Thoughts and Highlights from HITTG Episode 16–“The Perils of a Second Adolescence”

I’m starting today on a total high from the last 20 minutes of Episode 15–no coffee needed today!  I’m really hoping this episode, and all the ones to follow in the second half–are just as good as the first ones!

Tonight, Evil Daddy is riding in a car as he informs the driver and Secretary Kim that he has a super duper secret meeting with some NIS officials–I’m thinking it’s probably with Sun-Woo’s sunbae, since SW is in the Civilian service department Military now…ok, ok. (I can’t stop myself. That show is endless comedy fodder.) Evil Daddy gives the driver the directions to stop the car, let him out, then drive off:


Just the basic protocol, yunno!  OMG, how ridiculous…and Evil Daddy thinks that they’ve bought that load of manure. His brain has shrunk–it now fits inside the little head he’s been thinking with lately. He walks inside a mailbox center (?) looks around to make sure no one is around–except, yunno, the CCTV cameras that are everywhere in Korea…and the US. He exits out the back of the building into a waiting taxi:


Will it be the hilarious cab driver from Episode 1? Nope–darnit. He was great. Evil Daddy breathlessly gives the driver the address, then leans back…not yet Evil Daddy! The taxi pulls right up alongside the car with his regular driver and Secretary Kim–so he has to crunch down and hide! Priceless….

Secretary Kim lets Evil Mommy know about the super duper secret meeting.


And you can tell she’s paying attention by her response!


Evil Mommy is awfully preoccupied these days. I think there’s another man in her life–and his name is JY.

The Household staff have their dinner and gossip session. We get this interesting tidbit from Tutor:


while being their legal representative. Secretary Kim throws this into the pot:


The Nanny gets in here too–and I learn a new word today. Here it is:


I’m gonna guess this is also similar to leaking insider information. They discuss how this could be a windfall for them if it comes to pass. Tutor asks if Secretary Lee is being quiet because she doesn’t want him to get rich too. She gets PO’d and leaves. Don’t blame her a bit. He’s being a jerk now too. Both of you–grow up!

IS and SB are studying, and SB says:


IS’s response:


He decided they would have to suffer together, and SB says she agrees. These kids are light years ahead of the adults in maturity level. It’s messed up–kids act like adults, and adults act like kids. SB wonders if Evil Daddy will be truthful if they ask him about the issue. IS acknowledges:


But then again, some people


Hearing it from Secretary Min was the clincher for him. SB is more shocked about this:


Wow. SB and IS look so bummed out–I think that even though they knew Evil Daddy was a Pompous Ass, he was at least an Honest and Principled Pompous Ass. Now he’s dishonest and unprincipled in their eyes.

Back to YR and Evil Daddy. He arrives at her hotel room (?) full of himself over his arduous journey…over a mountain, across a river. LOL. Let me guess: The river=water in the gutter. The mountain=the elevator.  Sounds like his Boy Scout Lotte Hotel Camping days to me!


He goes to hug her, but she spins away from him. He looks a little dismayed…but then he asks a question that I want to know the answer to as well:


YR says it’s a residence for foreign guests–and he can take a look around. I have to hand it to the Props person–we get yet another goodie that makes me squeal. There is no other Kdrama PD-nim that pays this much attention to detail!


Is that…a picture of a Madonna and child I see there on the wall? Ha! Nothing like a religious icon in a place you are thinking about committing adultery, LOL. Then Evil Daddy is smoothing the sheets, with his hands–over and over, till he gets caught by YR!  Check out the lighting too–so bright!


The way he strokes the sheets….it’s kind…uhh…sensual. Like he wants the bed just perfect…before he lays her down on it. Uh, oh. My brain short circuits–now I’m thinking what he’s thinking. He’s fantasizing about doing the “wild thang” with YR! In his mind, he’s 18, maybe 19, and he finally has an evening alone with her. This time he’s not gonna mess it up!  He is gonna be “Rico Suave” as we say around here. (video is slightly NSFW) Ok, it’s time to stop this. I am not–repeat, not–gonna write a little Rated M side story on my Wattpad account. Nope–I have self control now! I’m not gonna do it. Even if my oldest son is off with his friends and the other one went to the mountains with his church group on a retreat. Nobody to cook for, I can stay up late tonight….I should totally write it in full Purple Prose mode, like I used to do to entertain my college friends! Evil Daddy probably thinks like that too!  It could be like the stuff the girl writes about in Momoiro Heaven–one of my favorite mangas, and not just for that reason! No, I’m going to be good. If I write it, I’ll just make it awkward–like he is!

Back to our regularly scheduled program:  I’m dying of laughter again–Evil Daddy is sitting on the couch, with his arm on the back of it, juuuust out of reach from putting his arm around YR.


(great catch on the subs too!)  What a perfect metaphor–she’s always been just out of his reach. The operatic music in the BG is frosting on the cake for this scene. Evil Daddy tells YR he cherishes “the prime of their lives”. Then YR goes into left field with this:


It’s like she’s racking her brain to find something she can compliment him on. But this is enough; he quickly sits up straight on the couch! She shifts into second gear now; telling him that all the girls talked about it, and they also said:


OMG–my mind is in the gutter. Wattpad is calling….I’m not listening! YR reminisces about some long-ago party where everyone got wasted except him, so she remembers him like this:


I swear I can actually see his entire body inflate from the compliments she gives him. Feeling a little more secure now, he asks if she’s tired–


This is like a scene from a bad Harlequin Romance novel….they go through this little dance of do you wanna leave, no I don’t…aren’t you tired, no I’m not…

But who’s waiting eagerly for Evil Daddy at home? IS and SB!  They strategize how they are gonna ask Evil Daddy the tough questions they have. IS says if she stumbles, he will talk, and if he stumbles, she will talk. They’re nervous–you can hear their sighs. But they continue to support each other, and work together!

YR gets home and acts like she’s just done a marathon session at the gym!


Evil Daddy takes a taxi home–


and I could swear it’s the same street that HW lived on in SLA. IS and SB greet him–he’s pretty surprised to find them up so late! They stutter around until IS lays it out:


SB adds:


Evil Daddy concedes:


He says that they reversed the judgement to get the jobs back. Then he takes them into the study to teach them…and then the SoompiTV subbers teach us:


Many thanks to all the subbers!  The hot winds are a ‘blowin, as Evil Daddy pontificates that since they’ve read “The Prince”, they know that people in the world have conflicting desires. Basically, each person wants what will benefit them the most. He adds this in too:


but of course–somebody has to lose.


And being a lawyer means finding the best way. Sentiment and vanity have no place. (Shouldn’t a bolt of lightning strike him about now? Or his nose start to grow? Just sayin’…) He concludes by saying HanSong handled the Daesan group conflict fairly. The kids don’t look convinced, but they retreat for now, as Evil Daddy pats them both on the shoulder in an awkward way. Before he leaves, he ensures Secretary Kim’s loyalty by giving him a bonus!  SB says the exact thing I was thinking here:


We then are treated to a cute morning scene at Camp Seo–Mama Seo is making breakfast, Papa Seo brings in some groceries, NR is getting ready for work..but as she leaves, she has to pass by the bathroom–which Papa Seo has fully polluted. He pats his stomach and waves the door around as she bails out. I need a gif of that, lol!  It’s interesting to note that NR wears sneakers and puts her shoes in a bag….


IS calls his dad up from school and wants to come over to his office to chat, but Evil Daddy blows him off–his schedule is full. He decides to see if he can get an intel report from the V-I-T’s.  MJ calls IS out from the start:


IS blows MJ off, and asks HS if she visited her daddy when he was in the hospital recently. She says no way–he wasn’t really sick. She then gives IS the 411:



Poor IS–the image he had of his Daddy is completely in tatters. IS tries to save face by saying he wasn’t really sure, and was trying to confirm it, but MJ won’t let him off the hook today–Why do you need to know all this? IS lies/replies:


Evil Daddy is on the hot seat with the former PM. He wants to know why Evil Daddy hasn’t set up the meeting between the University President and Papa Seo. Evil Daddy blames it on this:


Pfffftt!! The Boss is not in a BS purchasing mode today–He’s heard this:


Check out the double image of Evil Daddy in the lower left corner and the upper right corner of the screencap above. Awesome!


Evil Daddy gets a smack down. People say that the Han’s are ignoring their in-law’s hardships. It looks bad. Evil Daddy whines that he wants to respect the Seo’s but they are making things difficult for him.

Here’s YJH again…I think he’s one smart dude. He makes a show–yet not in a Captain Obvious way–of taking NR into his office at HanSong so Secretary Yang can have a moment to cackle. He opens the door for her like a gentleman, and even gives her his cushy desk chair…gosh, they do look good together. Just sayin’..I kinda ‘ship these two. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. They cutely role play–she’s the attorney and he’s the client. Careful there, YJH!


NR gets serious here:


She’s worried. Isn’t he a friend of Jo Se Young? YJH scores a point with me–he’s very clear. No–he and JSY aren’t buddies. And:


NR is visibly relieved. But wait–YJH is also grateful to her. Why? Stay tuned…


They eat some candy that looks like tiny Snickers bars (which makes me chuckle–you’re not yourself till you eat a Snickers) He says it’s not that he likes sweets–he works until the wee hours and this might be a meal for him, even though Hansong has a 24/7 cafeteria, he’s too busy to go down there and eat!  BTW–notice how he unwraps each candy carefully without touching it, offers her one, then takes one for himself. He’s got manners!  NR comments that he doesn’t look that busy, and YJH says sometimes he sleeps at his desk!  I’m not sure I’m buying this either, NR!  Then he spins this story that if CEO Han finds someone sleeping at a desk, he puts his jacket over them, similar to this:


Wow. Is this for real or is he a Master BS’er? Door # 2, please!

IS and SB have a chat. Confirmed–HS’s dad was a fake patient. SB–I thought that only happened on TV.  IS–I have two sources–it’s gotta be true. He then tells SB that he really doesn’t know his father as well as he thought he did.  SB drops a million dollar question:


Yeah–I’d like to know that too. IS answers back–No way! His Daddy never sleeps late, gets drunk, or deviates from the schedule. SB–that’s the opposite of my Dad. (lol) Then we get another interesting tidbit:


It’s because everybody is paid so well. (note to my Boss–are you listening?) AH tells SB her mom called–but SB doesn’t call her back, and just sends her a text. IS ask why–and we get this depressing answer.


Secretary Lee leaves for the evening, but Tutor is outside waiting for her.  Then he pulls her in for a fierce kiss! That’s a high-stakes gamble right there my friend…


So, is that “Sillim-dong Style”? I have a quick SLA flashback for a minute to a certain kiss in a dark garage, but this kiss does not have a similarly good outcome! Secretary Lee gives him a full smack to the cheek:


And the other cheek too, for good measure!  I think that’s the flip side of “Sillim-dong Style”.


That’s because “Sillim-dong Style” won’t work on her! (or any other woman with a brain) She stomps off, and he follows her. Not a good plan. Dude, you might want to retreat here. Tutor says this is all he knows. Secretary Lee and I both say, “Shut up, punk!” She gives him some long winded blather–they are poor people in a poor country–deal with it! Then Tutor calls her “Scully”–as in the “X-files” (wth?) and she accuses him of liking the voice-over actress, and not her!  So weird….

Tutor is back in the Prison-Study room with SB. I think she’s told him what she and IS know about HanSong’s dirty dealings. SB has done her research, and found this out:


Tutor says that in the old days, people went to the temple to have the religious experts sort it out. Now, of course:


In fact, HanSong’s specialty is:


Evidently, HanSong has networked extensively and contributed financially to the judicial system. That way when foreign firms come in, they can compete. (watched Viki and SoompiTV–still not totally clear.) The biggest thing is the network–that’s how Korean society works too. SB asks Tutor for his opinion–which is officially No Comment. I still like Tutor because he makes these kids think for themselves. Here’s SB’s take on the deal:



Busted Tryst:

Evil Daddy is trying to set up a date with YR! He’s been working so hard, he needs this…


Yeah, with YR right next to ya nekkid, doncha know?! That little head of his is doing all the thinking again. Oh, and he needs food too! Yep–sex and food, in that order! I think YR knows she’s in over her head, because he’s so insistent. Watching her fan herself makes me think she might need a handkerchief soon too!


Oh look–someone gave her a gold medal for acting in this show already. I told you she was award worthy! She begs off the date with Daddy Han due to previous commitments to her parents for dinner. And she has to take her brother to the airport. Evil Daddy’s future tryst planning gets interrupted…by Evil Mommy, showing him JY’s cuteness!  Evil Daddy is too busy:


Then we get a super interesting bit of info from the Vulture Friends. They haven’t been able to contact YR for a while.


Where did I miss this nugget? Evil Mommy pities her because YR doesn’t want:


VF-Eom and Evil Mommy agree that they got married to have stable lives. (seems like it would be a good idea to be stable before getting married too), then they harass SJW to get married too! SJW and I are thinking the same thing here:


Of course, that purple striped jacket is not helping his dating mojo either. I’m think he likes his reprobate life just fine, thank you very much. He hangs with the cool kids, drinks, gossips, plays with his action figures, and doesn’t work. If he got married, that cushy life would be over! OK, back to business:


They are HanSong clients, and if Evil Daddy spilled the news, that would be illegal…the VF’s decide to go with this investment, as SJW declares:


I call BS on that–and so do Evil Mommy and VF-Eom:


Uh, oh. Evil Daddy is back at YR’s Spare Lair. He has a little basket of flowers with him.


He takes it upstairs, to the bedroom…looks nice, won’t be in the way…


Not completely satisfied, he moves the basket to the center of the bed!


Omo…..he starts smoothing those sheets again:


Evil Daddy, stop it already! You are making Shamrockmom think all kinds of wicked, perverted thoughts! Don’t you know she has work tomorrow and piano class too? There’s no time for her to write down all the NC-17 thoughts rolling through your (little) head in a side story!

Then he sends YR a pic of the flower basket from his phone!


YR’s expression–priceless! I’m convinced now that she is in over her head. I don’t thinks she understood how overwhelming his feelings for her really are, and the potent drug he’s ingested known as “First Love”. She changes his name in her phone to “flower delivery”….


And look what name YR has Evil Mommy’s number stored under. I thought it was Choi Yeon Hwi. Subber goof or my goof?


Back at the Joseon Mansion, Evil Daddy knows YR has separated from her husband too, thanks to his wife’s big mouth!  Evil Daddy thinks being separated would be uncomfortable, and Evil Mommy agrees–not everyone is like us because:


Uncle and Secretary Min are back at the trophy shop.  We get another little nugget of info–Secretary Min has had all kinds of jobs selling stuff–rice, red pepper powder, safes…Uncle knows now why she’s confident. Might be that Police Academy training she had too, yunno. But she’s really there for the intel:


Seems she’s noticed the Evil Daddy’s movements have changed…and he’s pretty predictable. Uncle thinks he might have a couple of puzzle pieces…he reads a text that SB sent to Mama Seo. Doesn’t seem that incriminating–just reinforces everything Secretary Min told him.

Clandestine Tryst #2–

Evil Daddy gives Secretary Kim another BS line about a super duper secret NIS meeting, and this one is soooo super secret, he has to use public transportation to get there! The other secretaries overhear, and wonder:


Heh…they already know what’s up! He thinks he’s being so careful and secretive….ha! He takes a taxi to a clothing store that has stuff more for IS’s generation than his, and buys a whole rack of clothes!


Then he goes into a public restroom to change!


OMG, I am laughing and gagging at the same time. Dang you writer-nim and your obsession with bathrooms and toilets!  I watched this scene three times, and I still find it hilarious. Look at the detail we have here–urine in the toilet ’cause it probably doesn’t flush right, seat is broken, overflowing trash and god-knows-what kind of ick on the ground, hardly any TP on the Costco super-size roll…good gracious! Evil Daddy has a weak stomach too; look at him cringe. Not like Boy Scout Camping at the Lotte Hotel, eh?


Even better, we have TP that only shreds into bits…


The toilet seat is broken too. He tries lamely to wipe it off with the slightly larger piece of TP.  Then the shallow part of Shamrockmom gets a special surprise! /start shallowness


Wowza. Who knew Evil Daddy had a rockin’ bod under all those suits?! HanSong must have a gym in their building, and he’s hitting it on a regular basis. You don’t look like that from sitting behind a desk for 9 hours a day! I’m impressed–this dude is pushing 45–and I like what I see here! /end of shallowness

Evil Daddy gets some icky thing stuck to his shoe:


Ha! Look at him sweating!  Need a handkerchief, Evil Daddy?


Young Ra can’t believe what she’s seeing:


as he runs up to her, huffing and puffing. Yep, in his mind, he’s 18.


Evil Daddy Han looks like a Kpop star or rapper (Tablo is mentioned here–I am not too familiar with K-pop or rap, so I am behind the curve on this one.) BTW, about that gray/black LA Dodgers cap…OK, I’m really crazy, and today I went to the mall to the Lids store to look for that hat, and they didn’t have it. Where did they find that hat? Inquiring minds–who like K-drama trinkets–want to know!

Evil Daddy asks YR if she wants to eat or take a walk, but he’s so out of breath. I don’t buy it.  He’s been to the gym enough….They end up walking.


This is so beautiful….look at the leaves, the purple flowers. It’s romantic, and I’m a total sucker for Pretty. They munch on churros as they stroll through the park. Evil Daddy asks YR if her feet hurt, and when she says, “a little”, he offers her a piggy back ride!


I totally love how writer-nim takes all these typical Kdrama tropes (like the guy giving his girl a piggyback ride) and just turns them inside-out or upside-down. Young Ra hesitates, looks around….watching her in this scene is fabulous. She’s not sure if she should be liking this or not, but I think she does, as she finally says this:


Look at their faces–they’re so happy!


YR says exactly what I’m thinking:


This scene is totally amazing. If I didn’t want to already write something about these two, now I am truly fired up!  I’m so gullible, one scene like this, and I’m willing to forget a lot of crazyness.

YR is back at home. She looks like a teenage girl in love, while her daughter plays the part of the grouchy adult.


HS says she is lonely…not that her mom would know what that was like. Pffft!  I hate to break it to ya HS–I think your Momma has a darn good idea of lonely right now. YR asks HS to call the hospital (doctor). More specifically:


YR, I don’t think you or your daughter need to get checked in to the psychiatric ward of the local hospital. I would try step one first. That would include ditching the Vulture Friends and cultivating some new interests so you can meet a better crew of people to hang with. That goes for HS as well.

Wait a minute…HS has YR’s phone!  She sees the entry “flower delivery”–just as Evil Daddy calls YR! He looks mighty confused as HS answers the phone. Evil Mommy is watching all this too.


Evil Daddy thinks YR has changed her number..


Now he knows how IS felt when SB changed her number and disappeared! I love it–turnabout is fair play. Evil Daddy decides to go for broke–he asks his wife this question:


Gonna crash the VF’s bi-weekly party and look for your lady love at the same time? Oh, that’s a good idea! /sarc

I can tell Evil Mommy is getting really suspicious now. She goes over to SJW’s lair, and whines that YR won’t answer her calls. Then SJW kills me with this line–after seeing this whole YR-Evil Mommy thing:


Bwaahaahaaa!  No you don’t. Dude, trust me on this. I’m a woman, and I don’t even want to study women’s relationships! They’re too complicated for my simple mind. SJW gets a text message–not sure who from–could be JSY or YJH or MJ.


He then tells Evil Mommy and VF-Eom that the stock prices are still going up, and YR is coming back to apologize…the doorbell rings and they all think it’s the lunch being delivered, but look who’s here!!


Wow. Omo. Evil Daddy is playing hooky from work to crash the VF’s party! Evil Mommy is stunned:


SJW gasps out, “Hyung!” before saying this:


Evil Daddy smoothly lies that a client of his is staying in the penthouse suite. He thought he’d just drop by on his way out. Reminds me of that line from SLA: “Just passing by on my way to somewhere else”. Nobody is buying it though. He steps in it big time though, when he notices his lady love is missing. Evil Daddy must know SJW’s MO because he calls this out, as if she’s hiding behind the bar!


VF-Eom hasn’t had a turn at being Captain Obvious yet, and she decides this would be the perfect moment! Evil Mommy gets it–and she is one unhappy camper.


SJW is in full damage control mode! I do have to give him credit for trying to avert WW3 today. Behind the bar, he quickly texts YR:


There is gonna be big trouble anyways!  And it’s gonna be real soon too, if you ask me!

OK, I’m going to end this today with a few thoughts of mine on adultery. I am not at all approving of Evil Daddy going after YR, nor am I approving of her going after Evil Daddy. YR is separated from her husband, so one small point to her for that. If the Evil Parents had a “contract marriage” or “business agreement” then to me, that’s fraud from the start–so there is no marriage. No marriage=no adultery. (HW and Kang in SLA is a fine example of that kind of marriage fraud.) If there is a marriage made under duress, then that makes it fraudulent too. (Eun Ki–Soon Ok’s marriage in ‘Maids’ comes to mind. BTW, let me add quickly that the fact that EK chose to not consummate his marriage to that brat made me totally respect him.)

However, I don’t think the Evil Parents had a “contract marriage”–plus they had two children! We know less about YR and her husband, but they also had a child together. Nor do I think there was some kind of duress placed on either of them. There was a great deal of social pressure though. I think what happened here was that Evil Daddy loved YR back in the day; she may have even liked him too, but Evil Daddy’s Mom pressured him to marry someone else to achieve some kind of social status, or maybe it was that Evil Mommy’s family had some money or influence his parent’s coveted. Putting that kind of pressure on a young man/woman to marry someone they don’t really love is only going to backfire horribly later on. Perhaps one or both in the marriage may suffer from depression, having an affair, drinking/drug use to dull the pain, obsession over some hobby, workaholism, eating disorders….the list is endless. It’s obvious the Evil Parents are unhappy with each other–Mommy is always out with her friends, Daddy is a workaholic.  Evil Daddy needs to man up and leave Evil Mommy if he truly loves YR. That being said, I do feel some compassion for Evil Daddy–he is full of regret, and then as now, he feels out of control of his own life. That empathy does not absolve him from his responsibility; a 20+ year marriage should not be tossed out like yesterday’s garbage.

My own criterion for divorce:

1. Adultery: Truly the ultimate betrayal of trust and intimacy in a marriage. A total deal breaker.

2. Abuse:  Whether physical, emotional or financial, it’s a severe breach of trust and loss of respect. Get out–ASAP.

3. Addiction:  Putting the need for drugs, alcohol or porn above your spouse is wrong. The spouse comes first, no question.

4. Abandonment: If you bail out and move away, refusing to live with your spouse–the marriage is broken beyond repair.

It’s a shame the Evil Parents don’t get some kind of counseling, and try to salvage their marriage. Getting divorced is messy, expensive, emotionally draining and–trust me on this–only the lawyers win.


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