Thoughts and Highlights–HITTG Episode 21 “Countdown to Change”

Let’s start with another story today. Back when Shamrockmom’s oldest son was in high school, he came to me one night and asked me if I could pack an extra sandwich in his lunch every day. Ok, I thought, that’s cool. He’s running track or cross country every day, no doubt he gets extra hungry. Sounds like a plan.
Then he divulged that the request was not for him–but for a classmate who never had a lunch, nor any money for lunch, and whose Momma wouldn’t put him on the Free Lunch Program because she was “not gonna take charity”. (BTW that food is the worst–not fit for human consumption here, maybe other places it’s different.) My son said he’d been over to that kid’s house, which he called “a wasteland” of empty cupboards. Actually, that Momma was an alcoholic, which explains a lot. From that day until the boys graduated HS, I packed an extra lunch every day for my son’s buddy. It wasn’t that much more work to pack 3 lunches instead of 2 every day.

One of my very well-off coworkers was shocked when I related this story to her. She ripped me for taking on responsibility I had no business with, and “depriving” my kids by sending an extra lunch to school every day! I told her the cost of the lunch was minimal compared to the cost of being able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing this kid had one small meal during the day. Years later, I still wonder how someone in a far more affluent place than I was could be so petty over a brown bag lunch. I was proud that my son was generous enough to help out this kid in the first place, and felt secure enough in his relationship with me to trust that I’d back him. He knew I couldn’t help every one of his friends–but I could help one.

Episode 21–starts with IS and HS meeting at a restaurant/cafe. HS orders a beer, and immediately IS calls her out on it as he orders a Coke:


HS must be a handful when she drinks because even MJ told her several episodes ago that she was a problem when she got drunk. She relents and has a Coke too. IS is in no mood for BS today, as he warns her:


because if she is, he’ll never see her again. I’m liking this tough, cautious, takes-no-crap version of IS. He has “manned” up! IS gives her a tablet–he’s taking zero chances today:


It’s a good thing for us viewers that we have @baduy and @seungshinl to help us out on the Soompi forums since DF and Soompi botch up the amount of money involved. Viki has it right. According to @baduy and @seungshinl, the amount Daesan siphoned off is 200 billion Won, which is about 200 million USD. (Soompi sources here. If the link is broken I apologize–the forum switchover is to blame.) Whoa. That’s some serious cash. HanSong laundered the money through its overseas accounts with a 20% fee. The 20% fee on that is 40 million USD for IS’s account. How did HS find this info nugget?


No surprises for me, but IS is surprised about this:


HS gets frustrated with the tablet and wants to text it to him. (Viki is more specific–Let’s use Kakao Talk) HS is chock full of great info today:


IS texts back that he’s never heard of it, and HS reponds that YR tells her “things” like this because her momma YR told her, “If you listen to me well, it will all be yours.” Viki translates “things” as “bait”–which is awesome. HS texts that the Evil Parents are too smart to make a dumb move. IS counters:


But HS knows that the Labor Union sued Daesan for:


Okay, let’s think about all this….IS has an overseas account with his name on it. (in trust, probably because he was still a minor at the time it was formed) All the money in that account is dirty–it’s wages stolen from the workers. Now he knows about it–and if he’s still considered a minor, that’s one thing. But he’s awfully close, if not already over the age of adulthood. In the US, that’s 18 for financial issues. He’s getting dragged into this mess in a way I don’t think he planned on. If he’s lucky and still a minor when this all comes bubbling to the surface, his name will be all over the internet. That’s the least of it. If he’s a financial adult, and this info got in front of a judges’ face, IS could be liable for malfeasance, fraud, and/or money laundering; although the fact the trust was created when he was a minor could be a mitigating factor. Could he end up in prison over this? What kind of disaster would that be for SB and JY?  Of course, IS is further inundated with hard evidence of his father’s blatant corruption, and I am sure he feels some guilt too. How much of his lifestyle has been financed with ‘dirty’ money? Maybe not all of it, but enough that he’s got to consider it.

Evil Daddy arrives back at the Joseon Mansion, and only SB is there to greet him. She explains to Evil Daddy that IS met up with friends, and YJ is in the shower. Actually, she’s upstairs, sticking her tongue out at her dad. SB hurries upstairs to YJ’s room, where AH serves up spicy noodles, and what looks like some of the best onion rings I’ve seen in a while, along with some other deep-fried goodie. SB goes for the Captain Obvious first thing this episode:


Yeah, YJ is sick of the hot wind blowing from her dad’s mouth. She’s gonna ignore it. Meanwhile, Evil Mommy gives her hubby another dose of Truth Medicine–not sure it will help with the hair growth but that hairbrush tapping thing isn’t working too well either:


Evil Daddy replies that he needs her as a mediator, sorta like this:


Evil Mommy informs her husband that she may implement his mom’s rules a little differently. Evil Daddy starts to get riled, whining that she gets to be the ‘elegant queen’ and he gets nothing….but according to Evil Mommy, separation of roles worked. Now it doesn’t…because society has evolved! It’s my turn–“Whuuut?” She knows things have changed in the last 25 years?! Naw….Evil Daddy can’t believe it either–


Even (gasp!) his lovely wife? Evil Mommy nods slowly as Evil Daddy is lost:


Evil Mommy advises him to study fathers. Then she gives Prince Phillip and Princess Anne as an example–as well as Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea:


Whoa. The example of Prince Philip being this loving, caring, warm father is pretty much at odds with most sources I’ve found. There’s one where Princess Anne recounts him reading bedtime stories. This article from the early ’90’s gives a thorough background on Prince Philip, and why he might have been a cold father. Interesting side read for me. Now as for Bill Clinton and Chelsea, there is plenty of documentation that they are quite close. Even though he may or may not be her biological father. I’ll let you all Google that one for yourselves!

Evil Mommy is talking to both me and Evil Daddy here:


The next morning, YJ tries to bail out before anyone notices, but she is stopped by Secretary Lee. YJ tries to wriggle out of it, but Evil Daddy is right there in his study. SB tries to give her a word of encouragement:


Secretary Lee wants to leave, but Evil Mommy wants her to wait until Evil Daddy is done with his talk. She then makes the sign for ‘crazy’ as she walks away:


As Evil Daddy pontificates with YJ, and tries awkwardly to communicate how joyful he felt when she was born, it dawns on me that he makes this all about him!  She’s just the audience. Then he really stumbles, as he relates that Chelsea Clinton was rebellious (Whuuut?!) but she supported and cheered on her dad when he was having a hard time. Sing along again…It’s all about Meeee! YJ has heard it all before–the difference however, between her Daddy and Clinton is that Clinton apologized….and Evil Daddy never has! Evil Daddy: “Whuuut?” YJ goes on–that thing he did to her mom:


She accuses her Daddy of this:


That’s a little over the top, but her Daddy’s a little over the top too, so I’ll let it slide. Evil Daddy is on his way to blowing a gasket, as YJ informs him that whether it’s her or her mom’s issues:


Evil Daddy starts roaring that she’s lecturing him, and Evil Mommy comes in to break it up. YJ turns on her, and declares her mom wants her to wear a size XS dress (I can’t even fathom how small that must be in Korean sizes!) so that she can be shown off like a doll! Whoa….the staff all come to listen to this debacle.  YJ’s on a roll, declaring her parents have hit the bottom, and when Evil Daddy brings up that Clinton’s daughter studied harder than YJ (?), she asks him again:


Yunno, I understand there’s a line between respect and disobedience. By Western standards, this is a fairly typical teenage rebellious moment. Teens have fabulous built in hypocrisy detectors and BS detectors, and if those get set off by parents acting badly or doing ridiculous things (like having an affair) then I can’t blame the kid for dissing the folks a bit. First step in gaining the respect of your children–act respectably yourself. Don’t give the kids any extra ammo to use against you. When YJ mentions that YR is also pathetic, Evil Mommy gives her daughter a slap to the face. Oh great. More violence. I’m so over this. Do these parents think a slap is gonna stop the disrespect long-term? I doubt it. It will just get buried, only to reveal itself at some future and more inconvenient moment. Here in the US, the cops would be called as soon as YJ showed up at school with a red handprint on her face. With plenty of witnesses around, Evil Mommy would be sitting in the local jail that night.


Evil Mommy turns her wrath on SB after SB calls out “Yi-Ji ah” :


Seriously–the girls are probably 2-3 years apart in age, max. I don’t think SB was being disrespectful, but again, I look at this from my Western viewpoint. In a Captain Obvious moment, Evil Daddy declares his family to be a total mess, as YJ lets her mom know that YJ is her name, so what is the problem? Thankfully, AH gets YJ out of this mess, SB is right behind them,and Evil Daddy feels he needs to add to the Drama-rama!


He coughs and chokes as Evil Mommy screams at the help to fetch some water, but it’s all a big act:


AB brings the first aid kit (!) and Secretary Lee offers to call the ambulance.  Now that’s some irony right there. Yeah, let’s call the paramedics out for Evil Daddy’s fake asthma attack–after he sent the ambulance away when SB was giving birth. (Yes, I hold grudges too!)  Evil Daddy declares his heart to be broken! Wah-Wah…

SB tries to calm and comfort YJ, but she’s still spitting mad at her parents.  Meanwhile, Secretary Lee makes a bed on the floor–for Evil Daddy!  Obviously, a couch is too good for him! The best thing about this scene–the pillow that comes flying in from stage left as Evil Daddy looks dejectedly at his sleeping quarters for the evening:


That screencap doesn’t do it justice. Evil Daddy wants to know why this is necessary, but the fact that YJ knows about his pseudo-affair has reignited the anger in Evil Mommy. So it’s floor city for you tonight my friend!

IS and HS are meeting again….IS asks a great question: What will happen to our families if all this slush fund info is made public? **raises hand–me, me…I know–public disgrace, bankruptcy, criminal and civil charges with jail time and fines, loss of the Joseon Mansion, a boatload of unemployed workers…** HS says–for him it won’t matter, and:


IS is gonna bring all this up with his father….and HS says to leave her name out of it. Seems she’s scared of Evil Daddy too, which is amazing given how she blasted him on the phone about the pseudo-affair. Then she says something that I would think twice about if I were IS:


Nothing like inviting yourself to the party! Given her track record, putting HS on the “team” is super risky–but she has great intel. IS has a fabulous idea: I’ll check with my wife first and get back to you!  HS is PO’d–no way!  Why can’t he keep it secret? Ummm…because he has something called integrity, which you do not possess. When HS insists on him not telling SB, IS gets up and leaves!  But HS is not done yet!  She grabs him in a hug….


and to his credit, IS doesn’t hug her back–and only lets her get to “two” before he pushes her off of him! Good for you–although I think it was two seconds too long!  When IS gets home, SB is there at the door to greet him. As they go upstairs, I notice that SB throws his hands off her shoulders at least twice…uh, oh. SB tries to give IS a clue–every time he or his sis act rebellious toward the Evil Parents:


IS has so much guilt over meeting with HS (and the hug too) that he starts ‘fessing up to SB:


SB says the story better be a good one, or else! They talk in bed later. IS thinks his dad is like an onion…well, the stuff he does stinks, that’s for sure! IS voices one of my fears too:


Poor IS–who thought his daddy was a straight-arrow kinda guy, and now has concrete evidence that his daddy is a lying, crooked, cheating, and deceitful SOB. That’s gotta hurt, and I have to wonder how that’s gonna manifest itself in the future. Even SB’s mind is blown:


She concludes that it’s an economic offense, and IS wonders if this becomes public, will his name be all over the place? SB is realistic–of course you’re gonna be dragged into it. IS has an idea–how about talking to YJH? Maybe he can help. Honestly, if I were IS, that’s not a bad plan–although asking YJH to dig into the Pandora’s box of his employer’s deceitful dealings is problematic in the extreme. SB changes the subject–HS really likes IS:


IS tries to explain:


I actually believe him. He probably doesn’t get it. IS probably sees HS as a sort-of sister, someone he’s known almost forever. He doesn’t think about her in a romantic way. HS sure does–but I think it’s completely one sided on her part, and she may have been set up for this in a way by her mom constantly hinting around, although HS herself said before he’s not like the other boys she knows. SB reads IS like a book as she says:


She gets to “two” and IS ‘fesses up! HS said:


but he shook her off after “two”! SB is okay with that, but warns him:


OK, I like that idea–and so does IS!  But he has one question:


Does the sun come up in the morning?  Heh…

Well, this is interesting. It’s YR’s housekeeper, sneaking around and riffling through HS’s purse.


Like I said, every adult in this show is shady. If I was a teenager watching this show, I’d be taking notes….YR and the housekeeper go through the phone and receipts/papers like they are spies. Perhaps YR could get a job with the NIS after the divorce! Watch out Sun-Woo! And Ki-Chul is already taken by Shamrockmom, and I will happily catfight you if needed…..

Oooh, more interesting stuff: YR texts Secretary Kim!


So YR has Secretary Kim spying for her! I’m gonna guess he’s on her payroll too. Why is he doing this? Is it to get back at his miserable boss? He doesn’t really have an ax to grind with IS or SB; they’ve never dissed him or had a problem with him.  Is it all about the money? Is it for power–because he feels powerless against Secretaries Yang and Min?

SB gets to see Evil Mommy in an appalling display of hypocrisy–after flatly rejecting JY the other day, she sees Evil Mommy playing with him like any other day! SB eats breakfast alone, while AH chats with her about how Evil Mommy is PO’d that YJ knows about the pseudo-affair. Secretary Lee pulls SB in for a confidential chat–Secretary Lee is worried about asking for a copy of her employment contract. AH and the other employees are also worried.

Secretary Yang goes fishing for info from Secretary Min. She doesn’t get it–Secretary Min is not gonna give her one molecule of info, as she tries to find out how much Uncle wants to settle the case for. YJH runs into a roadblock–he needs an eyewitness. Uncle lets him know:


It seems like everyone’s afraid of going against HanSong. It reminds me of people being scared of mobsters or gangsters. These ones are more powerful–and with legal sanctions behind them. YJH meets with IS at the local Subway–and gets right to the point:


IS won’t cough up the name, but YJH says this witness has to be the real deal–as in someone who tells the truth. I gotta chuckle–I’ve never seen any teenage boy just eat a 6″ sandwich at Subway. They need a footlong to fill the perpetually empty stomach, and sometimes two. Perhaps this is Lunch #2 for IS, or a mid afternoon snack. YJH tries again in Round Two:


IS swears he didn’t tell anybody, but finally divulges he told his wife–and asks YJH to forget what he says next. IS can’t ever catch a break–he walks through the park, sees HS sitting on a bench and turns the other way–just as MJ calls out to him. Crap. He recalls SB’s words that it’s okay to see HS if MJ is there. He’s so transparent–and blurts out to HS that he told SB about the intel:


I think the subbers meant “Nothing bad will happen”. MJ can’t figure out what the deal is, as HS is PO’d that IS told SB everything. Well, he said he would, and they’re married….what did you think would happen?


This park looks a little bit like the one where YR and Evil Daddy took a walk on their “date”. IS tells HS if there’s any good news, he’ll let her know–and he bails. HS cries–and says this other scary thing:


Doggone it! I think that’s 5 times now I’ve counted HS referencing suicide. I worry about this girl–even though she’s a major headache for IS. Writer-nim can’t possibly drop us this many hints without some future disaster befalling HS, right?  Can HS give up the empty meaningless life she’s got and think of someone else besides herself? IS immediately calls SB and lets her know what happened.  He thinks HS is fine–SB knows otherwise:




Then we get a tantalizing detail…there was another guy that liked SB–but she let him go after she met IS!  Whoa….how important is this nugget? Will this unnamed dude come back into the picture in a future episode? What if SB has to leave the Han Household and this dude comes back into the picture? Okay, maybe I’m getting carried away here. But there are no throwaway lines, no wasted scenes with this writer/PD combo–everything counts. SB gives IS the Joseon Mansion daily report: YJ left for the day without incident; SB is proud of her:


For me, that’s just too funny. I love cars more than most guys do, and my son and I fight over who gets to read Honda Tuning and Import Tuner first when the magazines show up in the mailbox! The staff is acting weirdly; going back to the “old ways” stinks! Secretary Lee gives the staff a message from Evil Mommy, and it’s more than just keep your mouth shut! First:


WTH!  What kind of invasion of privacy is that? The staff complains–they don’t get off work in time to schedule a doctor appointment.The cook (far left, seated) has had enough:


Omo. It’s Ahjumma from SLA–the one who took over Seon Jae’s mom’s restaurant after she passed away….I love her! I even put her in my FF! (I promise I will get back to that, but I’m glad I took a break–it’s on the list for summer) @seungshinl gave me her SLA name: *scurries off to find it* ..Ok Jin. So cool to see her.

The next order—Don’t get too close:


Yeah, we don’t want any dirty laundry to escape the walls of the Joseon Mansion, yunno! The driver is forbidden to have meals with the patrol officers. Geez, talk about controlling. The driver’s brother and the patrol guy are friends. What’s the big deal? Everybody’s fed up. Driver Kim wants to see the contract and gets rooked into calling Secretary Yang….but this guy is no dummy–he wants to record the conversation! Heh–the peasants are gearing for a revolt, and the King and Queen of the Han household are in deep trouble. Secretary Yang takes the call, senses something is up, and Secretary Min confirms the deal:


So the “Han Trust” is the entity the household workers are working for. Is this to evade taxes? Or get around issues with hours and working conditions? Secretary Yang asks Attorney Yoo if there is any reason why she shouldn’t give the driver a copy of the contract, and now she knows something’s afoot. Then as AH, AB and Secretary Lee lament that they never read or go copies of their employment contracts, AB drops a bomb. He never had an employment contract. Why?


*headdesk* Wow. Even AB has a problem in his past that HanSong took care of, so he’s indebted to them. From what I understand, evading the mandatory military service in SK is considered bad form, and that’s putting it mildly. Wonder what the deal was on that? Why would he want to get out of military service? AB asks Secretary Lee to have Tutor Park read over the contracts. Instead, she gives them to SB for a once over. Evil Mommy gets a warning shot as she compliments Secretary Lee’s hard work, and says she will adequately compensate her at some future date. That crap is not gonna cut it with Secretary Lee anymore.


Evil Mommy can’t believe what she just heard.  Meanwhile, SB lets Tutor Park in on the whole deal:


Why?  SB knows she’s no expert, but she does know this:


Evil Mommy can’t resist a chance to diss SB again as she goes to leave and SB remarks that she hopes Tutor Park will return. Evil Mommy says he might have left for this reason:


Yeah, umm…I don’t think so. I have to wonder about the education that Evil Mommy has (or hasn’t) obtained.  Either she never went to college, or she barely scraped through HS. Yet she’s always reading books, learning about art, wine…ok maybe it’s to keep up with her Vulture Friends, but still, she’s learning something. Is she jealous of SB? I think she feels threatened by her, so she has to put SB down any chance she gets. That’s usually how people like that operate: they feel insecure and they lash out by becoming a bully, which is exactly what Evil Mommy is doing. SB nicely tires to stick up for herself by letting Evil Mommy know that Tutor Park never said anything like that, and once again, SB’s so calm and mature about it.

YR is giving the other Vulture Friends the info on her divorce settlement.  It’s about two things–how much have her hubby’s assets increased during the marriage, and secondly:


Since everybody else is counting today, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give that a .5–maybe. SJW is less optimistic than I am:


What is that stain on the outside of his coffee cup? Ewww….but I think this is the first time I’ve seen him drink something that is not alcohol, although he coulda put something in the coffee, I suppose. It seems Chairman Jang’s divorce attorney is with some firm related to HanSong too. It seems like HanSong controls all the lawyers…like a Mafia or something. YR thinks that’s cool because they’ll meet and settle things. She’ll bargain down to 70% of what she asked for–which is still poised to be one of the biggest divorce settlements ever. VF-Eom takes YR to task over wanting to withdraw the investment club money. YR’s defense:


Hey, her insider info is making money for y’all! Knocking your source is really stupid…and the Vulture friends know it! They admonish YR to try and be nice to Evil Mommy. YR feels sorry for Evil Mommy–she can’t even get a divorce. And she’s regretting going after Evil Daddy–because HS blames her for ruining her relationship with IS!  Wow, YR is a master BS’er–she’s really playing these friends of hers.  Secretary Lee comes in to break up the fun times:


The Queen’s arrival is imminent! (In case anyone wondered how I am doing in my piano lessons, I am learning this piece right now…he sounds just like me!) The VF laugh as YH, the Queen of Formality is back!  Stunningly, Evil Mommy and YR are quite friendly with each other.  VF-Eom says exactly what I’m thinking:


YR thinks they should remain friendly “for the sake of the children” *snort*, and then immediately asks how the newlyweds are doing. Good gracious, is YR gonna try and break up IS and SB so HS has another shot at him?  That’s gonna be a fail…Meanwhile, Secretary Lee gets a message from Tutor Park…the Evil Parents want him back.

Evil Daddy finds out there’s a revolt among the Joseon Mansion workers from Secretary Yang. He can’t understand it…especially because:


and yunno, what has changed since then? Someone this week commented on the Soompi forums that the Han Parents are like the last king and queen of France, completely out of touch with reality. I think that’s a valid comparison. Evil Daddy goes into a tirade of anger…Do the employees not respect the family’s traditions? He whines that the stress is making his hair “a wasteland!”

NR is at a cafe and she’s startled when YJH pops up at a cafe. YJH wonders why–


He tries to allay her fears, but NR is still wary. I don’t blame her one bit. As they get up to leave (presumably to visit Uncle) YJH drops this little tidbit:


And if it’s the real deal, it will help Uncle’s case. NR is kinda surprised IS is helping her Uncle’s case, and that SB knows all about it too. Meanwhile, Papa Seo is putting the pressure on his brother, trying to get him to settle with HanSong, and not open the floodgates for all the other workers. Mama Seo gets it–he’s paving the way for the other workers to get compensation too.


Papa Seo is not convinced. He accuses Mama Seo of not looking at the bigger picture. They fight some more, and Papa Seo leaves as he says she’ll regret not admitting he’s right.  I gotta love her next line:


YJH and NR arrive at the trophy shop. YJH is greeted warmly by Mama Seo, who is thrilled he is taking the case. NR wants her dad to listen to what YJH has to say about the case–if he hears it from YJH:


Papa Seo declines the offer:


Mama Seo has worries too–mostly that YJH will be an outcast at Hansong if he goes forward with this case. He could be a partner, study abroad in the US, there’s the potential for bonuses..why give all this up? NR goes for the easy lob:


Yeah, that’s kind of it…Papa Seo can’t resist listening in outside the door as YJH goes into more detail. YJH says his Boss’s life doesn’t look too cool to him, always thinking they are right….Mama Seo agrees:


Mama Seo, I totally agree with you–unfortunately, most of the conversations I overhear between my college classmates indicate a profound dissatisfaction with life at the tender ages of 18-24: everything is meaningless, I’ll never have a job I like that will make any money, I’ll never find anyone who truly loves and cares for me, I’ll never have a house of my own, I’ll never have loyal friends…it’s staggeringly depressing to hear this over and over again. Young people today have zero positive expectation of their future.

Tutor arrives over at Secretary Lee’s house, and Secretary Yang gives him some mild hassle about seeing her sis again. He respectfully says:


Tutor reads over the employment contract–the one SB put the highlights on. Secretary Yang asks if SB did a good job, and Tutor Park says anyone with a brain could have done this…Hmmmm. Secretary Yang seems relieved and wants him to sign his contract ASAP. And there is an “extra zero” in that contract! Secretary Lee wants to know:


Tutor Park is a little confused:


Secretary Lee says that the Han’s mention bonuses, but nothing is ever defined….


I hear ya….I used to have a problem like that at a dental office I worked at. The boss would set up all these elaborate schemes so we would work hard to get a bonus…then never pay out, or worse–sabotage the deal by writing off his friends’ dental work or changing the rules at the last minute. I gave up and left. This dentist would flip if anyone dared to try and get anything in writing too–“Oh, don’t you trust me?” Uhh, no. “Love all, trust a few, harm none.” Tutor says when it comes to love, it’s one thing, but this is a business contract. And:


Tutor is dumbfounded. Is every contract like this?  I gotta wonder too….are these people overly trusting or just stupid? Secretary Lee is embarrassed. Tutor Park agrees:


There are all kinds of issues. What exactly are the work duties? How many hours in a day? Overtime needs to be defined, and the employee and boss have to agree so it’s valid. Secretary Yang says they’ll cover it up with “an extra zero” later, but it sounds as if that later….never happens.  Tutor can’t believe a sharp attorney like Evil Daddy hires workers with this kind of crappy contract. Secretary Lee is upset as Tutor Park says she should fix this. Secretary Lee says she’s not a skilled tutor like he is, and could be let go much easier. Tutor Park is PO’d:


Whoa!  Well, that’s a confession…I suppose. That phrase “my woman” is one of those loaded phrases. I’ve found myself using them too, from time to time….Secretary Yang gets it right away. Secretary Lee wishes he had said that earlier.

The Evil Parents are having tea in the indoor gazebo as Evil Daddy fills his wife in on the day’s news. Tutor Park will be back–


Sometimes this show reminds me more of a historical drama than a modern drama. I haven’t watched a lot (past the first couple of episodes) but I’ve seen enough to be struck by the parallels between this drama and a sageuk…political intrigue, power, control, backstabbing, deceit, generational conflict…it’s all there. Evil Mommy wants her hubby to ask Tutor Park:


It’s so depressing that the Evil Parents (especially Mommy) only want SB to study so she’s not an embarrassment to them. Not because they want her to do well, or have a better chance….and heaven forbid that she might do better than their precious Prince IS! I feel chilled as Evil Mommy comments that love doesn’t last forever–considering I am hot all the time nowadays, that’s no easy feat. Then Evil Mommy says something that makes me realize how deep her hatred of SB really is:


Evil Mommy, I think you have that backward….you and your hubby are the problem here with your outdated ways, elitist attitudes, and sense of entitlement. IS is part of the problem too, as far as I am concerned. He is not taking things seriously enough:


He feels like something big is about to happen….but I don’t think that big thing is gonna be a good thing!

YR wonders why HS is looking so good lately. Perhaps:


Ha! HS replies that one doesn’t necessarily live for fun. YR says maybe she is living for something….meaningful? HS shushes her mom, and immediately YR ramps it up–if HS keeps being mean:


HS is unimpressed: Go ahead. YR expects the psychologist (?) to hear something negative about YR from her daughter, so she’d better think about how to answer him. HS plans to only meet him with her dad–so there! YR is okay with that–and offers to buy her daughter anything except a car! HS could care less:


Geez!  Obviously, she hasn’t been over here at Shamrockmom’s house and driven the son’s Subaru WRX, or gone to the car show, where Shamrockmom got to drive a nice little bachelorette sports car called a Scion FR-S. She might change her mind! Instead, she asks her mom to keep her mouth shut during the divorce proceedings about that recent little adventure with Evil Daddy. I mean, who wants a scandal between friends? Problem is, I don’t think YR considers the Vulture Friends as “friends”–more as sparring partners.

YR sends a text to Evil Mommy–check out IS and his wife:


Omo.  Is Evil Mommy gonna believe her frenemy YR on this because she’s so eager to hate on SB? There’s a long moment as Evil Mommy goes and checks on IS and SB in the Prison Study room.  Yep, looks like that rumor is right on the money:


Not!! However, IS catches his mom peeking at them through the windows….and gives SB the heads-up! All they are doing is studying…and now Evil Mommy doesn’t know what to think!


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