Continuation of HITTG Episode 10 Recap/Thoughts

Okay *deep breath* Now that I’ve got the frustration out of my system, and a fabulous RL authentic Ramen meal with my good friend, and tasty Creme Brulee dessert in my tummy, I think I am ready to tackle these recaps again. Quick shout-out to my SLA friends–I am far better equipped today to answer the question, “How did Hye Won get so messed up thinking that money was everything?” I think we are seeing the answer to this question. HITTG is a sort of parallel story to SLA. We know in SLA that SJ’s love for HW saved her, but at a cost….now the question for me is: Will IS do as well with his lady? And what will that cost be?

Pick up about 7 minutes in–The Seo parents are in SB’s old room, looking at her stuff. They talk about SB coming home to visit after 101 days as a married woman, and Papa Seo echoes my sentiments:


He wishes for her to come back triumphant–the youngest to ever pass the Bar. Mama Seo looks at it differently:


Mama Seo is a woman after my own heart.  I tried to refrain from putting pressure on my kids as they went through school, walking the fine line between encouragement and pressure.  Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I blew it. My own parents erred on the side of pressure, and it backfired on them and me, so I was determined to do a better job of it.  With my youngest son, the challenge was that he put the pressure on himself! That is far more difficult to fix!

NR walks in, and Papa Seo is thrilled that he will get to see both his girls together.


It’s cool to see a dad so proud of his daughters. NR drops that the Han’s made a whopping donation to the Arts Foundation in JY’s name.  She walks out as her dad asks for the number figure.

HS and her momma Young Ra snipe at each other. These two actresses really click in the Mother-Daughter fight scenes. I can tell you these scenes feel all too real for me, as my daughter and I fought just like that when she was a teen. Things are better now, thank goodness!  YR chides HS for drinking too much, then YR tells her to go out on a “normal” (translated: set up by me) date.  HS is too smart and doesn’t buy it. YR counters with:


to which she is told by HS that she’s one to talk, since she doesn’t work or make her own money either. YR walks off in a huff, while HS texts YJ, only to find out SB is a “conditional” DiL.


Uh oh. SoompiTV doesn’t bother to translate the “Daebak” I hear from HS’s mouth. Will HS transform herself into a Category 4 life tornado and cause big trouble for IS and SB? Odds of that happening–I think you know the answer to that one!

Meanwhile SB and IS are burning the midnight oil, looking up law cases regarding grandparent adoption. SB finds a case where the grandparents adopted the baby of their 18 year old daughter.  SB breaks down:


Note how SB is blaming herself–quite a change from the first episode, hmmm?

And that reason is:


Yep, the Han Parents have gotten into her brain, blown out any self esteem that was there, and replaced it with doubt and fear.  SB tries to pull herself together as IS comforts her.


She wants to go home to her parents. Evil Daddy spies on them through the study room door as the kids look at Korean civil law, article 72. (Writer-nim must have gone to law school herself)

Daddy Han paces in the bedroom, admitting he’s been impressed with how SB and IS have been studying law for the past 3 months. He wants her to be “qualified”. I’m starting to hate that word.

Papa Seo and Uncle are eating chicken wings (are they spicy?), and discussing the stamp business. Papa Seo–it was only good when Dad ran it, and business now is bad. Uncle gives us this piece of info:


Oh, so they used to be corporate guys, and then they got laid off–or something else happened? Interesting…Papa Seo tosses around the idea of starting a new business: an “LP Bar”. I kinda think I know what he’s talking about, but I am not totally sure. Uncle shoots down the idea as costing too much money, then Papa Seo reveals his own self esteem issues:


The King Evil Daddy tells IS and SB to have a good visit.  It appears they have left a legal brief written by the two of them, summarizing the laws of grandparent adoptions. Thanks SoompiTV subbers! IS and SB need permission from The Queen Evil Mommy as well.  There must be extra wide doorways in that Joseon Prison Mansion so their heads can fit through. Evil Daddy arrives at work in such a good mood, Secretary Kim is immediately quizzed by Secretaries Yoon and Min as to the cause. Evil Daddy brags about SB’s knowledge of Chinese words to Secretary Yoon, insisting it’s because her Grandfather knew that stuff from being a stamp-maker. He plans to “upgrade” her family into one of scholars and seal crafting artisans.


He’s so inordinately pleased with himself–I’m surprised he doesn’t break his shoulder patting himself on the back. He then instructs Secretary Yoon to find their family geneology.


Also romanized as”‘Sungkyungkwon”–DF.  Can you mess with the genealogy of a family in Korea? I guess if you have enough money, anything is possible. Wow.

SB arrives back at Camp Seo with JY in tow, and the nanny too! Are you kidding me? SB and her mom can’t be trusted to take care of one baby for a day or two? I think even Mama Seo is blown away, especially after the nanny addresses her daughter as “Young Madam”. Meanwhile, Evil Mommy stands in IS and SB’s room, looking around. The Housekeeper asks:


and of course, Evil Mommy denies it. But then she goes into JY’s nursery, holds the pillow up to sniff it:


While EM’s Secretary peeks in. Oh, so you do miss that cutie pie? Wonder how SB’s mom feels, since she’s only seen him for a total of what, 15 minutes since his birth?

Cut to SJW and YJH playing with action figures like two 10 year olds when YR walks in. YR puts on a charming act then asks him to join some kind of separate law firm (?) from her parents. Odds that she’s gonna blatantly use this dude….yeah. Secretary Min and Evil Daddy chat, then he calls SJW and they small talk it until Evil Daddy says:


Everyone blows him off, and SJW says that whatever job he takes, he should have enough time to hang with the Action Figure Club members! OMG, talk about arrested development. Finally YR gets to the point of this–her daughter. YJH’s face here says it all as he realizes he’s in ‘da web.


SJW bails out–“no comment” and leaves YJH under the bus. YR says that her daughter is interesting and pretty, but not as pretty as she is. The dudes can hardly believe what they just heard! We call that “being full of yourself” at Shamrockmom’s house!

Secretary Min meets quickly with Attorney Yoo, and gives her a flash drive. Darnit if this writer-nim doesn’t have a love affair with flash drives…this one is boring and plain, not pink and flowery, so kinda disappointing. Should I call this the Flash Drive of Doom? Not sure yet, but I put dibs on the name. AY reads the contents of the flash drive on her laptop. Secretary Yoon must know something’s up, as she quizzes Secretary Min about meeting with AY. Shockingly, she invites Secretary Min to a house party since the Evil Parents are out of town. Oh, so the mice will par-tay when the cat’s away? Secretary Min declines, saying she has an appointment for some kind of hobby club.  Sounds weak to me.

I had to include this next screencap because Evil Mommy mentions Hannom-dong, the neighborhood in Seoul also mentioned in SLA.


I notice how uncomfortable Evil Mommy looks when her secretary wants to pack the nightgown. Evil Mommy acts like it’s no big deal, but there’s more to this. Another great reflection/mirror pic of EM too.


The household staff and secretaries arrive at the Han’s Joseon Mansion, and immediately begin to whoop it up. I swear the majority of adults in this drama act like they are in Junior High. AH and Secretary Yoon change into more comfortable clothes. We then get to see a fairly nerdy party: music blaring from the laptop, AB dancing with Secretary Yoon, and wait…what’s this?


Ahhh, I was wrong again! I shoulda ‘shipped these two. They look like they wanna find the bedroom if you ask me! Confirmed-Secretary asks if he’s tried the Love Potion #9 and Tutor says naw, he’s gonna wait till they’re alone. Good answer. Then Secretary replies with–we don’t need that stuff.  He agrees. These two are about to set my screen on fire, lol!

Daddy’s Secretary drunk-texts Secretary Min….then complains she ignores him. Secretary Yoon picks up the phone and reads the messages.  Uh, oh!  I’m sure this will come back to bite him.

Secretary Min is at the shooting range!  She’s a great shot!


Right next to her is Uncle! Whoa, didn’t see this coming–


BTW, I’ve never seen handguns chained up like this at an indoor range. Wonder if that’s a Korean thing or I’ve just never seen it with my limited experience. And they’re wearing bulletproof vests too. Never seen that either. They look at the target papers–Uncle is a fair shot, but dang, that Secretary Min is aces. Those revolver style handguns have quite the kick-back, I’d never try it one handed.

Secretary Kim wails to “noonim”–aka Secretary Yoon (!) that he’s not attractive enough.  She starts to crack up, and I’m not sure if that was in the script, or she’s laughing at the actor.

hittg10-37jpg - Copy

Uncle Chul Shik and Secretary Min sit at a park.  Uncle says he couldn’t call SM’s brother–he felt bad. After all, he caught him doing…something. It’s a weird conversation. Uncle says he wants to live a simple life and Secretary walks away. Hmmm, does she need him to clear her brother or something?  Not sure. She gets a text message as she walks away, not sure who from, but possibly Attorney Yoo–saying they need a witness.

IS is at the Seo’s, drinking soju with Uncle, Mama and Papa Seo, and looking very happy:


Papa Seo then hears this from IS.


Back to the Nerd Party–it’s about to get real. AB runs in, and in a melodramatic fashion, announces that the King and Queen had a fight, and are on their way back…Emergency Alert Time!  Everybody gets up and starts running around like teens that just found out their parents are down the street and the house party is over! Dad’s Secretary is so wasted, he’s no help, and has to be schlepped into a bedroom and hidden. The Joseon King and his Queen arrive from their all-too short weekender and the Queen suspects something:

hittg10-40jpg - Copy

This scene, while mildly humorous, seemed a little over-exaggerated, and too slapstick for my taste. I find it amazing that even through the screen, I could feel the tension rise as soon as the Evil Parents arrive home.

Evil Daddy sulks in his home office/library, while Secretary Yoon tries to wheedle out the reason for the washed out weekend. Possibly Chairman Jang’s wife aka Young Ra? Nope.

hittg10-41jpg - Copy

Evil Mommy whines that she’s getting old, then drops a bomb as we see her reflection in the mirror:


Dang!  I missed that when I watched it on DF earlier in the week. Double confirmed: Evil Daddy is a clum in bed. I’m blown away that she said that in front of her secretary. Evil Mommy can barely hold back tears, but I can’t feel sorry for her.  No wonder she’s so jealous of SB–Evil Mommy has no sex life.  BTW, Evil Mommy going in and out of focus in the oval mirror is a cool touch by PD-nim. Love it!

Dad’s Secretary Kim is so wasted, AB and Tutor have to carry him out. Now it’s Evil Daddy’s turn to visit JY’s room and he wonders why JY has to be away. Evil Mommy reminds him it was his own idea. Seriously, does he have 1st stage dementia? Or does he just makes so many decrees in a day he can’t keep track of them all?  First the lock on the prison-study room, and now this.

NR and SB visit, and NR is not sure if her new job was gained through her own effort or if she was dropped in parachute-style by Evil Daddy. What’s that word I learned from “Misaeng”? Nakasan. Love that word. I’ve used it once or twice conversationally, to puzzled looks, lol! It applies at my own workplace too–we’ve got one. This person has no discernible brain wave activity, but is related to the Boss, so we’re stuck. Sigh.

IS and SB sing cutely for the Seo family,


while Papa Seo talks on the phone–Oh, No! It’s the Evil Parents, and they want their son, grandson, and DiL cult members back!  WTH–can’t you just let SB and IS alone for one night? Nope–Evil Daddy is sending a car over for them. Papa Seo can read my mind:


And more mind reading. See if you can count how many happy faces you see in this next screencap.


SB chides Papa Seo “don’t be rude”. FFS, don’t take your FiL’s side, SB! Mama Seo bails out with JY in tow, he doesn’t need to hear this. I’m with ya on this one, I don’t want to hear this either. Evil Daddy starts screaming into the phone to send them back and Papa Seo screams back “No Way” and the next thing you know, the Han’s car pulls up to the Seo’s house. NR meets AH outside, but stops her from going in the house.  Papa Seo may be drunk, but he speaks truth when he says, “This isn’t obedience:


Don’t get me wrong–I don’t like being around drunks at all. But if I have no choice, then drunks that tell the truth like this are awesome. IS, who is well on his way to being wasted, says he’ll call Evil Daddy and tell him to fugeddaboudit, but after NR comes in and tells IS that his parents are in a PO mood, IS makes an executive decision–SB will go back home with JY and he will stay with the Seo’s. What kind of crappy decision is that? I think it’s due to the fact he’s blotto and knows facing his parents like that would start WW3. He passes out on the floor as SB goes to leave.

SB and JY get back to the Joseon Prison Mansion, and the Evil Parents praise her for making a good decision since JY might get sick sleeping somewhere new.  OMG what a load of garbage. Evil Daddy lays it on thick, saying that even though her parents might be disappointed, JY is the priority here.


Yep, the Evil Parents have read and memorized the cult recruitment manual. SB wants to sleep with JY, but the Evil Parents insist on sleeping with the baby. They offer to take care of JY, mostly so they can play with him.  Even though the “cute” music plays, I am disgusted and angry with the Han Parents.  How dare they usurp the right of SB’s parents to see the baby just because they miss him for one night.

I was upset at how many commentators thought it was so cute and cool of the Evil Parents to play with the baby, oh, they’re changing, they’re more caring now….people, wake up!  Don’t be fooled or manipulated by the music. Think about this for a minute. The Han Parents only think of themselves–everyone else is a distant second.  It’s all about them, their needs and wants, and the H-E-double hockey sticks with SB and her parents. PD-nim and writer-nim are playing you just like Young Ra played Evil Daddy in the last episode!

Next morning at Camp Seo, IS is confounded by the bathroom plumbing, or lack thereof.

hittg10-48jpg - Copy

Actually, considering how smashed he was last night, he doesn’t look too bad this morning. He goes to the ‘fridge and helps himself to a drink of tea(?), juice(?) Not sure. He checks out the Seo’s humble kitchen (I’m guessing no Samsung refrigerator PPL at this house) and then goes into SB’s old room


This is so pretty, with the light coming in from the window, blue and pure–love it. Yeah, her room is kinda small, dude. Like the size of your walk in closet. He calls SB, playing hooky from school, and says he’s looking for her old diaries, lol. Papa Seo wakes up, and he looks plenty hung over. He makes an offer to IS:


Wow. OK, maybe it’s just Shamrockmom being a prude. I would not have gone with my MiL to a Korean jimjilbang. Even when I was young and I wasn’t as overweight as I am now, I wouldn’t have done it. Totally intimidating. So I gotta hand it to IS here. Papa Seo plans to show IS around the ‘hood, so he can see how the other half lives! That oughta be an eye opener for IS.


I notice how comfortable IS seems with Papa Seo, in contrast to how nervous he is around his own dad.

Cut to the two young V-I-T again, where HS and MJ are gossiping over how IS cut school and was “blackout” drunk. Yeah, not quite. HS makes this prediction that IS will be livin’ in da hood with his girl soon since:


What a witch she is! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with a mom like YR. But we’ve seen in this drama, that is not always true. You are not hostage to your upbringing. Look at IS–he’s not like his folks, thank goodness!

Adult Vultures YR and friend Eom chat, and YR is just dying to tell her VF-Eom some juicy detail about Evil Mommy, knowing it will 100% get back to her.  Amazingly, VF-Eom refuses to play the game with YR and bails on her.


Wow.  ‘Bout time somebody finally drew a boundary line.

Secretary Yoon lures Secretary Kim into the trap–Don’t you want to know more about Secretary Min.  Ha! I knew her reading those texts was gonna bite him in the arse! Secretary Min reads a text from Uncle–what do you need from me?  She needs names and account transaction details. Wonder what they are plotting?

Evil Daddy admits to Secretary Yoon that Attorney Yoo knows everything about the file she’s been denied access to. He’s strung up by this:


but Secretary suggests since Secretary Kim likes SM, how ’bout using him.  Evil Daddy agrees–but says to give him a basic level mission first. Uh, oh.

Meanwhile, SB studies her butt off for the Bar!


Ok, so for the next two episodes, I am going to try looking at selected scenes, versus a recap like this, since I’ve got class again next week, plus the new ‘fridge is being delivered. Yeah, it’s a Samsung. I am the biggest Samsung PPL junkie ever. I love doing these, but the time it takes…takes away from other important stuff, like sleeping!


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