Thoughts and Highlights–HITTG Episode 17 “The Definition of Adultery”

More story time for today–

When I was going through my own difficult separation and divorce many years ago, my oldest son (then age 8) came up to me one evening after a visit with his father and grandparents. He had a “Very Serious” thing he needed to tell me. We sat down in my bedroom together after I got the other kids in bed for a chat. With all the gravity he could muster, he said to me, “Mom, you need to know something….Dad is committing adultery.”

One great parenting skill that is not emphasized enough is to keep calm when your child tells you something outrageous. I had to wonder–did he even know what adultery was?  He was quite sheltered…we had no cable TV; his television viewing was comprised of PBS children’s programming and the program “How It’s Made“–all videotaped by my Mom. We kept a very simple life–work, school, church. I had not even thought yet of having a ‘Birds and Bees’ talk with him.  I wondered if they had gone over that adultery concept in religion class…hmm, at his de facto Mennonite school–probably not. I kept my poker face on as I asked my son, “OK, just to be sure we are on the same page, tell me–what do you think adultery is?” His answer: “Well, it’s when you’re married, but you go out on a date with someone you’re not married to.”

Episode 17–starts with the Most Awkward Lunch Ever, hosted by SJW:

It’s reeeealy quiet in SJW’s Lair…just the clink of silverware as the VF’s exchange furtive glances toward the Evil Parents. Who will light the fuse and start today’s explosive debacle?  Evil Daddy is nervous with all this quiet.  Quiet space must be filled with his hot air! He compliments the VF’s on their long friendship, then surmises that their get-togethers are for this reason:


Uh..could it be they just enjoy each other’s company and want to have a meal together?  No way!  It’s all about the networking connections! Gotta be thinking about that bank account every minute. Evil Daddy makes a Captain Obvious move by asking about the “missing” member, and SJW informs him that she can’t make it today!  So glad YR got the text message….disaster postponed. The lunch ends mercifully, and the Evil Parents leave SJW and VF-Eom.  Poor SJW–he looks like he ran a marathon.  Little stressed there, eh?


Random thought–wouldn’t it be kinda funny if SJW ended up being the gay friend?  All their years together, and the VF’s are clueless. It would be just like writer-nim to twist it up for us like that!

Secretaries Lee and Kim snipe at each other in the parking garage.  She wants to know why he didn’t give her any warning, and he said his Boss changed everything at the last second to come over here.  Evil Mommy leaves first, and then makes a point of smacking down Secretary Lee for speculating about what happened at the lunch, and to keep this under wraps, especially to the kids.

I am starting to wonder about Evil Mommy’s feelings here. Did she ever really love Daddy Han?  Did she marry him to spite YR–because she was jealous of their relationship? It might have been an arranged marriage, but not a straight-up contract marriage. Hmmm….lots to think about.

SJW gets YR on the phone, and she tells him:


Yeah, SJW doesn’t need to take it seriously–but Evil Daddy is super serious!  I know that this show will never actually have Evil Daddy and YR do the Wild Thang…but if it did, I would love for it to show how much of a let-down it would be afterward for Evil Daddy–it could never match what his mind has imagined. I still think YR started out doing this to get back at the Han’s for IS rejecting her daughter, but things turned out a little differently–she may have more feelings that she cared to admit for Evil Daddy, and Evil Daddy has way, way more feelings for her than what she first thought as well.

A quick cuteness break here, courtesy of JY–aka Evil Mommy’s new love!


This young man is totally adorable.  I predict he will be a real hottie in about 18-19 years!

Back to the Prison Study Room:  Looks like SB and IS have made a flowchart detailing what they know about HanSong’s dirty dealings.  They show their findings to Tutor, who breaks the bad news to them.


Tutor acknowledges that Evil Daddy is a genius, especially in these areas:


Ha! I think Evil Daddy has a BS degree in Pontification, a Master’s in Rationalization, and a Ph.D–Piled higher and Deeper! Tutor advises IS and SB–Eagles don’t flap their wings, they ride the wind. Good advice–something to think about.  Oh, and work on this little deal secretly. Really, Tutor? I think IS and SB know this already…

After another cute session playing with JY, Evil Mommy looks around her husband’s library/home office….and her gaze lands on the ancient sword. Yeah, I wanted to use that on your husband too in the first episode, but I will defer and let you use it now. It would be far more appropriate. Evil Daddy aka His Royal Han-Highness is back from work. The household come out to meet him, and he greets Evil Mommy: SoompiTV–“You’re dazzling.”  Viki–“Your eyes are sparkling.” Then he adds this, and I am surprised that no one in this scene heaves up their last meal:


IS and SB exchange puzzled looks, but it’s YJ who makes a face, and bails! Evil Daddy asks if JY is asleep, and since he is, His Royal Han-Highness declares this:


I think Evil Daddy is on the Highway to the Danger Zone with that statement, especially since his wife keeps pushing his arm off her shoulder.

Then the Viki and SoompiTV subbers give me a treat–they sub Evil Daddy singing in the shower! (DF doesn’t bother) Whoa! Who knew he had a good singing voice too!  But what is he singing? Watched both versions–maybe it’s from “West Side Story”? That might fit–he probably thinks of himself and YR as some star-crossed tragic lovers. And of course Maria and Tony were separated due to differences in status.  Then I think back to Episode 1, where IS loses his mind for a minute and walks into the water, and SB goes in with him, like other tragic teen lovers…..OMG. I think writer-nim has done it again!  Will need to get some better brains involved on this–will update if the braniacs on Soompi correct me.

AH, AB, and Secretaries Kim and Lee have a gossip session. Viki and SoompiTV translations are different–and interesting. Points given to Viki here.  Secretary Kim describes the Most Awkward Lunch Ever:


But the line I really like comes from AH. Secretary Kim wonders if his boss and YR have done “it”, but AH lets him know that mental adultery is just as bad:


I’m not sure I totally agree, but she does have a point.

Evil Daddy gets into bed and slides right over to her side. Uh, oh. He thinks it’s playtime, but I don’t think she wants him in her yard. Evil Mommy decides to give him a clue:


Evil Daddy either doesn’t get it, or his ego has overtaken his brain or both. She tucks the blanket around her as he asks–Why?  Then Evil Mommy picks up her phone–and calls AH:


All kinds of red flashing lights are going off in my brain–Evil Mommy means business this time! You’d better back off, Daddy Han. He grabs the phone, tells AH to never mind, and then asks his wife this question. Sir, you are a lawyer–you should know better than to ask questions like this:


When her answer is, “Because I want to.”, he gets more insistent. Uh, dude…no means no. I don’t think he’s ever heard that though. He grabs her wrists–I don’t like where this is going, and I start to feel very uneasy. Bad flashback to a long ago day like this with my ex-husband, and being held down….I hold my breath, steeling myself for what’s next. My finger is on the FF button. Evil Daddy’s ego knows no bounds–she shouldn’t do this; he treats her like a queen. Objection your Honor; she lives like a queen, but he treats her like a possession. There’s a difference. He seals his fate with this:


Oh, so his Momma schooled her into being the perfect subservient wife for him? And it looks like she went along with the deal. Why? Money, social standing, family pressure…I can only guess at what combo of items led up to this. He blathers on that wives refusing their husbands sexual advances is the reason for the current low birthrate in Korea (I think they are a little late in that department, but whatever.) and then she head-butts him–presumably to shut him up, but the crack of his nose I hear makes me cringe. I’ve had my nose broken before–it’s no fun. I’ve already gone on and on in past reviews of this series about my feelings on DV–and this is DV. She shouldn’t have done this, and again, it bothers me no end that this is played for a laugh. No screencaps–sorry. It’s not funny. Evil Daddy reels in pain, and I think Evil Mommy hurt her forehead too. SB and the Nanny watch AH bring the Evil Parents ice packs for their injuries.

I want to add here that I think there is plenty of blame to go around in this scene. Evil Daddy should have taken his wife’s “No” seriously. Dude, just ’cause you’re married does not give you the right to demand sex. If you demand it, especially with physical force, it’s called rape. Evil Mommy should not have head butted him either. Walk away….it will save you doing time on an assault charge.

Next morning, I’m pretty surprised there are no black eyes for either of them. Evil Daddy looks like he’s going to blow a gasket as he watches his wife play with JY. (BTW, his facial expressions, eye rolls and grimaces in this scene are amazing. What a great actor–the perfect choice for Daddy Han.) More gossip from the servants–they seem shocked that Evil Mommy was the attacker. Me thinks they don’t know the whole story. SB and IS make plans to meet Secretary Min and get more info and documents from her. As we watch from behind Evil Daddy’s shoulder, he utters a truly shocking statement:


WTH!! What left field did this come out of?  I can’t believe what he just said. YJ asks how he could be so mean, so early in the morning. Uhhh…that’s probably because your Daddy feels entitled to be a jerk 24/7/365, since he’s the King of the House. Evil Mommy seems to take it in stride, telling her daughter (through JY) to ignore her daddy.  IS runs in to tell SB the Understatement of the Day:


SB says exactly what I’m thinking Evil Daddy needs to find out ASAP:


Evil Daddy gets to work, and immediately begins to create more chaos for himself. He gets Secretary Yang to buy Evil Mommy a gift–something that represents generosity and love. Jewelry works. *snort* Yet he’s too busy to pick it out himself. OMG, this dude and his royalty complex. Then that little head of his takes over for the larger one on his neck, and he asks Secretary Yang to do this:


It’s a “Client” gift. Oh, that is bad. In fact, it might be the worst idea ever. BTW, Evil Daddy’s twitchy, fiddly, hand-wringing motions during this scene are amazing to watch. Secretary Yang blurts out that YR is his “partner” and Evil Daddy is caught in the snare. She really knows how to pull the strings on her boss–a master puppeteer! She’s shocked he’s never said anything before, so:


Evil Daddy assures her that’s not the case. He describes the relationship between himself and YR like this:


Oh, really? He then Piles it higher and Deeper by adding that people of his age should be able to have male and female friends, right? Just friends…. Secretary Yang keeps a straight face as she strokes his ego yet again–since he has such a heavy workload:


She’s got this down to an art form. Secretary Yang leaves for the day and Secretary Kim asks Secretary Min who’s the woman that Evil Daddy is seeing. She issues a breathtakingly hypocritical statement:


IS and his V-I-T Frenemies, aka HS and MJ:

MJ and IS are chatting on a bench at their school  MJ asks if IS’s family is ok, his momma was worried. IS—Why.  MJ starts to spill the beans:


MJ goes on to add that IS’s daddy flusters people–and IS replies yeah, that’s what he does all right!  MJ says he doesn’t want to tell IS this, which is a total lie, because he really does:


I’m not sure what to feel about this…is MJ trying to give clueless IS a heads-up or is he being a jerk?  I’m going to opt for Door #2 here, based off past jerky behavior by MJ toward IS and HS. MJ then begins to give IS a full detail of his dad and YR from back in the day–

SJW and YR are visiting in SJW’s lair.  YR has a Captain Obvious moment:


SJW isn’t buying..he thinks YR did something to egg him on. YR denies it. SJW knows this:


but he still thinks YR is guilty. OK, let’s check out SJW’s fashion ensemble today. Red jacket & torn jeans–ok. I approve. Not too shabby. But that flowered t-shirt–some Ahjumma is missing a shirt from her closet. YR also borrowed something from that same ahjumma’s closet–that sweater looks really old and dumpy on her, and frankly, she’s so pretty that darn near anything looks good on her! (Yes, I’m jealous!) YR denies starting something up with Evil Daddy again–and then leaves. Immediately SJW calls up VF-Eom and gives her new info–it’s worse than he thought.  There’s something going on between Evil Daddy and YR. He knows Evil Daddy is acting suspicious, and now so is YR.  But what he’s really worried about is this:


And it’s because of this:


Holy Guacamole! The VF’s are using Evil Mommy as a HanSong insider info source to make windfall-level profits in the stock market? Wow. That’s all kinds of illegal and unethical. I can’t say I’m not surprised at this point–but still, that’s amazing. These so called friends have no compunction about blatantly using one of their own for financial gain. Pretty much every adult in this drama is doing/has done something illegal and/or immoral. If everyone were caught, the authorities would need to build a new wing at the local prison!

Evil Mommy opens the “Gift of Sincerity”:

hittg17-32 - Copy

Nice bauble. Too bad there wasn’t any affection or love behind it. The note card with it is typical Daddy Han style. “I’ll forgive you first–there’s no need to apologize.”  Excuse me, but what did she do that needs forgiveness? Figure out that he is cheating on her–mentally if not (yet) physically? Immediately, Evil Mommy is suspicious. She asks Secretary Lee to check:

hittg17-33 - Copy

Yeah, Evil Mommy knows her hubby’s MO. Secretary Lee must have sent a text to Secretary Yang–or vice versa, because she shows Evil Mommy the phone with this message:

hittg17-34 - Copy

Evil Mommy: “Why are hunches like this never wrong?” She’s got a point–I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen something like this happen in RL. Secretary Lee gives SB the intel on the identity of the woman Evil Daddy is cheating with:

hittg17-35 - Copy

Heh. Now YR has a new enemy! SB will more than likely support her MiL big time. YR better watch her back–SB holds grudges! Evil Mommy is pacing around…I can’t even guess at what she’s going to do next.

Meanwhile, YR gets a card, which she reads as we see a basket of flowers, presumably sent by Daddy Han. He is going to Singapore next week, and he plans to send her a first class plane ticket and meet her at the hotel. Uh, oh! Things just went sky high…he’s really gonna go through with this. To her credit, YR doesn’t look too thrilled about a week in Singapore with Evil Daddy.

hittg17-36 - Copy

Check out the bright and pristine look of this room–not what I would expect at all here. The other thing that shouldn’t have surprised me was the tone of the message in the card. It sounds like an order–like he expects her to obey His Royal Han-Highness, drop her life, and come at his beck and call. HS is there, and I feel the winds of a tornado start to blow. She’s no dummy: She knows that HanSong:

hittg17-37 - Copy

HS grabs her mom’s phone and they lamely chase each other around while HS dials up Evil Daddy….who plays it relatively cool on the other end, inquiring about her school–but the tornado touches down as HS asks if HanSong sends their clients gifts, or if it’s from him.  Evil Daddy cooly lies that it’s a gift–to show appreciation for a client trusting them through the legal process. He must think HS fell off the turnip truck yesterday if she believes that line. HS is not done yet–she takes Evil Daddy to task for scaring her father into becoming a fake patient. Category 4–here it comes! She hits the bulls-eye:

hittg17-38 - Copy

HS yells at Evil Daddy that she knows what type of men her momma likes–and it’s not him! He’s so blinded by his own ego he blurts this to HS:

hittg17-39 - Copy

Thankfully HS terminates the conversation, and YR asks her–why so sensitive?  After all, she was doing it:

hittg17-40 - Copy

HS isn’t buying it, though, and neither am I.  Evil Daddy gets some more butter from Secretary Yang, who tells him both his wife and YR received the gifts, and:

hittg17-41 - Copy

Evil Daddy starts a rant–Children are the problem!  They stay with the parents too long. Maybe this should happen:

hittg17-42 - Copy

After all, if the parents raised them well, they should leave peacefully. Then he spouts what I think is one of the biggest misconceptions about Americans held by Koreans–that children:

hittg17-43 - Copy

Bwaaahaaahaa!  Any decent parent knows that kicking your kid out the door here in the US at 18 is pretty much a recipe for disaster. If you know what happens to foster kids when they age out of the system, it’s like pushing them off a cliff.  No money, no college degree, heck–a lot of places won’t even rent to an 18 yr old, or let them on a lease. Now if your kid is 21+, has a college degree, work experience, a car, (indispensable here in SoCal) a place to live, family to back them up in case of disaster…then fine. Should your kid be living at home at 30? Probably not. But the years from 18-26 are a huge transitional time for kids to fully mature into adulthood–I know, I’m navigating these waters right now. They still need you–as a sort-of coach, to help them think things through, to consider alternatives…but not to tell them what to do every minute. It’s tricky. Then Evil Daddy says something that is kind of funny to me on a couple of levels:

hittg17-44 - Copy

Quick side note–My Dad has a girlfriend now. (My Mom committed suicide almost a year ago. They were married for 51+ years.) He’s asked me countless times what I think about it, and if I’m alright with it. Honestly, I think it’s great, and I’m happy for them both. It’s interesting to me how insecure about it he is. He certainly doesn’t need my approval at this stage of the game! Not that he listens to me anyways, LOL. But in this scene, it’s like Evil Daddy needs someone to deflect the blame to–and HS just made herself an easy target. Secretary Yang skates around this minefield called her Boss, and says that since he’s not used to “this kind” of friend:

hittg17-45 - Copy

Evil Daddy blows up at her, screaming that he has no reason to have to be careful. He curtly dismisses her, and as she leaves she runs into YJH, who is right outside the door. (I can guess he’s heard most of the conversation) She advises YJH to meet with the Boss later. Attorney Yoo shows up to give YJH the intel report:

hittg17-46 - Copy

When he gets back to his office, YJH reads a message from Attorney Yoo, advising him further:

hittg17-47 - Copy


hittg17-48 - Copy

Poor YJH. He’s probably wondering what the heck he’s gotten himself into here at Hansong.  My advice–take a break and play with the action figures behind you and to the left, while you have a Snickers bar. You’ll feel much better.

IS shares what he found out about  about YR and his Daddy from MJ.  He thinks:

hittg17-49 - Copy

and it’s not too serious–but he knows it hurts his mom. No dude–this needs to get filed under Current Events. IS then speaks some major truth–if his parent’s relationship was going well, then they would be scrutinizing IS and SB more. I agree–preoccupied parents=major ability for kids to do all kinds of (bad) stuff unnoticed.

SB meets with Evil Mommy, who tells her to take JY for the night and go with IS to visit her parents. SB is shocked, and so am I. SB oversteps it here, by asking if she is going to settle the issue between her and Evil Daddy, and gets a comeuppance–I’ve told you too much. Pretend you don’t know, even if you do.  SB apologizes, and then adds:

hittg17-50 - Copy

I still am not comfortable with SB saying something like this–it seems like SB has been under cult influence for too long, and is learning how to play people, instead of being truthful and straight. I am not sure that taking one side or the other is going to work out well either. SB is rolling the dice here, and I hope her number comes up.

HS, NR, YJH and SJW are at SJW’s lair.  HS gives us the typical teen lament:

hittg17-51 - Copy

It’s pretty ironic too, if you ask me, that they are building houses with playing cards. Nothing like a “house of cards” to blow over with the slightest breeze. Like their entire lives, built on lies… SJW tries to console HS–we’re all human, and we don’t change much when we grow up. HS wonders what’s the point of it all:

hittg17-52 - Copy

HS–let Shamrockmom give you a word of advice here. You are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of your parents. It takes hard work, but you don’t have to settle for their life. Yours can be better, if you want it to be that way. When SJW spills the beans that they are talking about Evil Daddy Han, NR and YJH wisely decide they won’t listen. Smart kids. Meanwhile, SB and IS are over at Camp Seo, and JY is having the time of his life with his Seo grandparents. NR decides to leave the house-of-cards building project so she can visit with her nephew, and her sis.

We viewers are then treated to a long look around the Joseon Mansion, as seen through Evil Mommy’s eyes. She looks around each room…what is this all about? Is she taking stock of her life? Preparing to give this all up in exchange for living honestly? Is she deciding to live with Daddy Han and his philandering ways to keep the goodies: the plush house, servants, and the respect of the kids and their social circle? The BGM is eerie–I get the sense that something big is about to happen soon. I kind of like how she prepares to battle Evil Daddy–nice makeup, elegant dress, cologne…and of course, my favorite double mirror camera shot!

hittg17-53 - Copy

Secretary Min, Uncle, SB and IS are chowing down–I wonder if they are eating samgyeopsal. It looks good. Anyways, IS acknowledges that his folks are having trouble, so they were able to get away tonight. Secretary Min notes that SB doesn’t seem like she’s let the “Little Madam” title go to her head. SB then gives us a huge clue when she tells her that she’s glad to know–because she’s always thinking of :

hittg17-54 - Copy

and Secretary Min’s brother who is also injured. Oh, so there was some kind of industrial accident? Wasn’t her brother doing some undercover work for the government or something? It sounds like the brother was badly injured. And what happened to Uncle’s arms that he has to keep them covered 24/7? IS adds that his daddy told them to forget about it, but that’s not what’s gonna happen. It’s not right. SB observes that Evil Daddy is afraid of the whole situation:

hittg17-55 - Copy

Yeah, he better be afraid, but he isn’t. That ego of his can’t admit defeat. SB makes Uncle promise her:

hittg17-56 - Copy

Then she adds this worrisome comment:

hittg17-57 - Copy

Careful there, SB. Power can be an intoxicating drug, deluding you into thinking you are “all that and a bag of chips”, when you aren’t. “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

NR gets back to Camp Seo and Mama Seo tells her that Papa Seo and JY are asleep.  When NR hesitates, Mama Seo quickly picks up the clue:

hittg17-58 - Copy

Oooh, is she gonna introduce YJH to her folks?!?  Whoa! I thought that in Korea, the intro to the folks came about a minute before the engagement announcement. Mama Seo reads my mind:

hittg17-59 - Copy

But like the cool mom that she is, Mama Seo wants to meet this dude.
hittg17-60 - Copy

Back to the Joseon Prison Mansion:  Evil Daddy and Secretary Kim arrive back at the palace, and after His Royal Han-Highness proclaims his arrival, he is greeted by….crickets. And his wife. And a very quiet house. Evil Daddy asks, “What’s up?” but Evil Mommy ignores him and dismisses Secretary Kim for the evening. He’s not entirely stupid, and bails, as he recognizes the Madam’s “dignity”. Evil Daddy looks like he just got pushed out the door of a moving train. He seems almost panicky…his subjects are gone, and the servants too! He runs frantically from room to room. Is he hoping this is just a joke? He finally gets it, for his Captain Obvious Moment:

hittg17-61 - Copy

Evil Mommy is reading a book, as he asks her what this is all about. Her answer:

hittg17-62 - Copy

He doesn’t get it–he’s already set up his later years. How can she change it? (lol) Evil Mommy then utters some truth that I don’t think a lot of people think about when they start an affair, get divorced, and permanently fracture their family.

hittg17-63 - Copy

Side note–my co-worker and I have discussed this concept several times. His own father was married multiple times, and cheated on all his wives. Now he is elderly, and the ladies are gone. His kids are so angry with him; no one will have anything to do with their dad. He’s old and lonely, and whines about it all the time, further driving everyone away. What a mess.

Evil Daddy screams at Evil Mommy to call everyone back to the Joseon Mansion, but she refuses–she likes the quiet! I need to add in here that I really like how calm and controlled she is with him. She’s not some screaming, hysterical banshee. When someone acts calm and cool like this, they retain their power, plus it often de-escalates the situation. Evil Daddy blurts out what he’s really thinking:

hittg17-64 - Copy

I hope you are scared. You should be scared of your angry wife, the thought of living without your family….now the question is, are you going to do anything about it?

The Household help has a meal together, and Secretary Lee asks this question:

hittg17-65 - Copy

Perhaps if there were a college course on Korean Dramas, Shamrockmom could write a paper on this for a grade. I’d need 5-7 pages, single spaced, 12 font requirements to fit it all in! Secretary Lee decides to take a shot at this: She thinks it was all predictable. After all:

hittg17-66 - Copy

AB chimes in that he started working at the Joseon Mansion when Daddy Han was still in high school.

hittg17-67 - Copy

Then I nearly choke on my diet Coke as Secretary Yang adds in this nugget:

hittg17-68 - Copy

OMG. You might as well try to tell the sun not to rise in the morning. Teen boys have been curious about women’s bodies since the dawn of time. If they don’t look for porn, their friends will–and show them too. The trick here is to discuss–early in the teen game–how overuse of porn can mess up your brain.

Then it gets worse: It’s implied that the college girl’s main job was to…, there’s no way…. Secretary Lee screeches, “Ewww”. In case you are slow on the uptake, Secretary Yang fixes it for you!

hittg17-69 - Copy

hittg17-70 - Copy

hittg17-71 - Copy

OMG.  I have to stop the video feed for a minute and think about this. Evil Daddy’s mom basically brought in young women, ostensibly as tutors…so they could have sex with her son. My head reels. First of all, how immoral is that? I can’t even….. Second of all, his mom had no compunction about using these girls for her son’s sexual pleasure…so he’d have his own “toy”. These girls probably needed money for school, and she exploited them. It’s beyond disgusting. I hate it when women exploit other women. It’s bad when men do it too, but it’s just as bad, if not worse, when women do it. I wonder what IS would think if he knew about his beloved Daddy’s  “tutors” from the past. Now I gotta wonder–how much of this does Evil Mommy know?

Sometimes I ask myself why I watch this show. Scenes like this are so upsetting to me–and I’m not even talking about the flashbacks I had, like the one at the beginning of this episode. (I almost didn’t make it through “Healer”–a couple of scenes in that show nearly broke me, even though it was overall a superb drama.) BTW–I have to give another High 5 to the SoompiTV subbers for this scene. Viki and DF are murky….but I have no doubts about what happened here, thanks to SoompiTV! It’s funny how Viki will get one scene clear, and SoompiTV will get a different scene clear for me.  No wonder I have no time to watch anything else–I watch each HITTG episode three times to try and put it all together!

AH piles it on for me, as she comments:

hittg17-72 - Copy

Ugh. Secretary Lee adds that IS and SB:

hittg17-73 - Copy

Secretary Kim arrives with more chow, and Tutor in tow. Tutor is quite subdued this evening and respectfully asks Secretary Lee for permission to come in. (I’m guessing this is her home)

hittg17-74 - Copy

Cut to SB and IS walking in the ‘hood. SB lets me know that Secretary Min’s brother is worse off than I first thought.

hittg17-75 - Copy

IS won’t show her a picture–she’s suffered enough already. Thank you IS, for protecting your lady like that. SB realizes that they made a mistake.

hittg17-76 - Copy

SB gives this reason:

hittg17-77 - Copy

OK, I’m kinda happy that she realizes she was delusional too. Maybe the Cult has left a smidge of her brain unscathed–and functional. IS is such a positive guy–Here’s his solution:

hittg17-78 - Copy

SoompiTV–“….Living a double life”. I like that better. SB asks if he can live the double life, and IS says of course–he’s done it before, when they were dating!  SB asks him–Really? No one caught you?  Well..

hittg17-80 - Copy

but he swore her to secrecy by not revealing her idol crush (LOL).

Back at Camp Seo, YJH is being grilled nicely by Mama Seo–Oh, you’re a HanSong dude?  Well, not to worry–after all:

hittg17-81 - Copy

Geez, Mama Seo! Let’s try to think positively here! NR says what I’m thinking…

hittg17-82 - Copy

SB and IS get back. Dang, these two are quick–they immediately notice an extra pair of shoes at the door. Is it NR’s boyfriend? They end up explaining that YJH is friends with IS’s mom and he’s a junior attorney at HanSong. Mama Seo says that it must be a tight circle there!  Oh, if you only knew….

Papa Seo awakens, and NR introduces YJH to him. He bows very respectfully to Papa Seo. I’m impressed so far. YJH seems very comfortable with the Seo’s, hasn’t said anything out-of-line or jerky, and acts like a proper respectful young gentleman. However, SB looks at him suspiciously….does she have that special “radar” too? Or is it something else? Perhaps it’s this–NR assures her it will be fine, and she won’t spill the beans:

hittg17-83 - Copy

NR thinks it’s because SB doesn’t want their parents to know the power she has with IS’s folks.  But SB is concerned about this:

hittg17-84 - Copy

NR says to just watch–maybe they aren’t as sweet as her and IS:

hittg17-85 - Copy

Me too, NR! SB gives her older sis some great advice–I hope you really love each other:


That’s some great advice for any couple! SB notes that her power isn’t real yet–she’s on the back of a tiger. She could get thrown off or eaten. But:


Well, that’s quite a statement to end the episode!  Again, like so many things in this episode–I have to wonder. Is SB cult controlled or not? I hope she knows what she’s doing–the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Next recap will be delayed, as my semi-adopted kids are visiting from out of state, and I only get to see them a couple of times a year, so that takes priority–along with a pile of Music Theory Homework!


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