Highlights and Thoughts on HITTG Episode 14 “Falling–and Landing on your feet”

I’ll start today with another RL story–don’t worry, I won’t run out anytime soon!

When my daughter was in HS, and approaching the heights of being out of control, she went to a New Year’s Party–after lying to me that she was attending a sleepover with some girl friends. This party included some Viper-type dudes who brought plenty of Vodka and energy drinks–a combo we know now is potentially lethal, but was not as well known back in that day.
Of course my lovely daughter got completely wasted drunk, so much so that when I picked her up the next day at her friend’s house, I nearly drove her straight to the hospital to be treated for alcohol poisoning. After she recovered 2 days later and went back to school on Monday, she learned that others at that party took highly embarrassing and provocative cell phone pictures of her being drunk, and posted them all over their MySpace/Facebook accounts. I wouldn’t call the pics X-rated, but let’s just say they were pictures no parent ever wants to see of their child. My daughter was incensed that these photos had been posted publicly, and she was now the “Talk of the Town” at school; stared at and whispered about endlessly. At least this incident spurred a long talk between us about the type of friends she was hanging with, the poor choices regarding lying/drinking, and how to avoid this in the future–starting with not getting drunk. Thankfully, this was a one-and-done mistake, and not repeated again. It could have been much worse…

Episode 14–starts with another scene I like, IS and Mama Seo are chatting while Papa Seo plays the guitar.  IS asks her some interesting questions–Do you think his business might fail? Mama Seo says that it’s hard for people to succeed these days. Then he asks a better question–


I know I have been critical of the BGM in this show–unlike SLA, I’ve found it alternately irritating and manipulative. In this scene however, it clicks on all cylinders.  Mama Seo’s answer–


I think this is a great answer–on the surface. My guess is that Mama Seo has had a lot on her plate, probably starting from the moment she found out she was expecting a baby with Papa Seo. Money worries, housing issues, all the regular stresses of raising children…maybe even taking care of sick in laws/grandparents–she wants to get her kids settled before deciding what is the best moment. But really, I think what she will discover–as I have–is that there’s a lot of best moments, and they happen while you are raising the kids and working and doing all that day to day living stuff. It’s not like you get to the finish line when they are grown and married and it’s over…it’s more than that. She turns the question back on IS–what’s the best moment for you?


Considering his upbringing–I like that answer.

Uh,oh. Noo Ri is back at SJW’s Lair/apartment/hotel front desk. She asks for the key card to get up to his suite, and is turned down.


This clerk gives NR a look afterward that makes me hope he goes home to an overflowing burpy toilet!


Evil Daddy is spewing about Papa Seo’s poor business plan. Evil Mommy is on a parallel wavelength, upset over the NR-SY incident. They are both so self absorbed. Evil Mommy gets the Captain Obvious award with this statement:


At least she admits her cluelessness, since she only had brothers, lol. Then Evil Daddy calls SB:


That’s a passive-aggressive compliment if I ever heard one!

IS comes home from the Seo’s–drunk. Sigh. AB and Secretary Kim try to get IS to hush up and keep him out of the line of fire of his parents. SB gets in on the Captain Obvious act with this:


I do have to admit–IS has the drunk phrases down pat: “I can walk!” and when asked if he drank too much “No.” I heard those exact lines so many times from my college buddies….Anyways, IS starts singing the songs he and Papa Seo sang “Bom, Bom, Bom..” and SB laughs as she recognizes the songs. I think that’s one of the few times I’ve seen her smile like that in all 13 previous episodes.


No worries though–the Evil Parents are here to bust up the good times! Can’t let IS be happy for a minute, yunno! SB slips right back into Cult Member Mode with this breathtaking line:


Hearing stuff like that makes me want to tear out my hair. I had hoped for an end to seeing SB’s brainwashing–but nope, not there yet! Granted, she does add the line, “but isn’t he cute?” at the end, which probably PO’d the Evil Parents even more. Evil Mommy and Daddy retreat to their room, and Evil Mommy (correctly) figures out SB must not know about her sister, or she wouldn’t be smiling.

AB gives us an “almost” quote from the great movie, “Airplane!


as the household staff and SB haul IS upstairs. SB is in the moment with this line:


SB–let Shamrockmom give you a word of advice here. You may want to play with him…but he won’t be any fun to play with. Trust me on this. The alcohol will make him think he’s da man…but he’ll fall asleep in the middle of it, and you will be disappointed. Secretary Lee continues to be a slow learner–here’s the evidence:


Even in his intoxicated state, IS is able to get in his moment to be Captain Obvious, as SB asks him about her Dad:


Then she picks up his phone as he naps–HS has sent him a text message. And SB finds out what the deal is with her sis–


It hurts to see the pain on her face–and the breathing too; it’s like she’s hyperventilating from the shock. AH comes in with some tea/juice for them, and SB asks what she’s heard. AH hesitates, as SB asks if it’s true and all AH can do is hug her.


SB doesn’t want her sis to be the laughingstock of their social circle,


and she knows full well how that feels–she’s been through it already. YJ overhears all of this, but wisely shuts the door and walks away. More self blame from SB–


For me, seeing someone blame themselves for someone else’s misdeeds is a big red flashing light–this person has been emotionally abused, either past or present. One of the kids that lived with us for a while was like this, always saying “sorry” for stuff he had no business being sorry over. He’s better now, but I doubt he will ever get over his “sorry for everything” habit. IS sobers up quickly as he overhears SB crying:


NR reads the gossip online–hmmm, that’s interesting…remember in the last episode, when Secretary Lee suggested sending the Seo clan overseas–and said it was what the Joyang’s DiL had to do–looks like that Se Young dude is related to that–he’s the heir to the corporation. Thanks SoompiTV subbers!  Clue much appreciated!

IS gives SB the low-down on Se Young–he’s a jerk:


SB asks IS what he would do if it was YJ that was in this predicament–and IS’s answer is pretty predictable:


DF–“I’d kill that son of a bitch!” Lest some of you think that’s just hyperbole you’re reading there, I can assure you 100%–it’s not. I have had to talk more than one of my son’s friends out of ending the life of some Viper-type dude after finding out what that Viper did to some girl. True, the Viper dude may deserve permanent removal from the gene pool, but not at the expense of spending one’s life in prison. Let someone else do the dirty work….those Vipers get what’s coming to them, eventually. IS tells SB that his parents probably already know about NR’s mishap–If HS’s Momma YR knows:


Evil Daddy starts on a rant against Social Media as SB and IS listen:


Umm, Evil Daddy— blaming stuff like this on SNS (text messages, Facebook/Kakao and the like) is stupid. It’s the user that’s the problem, not the medium. Like anything else, it can be used for good or for evil–it’s the user’s choice! Once again, I lose it, as SB apologizes again:


But this time, the Evil Parents slam that idea–NR is an adult, and SB needs to separate from her. OK, partial win there. IS, ever the voice of reason, comes up with this plan, as Evil Daddy seethes. IS must have been using logic, reason and communication skills–all rare commodities in Korea (and everywhere else)!


After all, it might clear up misunderstandings! Hey IS–shut up already! If there was clear communication between people and no misunderstandings, there would be no Korean Drama shows for us to watch!  Are you trying to make yourself unemployed? #JokingNotJoking! Even SB agrees:


Yeah, ’cause if there were no Korean Dramas, then people like me could do productive things with our time like clean the house, or do the laundry…and that would be awful. I don’t want that to happen either, and I’m glad SB is on my side!

Uh oh–SB agrees to meet her sis, and straighten things out. I don’t have a good feeling about this meeting. The Evil Parents seem to pounce on the idea that SB will take her sis to the cleaners on this one, all the while reminding NR of her “status”. OMG. Evil Mommy ups the ante by sending Secretary Lee as a watchdog with SB.  Evil Daddy adds a Cult vibe to this deal:


We are all clear on this cult idea, right? Even IS seems to think this deal is over-the-top. Interesting choice of words here–


but SB assures him she’ll be fine.

Interesting Translation Issues:

Many thanks to Dramafever for putting the pop-up subs feature back!  DF has also fixed the language changing problems too, enabling me to waste time efficiently reading their tabloid news! Guess they read my rant too! OK Viki, you’re on my list–get that Roku app rolling! SoompiTV–you too!

SoompiTV translation:


DF translation:


“Regular Tax Payments” sounds an awful lot like what the majority of us do–we make regular payments. Boring, mundane, nothing to see here. But “Regular Bribes”?! Wow. Is that different from “Special Bribes”? Is HanSong, or one of their clients, paying off the tax office? Filed away for future reference.

SB is at the “Glass Jail” looking more like she wants to puke than have lunch. No wonder–look at the color of this room:


I know I keep commenting on the color palettes used in different rooms/sets, but it’s so amazing…the dull yellow color and the white gives off this nauseating, cloying feel. It looks way, way too stiff and formal for two twenty-something ladies to be having lunch there. The heavy drapes and large chairs, and the candles lit in the middle of the day give this place all the ambiance of a funeral home. SB is even wearing a black coat over her shoulders indoors–is that supposed to be like a black cape? So we know who is on the dark side? Sheesh. Quick RL/FF note: I have never actually been in a jail, even to visit. But I did some research on women’s prisons in SK and the US for my FF–we viewers saw SJ visit HW in jail, but I wanted more info. The majority of pictures I saw showed the walls being some sort of hideous color–mostly gag inducing greenish grays, but this yellow is a close second. No wonder IS described this place as a jail. I fully concur. Check out the door–the tiny window looks like one on a prison door too.


Fabulous details….

Check out this statement from SB–there’s no doubt she is part of the Han Family Cult:


“our family”–not the Seo Family. Ugh. SB wastes no time with small talk and starts in on her sis. NR knows she is in over her head here, but she isn’t gonna go down without a few swings. NR–This is what your family is like now. SB–Do you envy me? NR responds:


SB reminds her that she lied about being in “a meeting” to Uncle–and yeah, she knows what happened next:


NR comes back–Don’t judge me. You hid your private life too. Ok, that’s legit. SB agrees–I gotta carry this with me all my life. *facepalm* SB finally tells NR that the Evil Parents know. Wait a minute. I thought this was supposed to be a fact-finding mission–like IS suggested. Instead, it’s more like a one-sided trial, with SB as judge, jury and executioner. SB pronounces the crime her sister committed:


After that proclamation, the waitresses bring in the lunch (seriously–steak, baked potato, salad and asparagus? For lunch? It’s overkill) on a cart, and SB tries to pretend like nothing happened. She’s under the cult influence for sure. NR can’t even choke down a bite–she’s crying.


SB looks at her with fence-post level compassion.


Somehow, the meal ends and SB decides to see if she can put the stake through her sister’s heart. SB tells NR that she did the one thing the Han Parents hate: she “caused trouble”–the kind people gossip about. NR starts to cry again as SB spins it, giving a mixed message to really mess up her mind:


and to not be scared while she waits for the Han’s decision. SB is so cold to her sis in this scene–her other witchy tirades were a beginner’s exercise for today. NR cries as SB leaves–no doubt she’s devastated, angry both at herself and her sister.

At least SB has the ability to look somewhat distressed about what she’s just done as they drive away.


Happy now, SB? Felt great to put your sis in her place, didn’t it? Your cult leaders will be so pleased with you. Maybe they will give you a new trinket to show their affection–I’m thinking earrings would be nice, they could match with the necklace Evil Mommy gave you before.

But wait–SB is not done yet! Is it a full moon today? She turns her wrath on Secretary Lee–first SB asks the driver to stop the car and leave them be for a moment. Secretary Lee asks to just talk at home, but instead SB insists that Secretary Lee sits next to her in the back seat. Poor driver guy just gets out and waits–the vagaries of his employers are beyond his understanding!


SB launches into a real fact-finding mission–How long has Secretary Lee been with the Han’s? How did she know them?  We find out some interesting nuggets–Secretary Lee’s Mom made hanboks for the family, back in the day. Her older sis worked for them for 30 years too. She’s been on board for 15 years, since IS was 5. Okay, that was a warm up–here is another Main Event…ding ding! SB gives Secretary Lee a “breaking news bulletin”


Oh, and if she must talk smack on her family, SB doesn’t wanna hear it–or she will hold Secretary Lee responsible. Whoa! What brought this on right now? Then SB ups the ante–


SB reasons that she is trying to get to know Mom–and Grandmother too. She has no use for someone feeding her useless info. SB doesn’t need a Secretary 24/7/365 to tell her what to do and follow her around.  SB can make her own decisions as she has so far in her life! Just in case Secretary Lee is unclear on this, SB spells it out a little more clearly:


Reminds me of this song! SB advises Secretary Lee to act more professional–and be useful. Now Secretary Lee looks like she’s gonna puke! She holds it together–barely–until they get back to the Joseon Prison Mansion. Secretary Lee bails out to go cry in AH/AB’s room, while they both take Tutor to the cleaners.

AH in her Captain Obvious mode:


AB throws in his 22 won:


Tutor puts on his best clueless act, “What did I do?” which is not bought by either AH or AB.  I love these two, and I wish I could be RL friends with them!

The DF and SoompiTV subs diverge for a while here, giving me pause as I try to figure this out. Actually, both versions could work. But they merge together again–Secretary Lee wails that SB is gonna fire her–so maybe she should just quit right now.  AH gives us the reason for Secretary Lee acting like this:


Ah, so after that text message proposal, Tutor called it quits with her! Not that I blame him. Oh, no..what if she’s pregnant too! Wouldn’t that just beat all….Ok, I really need to stop this. I am committing a VUI here; the coffee is thinking for me. Notice how many Kleenex she uses in this scene too!

SB is on the phone–who’s on the other end? At least she acknowledges she was mean to NR!  She felt bad for her sis–NR was ‘desperate’ for this guy, who–according to IS, didn’t have much going for him.


SB wonders–NR used to be popular with the ‘nice’ boys. Oh, crap–it’s Mama Seo on the phone!  Like the cool mom she is, she gives SB a pep talk:


Then she sobs–look at the shadow and light in this pic–it’s beautiful. Reminds me of the scene in Episode 1 where IS read SB’s letters in the gymnasium.


Uncle and Papa Seo come home and hear Mama Seo crying. Uncle knows why, but wants to keep his brother from committing a homicide today, so he drags him back out of the house.


I dread the day Papa Seo finds out the truth.

Secretary Lee goes up to SB and apologizes, even getting on her knees. Evil Mommy sees this, and just about loses it! When she asks SB what was the deal, SB tells her it was about a grudge.  Are you taking notes, Evil Mommy?


More Surprises today:

Secretary Lee makes a desperate sounding phone call to her sis–“save me!”  I would have never guessed this:


Secretary Yang and Secretary Lee are sisters! Whoa there, show–I had no idea!  Like any decent lawyer, Secretary Yang starts with what she already knows:


Uh, not so silly if you ask me. Secretary Lee readily admits defeat at the hands of SB. Now that SB has scolded NR, she wants to punish that Se Young guy too. Secretary Yang thinks that’s overly ambitious. Oh, now she is underestimating SB too. Secretary Lee reminds her sis that Joyang Textiles (Se Young’s family) has a grudge against HanSong, dating back to the IMF crisis (more info here if you are interested) Nothing like an 18 year old grudge! Perhaps if Evil Daddy thought this guy targeted NR to get back at him…oh, yeah, that would tick him off!  No need to bother says Secretary Yang–SB will forget about it if things are dragged out enough.  Then she gives us a jaw-droppingly sexist comment here!


Oh, really! I am always amazed at how awful women are to each other. Last time I checked, it still takes two to tango… We also find out that some cousin of Evil Daddy married into that Joyang clan, but now they’re divorced. Secretary Yang asks:


And the mind blowing reply–“our friendship will be broken, and


Omo. I’m on the floor. So…is Secretary Yang siphoning money off the Han’s?!? Whoa!!! That’s a huge bombshell dropped right there! I’m actually surprised I didn’t see this mentioned on the Soompi forum, or from the other recappers. I can’t be the only one who caught this….no way! Shamrockmom is always slow on the uptake. Secretary Yang considers this, then accepts the deal–with no guarantees. Secretary Lee then gives her sis a backhander:


After a scene of Secretary Yang working in the HanSong office in the wee hours (hiding the slush funds better, hmm?), she is in Evil Daddy’s office to drop the clue:


Evil Daddy isn’t buying it at first. That Se Young guy is no good anyway. She reminds him of the fact that he is the heir to Joyang Textiles…and since some of the affiliates had to be sold off, his inheritance/allowance has been cut–therefore:


Gotta admit, she’s playing him just as effectively as YR did. I can almost see the wheels turning in his brain as she goes on to throw SJW under the bus as the leader of the “Investment Club” aka Viper Club who encourages this sort of thing. Secretary Yang calls SJW and gives him the 411:


NR gets a new pass card to the Lair, while SJW and Se Young strategize:


SJW wonders how this dude didn’t know she was related to the Han Family. He shoulda been more careful! Yeah, he was thinking with the wrong head as we say around here! Se Young is so rattled–maybe he should go overseas for a while! (big LOL from me on that one–we don’t want your type over here either–there’s enough jerky dudes in SoCal!) SJW says fugeddaboudit–it will be a permanent one way flight!


All I can say is “Daebak!”

NR arrives and in true slapstick form, Se Young hides behind the bar like the coward he is. SJW covers for his hoobae’s backside with this whopper:


NR keeps it short and sweet–“Give him a message for me. Tell him to come to my office in person and apologize.”  SJW agrees, she turns to leave and hears a scuffle behind the bar. I’m pretty sure she knows Se Young is there….NR then adds, “in the morning is best, there’s lots of people around”  SJW agrees–“You’ll want witnesses.”

Then we get another clue that I will need to file away:


Wonder how that will fit in? More “filed away for future reference” material.

Se Young arrives at NR’s workplace–he starts his defense with a good offense, whining about how she never returned his calls, and he was so worried about her…


Her co-worker overhears all this, and starts texting the rumor–NR was being pursued by Se Young! NR and SY leave and pretty soon, everyone in Korea knows the deal. Hyeon Soo, Young Ra, Evil Mommy, SJW, Secretary Lee….but then VF-Eom blows it sky high:


WTH–now it really is out of control! I didn’t think he’d be the one to commit suicide. Holy Cow, I can’t believe show would go there! Evil Daddy has a panic attack:


The Vulture Friends are stunned. Was he depressed? Was he taking meds for depression? They agree–that can’t be it, they all take meds for depression! Good gracious…YR offers up this tidbit too:


OMG, why am I not surprised? That’s ’cause I’ve been trolled–SJW gets the text:


Note the Elvis figurine in the lower left corner of the screencap!  Priceless!

Even Daddy Han is happy SY “survived”–now he won’t be charged with aiding/abetting a suicide!  Ok, sing along time….”it’s all about meeee!

SJW and SY chat–SJW offers up some great advice for Se Young–heck, any guy for that matter.  If you go on a date:


In true reversal-of-fortune mode, Se Young offers this up:


Oh, this is gonna be good. *runs for popcorn* I can just picture it….NR will want nothing to do with this Bozo after this incident. But now he’s interested in her…she’s probably the first decent girl he’s ever met….and he will try and woo her like nothing else, and take a ton of flak from his Viper buddies. Perhaps he will exit the Viper club completely….that would be cool too. OK, now I am being too optimistic…SY is thinking of himself here:


Secretary Min and Uncle meet. Uncle is shocked to learn that “Little Madam” is no nickname, but what the Han staff call SB. Secretary Min is impressed with SB–and we get another language lesson:


Cool. Gotta file that away too. I really love learning all these words! Secretary Min is way, way smarter than anyone gives her credit for.

Evil Daddy chuckles as he calls Secretary Yang and declares:


Ha!  So he knows–and not only does he not care, he’s proud of her. Wow. SB and IS are ready to leave–SB is taking her GED today!  Evil Mommy has to get in yet another slam on SB:


Criminy!  Evil Mommy needs to shut up already! Wait ’till she passes the Bar, ya witch! SB tells Evil Daddy quietly–she’s gonna pass the GED test! Go SB Go!  Fighting!!

OK, so I promised the end of the story from last recap…For 3 weeks, there was peace in my ‘hood. I felt pretty confident–the Viper dude had listened well to his friends, and was not going to cause any more trouble. But then he changed his mind…and came over late one afternoon–with his Momma in tow–pounding on my door, wanting to talk to this gal, so she would come back and live with him. She hid in the back of my house, sobbing–while I tried to defuse the situation at my front door. Remember–this was a volatile family with access to firearms. I had to play it cool, and keep us all safe. In my calmest voice, I told this dude and his Momma to leave. The young lady didn’t want to see either of them, and if they didn’t leave I would call the cops. I quietly shut and locked the door–and called the cops. These two didn’t let up, ringing the doorbell, yelling, pounding on my door…aish!! Where were the cops? Then, in true K-drama fashion–my oldest daughter (who was in college) blew a gasket. How could anyone get homework done with this kind of ruckus? She opened the front door and gave this dude and his Momma a profanity-laced verbal beatdown, complete with door-slam, the likes of which I have never heard before–or since, by anyone on TV or in RL. Thankfully the cops rolled up then, and the Viper and his Momma took off. We went to court and got a restraining order the next day against the both of them. The young lady lives in another state now, far away from this bad guy and his crazy family. She has a wonderful boyfriend and a decent job. It was not easy–but well worth it in the end. Like NR, she took a harsh blow–but landed on her feet, with the help of a lot of other people.


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