell on it:


I don’t really think he’s trying to be hurtful here…what he is trying to do is to stall; to buy time, in the slim hope his Daddy will change his mind or come around somehow. I have a hunch “stall” worked in the past, so he’s willing to try it again. IS knows they need some ‘seed money’ to get started on their lives; to get a roof over their heads that is not his house or her house, but their house, finish school, and take care of JY’s needs. I am sure his thought process is, “how can I get juuust enough cash to give us a start and screw the rest of the Doughpile” . SB knows the importance of the inheritance:


Today’s side story:  This is exactly what I did with some funds my grandparents left for me in a trust. I knew my Dad could have given me the money anytime, he had the discretion….but instead, I played along, biding my time for the right moment, and investing the money wisely. There were years I made more money investing than working. It killed me to have my kids living in day to day poverty while I was doing this, but I had a bigger goal. Then a sequence of events happened, including the kids getting older, the good neighbors of “Sillimdong-OC” leaving and the druggies/gang members moving in, the stock market looked increasingly volatile….and my divorce finalized. I pulled the pin on the grenade–and asked my Dad for the money to buy a house in a safe neighborhood. (reminder–not to vacation in the Bahamas or to buy a fancy car) He refused. I asked him to talk with my attorney–who had read the trust and knew the deal. He refused. I finally had the attorney write a nice and non-threatening letter outlining the details, and that I was within my rights to ask. My Dad and Mom went ballistic. I said I was sorry to have to go so far–but my first allegiance was now to my kids, and they were #2 on the list. I got the money for the house, and a houseful of guilt from them to go along with it. I’ve never regretted my decision; only that my parents were so unhappy over it. I doubt the rift between me and my Dad will ever be fully repaired.

SB offers to summarize what Evil Daddy said in one sentence…urgh, that’s painful! IS doesn’t say anything, but we see him in the Prison Study Room, late at night, unable to sleep. I am sure he is racking his brain, trying to get out of this impossible situation he’s been thrown into. SB peeks in on him through the door, but doesn’t come in–as she slowly walks back up the stairs, I’m pretty sure she’s decided that he’s gonna pick the Doughpile–and she’s steeling herself to leave with JY. If that ends up being the case….I will be a mighty unhappy camper, and any nearby tablets better go run and hide from my presence!

Meanwhile, the Evil Parents are gloating in bed together:  Evil Daddy knows it’s only a matter of time until:


Heh, I know he’s talking about SB and IS, but he should be referring to his own relationship here! Evil Mommy comments that SB is “sensitive” and is going to feel the change….she’d have to be brain dead not to!

I’m going to break it off here for today, and work on part 2 of Episode 24 tomorrow…I am way, way behind–the internet went down at our house for several days (due to a rusted connection outside!) and we had one broken and one nearly broken cell phone to deal with as well. That kind of week is called Technological Armageddon at my house!  Add all that in with my Final Exam in Music Theory, and I’m done!  More recaps coming up….I know I’ll be working on these long after the drama ends, but honestly, I’m having way too much fun to stop now!


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