HITTG Episode 12 Highlights & Thoughts

Quick side note before we start today: I wonder if YJH is the wildcard in this show.  Is he a poor boy whose Daddy was bought off by the HanSong group and now he’s stuck in a web of deceit? Or is he a player of the highest caliber, who will give HS a run for her money while schooling–and beating–Evil Daddy at his own game? I’m leaning toward Door #2–I think that the gift return to Evil Daddy was a play to extricate more coin from HanSong in the long run for his Father. A promotion vs. one time cash lump sum…It might be the better financial option.

Episode 12–

Show doesn’t give me a break for 10 seconds, as the thing I just said I didn’t want to ever see is right here–


Even IS gets sucked into the Vortex of Deception and Lying:


These camera shots are starting to creep me out.  OK, Evil Daddy goes into full BS shoveling mode here with the Dinos:


Ah, crumbs! It looks like The Seo’s have fallen for it. Granted, the BS is presented convincingly, and plays on the emotional vulnerabilities they never knew they had until realizing their In-Laws were Chaebol-level wealthy snobs.


Even Uncle is gullible. I had been hoping someone over at Camp Seo would be immune to the Han Cult leader’s games. Hopefully Mama Seo will step up–she’s been kinda quiet since her outburst at the Joseon Mansion.


That was some job by Evil Daddy’s Secretary to alter the genealogy, publish it, and make it look good enough to fool them. She needs a raise! (/sarc)

Tutor’s heard the decree as well. Perhaps some of Mama Seo’s herbal medicine juice will help his headache and indigestion. I like how he is testing SB out in this scene. Has all of this gone to her head? Not yet, but stay tuned!


The “Smoke on the Water up the Wazoo of Papa Seo” Scenes:

*credit to Tessieroo over at Couch Kimchi for reminding me of this great song from my childhood!*  All I heard growing up was Rolling Stones, the Doors, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin…funny how I ended up liking classical music with an upbringing like that!

SB’s Father goes to meet Evil Daddy at the Club of Exclusiveness. I think he borrowed a tie from Chief Oh (Geu Rae’s boss in Misaeng) and I’m guessing they have the same barber too!


Evil Daddy’s Secretary starts the smoke-blowing, butter-up process by letting Papa Seo overhear that he’s a VIP. Gaaah, Papa Seo is so easily swayed. Then Secretary apologizes–profusely–for the scene in front of the house where he dissed Papa Seo after the Breakfast Brawl. OK, he did owe Papa Seo an apology, but he overdoes it. We get a quick flashback to that day, and Papa Seo decides, yeah–I feel a little bit of power here, so I’m in!


“Behave properly now!” says Papa Seo. OMG, one tiny taste of power and he’s a goner. The manager greets him, and Evil Daddy escorts his prey Papa Seo up to the table. Papa Seo sets the bar as low as it can go:


Evil Daddy’s Secretary escorts the chairman/Former PM Baek Dae Hyun upstairs. Papa Seo is pretty chuffed to meet such an important guy!  BDH lays it on thick with a trowel, starting with this:


complimenting Papa Seo on his daughter, and mentioning that the President of a University, a distant Seo relative, wants to have dinner with him. Papa Seo is gonna break his jaw, dropping it on the ground like that!


Meanwhile, Evil Mommy meets with Mama Seo.  She’s not nearly up to the smoke-blowing, BS-ing capabilities of her husband!  I guess college was where Daddy Han got his BS degree! #SarcNotSarc!


Nevertheless, Mama Seo takes it as a compliment, and describes how her deceased FiL built the house.  It’s small, but he built it all himself, and you can see she takes pride in that fact.  Evil Mommy notices all the pics of JY and Mama Seo says this so nicely–I would not be as restrained as she is.


Evil Mommy actually apologizes. Now my jaw is on the floor!


The toilet begins to rumble and burp!  Evil Mommy jumps in fear, and I jump as well. Did she have Vietnamese Coffee this morning too? Mama Seo runs to the bathroom and fiddles with the toilet innards.


and makes the “shush” sign to the toilet!  Priceless!

Side Note:  OK, so what is it about bathrooms in Korea?  Unless you are a chaebol, are you doomed to showerless bathrooms, wonky burping toilets and massive mold/mildew issues? Is it the dividing line between the haves and the have-nots? I wonder if being a plumber in Korea is a respected profession. There’s not enough of them, that’s for sure. Writer-nim sure has an issue with bathrooms, as we saw in SLA.  Seon Jae’s bathroom in his rooftop house was the subject of nearly endless speculation and discussion on the Soompi Forum, and I am pleased to inform you all that his bathroom is now up to at least middle-class US standards–post Episode 16, of course! Hey, better late than never, and I’m sure Hye Won appreciates it! 🙂

Then we find out why the burping toilet hasn’t been fixed. It’s not lack of money. The neighborhood is slated for redevelopment.


OK, I understand why someone wouldn’t want to shell out dough for major house projects. But, umm, that means that you can’t fix a burpy toilet? I’ve never had a toilet that made that kind of noise. What would cause it to sound like that? How much could it possibly cost to get it fixed? Is it a sewer line problem? A vent problem? Evil Mommy’s secretary gives Mama Seo a card for a Home Improvement Agency.


Is that like a general contractor? Anyway, it’s a small gesture of kindness on Evil Mommy’s part.  I’m impressed that it’s a practical gift the whole family will enjoy, and it’s nice without being overly extravagant. Still, Mama Seo is really, really uncomfortable with this idea.


Meanwhile, Papa Seo looks like Evil Daddy the Cult Leader has hypnotized him!


*pats self on back for great screencap*

Evil Daddy blathers on and on about the bad economy affecting their generation and he’s in the Beveled Glass of Deceit!


Evil Daddy tells Papa Seo to make a “plan” and he will help out. Wow, that’s amazingly generous….does it come with strings? Like the weather forecast today for the chance of SoCal sunshine–a 100% sure thing.  Papa Seo is impressed:


**sniff…sniff..You..you really like me!** (Sorry!) Evil Daddy’s picture-perfect response:


I’m thinking that’s a really bad idea. Papa Seo heads home (filled with hot air from Evil Daddy, he probably looked like one of those giant balloons in the Macy’s parade) and tries to float this load of crap past his all-too-discerning wife.


Love Mama Seo’s classic hand-to-forehead pose! I want to reach through the screen and give her a glass of water and two Advil.


Ok, maybe four Advil.  She’s heard enough.


He’s not the only one, Mama Seo.  Shamrockmom feels like you told her that too.

I really sympathize with Papa Seo, even as I cringe at his gullibility. I think we can make some safe assumptions about this guy….he probably came from a poor family himself, and never had the opportunity to go to college, or there was just no money for things like that.  He became a father relatively early, probably in his early to mid-twenties, and had the pressure of providing for a family. As a father/husband/eldest brother, he needs and wants to be the leader, and give his family a better economic life than what he had–I believe that is a pretty universal trait among decent men. He wants the respect of his wife, daughters, younger bro, and community. I see why he is so quick to believe Evil Daddy–he wants a bit of “the good life” for himself and his family. Maybe Grand-dad who owned the stamp store didn’t school his eldest son regarding, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The end of this scene is sadly one I think we will start seeing more and more. First, NR asks her mom if Evil Mommy mentioned her at all. This girl is getting on my nerves–she’s exceptionally self-absorbed.  Papa, Mama and Uncle all yell at each other over the “LP Bar” plan. Evil Daddy is dividing–and conquering–the formerly tight-knit Seo family.

Compare and Contrast Scenes: Cryptic Messages by both the V-I-T and IS/SB/YJ/ :

First, I will ask you all–is this the facial expression we viewers should be seeing of a lovely young lady in bed with her hot and hunky, yet slightly dorky husband?



SB wants to talk, but IS just wants to sleep. Seriously, dude. If you let her talk, you might get some lovin’ later on…ah, whatever, he’s so young, he doesn’t get it yet. He really needs to talk to Ho Gu’s Dad and get some good advice. SB hears Evil Daddy’s words in her head–talk about the effect of the Cult!


She’s not gonna let that happen. Good girl, just promise me to not lose your soul along the way. SB goes downstairs and finds the spicy noodle leftovers, and brings them up to YJ’s room for some much needed sisterly bonding time. YJ tells SB that she was nervous and worried around her. SB clarifies this as YJ agrees


SB thanks YJ for being so nice to her, then asks


YJ–“It’s a secret!” SB–“Don’t ever tell me.” And yet I don’t get any kind of weird vibe here, that some ominous secret is being hidden, or there are ulterior motives at play. By the way, have you noticed the lighting in this room? It’s so bright, cheerful, and warm. Lovely colors, tropical flower prints–quite a contrast from the rest of the Joseon Prison Mansion.  No wonder SB wanted to hang with YJ in her room.

Meanwhile, HS and MJ are at a cafe…acting like the little V-I-T that they are. MJ has heard about the “Prince and Princess” Royal Han Family Coronation of IS and SB, but HS tosses the wet blanket on that:


MJ doesn’t agree–IS’s family would never allow a divorce. The V-I-T try to decide what to do next with their evening. Computer gaming is out, since their moms are fighting, so HS wants to go to clubbing.  MJ puts the kibosh on that:


At least the guy is honest! Dragging around your sloshed friend seriously limits the fun. But then things take an ominous turn as HS asks if she should go to:


MJ and I say,”What??”  Yeah, and somehow I don’t think she means “Go to the Han River and take a walk with my smokin’ hot oppa under the stars”.  OMG, why do I keep getting this vibe that she’s going to try to commit suicide? Maybe SB’s mom is right, I am losing my mind. I already thought something really bad happened to HS when the housekeeper found her passed out on the couch, and now this.  MJ shows that he has the sensitivity of a fence post with this statement:


What a worthless friend he is. I think he is already fresh out of you-know-whats to give about anyone other than himself.

Compare these two lonely jerks to IS/SB/YJ all in YJ’s room, looking at pics of JY on the tablet, laughing, eating together (IS feeding SB a spoonful of noodles is especially heartwarming) I think this screencap sums it up:


IS and SB play with their son, and hold hands as they go back to bed. Good to see them acting like a real couple again.  The next morning starts out all sweetness and light too, as the kids and Evil Daddy go off to work and school. However, I’m too jaded by now to know this will last.  It’s just one part of the Cult Indoctrination cycle. The Han Parents give the kids a moment to breathe, and then they will lower the boom again later on.

“Why you don’t date out of your league” –HITTG version:

After Attorney Yoo and Secretary Min decide to slow down their excavation of HanSong dirt, Secretary Min discovers that someone has been snooping around her desk. This woman is no dummy.  Cool as a cucumber, poker-faced, stealthy, and a good shot, I would not want her on my bad side. Too bad Evil Daddy’s Secretary is a bumbling fool. He’s already drunk-texted Secretary Min, and more than once from the sound of it. Educated as a lawyer but unable to pass the Bar, this guy has chosen to spend his days as Evil Daddy’s toadie. He messed around with Secretary Min’s desk on Secretary Yoon’s command, and now it’s warning time. I’m surprised she didn’t go straight to payback time. She offers him a gift, and his face lights up


He looks like a love-sick puppy. With a pretty smile on her face, Secretary Min hands him the rolled up paper target from the shooting range. Omo. That center is completely punched out.


He sputters and looks at the paper while the object of his dreams gives him the official 411:


Yeah, I don’t think you guys have a chance together. Just sayin’–that stare of hers at the end of the scene could fight global warming all by itself! What a serious badass that Secretary Min is! She could take on NK spies, no problem. She’d whup that Sun Woo’s backside as a Spy, catching a half dozen NK hackers before breakfast, and then…yeah, never mind that idea!

HS shows her Mom and SJW that she is a Full Fledged Young Vulture Scene:

These two just slay me every time they’re on the screen together.  Before I start, let’s have a look at the color palette for this room.


I think Valentine’s Day comes here to rest the other 364 days of the year–all red, white–it’s kind of sensual. It’s a strange vibe. Note too–Mom in white, daughter in black. Opposite colors, same MO! Anyway, YR and her daughter HS start their conversation innocently enough–it’s like a warm up for the main event. YR–How are you feeling? HS–Sobering up now.

OK, enough of that. Ding-Ding! Main event time…Round 1–Young Ra starts it off:


Note–even the juice is red!  HS knows why her mom’s been doing the intel:


Priceless!  HS knows her momma well. YR blows it off, saying she’s tired of that stuff, and I fight the urge to tell YR that if she would like to send any excess smokin’ hot guys my way, that works for me, but then I realize there’s that pesky language barrier….ah, crumbs! Actually, it sounds like YR wants to go live overseas with HS, so they can have a better Mother-Daughter relationship!


HS doesn’t buy this BS for a minute. She wants to meet YJH, that Valedictorian guy. YR says to forget it–he went to HanSong group.  HS is not impressed:


Wow. This girl is a human tornado. She brags to her mom that she’s “good at it” when she wants to be–after all, she takes after YR! YR lamely counsels her daughter to live as a “fresh young lady”, but that train left the station a long time ago.

YJH enters the lair of SJW, and is immediately introduced to HS.  I wonder why HS is dressed in such dumpy clothes–I thought she might go for a pretty dress/miniskirt or tight jeans….but an overcoat?  As I watch this next scene, I wonder if this YJH is a game player too–he seems to be interested right away in HS, escorting her over to the barstool, and making a little bit of a show of taking his jacket off–so she can get a look at the goods, perhaps!


I think she likes what she’s seeing! They dispense with the formal speech. I’m sure SJW served YR clueless juice today as a cocktail:


She thinks that YJH is just being nice.  No, I think you are watching two young master manipulators at work here. HS asks some generic questions of YJH, then drops the bomb:


and follows it up with “That’s a compliment!” as her mom YR looks like she is getting a migraine.  SJW just takes it all in, trying and failing not to laugh..


So I gotta wonder–HS dresses like she doesn’t give a crap, looks like she barely brushed her hair this morning, and then gives this guy she’s wanted to meet a full-on backhanded slam-compliment. Either she’s crazy–or crazy like a fox. I’m going for Door #2 on this one! He was probably expecting something 180 degrees from what he got, so now he’s intrigued. She’s a sly one! In this scene, the younger generation outshines the older generation in manipulative capability. Is this a running theme in the show now?

SB takes another step over to the Dark Side:

Evil Mommy’s Secretary (who we all know is having nightly nookie sessions with the Tutor, thanks to her big mouth) scurries into the Prison-Study room to slip some “Love Medicine” into his briefcase for future consumption. I thought she didn’t believe in or need that stuff.  Maybe Tutor can’t keep up with her, lol!


However, she gets trapped in the room, since it locks from the inside.


Ha!  Serves you right after you totally hopped on board with the Han Cult Propaganda Machine when SB visited her sis at Subway, and ran your mouth about your bedroom activities.  She tries to call her loverboy Tutor, but he left his phone in the study.  She gets a call–Evil Mommy needs her! She probably can’t find a nail file or something mega-important like that….Secretary finally calls AH to spring her, and is spotted by SB and IS through the door.


Note the reflections of SB through the Beveled Glass of Deceit!

Frankly, I was surprised at what took place next: SB drags IS off to the side and they confer like junior lawyers–SB knows Tutor and Mommy’s Secretary are an item. Should she let the Secretary know that she knows? IS advises her to be honest and tell the truth:


Gaah, he’s so sweet and naive! He might be related to Papa Seo after all. Those two are cut from the same cloth!  SB praises IS for being super smart, and hustles him off to the Prison-Study Room.  SB then proceeds to act like a Mini-version of Evil Mommy, first scolding the Secretary that no one is allowed in the study room except the Housekeeper to clean, and then SB full-on blackmails her by saying if it happens again, she will tell Evil Mommy about the relationship with the Tutor!


Whoa!  SB acts like a real witch in this scene. Of course, AH overheard this, as did Evil Mommy, and the smirk on her face is not unexpected.


Secretary and AH chat over folding clothes, and she asks AH if SB has any weaknesses!


Oh, looking for a little revenge there, my friend?  Made a new enemy today? Maybe if you could keep your mouth shut for a while, that might help! Just what SB needs too–a new enemy! *facepalm*

Evil Mommy gloats to her husband—Yeobo, we have a new full fledged cult member! Woot!


They are so pleased, they add her name to the plaques at the Concert Hall.


I wanted to review the scenes where SB and her sis meet at Subway, but I ran out of time this weekend. There was a lotta good stuff there too.  Sorry–need to make time for RL!

Okay, so I am going to make a few predictions here now that the show is 1/3 of the way along.  Let’s see how many I eventually get right, if any. Yes there are some conflicting predictions, but I’m allowed to hedge my own bets, because this is my blog!  In no particular order:

SB turns into a bigger brat than Evil Mommy, and turns on her own mother, father and sis in favor of IS’s family.

SB and IS fight over her treatment of the staff until they break up and IS bails out to live at the Seo’s house.

SB passes the Bar, IS doesn’t.

Uncle works with Secretary Min trying to take down HanSong, but SB decides to have a change of heart, and helps him and YJH expose HanSong and all it’s duplicitous dealings.

There will be a serious suicide attempt by HS.

The “LP Bar” by Papa Seo will be an ultra-fail, possibly causing his marriage to implode.

SB’s power tripping will eventually drive a wedge between the Evil Parents and cause them to fight and/or break up.

One or more of the household servants/secretaries will be fired or quit.

The subsidiary company Evil Daddy Han is setting up to support SB’s family will be busted for corruption and the Seo’s will be poorer than before.

YJH ends up the gamewinner/leader of Hansong after Evil Daddy Han is busted for corruption and goes to jail.  YJH and HS become the new power couple in town.


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