Thoughts and Highlights– HITTG Episode 20 Second Half “More Actions and Consequences”

Second half of Episode 20–Secretary Min and YJH meet in his office. They decide to go meet Uncle at the store since it’s hard for him to leave. Secretary Yang puts her Gossip Feelers up for a check, as she asks Secretary Min about YJH:


Secretary Min: I dunno. You can sense Secretary Yang wanted more answer than that, so she says she’s surprised YJH and NR are still dating. Still on a roll, she probes again, and gets a similar response:


But then Secretary Min divulges that she’s off to go see Uncle! Whoa…she usually plays her cards pretty close to her chest. Then she drops another detail for Secretary Yang to chew on:


Now I know everything she says is calculated; this lady is completely in control. At least Secretary Yang admits defeat gracefully:


Secretary Yang heads up to the Club of Exclusiveness, and gives the daily intel report to her boss:




I gotta love the SoompiTV subbers–DF is murky with “they may develop something”. Maybe that is closer to what they are really saying, but since I don’t know 99.9% of the time, I go with what seems like the clearest explanation to me. Having a son who is mildly autistic has brought out an appreciation for precision in words. Evil Daddy is quite pleased. After all:


Evil Daddy, I think you are seriously underestimating Secretary Min. You thought you were administering the illness and the medicine when you framed her brother and kept her from that police job–then gave her a job at your company. You just put the snake in your own basket here, my friend. She’s all about getting revenge on Evil Daddy. Someone on Soompi forums mentioned the outfit Secretary Min is wearing–all black, red belt–like a Cardinal or a Palace Guard. (If it’s you–contact me and I will credit you appropriately) That’s a great call by the way. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a dress either.

Uncle and Secretary Min have a can of coffee (?) as she fills him in on the happenings at the Joseon Mansion:


Uncle admits he was worried about his niece–but if she wants her in-laws to respect her, then:


(Oh, you mean living an honest life?!) and if not, she’s stuck living like they are. *shudder* Secretary Min hopes Papa Seo feels like this–and Uncle replies:


His last comment that he just showed off his wounds as a organization member until he heard the whole story from Secretary Min and her brother makes me wonder exactly what the full backstory is on this industrial accident issue. YJH and NR show up at the shop, and Secretary Min worries because she thinks NR doesn’t like her. Uncle brushes that off as he welcomes them inside. YJH informs Uncle that if he files a suit as an individual, then issues that were missed the first time around can be addressed, this one being the biggest:


Uncle agrees, and he and YJH discuss a few details. NR perceptively asks Uncle if he’s okay….it looks like he’s starting to cry. Uncle tells NR not to worry, and YJH and Secretary Min leave. Papa Seo can’t contain his curiosity as he meets NR downstairs and asks her what’s going on. NR explains it to the parents–


It will be just Uncle….he has a team of legal counselors, so get ready for the rumble!


Papa Seo is stunned. NR begs her dad to stop Uncle,


but Mama Seo hushes her up.

Papa Seo is trapped in a no-win situation here. He loves his daughter and his brother. He wants the best for both….but if his brother pursues justice for himself (and the other workers later) It could be serious doom for SB, IS and JY.  If he dissuades his brother, then he has to live with the guilt. No wonder he’s crying.


Look at the darkness, the shadows we usually never see over at the Seo’s….Mama Seo comes in to comfort him. He asks her what he should do–he feels sorry for his brother and worries over SB. NR is right outside the door, eavesdropping. Does she feel even a little guilty–nahhh!

Back to the Joseon Mansion–AH is ironing the uniforms, and thinks it’s time to leave. AB reminds her of this:


Still, AH wonders if it’s all worth it, as she looks back at the picture of the two of them taken years ago (BTW, how awesome is it that they are married in RL!)


It’s okay AH, Shamrockmom wonders about that too. AB declares it depressing, and AH wonders exactly what is written in their employment contracts–they didn’t read them before signing them. I’m surprised–they seem much more intelligent than that. AB considers asking Secretary Lee for a copy of the contract so they can read it.

In an epic display of hypocrisy from Evil Daddy, SB and IS are having a morning reading of the Korean Constitution with Evil Daddy. SB reads from Chapter 2, Article 10:


And IS reads Article 11, but stumbles and stops when he has to read the part regarding ‘social status’. (I strongly suggest reading the whole constitution, I found it quite illuminating) I think IS’s brain just can’t handle the disconnect. This was really an emotional scene for me to watch. I think it has finally sunk all the way in that Evil Daddy is depriving SB and her family, (not to mention all the injured workers) of their rights under the constitution. How can his father do this?  IS expresses his need to stop going down this road by explaining that Tutor Park had a different way of teaching, but Evil Daddy is not impressed:


He orders his son to drop by the office after school today:


Uh, oh. SB tries to use logic and reason again, and asks IS to talk to his father. Remember–that doesn’t work at the Joseon Mansion. IS would like to, but:


He phrases that too mildly; he knows he will get steamrollered by Evil Daddy. I know SB says what she does because her father is reasonable; it’s the only experience she’s had. It just doesn’t work with someone like Evil Daddy. I know–my Dad has been like that all my life. Those kinds of people make up their minds, and that’s the end of it. Don’t waste their time (and yours) giving them facts, logic, and reason. There won’t be any changes.

Things aren’t any better over at Camp Seo. Papa Seo wants to talk to his brother…and have Mama Seo stay out of it. Here it comes….


Darnit. I kinda knew he’d ask that, but I held out hope that he would support his brother. There’s no easy answer; frankly, he’s screwed either way. Still, doing the right thing is the best way in the end.

Evil Daddy isn’t having a great morning either, as he’s just found out about Uncle’s lawsuit. First, he blames Secretary Yang–like it’s all her fault! /sarc She tries to explain that she had no idea Uncle was going to file this lawsuit, but Evil Daddy isn’t buying it:


He hisses at her: How could you do this? Secretary Yang apologizes again, for not being able to read minds while Evil Daddy grouses that he is annoyed by this “bug”–SoompiTV  “worm”–DF.  Both are equally disturbing, IMHO.

Back to Camp Seo–Papa Seo asks his brother if the suit has already been filed. Answer–Yes. Uncle tries to reassure Papa Seo. Perhaps if Evil Daddy can change a little, things will be better for SB.  If he doesn’t, well then:


Even so, Papa Seo wants him to pull the lawsuit. Uncle says this is a bigger issue, and no, it’s not just any attorney he has representing him–it’s:


Kaboom! The Seo’s are blown away….Mama Seo asks:


Uncle says no, YJH is still at HanSong. She’s thrilled about this development, and wants to hear more. I really hope YJH knows what the heck he is doing. He is definitely in possession of a “brass-plated set” as we say around here! YJH has a lot on the line–if he fails, he could lose his job, be blacklisted, possibly dis-barred.  Not to mention the consequences for his client. Yet, he persists in doing the right thing, and obtaining justice for the workers.  I used to preach this to my kids all the time: Just do the right thing, and let the chips fall where they may. It was tough watching them put that into practice–like I said, two of them were fired for doing the right thing. Ultimately, they both ended up with better jobs, and more importantly–a clear conscience. You can’t put a price tag on that.

YJH meets with a sulking Boss to give him the news:


He respectfully asks permission to take the case. YJH explains it’s from his girl’s uncle:


And just to confirm that we are all on the same page here–that girlfriend is:


I’ve heard the saying, “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity….” and YJH is skating on that right here. He’s either crazy for doing this right in front of Evil Daddy’s face or it’s so over-the-top, it’ll work. His honesty is breathtaking.  Evil Daddy is surprisingly cool with this:


The company’s motto of “Strive for balance” applies here, according to Evil Daddy!  YJH leaves, and Evil Daddy can’t wait to gloat to a willing audience aka Secretary Yang:


Things can only get better! Ha! I hope you get your posterior handed to you on your own silver platter by YJH!

Attorney Yoo gets a text from YJH.  Let’s read it:


IS shows up at his Daddy’s office, and is escorted to YJH’s office by Secretary Kim. IS worries that YJH got stuck at work because of him, but YJH says it’s cool since he’s waiting for NR. Aww, what a good boyfriend! YJH is a little confused:


IS knows:


YJH wonders what the heck his Boss expects out of someone IS’s age. Yeah, that’s two of us…YJH thinks it might be this:


IS couldn’t give a rip anymore whether his dad is mad at him or not. He wants the 411 on Uncle’s case. YJH says if the Boss knew the whole deal, he would be fired. IS is worried–can he win Uncle’s case? YJH says he will try. IS wonders:


YJH says no mater what it will be difficult. That’s because:


So yeah, no pressure! YJH says he is trying for a tiny change. He escorts IS up to the Club of Exclusiveness to meet with Evil Daddy. YJH plays the game well, as he tells his boss:


Honestly, IS looks like he would rather be fixing a burping toilet than being up here in the Club with his Daddy. YJH is invited for dinner, but bows out due to prior plans, and leaves. IS stands there awkwardly….and Evil Daddy gazes around the club, plasters on the fake smile and says:


Evil Daddy leads the way up to the Club Lounge, as IS looks like he’s about to attend his own execution. He sits down on the leather sofa across from his father….and sits….and sits….. and looks more uncomfortable. (if that’s possible) Meanwhile, Evil Daddy sits there…until the waiter offers to bring some wine, and Evil Daddy asks for SJW’s special wine. IS fidgets….this is so difficult to watch. I did not get this scene at all the first time around, but the brainiacs at Soompi said this was Evil Daddy giving IS a chance to apologize, which he didn’t take. That I didn’t understand. Also, it was to show the complete breakdown of their relationship. That part I definitely understand. They can’t even make small talk with each other. Probably for the waiter’s benefit, Evil Daddy reminds IS that one of IS’s current teachers used to be a TA when he went to school–which doesn’t impress IS in the least. IS takes a sip of wine to taste it, but that’s all–a far cry from drinking with Papa Seo. Finally IS can’t take it anymore:


But Evil Daddy says:


Otherwise, how would it look to everyone at the Club? Ah, geez. Poor IS. This is such a tense scene–with great acting by both Lee Joon and Yoo Joon Sang (who needs an award for this drama). It’s difficult to not speak, yet convey that feeling of tension.

Over at SJW’s Lair, HS is visiting today. She fiddles with one of his action figures while SJW informs HS that both Evil Mommy and YR think they won the “fight”. Evil Mommy is superhuman and tough these days! HS scoffs, but SJW gives her an interesting observation:


HS thinks her mom tried too hard to be “a cool mom”, but she:


She thinks all moms are snobs, and it’s meaningless–she just wants to be left alone. SJW reminds HS that her parents will be divorced soon, and to take it easy on her mom. Here is a big worry of HS’s:


SJW says No Way:


I’m not 100% sure. I think that whole deal might have stirred up some embers, but goodness knows, I’ve been totally wrong before. HS thinks SJW is being too kind to her mom, but he denies that in this interesting statement:


Ha! It’s all about the money…again! HS thinks this is a test of VF-Eom’s friendship (?)…after all, her mom has a lot of money now…and after the divorce, she’ll have even more!  (I’ve never found this to be true either. Divorce impoverishes everyone involved.) YJH shows up at the Lair, and SJW needs the latest scoop!


YJH reports that the case he is taking will stop all that….oh, and it’s related to HS too because of her daddy’s company aka Daesan Group. SJW starts to explain it to HS:


All the labor disputes are related…SJW sums it up nicely:


HS is amazed–Did IS come after his Daddy because of his wife and her family? SJW thinks that was one part of it, and YJH chimes in that IS’s nature was the other part. I’d fully agree with that assessment, BTW. Here’s a stunner from HS:


Wow! Is it possible? Is there some tiny shred of decency left in HS that she would say something like that? Could she possibly put aside her jilted feelings for IS and be on his side in this fight? Nahhh…I’m dreaming. But this certainly does open up the door to that possibility.

Meanwhile, back at the Club of Exclusiveness, IS checks his messages while Evil Daddy sips his wine…Evil Daddy has nothing to say, so he tells his son:


IS gets up and bails out ASAP, like he’s been released from jail.  All Evil Daddy can do now is lament. “You’re a mean son”–SoompiTV. Or this, from Tiveee:


Evil Daddy, I don’t feel one bit sorry for you. You destroyed your relationship with your son all by yourself. He was more than willing to forgive you and overlook things, but you pushed it too far.

I was too willing to give HS the benefit of the doubt–because she’s on IS’s case again:


It’s interesting to note they are at a playground at night–long considered a place in K-drama (ok, RL too) for lovers to meet up in the evening. IS corrects her. First:


and second–He’s trying to make things better not worse. HS doesn’t want a lecture, and IS loses patience and goes to leave. He is kind enough to call her a taxi, and all HS can say is this:


Oh no….she smacks him with her purse and calls him a jerk. He’s driving her crazy. I swear she has some serious mood swings. IS yells back:


I think he says this so that people won’t think they are some dating couple who’s having a spat in the park, as well as to have her remember that he’s a very taken kind of guy. Then HS drops a bomb on him:


IS can only stand there in stunned silence. He’s got to be wondering about the depths his father has sunk to…every time he thinks he’s found the bottom of his father’s evil deeds, it drops out and goes even further down..


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