Thoughts and Highlights–HITTG Episode 19 “The High Road is not an Easy Road”

I know I shouldn’t have such stratospheric expectations of this drama–over 32 episodes, there’s bound to be some flat ones. Episode 19 was one of them. I know a lot of it was my own Western Culture-Lock issues. I was raised in a Western culture, and try as I might, I can’t see other perspectives easily. It didn’t help either that I’ve felt crummy for over a week now, and it’s hard to see the funny parts when that happens.

Episode 19–starts with Daddy Han scolding Secretary Yang for interrupting his meeting with YR. Heh. I’d bet she hasn’t been scolded too often in the past 25 years. She tries to give her boss some good advice–like pay attention to your wife for a change, but Evil Daddy is still steaming over IS’s rebellion, and what he said to Evil Mommy. Oh, you mean the truth? Yeah…we see her going through box after box of Costco Kleenex,

hittg19-1jpg - Copy

sobbing away, as we get a flashback to the last scene of Episode 18. I must be missing something here, because I don’t feel one ounce of compassion for her. Really? Was IS that disrespectful toward her? I don’t get it. She can’t be so delusional to think IS is lying, right? She knows her husband is a D-Bag who thinks nothing of having an emotional affair with her friend. (and wants it to be physical, judging by the “Seduce me..” text). She brought all of this on herself with the way she treated IS and YJ growing up (cold and distant) and the disrespect of SB when she showed up at the Joseon Mansion. I’m still not clear if Evil Mommy ever loved her husband, or it was a facade of the arranged marriage. AH removes a tray of untouched food and replaces it as SB and IS wait outside Evil Mommy’s room. AH begs them to “do something” Umm, what did you have in mind? Apologize for telling the truth? SB is at a loss–she has no experience in this department:

hittg19-2jpg - Copy

SB suggests a logical explanation, which works in RL but not at the Joseon Mansion. Evil Daddy comes home from work and stops IS before he can even get started with explaining things. He accuses his son of being a coward (WTH?) and that IS “hid behind his wife’s skirts” to avoid him. No you idiot, he got her out of there so she wouldn’t get hurt! *headdesk*  Four minutes in and I am already fired up and angry. IS defends himself as I cheer:


Thank you! Finally someone is making some sense! By now all the household staff has gathered to watch this trainwreck, and they are not disappointed when Evil Daddy erupts yet again, grabbing for IS’s throat/collar! Note that it’s always Evil Daddy who starts the violence. The tension is very high–they are both so volatile and unpredictable right now. SB and AB try to separate the father and son as they scuffle, and I note the nanny is pretty upset by what she’s seeing. Evil Daddy tells IS to beg his mother for forgiveness, and IS fires back:


IS tells his Daddy that Evil Mommy is an accomplice to his crimes because she pretends not to know about them (more truth), and that makes Evil Mommy scream at everyone to stop fighting. Later, SB and IS are in their room, and he asks SB to not blame him for what happened–today was the first time he had ever told:


SB thinks that he’s right, but he should have done a better job at delivering the truth. OK, I might concede that point. IS wants to prepare his lady for one possible outcome of this confrontation:


I need to clarify something. When I talked about IS and SB leaving back in the first couple of episodes, I didn’t mean for them to strike out on their own….just change families. IS and SB still need help–but I wanted the Seo’s to help them. Yes, IS’s standard of living will take a hit, but I think he will adjust. JY won’t care where he lives, as long as his tummy is full, he is warm and has a clean diaper, and someone is holding him.

Back to the Evil Parents–Evil Daddy thinks someone is behind IS’s rebellion

hittg19-67pg - Copy

Oh, ’cause it couldn’t possibly be anything you did! /sarc He blames Uncle, SB and Secretary Min. Evil Mommy is out for revenge too–admitting they haven’t been careful enough. It’s interesting to me that the Evil Parents reconcile over defending their deceitful life, and blame “outsiders” for their family’s internal problems.

SB meets the next morning with Secretary Lee. She asks Secretary Lee to be honest with her–What is her take on this situation? Secretary Lee delivers the bad news:


Well then. So much for loyalty. Even though Secretary Lee knelt down before SB, it’s not enough:


Secretary Lee tries a spoonful of sugar here, calling SB brilliant, and that she grasps things quickly, but I can already see wheels turning in SB’s head. There is an extended flashback sequence to the “backseat of the car” meeting between Secretary Lee and SB. Is this gonna be one of those episodes where precious drama-time is blown on flashbacks? Crud. AH is her usual astute self with this comment:

hittg19-1pg - Copy

Secretary Lee is still underestimating SB with her comment: “Swords should be taken from children before they get hurt”.  IS comes in to the Prison Study Room and like me, SB is not feeling her best today either, as she asks IS:


Evil Daddy decides it’s time to bring Secretary Min in for a chat. He asks her about her family (!) and then about Uncle…has he contacted her brother? Secretary Min’s brother hasn’t recovered enough to have visitors…wow, he must be in bad shape. That accident happened a while ago. I really admire how cool Secretary Min is with her boss, especially when he spouts his usual hot air nonsense that he hopes her brother recovers. She then visits Attorney Yoo–and offers her one last chance to join in with her! I gotta hand it to her:  Secretary Min is as ruthless and single minded as it gets.  Attorney Yoo then meets with YJH, and asks him the question we all want to know:


Well, it involved all of HanSong’s expertise…and he is looking for a loophole to apply for a retrial. Then a settlement–because judges are so untrustworthy, yunno with all their networking, ‘buddy-buddy’ dealings. YJH asks Attorney Yoo why she is in this deal, and she says that settling out of court is a good skill to have. Hmm…I am not 100% sure I should trust her. I know she doesn’t like Evil Daddy–so my rule of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” makes me give her the benefit of the doubt for now.

Back at the Joseon Mansion, the Nanny brings JY to Evil Mommy for playtime. SB, AH and Secretary Lee are all there to witness this shocking moment:


WTH! She was just playing with JY yesterday…Is she so low as to take out her anger at IS on the baby?  #whattabitch. This really strikes a nerve with me. My own children were “divorced” by their father’s parents a few months after their son and I started our divorce. They moved to another state, (about 4 hours away, not a cross-country move) and ditched their grandchildren, with whom they had a previously close relationship. I tried for a while to maintain some kind of relationship; sending big packets of pictures and a newsy letter every 6 months or so, never mentioning anything about their son or our defunct relationship–only stuff about their grandchildren. Then the packets were returned to me unopened with “Refused-Return to Sender” marked on them. No calls, no cards–my kids were so hurt by this. It’s been 15 years now since my kids saw them, and they are still angry and saddened by the abandonment. So I understand SB when she says this to IS:


Oh crap…here comes HS. What category of tornado will she achieve today? IS immediately starts on the offense, sarcastically remarking how nice she is to him and, oh, this too:


Wasn’t it enough that he knew about his Dad and YR? HS is revving up…she comes back with this:


or faint over her father’s actions? OK, is everyone clear on why I worry about a suicide attempt in this show? At least HS respects that IS has given it a good try:


But IS is so over HS and her issues, and he is a protective big brother to YJ.  He warns HS:


HS must really want to provoke IS today, because she drags SB into this convo:


Now IS is starting to get PO’d, and he has the longest fuse of anyone I’ve ever seen. He turns and walks away (smart move) and she follows after him. HS is not going to be satisfied until she gets IS to flip out, which is really bizarre when I think about it because supposedly she likes him. But people do things that make no sense to me on a daily basis in RL, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

hittg19-20pg - Copy

Check out the expression on IS’s face…he is so done. He barks at her to shut up, then he leaves.  She screams at him, asking how he’s gonna handle this situation. Oh, HS, just sit back and watch. Take notes too.

IS and Tutor are at Subway, and it looks just like the one down the street from my house. Except for the Hangul Menu…otherwise, exact match!  He asks Tutor a question I want more details on too:

hittg19-21pg - Copy

Tutor says that what he said might get him fired but IS shouldn’t worry:

hittg19-22pg - Copy

I have some reservations about that statement, but I will backburner them for now. IS is thinking like I am, as he tells Tutor he needs to be prepared. Great idea. Tutor thinks Mama Seo should watch the baby while SB works. (presumably IS would be at school) This strikes me as kind of weird because Tutor said earlier that SB was the smarter one. Hmmm… maybe IS should stay with the baby. He did say he wanted to be an involved father. If this was RL, they should both probably work. IS thinks he could be a tutor too, but Tutor shoots that idea down, and says IS should apologize to his dad. IS is not of a mind to do this: his father crossed a river last night he shouldn’t have. Tutor’s reply:

hittg19-23pg - Copy

Tutor then calls Evil Daddy’s logic “Fascinating”–DF. “Incredible”–SoompiTV.  “Warped”–Shamrockmom. IS leaves Subway and sends a text message to Secretary Min, but we don’t get to see what he sent.

The Seo parents have a conversation about Uncle, SB and IS meeting up. We see some flashback to the meeting with Secretaries Yang and Min giving the Seo’s the genealogy books. Papa Seo wants more info, so he goes down to the trophy shop to quiz his brother. Uncle must be picking up habits from Secretary Min, as he evades Papa Seo’s questions–although he’s pretty awkward. SB also puts on the evasive moves, as Mama Seo calls to see how everything is going at the Joseon Mansion. It’s worth noting that neither of them look happy after the call is done–I think they both know the other one is lying. Uh oh…now Secretary Yang is at the Trophy Shop–she has some kind of gift. No doubt she will bust up some good times here too. She goes upstairs to meet with Mama Seo, and Papa Seo takes care of his very inquisitive customer. When the customer asks what Papa Seo’s in laws are like, I have to like this line:

hittg19-24 - Copy

Mama Seo opens the fancy wooden box. No translation from DF; SoompiTV translates the outside of the box as “Marvelous” and Viki as “Magnificent”:

hittg19-73ajpg hittg19-73bjpg

There’s a white decanter, very traditional looking… and I’m dying to know what kind of liquor this is. What has writer-nim thrown out there for us this time? Could it be Munbaeju? What about Andong Soju? Or my best guess:  Bokbunjaju–with it’s connection to the Seonunsa area Buddhist temple and traditional backstory that I am sure Writer-nim with her Buddhist leanings knows too. (scroll to almost the bottom of the page for last 2 links). I can make a reasonable assumption that it will be a very traditional gift, knowing Evil Daddy. There’s not much to go on. Will see what some additional research will uncover, and perhaps I will engage the Soompi forum brains. Mama Seo lets Secretary Yang know that having her there makes her nervous because of the past, and Secretary Yang gives Mama Seo the “Everything Is Just Fine and Dandy” BS line.

hittg19-25 - Copy

If you look carefully, there’s little cactus plants lined up next to the family pictures on the left. Very interesting symbolism–like back off my family, there’s protection around them. Mama Seo isn’t buying what Secretary Yang is selling today, although she keeps a good poker face about it. Secretary Yang starts the mind probe, asking if SB complains to Mama Seo.  Of course, she doesn’t but Secretary Yang lets Mama Seo know that if there are any complaints, to let her know first so she can handle things. That sounds shady–looks like Mama Seo thinks so too.

SB and Secretary Lee have a second meeting in the Prison Study Room. SB apologizes to Secretary Lee for “misusing her power”. What??? SB’s reason she did it:

hittg19-26 - Copy

Secretary Lee accepts SB’s apology….and cue the new, really creepy music. Secretary Lee wants to tell SB what she’s just heard:

hittg19-27 - Copy

SoompiTV translates “stay away” as “be separated”, which is significant. To me, “be separated” implies outside forces separating SB and her family, and “stay away” is a choice SB may need to make to protect herself. Second:

hittg19-28 - Copy

Well, okay then…at least SB knows what is up, and what to plan for. That was a weird scene.

HS is looking around for her mom. The housekeeper tells her she went out a while ago.  HS picks up an envelope on the table and opens it…

hittg19-29 - Copy

(Note–DF gives no translation for this. Viki only translates it as “Certification of Contents”. More kudos to the SoompiTV subbers! Not only are they subbing this drama faster than Viki or DF, but the choice of words they use, and the translations of written materials has really made me consider them as an alternative to Viki and DF in the K-Drama viewing game.)

HS looks like she is ready to start her tornado again, and the housekeeper tries to tell her that her parents will probably settle. HS doesn’t want the housekeeper to let her dad in the house. Yeah, good luck with that!

YR is over at SJW’s Lair. She wants her investment money back–in cash, right now!  SJW asks why and YR offers this up:

hittg19-30 - Copy

for a divorce attorney to take the case, and stick it to her husband. DF translates it as a thousand million Won which is approximately $927,000 USD. YR wonders why her soon to be ex-husband did this right now, because it’s so annoying. (!) Like there’s a good day to get divorced… SJW offers up YR’s daily serving of logic:

hittg19-31 - Copy

Note–the Elvis figurine by SJW’s elbow is missing. It’s been replaced with something else. I wonder what that’s about. YR says she’s thrilled that (the now infamous) Article 241 was abolished (earlier this year). More thanks to the SoompiTV subbers for giving viewers the background on this:

hittg19-32 - Copy

This is kind of interesting to me too. YR never committed adultery that could have been prosecuted under that law. As I understand it, you literally had to be caught “pants down” for that law to take effect. Even in SLA, in the scene where Kang burst in the door at SJ’s house, that never happened. SJW replies:

hittg19-33 - Copy

YR goes on to say that her and her about-to-be ex lobbied to get that law abolished. Talk about your Meta… SJW knows one thing:

hittg19-34 - Copy

YR has an idea that I am sure will backfire badly–She’s gonna tell Evil Mommy:

hittg19-35 - Copy

Yeah, until the next perceived slight, and then it’s game on! She pesters SJW again for the cash, and he asks her if it wouldn’t be faster to get it from her family. Why do I think he can’t come up with this kind of cash? No, I know he can’t do it. I can’t even imagine having 900K in a bank, let alone an investment “club”. (I am definitely on the Seo end of the economic spectrum) I don’t think an investment club is like a bank either, where you can just take money out whenever you feel like it.

There was a comment on the Couch Kimchi recaps that maybe SJW was swindling the ladies. I’m not sure I buy that, although anything is possible given the lack of morals by all parties involved. If SJW was swindling them, why do it now?  It seems like this club has been going on for a while, and if he wasn’t making them any money off of Evil Mommy’s insider tips, why would the other ladies keep investing their money? Although he should be able to sell the stocks or whatever and give YR the cash…Hmmm, it’s another point to ponder.

SJW thinks YR should talk to her husband and delay the divorce until after HS is married. Really? People care that much? Evidently so…

hittg19-36 - Copy

NR and YJH are walking in the Seo’s neighborhood. He gives her today’s breaking news bulletin regarding Secretary Yang:

hittg19-37 - Copy

That’s not a good thing. This is why:

hittg19-38 - Copy

Daddy Han thinks SB has something to do with it.

hittg19-39 - Copy

Can I mention here that I really like how straight forward YJH is here with NR? I am still on the fence with this guy, but I’m leaning toward liking him more and more. NR asks why IS would go against his parents. Here’s YJH’s take on the situation:

hittg19-40 - Copy

NR figures this out real fast:

hittg19-41 - Copy

Bingo! Like a good big sister, NR seems to be concerned for SB:

hittg19-42 - Copy

Ehhh, not so fast:

hittg19-43 - Copy

#whattabrat. But YJH compliments NR!

hittg19-44 - Copy

What a cute smile he has too! I notice NR seems to want a hug or some kind of comforting gesture from YJH before he goes, and not just a little wave either. She pauses, but he doesn’t go for it. NR goes in, and immediately hears her parents and Uncle discussing the visit from Secretary Yang. When Mama Seo asks Uncle point blank if this has anything to do with him, he looks so guilty–as if he could just melt into the floorboards. NR is even more direct with her accusation

hittg19-45 - Copy

Uncle admits it: He encouraged SB and IS:

hittg19-46 - Copy

(Sorry to go back and forth between DF and SommpiTV screencaps, but I’m trying for the clearest translation, and sometimes that means a mix. Viki is still stalling out on my computer, and the oldest son has not had time to fix it yet.)

Papa Seo nearly explodes in anger, and Mama Seo looks like she’s about to have a heart attack. The subs diverge here, and I know I am being picky, but intent matters. SoompiTV: NR asks why he would do that to SB. DF expands on that:

hittg19-48 - Copy

Uncle puts up a defense: IS and SB wanted to do it. NR is right about one thing:

hittg19-49 - Copy

Uncle decides to ‘fess up to his brother as NR leaves. The BGM is very ominous, and fits the scene well–it’s not incongruous or irritating. Now back to the Joseon Mansion–IS reassures SB:

hittg19-50 - Copy

He looked into it, because he was scared–probably more for his young son’s well-being than anything else. Secretary Kim summons IS and SB for a meeting with Evil Daddy. Oh, this oughta be good. I like how they go to this meeting holding hands. They are stronger together….

hittg19-51 - Copy

YJ, AH, Secretary Kim, and AB watch the meeting, hidden in the room below. Evil Daddy tells the kids this is it: beg for forgiveness and focus on their studies, or leave the house tonight.

We leave that cliffhanger to check in at Camp Seo. Uncle has finished his confession off-camera, and Mama Seo goes in to confirm this with NR. She asks her:

hittg19-52 - Copy

NR answers yes, and he is a reliable source of info. Mama Seo asks NR to call SB, because when she talked to her last, everything was hunky-dory. NR replies that SB is just arrogant, which earns her a shove from Mama Seo. What if SB is accused of everything? NR believes:

hittg19-53 - Copy

#whattabitch. Mama Seo leaves (probably before she does something she will regret later) and tries to call SB. Papa Seo still can’t believe his bro would do this. They are part of the HanSong family now, especially with NR dating YJH. Mama Seo can’t even get ahold of AH, and you can sense the panic setting in. Papa Seo has an idea:

hittg19-54 - Copy

but Uncle wants his brother to stop–if it hadn’t been IS doing this, nothing would change:

hittg19-55 - Copyhittg19-56 - Copy

Thankfully, IS and SB:

hittg19-57 - Copy

Uncle is proud of them. He starts to cry as he tells his brother and sister in law that he’s tried everything else, and suffered so much. Papa Seo weakly protests that the Han’s are still their in laws, but Uncle is so angry and frustrated right now, he doesn’t care.

Side note:  I have watched all 3 of my kids have to make major moral/ethical decisions in their workplaces at a relatively young age. My daughter and youngest son were both fired from jobs because they either refused to participate in unethical business practices (son) or there was a workplace safety issue the boss didn’t want to address (daughter–more on that at the end). The middle son initially blew the whistle on some shady accounting practices he saw–only to unearth a huge can of worms which resulted in the State Lottery Commission coming in and “cleaning house”–but he kept his job; his boss didn’t.

Back to the Joseon Mansion:

hittg19-58 - Copy

Evil Daddy asks what’s taking them so long–this is not a difficult decision. The silence from IS and SB is profound. Evil Daddy points this out:

hittg19-59 - Copy

Evil Mommy interrupts and says Enough! Tell them to pack up and leave. Ooooh, am I gonna get my wish from Episode 1? *rubbing hands together* Will they leave for Camp Seo and choose peace over strife? Will we get to see lots of funny scenes of IS adjusting to the “Sillim-dong lifestyle”? Evil Mommy doesn’t want 13 more episodes of this ridiculousness:

hittg19-60 - Copy

(OK, roll the credits! Just kidding!)

Evil Daddy enlists the help of Secretary Kim to help IS and SB move out–he doesn’t even want to see them leave. IS finally speaks up in his stuttering, slightly hesitant voice and gives his Daddy the 411:

hittg19-61 - Copy

Evil daddy is shocked:  DF botches the subs, but SoompiTV is there FTW again:

hittg19-62 - Copy

Because it’s owned by a corporation, Evil Daddy has never paid

hittg19-63 - Copy

in his own name. IS sounds confident, but Evil Daddy is aghast!

hittg19-64 - Copy

Oh, this is priceless! Hamstrung by his own tax loophole! YJ and IS are shareholders in this trust too…Evil Daddy explodes and yells, “Shut up”, but the damage is done and he knows it.

I’m finding it hard to adequately express my sense of joy with this scene. So much justice doled out in such a small amount of time. IS is one smart cookie to figure this out. I like how IS and SB don’t gloat in their victory; instead they are both subdued. IS and SB hold their temper, don’t resort to needless violence, and don’t raise their voices. Cool, calm and collected, they have sent a message to the entire household that this is how they will run things.

Evil Daddy shakes with rage in the bedroom. Evil Mommy issues him some clues:

hittg19-65a - Copy


hittg19-65b - Copy

But she’s done with this crap–she’s going to take control now so he has at least some dignity.  How?

hittg19-66 - Copy

After all, his mother’s nickname was “Queen Regnant”. Nicely subbed–DF just has “this queen” (Excellent discussion of the term “Queen Regnant” and “Queen Regent” on Soompi forums–I defer to the braniacs there, and as soon as the permanent forums are back up, I will link to it here) Evil Mommy says she didn’t want to do it this way, but now she has no choice. Good gracious, what does she have in mind?

The mood is much better in YJ’s room:


and everybody gets on their cell phones. Here’s IS calling Secretary Min:


Secretary Lee advising her sister to make some adjustments regarding SB. She might want to consider:


Back to YR’s house–I wanted to look at what YR is wearing in this scene:


Those crosses on her jacket…one row right side up, one row upside down. Most of them are Celtic crosses too. Hmmm. Nothing writer or PD-nim does is a waste or a throwaway…so what is the deal with this? I know writer-nim skewers Christianity from time to time (remember the Madonna and Child portrait in the bedroom of YR’s Spare Lair, and many more examples in SLA I won’t get into today) but what is she trying for here? HS is dancing away to some club techno-dance music while her mom watches her. Then they chat about the upcoming divorce. YR sounds positively reasonable as she talks to HS about the upcoming divorce.


HS is not having it:


She thinks her mom should tell everyone her story, and that she doesn’t care who wins the suit. YR tells her daughter:


HS sarcastically asks YR if she will be like her when she grows up, and YR responds: Probably, but:


That’s some sound advice! HS’s comeback:


Ah, jeez. HS leaves and YR immediately gets on the phone–with Evil Daddy! She wants him to take her divorce case. Here’s something she wants from her soon to be ex:


I’d be good with that too! Evil Daddy is shocked…you can almost see the competitive gleam in his eye. Is that all you want?


He can get that much out of her husband with a few words! These two are not done with their “affair” yet:


They set up another meeting. Evil Daddy immediately starts researching the cases with the highest alimony awards–perhaps in his mind, that will be how he shows his love for YR, by getting her a truckload of money. I think even after he got caught by Evil Mommy, his ego still knows no bounds. He should be able to do what he wants, when he wants, with who he wants–because he’s the King!

HS and MJ are chatting about her parents divorce. MJ is so jaded already in his young life. Parents are meaningless:


What a crappy dad he’s gonna be in a few years; providing some girl is stupid enough to marry him and have his kid. His idea of comforting HS is to take her to some new club. *snort* IS shows up, and asks MJ for yesterday’s notes since he missed class. HS tries some snark with IS–oh, yeah, that oughta work!  /sarc:


IS replies–Don’t even talk to me. (super good idea) HS can’t let it go:


Geez, does this girl have her mom’s phone bugged? She knows everything! MJ chimes in that Evil Daddy is a competent attorney for this kind of case, and HS tells IS he can take care of his Mommy since he’s such a “good boy”–SoompiTV. But look how DF subs that line:


That’s just an amazing word choice right there….

Evil Mommy gets ready to go out, putting on her makeup. Ooooh, nice power jacket there! The Fashion Police won’t be coming by today!  Evil Mommy hears this from SB as she leaves:


and takes it as an insult! Evil Mommy must really be in a bad mood today. Evil Daddy checks his watch, and as he goes to leave, Secretary Kim comes rushing into his office:


YR is already here, and Evil Mommy is about to show up too! Yeah, that’s another nomination for Understatement of the Year! Evil Daddy barks at him to fix things, and he runs out in a panic to have Secretaries Yang and Min help him. Secretary Yang panics, but as usual, Secretary Min is cool and calm:


Secretary Lee gets the text to delay Evil Mommy’s arrival by 20 minutes. She fakes a headache so they can stop at a pharmacy for her medication. Meanwhile, YR is asked by Secretary Kim to meet with him in the Conference room, because yunno, it’s easier for paperwork. I can tell already YR isn’t buying this. She initially agrees, then she sees the pool table….and there’s really not enough chaos up here in the Club of Exclusiveness anyways. She sets up the pool table and gets a cue, while weak-willed Secretary Kim stammers around. It’s like she’s using The Force on him.


I need to mention YR’s outfit today too. Whoever dressed her and Evil Mommy for this scene deserves a promotion and/or a raise. These two ladies look awesome. I notice YR is wearing all white/ivory. So pure….right?!  Secretary Kim tries one last time to get her out of there, but YR says she and his boss can talk while playing pool.

The Head Waiter escorts Evil Mommy into the Club after they exchange some niceties about his wife’s health, and that’s when the two frenemies see each other:


YR tells Evil Mommy that she is starting a new lawsuit, which Evil Mommy appears to gracefully accept as YR’s reason for being there. Then Evil Mommy issues this invite:


I might opt for something stronger like Diet Pepsi, but that’s just me. (I don’t drink–even 1 drink makes me sick.) Secretary Yang gives her boss the bad news.


Note the lighting in this scene…the shadows on Evil Daddy, the daylight blocked out by the heavy blinds. Quite interesting. Secretary Yang thinks her boss should go upstairs, but Evil Daddy is not gonna do that! He just wants to know:



OK, so storytime for today:  My daughter’s first job at age 17 was working at an (overpriced) ice cream shop. One night she called me at home: her coworker (age 16) had cut her finger and there was no first aid kit at work. Could I come down with some bandages? We lived about 10 minutes away…but I was not happy that there was no first aid kit or protocol in case of an accident. When I got down there, the cut was far worse than my daughter had described. I stopped the bleeding and put the co-worker in the car and took her to the ER for 5 stitches. I had a sit-down talk with my daughter after that, and told her she needed to nicely inform her boss of what had happened, because one evening I wouldn’t be around to do this kind of thing. I coached my daughter on what to say….and she was immediately fired after she brought this up to her employer. They didn’t give her final wages either, and I had to go down there the next day as Angry and Scary Mom to get her final paycheck. I told my daughter she needed to call our state’s Occupational Safety board: she was scared at first, but she did it, after a day or two to think of what could happen the next time somebody got hurt over there. The guy down at the Board interviewed her for 2 1/2 hours…then started an investigation….and levied fines in the just-short-of-six-figures range against her bosses. (they found plenty of additional safety violations)  Whoa. A first aid kit and a written protocol would have been much cheaper.

The story doesn’t end there….my daughter’s immediate boss (also 17) ended up losing her job over this incident too. She was PO’d, and left my daughter a message on her cellphone voice mail that she was going to beat the crap out of her the next time she saw her. This girl was 6″ taller and 80 lbs heavier than my daughter. It was a credible threat…so the day before her senior year at HS started, I took the day off work and got a restraining order. The HS had to move all my daughter’s classes around; and my daughter could not be on the water polo team that year.  #whattamess. There was plenty of rumor and fallout as the school gossip mill went bananas over this little drama-rama. In addition, the former bosses reported wages to the IRS that my daughter never received and she and I had to clean up that mess too!

Doing the right thing is never easy or without cost. I think IS and SB are gonna find this out. I don’t expect a happy ending here…that’s for sure. I think I will get a hopeful ending instead.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts and Highlights–HITTG Episode 19 “The High Road is not an Easy Road”


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