Thoughts on “Maids” Ep. 13-16

Waaaah!  Sa Wol, why did you have to be killed off!  What was writer-nim thinking, executing half of the drama’s OTP?  No the OTP in this show is not Moo Myung–In Yub or Eun Ki–In Yub.  The deepest and best friendship was between In Yub and her maid Sa Wol. I didn’t see it coming, and the disappointment I feel is profound.  After all, there is 0% chemistry between IY and MM. Yeah he planted a couple of fab kisses on her in Ep. 13 and 14, all while she stood there like a fence post.  Sigh. I will gladly volunteer to show her how to properly react when a hot, manly guy who knows how to kiss gives you a couple of his best. Step one–close your eyes. Step two–try putting your arms around him, and not stand there stiffly. I’ve found that works wonders.  IY can send me a PM for the rest of my thoughts on this subject!

Let’s not forget about Eun Ki, he of the personality transplant.  What happened to that sweet guy in the first few episodes, who brought IY flowers daily? When, but more importantly why, did he turn into this conniving, cold jerk, caring more about political intrigue and power that the lady he used to love? I get it that your dad is a traitor, but you can do better.  I completely understand why IY has bailed on him though–his behavior toward her has been deplorable the last few episodes. Now he wants to put everything back the way it was?  No, the genie is not going back in that bottle.

I thought it might be fun to see Eun Ki’s mom get tossed in the jail, but that fell flat for me–I just wish that Yoon Ok, the scheming and jerky former friend of IY that EK is currently married to (in name only) was in there instead. BTW, will they really get divorced?  I will believe it when I see it.

The whole plotline of Jan Di running away with her nobleman, only to crawl back to the house and then be dissed by her lover was a mess too. And please, someone explain to me how Poong Yi was on his way to be executed, only to show back up at the ranch house again?  And why did the other servant dudes not turn on this guy and execute him themselves?  There’s another task I will gladly volunteer my services for.

MM continues to show barely any emotion, while the other characters act circles around this guy. Maybe it’s hard to show emotion when the writer puts you in such bizarre situations, like being poison-executed, and then coming back to life.

Still watching this, but saddened that there is more political intrigue and BS and less emphasis on the servants.


One thought on “Thoughts on “Maids” Ep. 13-16

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