Thoughts and Highlights HITTG Episode 22 “Fear Eats the Soul”

I would like to thank everyone who reads these long and ranting recaps–I apologize again for being behind.  I hope to get more caught up over the Holiday weekend here in the US. No storytime today–it’s in the middle of the recap, along with an amazing find I’ll call “Hidden Treasure from Writer-nim”.

Episode 22–Starts with Evil Daddy and his boss having a little discussion by the elevator. Evil Daddy reassures his boss that everything is just fine and dandy, nothing to see here. I was totally confused by this conversation;  Viki, DF, SoompiTV were all very similar, so that was no help. Earmarked for future reference. Attorney Yoo fills in YJH that all the top officials want to work here after they retire from public office.

Evil Mommy, Secretary Lee and Tutor Park are meeting:


and IS and SB want the info! Evil Mommy thinks it’s Practice Exam time, and beats around the bush, asking Tutor Park if they are expecting too much out of the kids. Because, yunno:


The hypocrisy that comes out of the Evil Parents’ mouths continues to amaze me. Tutor Park is sufficiently vague:


Which seems to stump Evil Mommy temporarily. Secretary Yang texts her sis, hoping Tutor Park will only do his job, and Secretary Lee texts back that she found the owner of the Han Trust….with the same last name as her sis!  Whoa–we get a big bomb drop right at the beginning today. I can’t even begin to fathom how this will all tie in. Secretary Yang blabbers about YJH working on Uncle’s case openly, but Secretary Min knows that’s not the way it will be soon:


YJ comes home from school, and immediately disses her mom:


but Evil Mommy ignores it today, and leaves. YJ joins SB and IS in the Prison Study room. She’s got an idea:


Yeah, it’s not gonna work like that….sorry! Tutor Park thinks YJ’s rebelling, but she disagrees:


I’ve seen this play out so many times. The parents are super strict, think they’ve got their kid under their thumb, and doing what they want, thinking what they want….but the rebellion is bubbling under the surface. The second the kid gets any freedom–usually when they start going to college out of state–and bam!  The kids are partying, drinking, doing drugs and god-knows-what else, no holds barred. These kids are so dangerous. Freedom and responsibility need to be parceled out, slowly, and the kids have to experience consequences of bad decisions. IS gets down to business:


As usual, Tutor Park wants the kids to think for themselves.


When you get down to it, that is what a good teacher does…he/she gets kids to look at things from a different perspective, and challenges them. It’s amazing how many parents feel threatened by that. Maybe I never did because at my House if you had a viewpoint, you were expected from the get-go to be able to verbally defend it–with factual backup. My kids expected that of their teachers as well. I never said “because I said so” to my kids–unless it was an emergency, and even then there was an explanation given later. Even if that explanation was difficult to articulate, I had to do it so they would respect me going forward. Interestingly, all my kids stood up to their HS/College teachers in a respectful way, and gave them an earful when needed–which was one reason my youngest left HS at 16 to start college–the best decision he and I ever made!

Meanwhile, YR is feeding Evil Mommy bad intel. I swear Evil Mommy is the most gullible character ever…she knows YR is a frenemy, and still she listens to her. Here’s a messed up piece of info:


Wow. Now we know Secretary Kim is YR’s mole in the Joseon Mansion. He wouldn’t give her false intel….so is this a test to see how dim Evil Mommy really is? Evil Mommy knows she’s the one who hit YJ–SB did nothing of the sort. At least Evil Mommy denies it:


SJW comes in and greets Secretary Lee who is waiting for her boss in the hallway. This is why I do these intensive re-watches–because I missed this completely the first time around. Secretary Lee knows he’s been at the doctor, and hopes everything is okay. His answer:


Hmmm…very interesting.  I know in past episodes he said he had knee problems, but could it be something else? SJW can’t stand to not know the scoop, but he gets pre-empted by this burning question from the VF’s:


Wow–I never knew that there were surfing spots in Korea. I’ve learned something new today. I just thought everyone came here to surf in SoCal. Not a whole lotta info on this site, just the basics…but if you want a one-of-a-kind surfing experience and liked “The Interview” movie, try this out! I don’t remember Korea on the destination list from either Endless Summer or Endless Summer 2.

Anyways, it looks like SJW’s stuck on shore this year, but back to the gossip–he wants to know who was beaten!  Evil Mommy assures him:


YR whines they’ve all been victims of rumors, and VF-Eom adds this little tidbit on:


Evil Mommy takes off with that comment, much to the displeasure of Secretary Lee!


Tutor Park fills the kids in on how he’s going to help the staff. He’s going to start by:


and be a mediator between Evil Daddy and the staff. IS gets a message from HS, so he calls her back and puts her on speakerphone with SB and Tutor listening in!  Smart guy!  Tutor tells HS right away:


Lotsa people are checking this deal out–no need to be scared!  HS looks like she’s gonna start to throw a fit…and then SB introduces herself! She takes some wind out of the Human Tornado–


because HS has been around IS for so long, she knows all kind of things about him!  HS is totally flummoxed by this, and it’s wonderful…she makes a weak-sauce comeback:


because, yunno, she’s just ordinary….HS tries to wrap it up:


SB wishes she could, but it’s hard for her to get out. HS snaps:


and maybe she’s getting to be like her MiL!  YR comes in the room to hear the tail end of this wacky conversation:


and HS has a great word of advice for SB:


Yeah, I’m with HS on this one! IS’s family is a mess. IS is grouchy over SB’s statement that she was envious of HS. Tutor Park decides to bail out:


HS gets an earful from her mom too:


But HS has a quick rebuttal:


Point given to HS, for truth spoken well. YR believes HS is also two-faced!  She tries her hand at playing amateur psychologist:


She feeds her daughter a piece of toxic information:


So there might not be any money for her. HS is unimpressed–because:


I kinda feel sorry for these kids–they may have money, but that doesn’t mean their woes are over. They just have a different set of woes that poorer kids don’t. It’s a shame that no one has instilled any kind of self-reliance in these kids–like maybe making their own money. YR says she’d be happy if her soon-to-be ex lost his slush fund….but they need to keep what they have for themselves! HS is a tough one:


But YR hugs her and wants her to listen up….uh, oh. I am sure YR is gonna think of some way to trap IS for her daughter.

AB, AH, Tutor and Secretary Lee chat….AH says this is what the staff really want:


Tutor says they are going to have to be specific, and get it all in writing. AB and AH start writing down their demands: no more formal uniforms, no standing at attention while the family eats…they seem so fearful to ask for what seems like such common sense things, like nailing down the severance pay/retirement benefits.

It must be a full moon over in Korea, because everyone is in a fighting mood…Mama Seo is getting on Papa Seo’s case–he thinks SB is fitting in over at the Joseon Mansion, but Mama Seo knows better:


Mama Seo knows things are changing over there, and it’s not the Evil Parents. Then Mama Seo speaks the truth at a level I don’t think she completely understands:


I fully believe if Mama Seo knew the extent of what her daughter has been through, and continues to go through at the Joseon Mansion, she’d leave immediately, and bring her daughter and JY right back over to Camp Seo in a heartbeat.  And woe to anyone who got in her way or tried to stop her! Papa Seo says the Han’s treat her like that because:


Mama Seo asks her husband if he didn’t see SB spend all her time at home sleeping because she’s so exhausted. Maybe he’s blind:


Papa Seo reiterates that’s exactly why they need to be careful, for their daughter’s sake. Mama Seo is not buying it:


He starts to throw a fit, and the communication between them grinds to a halt. Mama Seo wonders if they can’t say anything to the Han’s knowing what their daughter is going through, as if they were rats….Papa Seo is lost, especially with the “rat” reference! All I can do is think of Kang from SLA–and how afraid of mice he was! Gawd, he was a such a jerk…..

NR and YJH chat. NR has one shred of conscience left!


YJH tries to encourage her:


I could write a book on that topic. One of the considerations when I left my abusive ex-husband was trying to find a safe place for me and my children to live–while living in poverty. I chose to live in “Sillimdong-OC” because it had an excellent history of responding to DV calls and enforcing restraining orders properly, according to the local shelter for abused women. The chief of police in Sillimdong-OC back then had a long memory of his dad beating his mom and he made sure the DV laws were fully enforced by his officers. In addition, I was fortunate enough to have great neighbors for the first two years I was there. One neighbor guy was Samoan–a protective dad who was easily 6’6″ and 260 lbs of muscle. The other neighbor was a former boxing champion in Mexico. He didn’t look like much at 5’8′ and 160 lbs, but he was quick, knew how to fight, and he had arms like Popeye. I never worried about my safety or my kids’ safety at night when those guys were around. It was after those two families moved away that the druggies and the Vietnamese gang members moved in, and I started to look for another place to live. Still, there were nights when the gunshots were close; we stayed away from the windows, and slept on the floor. My kids grew up knowing that “pop-pop” wasn’t fireworks or a car backfire….it meant get down on the floor–now! (They had to teach that to my Mom, who would go over to the window and look if she heard a noise…)  Living in fear is exhausting–it drains your energy, and it’s easy to become chronically ill, depressed, or perpetually anxious. I am 100% sure most of my ongoing health problems are from the years of stress I experienced. It’s amazing that SB hasn’t cracked yet from everything she’s been through. I wonder how much longer she can hold out–eventually the stress will take a toll on her mental and/or physical health.

Tutor Park goes into Evil Daddy’s home office/library to give him the list of demands by the household workers, as the workers peek around corners, trying to get a read on what Evil Daddy’s reaction will be. Interestingly, we viewers don’t get to see his face:


The Nanny waits in the hall with IS and SB…she’s not in on the deal, unfortunately:


Evil Daddy reads the household workers list of requested changes. Honestly, they’re not anything I would consider earth-shattering from my Western perspective. It’s common sense stuff–the staff wants to wear comfortable clothing….formal uniforms will require extra pay–10 thousand Won or $10/hr.  The staff wants overtime–prior to 6 am and after 8 pm at a rate or 15 thousand Won or $15/hr!  Whoa! That’s unconscionable that the Han’s expect that from their slaves staff. What happened to an 8 hour work day? The 45 degree bow greeting needs to stop, and they want something in writing about the severance pay/retirement–not just some flimsy future promise. My feeling is that these “demands” are so basic and rudimentary, it seems ridiculous that they would even have to ask for them.  Are there no labor laws in Korea for domestic help, or has His Royal Han-Highness chosen to blow them off? Evil Mommy glares at Secretary Lee, and stomps off. Evil Daddy has this to say:

hittg22-41jpg - Copy

He will consider them (for a millisecond) and get back to Tutor Park. Secretary Kim waits until everyone leaves, then reads the list of demands for himself….probably so he can fill in YR on the details. Evil Mommy is having a canary over the household workers’ demands:

hittg22-42jpg - Copy

Evil Daddy replies:

hittg22-43jpg - Copy

Uhh…I’m thinking you’d better take this seriously. Your staff has had it with you and your Queen. Evil Daddy advises his wife to act respectful toward the staff for the time being.  The staff ask Tutor Park a few more questions about the demands to clarify things.

Tutor Park meets up with YJ, SB and IS. IS thinks the staff should go on strike if his dad refuses their requests. SB says she’s staying out of it. YJ knows why:

hittg22-44jpg - Copy

IS is then summoned by his parents, but before he leaves, he tells SB he’s gonna stop by YJH’s office because he’s got something to talk to him about. IS hugs her before he leaves…she looks so sad, stuck in that gilded prison with Evil Mommy. Tutor Park has been doing some thinking:

hittg22-45jpg - Copy

SB has a hunch why:

hittg22-46jpg - Copy

Tutor Park doesn’t come right out and say it, but I’m sure that is what he’s thinking. He knows SB is gonna do better than IS on the test, and that will send the Evil Parents into the stratosphere. Tutor Park warns her to be careful, but SB seems awfully confident.

IS is over at SJW’s slurping something that looks like spaghetti–

hittg22-47jpg - Copy

And check out what SJW is wearing today…a purple and yellow tie-dye blazer. Wow….I can’t even….somebody call the Fashion Police! IS looks like he is going for a world record in a speed-eating contest–it’s too much even for SJW:

hittg22-48jpg - Copy

But IS is in a hurry today, ’cause he’s got stuff to deal with at home. SJW says Evil Mommy didn’t just send him over to scarf down SJW’s groceries… it’s because:

hittg22-49jpg - Copy

SJW says the Evil Parents have a lot for IS to inherit–that’s why they want him to do well, and spent thousands of dollars/millions of Won, and got a tutor for him. IS knows all this, and SJW wonders why he’s so rebellious. IS tries to explain–his Daddy has no friends or hobbies, and doesn’t give a fig about his wife. So what does he have?

hittg22-50jpg - Copy

Seriously, what a drag….to only have toadies surrounding you day and night; always saying Yes, Your Highness….Whatever you say, Your Highness. SJW tells IS–that’s the life of an heir. IS thinks differently:

hittg22-51jpg - Copy

Viki–“I’m going to do things my Father doesn’t.” I think both translations are effective, especially considered together. SJW tells IS that he’s crazy, the world isn’t gonna change. I wonder if he too was idealistic once, and was finally ground down by the money and the luxurious idle life it brings. IS thinks the world is already changing…evidenced by:

hittg22-52jpg - Copy

IS knows his parents hate SB, YJH, and Secretary Min…but IS likes them and other people like them. HS shows up just then, which surprises IS. She’s there on some kind of errand to give SJW medicine for his arthritis. IS takes one last mouthful of spaghetti noodles and bails out, giving HS a pat on the shoulder–like she’s one of his guy friends!  HS grouches at him that she wants him to do that again–she’s “flustered”–Viki. “electrified”–Tiveee.  HS asks what the heck is going on, and SJW can only advise her to be friends with IS. He’s so lame sometimes…

Back in the Prison Study Room, SB, YJ and IS wonder if the staff will go on strike if the demands are not met. YJ wonders if it will go a step further:

hittg22-53jpg - Copy

SB thinks they should plan to make breakfast tomorrow for everyone.

/Western Perspective Rant Warning:  It boggles my mind that the Evil Parents are fully incapable of pouring cereal into a bowl, making ramen, instant oatmeal, scrambled eggs, toast or a bagel, Eggo Waffles, Pop-Tarts, eating an apple (zero skills needed, just strong teeth if you don’t cut it up!), opening a container of yogurt and dumping some granola on top, or peeling a banana…Feel free to fill in your favorite breakfast food that takes almost no brainpower to make. Certainly they have a toaster in that fancy kitchen; a microwave and a stove are definitely there. /end rant.

IS seems shocked that it’s gone this far–hey, since when did you think your Daddy was a reasonable guy? I am starting to lose patience with IS. He’s so naive, and he lets SB take way too much heat from his parents.

The next morning, the Evil Parents come out, expecting the usual morning greeting…but find the staff, in their regular clothes, sitting down, then walking out. Evil Mommy looks like she’s about to faint–

hittg22-54jpg - Copy

Yunno, if this was a sageuk, SB would just poison Evil Mommy’s and Daddy’s breakfast. (I wouldn’t blame her at this point.) We could have one more episode to tie up all the loose ends, and roll the credits on this show! Side Note–I am grumpy over finding out the show may have been cut by two episodes. It’s just more evidence that the majority of sheeple people hate to think about anything that might make them uncomfortable or question the status quo.

Evil Daddy tries to save face, by telling the staff to take a day off and cool their heads. Yeah, I think they are in this for the long haul. In a nice gesture to SB and IS, who are now manning the kitchen, the staff left post-it notes

hittg22-55jpg - Copy

with helpful tips and pre-prepared food, so they will all survive a day or two. More evidence that IS is completely naive:

hittg22-56jpg - Copy

SB knows better:

hittg22-57jpg - Copy

Although IS in an apron is kinda cute…just sayin’! YJ comes into the kitchen, and announces the Evil Parents are leaving! What, are they afraid of IS and SB’s cooking? IS, SB and YJ run after the Parents, letting them know breakfast is almost ready, but Evil Mommy says:

hittg22-58jpg - Copy

YJ reminds Evil Mommy she was the one who said not to skip breakfast! Heh….here’s a hint. Teenagers have great memories, and will feed your words back to you if their hypocrisy/BS detectors are set off. Secretary Kim has to help Evil Mommy with her shoes, as the kids say their good-byes for the day.

Evil Mommy somehow gets over to SJW’s Lair, and looks like she’s having a full blown anxiety attack!

hittg22-59jpg - Copy

SJW gets her some ice water as she explains:

hittg22-60jpg - Copy

Yeah, you haven’t lived a sheltered life or anything!  SJW asks if it was loud, but Evil Mommy replies that they were calm and gentle. Sometimes that’s scarier, BTW. YR comes running in–she heard what happened on the way back from the hair salon! Geez, these people never quit sticking their noses into each other’s business!

Secretary Yang meets with a mighty unhappy Boss. Here’s something that is guaranteed to upset him even more:

hittg22-61jpg - Copy

and 120 of the 130 work directly for Han Trust. Well, that’s gonna be a huge ol’ mess for Evil Daddy if they all want OT, retirement, and better working conditions! He will be shelling out some serious dough…Secretary Yang interviewed and hired all of them, and Evil Daddy tells her to talk to Tutor Park and take care of this ASAP.

YJH, Secretary Min and Attorney Yoo meet up. Attorney Yoo is sure this is Secretary Yang’s moment to be the scapegoat. I think know she is secretly happy over that fact. YJH also finds out Secretary Min used to be IS and YJ’s bodyguard…she coulda been a contract worker, but she has a “special” assignment.  Attorney Yoo gives the rookie YJH a direct warning:


I love this next line from YJH.  From DF and Tivee:


Viki and SoompiTV translates “sole professional eater” as “Manpower predator”, but I gotta wonder if  “soul professional eater” was supposed to be the real translation. It’s the height of irony, and unintentionally funny at the same time! Secretary Min fills Uncle in on the strike at the Joseon Mansion. I like the translation of Uncle’s “aigoo, cham” as “oh my gosh”. Secretary Min’s line is classic:


I’m thinking this whole drama is a fable….a story meant for instructional purposes. Certainly writer-nim is doing a great job skewering the current rich ruling class of Korea, with their love of money and penchant for corruption at every possible level. It’s too bad some people just don’t get it. There is one Soompi forum member who puts up posts that just take my breath away. I am sure he/she must be a personal friend of Kim Jong Un.

Secretary Min tells Uncle that Tutor Park was the mediator in the dispute between the household help and the Evil Parents, but that didn’t work out too good. Uncle correctly surmises that such a revolt wouldn’t go down at HanSong, and Secretary Min agrees–because there are 100 secretaries:


Plus the pay is good, which also shuts everyone up. (Note to my Boss: Are you listening?) Uncle must have had some leftover clueless juice from previous episodes:


Naw, dude–she just sits around eating bon-bons all day! Sheesh! Secretary Min gives Uncle a clue:


Uncle understands why SB would support the staff, but not IS and YJ. He believes SB should do this:


Gosh, he is delusional. The Evil Parents hate SB breathing oxygen…let alone residing in the same city and country as themselves. Secretary Min tells Uncle it’s all about appearances to the Han’s. Papa Seo is not pleased to hear the news of the strike…Mama Seo believes it’s how SB reacted to the whole thing, and Uncle reminds the Seo Parents that IS and YJ support the staff too. NR and Papa Seo know that no matter what, the Han kids won’t face the wrath of the Han Parents that SB will. Papa Seo is heated:


Mama Seo tries to text SB to get the BTS story at the Joseon Mansion, with no luck.

Secretary Kim is dispatched by Evil Daddy to tell the staff to take a few more days off.  Evil Mommy ups the ante:


IS, SB and YJ walk with the staff to the door–AH assures SB that she can call her for help anytime. YJ is on babysitting duty while IS and SB try to study. The household staff meet for a meal at Secretary Lee’s place. Secretary Lee considers a vacation, but is dissuaded by AB–things might change quickly and then what?  It’s kind of sad to hear AH and AB worry about the kids–they’ve invested so much of their lives into that household. AB sums it up:


Secretary Yang acknowledges the steadying influence of the AB/AH couple on IS/SB:


I agree. IS and YJ would be in a world of hurt without the love and care they got from AH and AB. What a shame they never had any kids of their own. Secretary Kim volunteers to go buy more soju and grilled squid when the group runs out of snacks and booze, and Secretary Lee thinks somethings amiss:


AH hits it on the head when she thinks he might be a spy, but no one else seems to believe her. Secretary Yang probably knows it’s true, as she dangles the rumor that he may have had another job offer.

Early the next morning, Secretary Kim sends a message to YR (?):


Oh heck yeah she does!  I can almost hear the squishy sound of, “Slush…..Slush!” Secretary Yang comes in and starts hassling him about leaving early last night, and hmmm, doesn’t he have a lil’ secret BTW? He denies everything (weakly) and then she goes for the kill: His parents–


Ah, geez. I remember Evil Daddy saying something like Secretary Kim had taken the bar five times and failed every time…so that’s when he offered him the job as toadie secretary. To save face, Secretary Kim probably told his parents he was working at HanSong as one of their lawyers.  “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive..” He gets up in a hurry, and he’s so flustered I hear him say, “Teppu-nim” or “CEO” and not the “Ms. Yang” that gets onto the screen from the subbers. (Ms. Yang should be “Yang Jae Hwa-sshi”, right?  Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.)

IS and SB struggle to fix breakfast again in the kitchen. (See previous rant) It should make it less of a struggle to have what is basically the biggest and best kitchen I’ve seen outside of a cooking show to work with; that refrigerator is the stuff of my dreams…YJ comes in to announce:


SB goes for the obvious–Hey YJ, why don’t you change him? YJ whines and IS steps up, asking YJ to bring poopy JY in so he can change him. SB starts to worry–they will run out of the pre-prepared food by tomorrow, and will have to make food themselves. YJ has the solution!


Or yunno, they could get on the computer, try out some recipes and learn to cook. Self reliance….a virtue that goes under the radar these days. In the middle of this hectic scene, Mama Seo calls SB, who tries to tell her daughter not to let herself get blamed for the staff walkout. Mama Seo is shouted down by NR and Papa Seo, prompting this tidbit from Uncle:


Papa Seo wants SB to side with the Evil Parents. NR takes up another side of the argument:


SB decides it’s time to cut these jokers off:


Seriously, SB’s sis and Dad are really grating on my nerves. They are so wimpy, especially Papa Seo, and NR can only think about herself. NR thinks SB is doing everything over at the Joseon Mansion, but Mama Seo sees it like this:


Yeah, three teenagers should be able to cobble together some kind of breakfast fare, although the Evil Parents expect some mighty fancy breakfast chow every morning for sure. I love this next screencap–look at the expression on Mama Seo’s face as NR floats a really bad idea!


WTH!! My punishment for uttering such stupidity would be assigned reading for NR: the chapter on Enabling from “Codependent No More” Thank goodness Mama Seo tells NR she’s crazy, and needs to leave for work!  NR whines she’s getting an evaluation for work, but can’t concentrate with everything going on, and Uncle has a word of advice:


Side note–when I read that subtitle from Uncle, I wondered if it was a real quote. I love quotes. I could read Bartlett’s just for fun. Then I figured it out. It’s a nugget of treasure I’ve found…There’s a German movie from 1974 called “Fear Eats the Soul“. It won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival. I strongly suggest you read the entire Wikipedia entry from the link. The parallels to this drama–and SLA–are uncanny. The main characters of the film deal with a lot of prejudice, classism, and racism in Germany. Two lovers, one an elderly German widow and a much younger Arab guestworker deal with massive opposition to their relationship from their families and society in general. In RL, the director and the male lead in this movie were in a relationship together too! Considering this film was made 40+ years ago, I can only imagine people were shocked by this, even in relatively liberal Western Europe. It’s available on Hulu Plus, and now I know why I saved that free month pass someone gave me ages ago. I am sure writer-nim must have seen this movie or read about it. I’m blown away…this is exactly why I write up these recaps, and watch each show multiple times. Thank you writer-nim!

Papa Seo issues a proclamation of doom:


Mama Seo says that sometimes division is okay. Uncle knows better–the division causes fear and strife. Papa Seo then drags up the ancient news, reminding everyone that he had to take out a loan to keep his younger brother in college, and that Uncle failed multiple times…then Mama Seo chimes in that the loan was paid back.  How?


Ah, geez! That’s bad…Uncle reminds his brother that he gave him his entire first paycheck, which seems to have been conveniently forgotten by Papa Seo.

Breakfast at the Joseon Mansion has been served–along with a big serving of TMI from YJ who blabbers to her parents that JY pooped, and:


The Evil Parents get up from the table and run away, as if they are gonna toss up their breakfast! IS and SB come downstairs and wonder what happened to the Parents. Here’s the 411:


At least the Evil Parents acknowledge that the food was okay. Their overreaction is puzzling to me. I’ve given babies baths in kitchen sinks before. So did my mom and my grandmother. I never bothered with a baby bathtub–the sink was just fine as far as I was concerned. I am sure IS washed his hands; he’s not that stupid. The faucet that’s on the sink in that fancy kitchen probably makes it very easy to “hose the baby down” when a messy poop happens. Scrub the sink, wash up, and go on with your life! He pooped–it’s not some kind of nuclear toxic waste! Even if it smells like it…. The Evil Parents seem to have a feedback loop going–one barfs, then that makes the other one barf again. I know again by the music–it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s just strange and sad to me.

Evil Mommy is over at SJW’s lair, using up his supply of Costco Kleenex. Between IS chowing down his food, and the Kleenex usage from Evil Mommy, he’s gonna need to make a Costco run tomorrow or the next day! She wails how she can’t take it anymore. SJW says this to Evil Mommy–I think he misread his line, and was supposed to say this to SB:


SJW suggests leaving the Joseon Mansion for a little while, like yunno, a short vacation or something. Considering how the last vaycay went for the Evil Parents, that’s probably the wrong suggestion. Evil Mommy decides to take her friend up on the offer–in a “go big or go home” way:


Heh, would that be the Honeymoon Suite? I hope the room includes a plentiful supply of Kleenex! And some….uh, never mind! *pulls mind out of gutter*  SJW makes the arrangements as the rest of the Vulture Friends arrive. SJW gives this advice to Evil Mommy:


That’s a little off–you can win the battle, but not the war. VF-Eom throws SB under the bus:


and YR and SJW agree all too quickly. What a bunch of jerks!

VF-Eom thinks the staff will give in eventually, but YR disagrees. The kids and the staff are in cahoots. YR has a great idea–kick the kids out!  IS will be back soon enough, and:


YR, my frenemy, you are sorely mistaken here. IS loves SB, and it’s not puppy love. I might go as far as saying that he loves SB more than SB loves him.

Just to clarify, SJW asks:


This makes me nuts. What evil tricks and threats will the Evil Parents use to break SB and make her sign divorce papers? Yeah, Evil Mommy is tired of waiting for that puppy love to end. Hint: Don’t hold your breath! Then we get to find out what Evil Mommy really thinks of SB:


Sigh. Her mind is made up. I like this quote from Thomas Paine, “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.” I think “woman” could be substituted here for “man” with no loss of meaning.

Secretary Yang sends a cadre of new household workers to the Joseon Mansion, but there’s no employment opportunities here:


SB does check with one of the workers if she has the right mold cleaner, and IS is upset. He hates mold….so why is there mold?


Curses….I remember when I was growing up, the day after my dad would leave on a long business trip, something would break around our house. The washing machine would go out, or the water heater would leak. No matter how hard my dad tried to keep everything in perfect working order, it just happened that way. IS whines the that the house is too big–he’d be happy with a small house. Uhh, yeah. Big house=big problems. IS and SB make their way to the heater/boiler/dehumidifier room–there’s an awful lot of pipes:


There’s an automatic controller that isn’t working….IS moves some levers around, opening some pipes and closing off others. Gosh, I hope he knows what he’s doing. That setup reminds me of the pool/spa plumbing my Dad had for the pool at the home where I grew up. Heh….then IS gives SB a look that makes me squee:


My mind heads straight for the gutter…is he considering some “playtime” in this little hidey-hole? SB is more sober–the mold is invading. Let’s deal with that first. IS comes up with another idea:


Uh, oh. Playtime=good idea. Making parent’s bedroom like a sauna=bad idea. Especially if they will be coming home tonight. Wait–unless they won’t be home tonight, and this includes some nekkid ‘sauna playtime’! [Spoiler Alert for upcoming FF scene! I wrote that part months ago….heh. IS must have read the draft!]  Amazingly, SB gives IS a mini-high five, and goes along with the idea. When the Evil Parents arrive back at the Joseon Mansion, YJ stirs things up immediately by asking the parents if the suite at SJW’s hotel wasn’t perfect for them to live in all the time! IS tries to placate the parents by saying they will all do their best until the staff returns, but that doesn’t please Evil Daddy too much. IS gives the Evil Parents a tiny warning that due to the broken dehumidifier and the mold:


Yep! Right on the money!


Evil Daddy loses his cool–literally!


This is bad…he’s really PO’d. YJ offers the Evil Parents her room tonight, and IS says they can use their room, and they will sleep on the couch. The kids are so calm and controlled. Evil Mommy says No Way:


Then Evil Daddy issues the Royal Decree:


Evil Mommy is even more scary:


Just to clarify here, they are asking her to leave–as in a divorce. If she leaves, it’s a de facto divorce from IS. Holy Crap. Fun and games are over. Immediately, IS and YJ put their arms protectively around SB. SB lets Evil Mommy know–JY is staying with her–because she’s his mom:


In just one scene, this show went from ‘black comedy’ to ‘melodrama’. My head is reeling–I’m worried for SB and IS. The Evil Parents are going to pull heaven-knows-what to get them apart, and probably get custody of JY. SB is in for the fight of her life. IS too–he better man up, and fast. She is his wife! He needs to remember that his first loyalty needs to be to SB and his son, and not his parents. I know the Evil Parents won’t be keen on that, but the sooner it happens, the better.


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