Thoughts/Recap of HITTG–Episode 9 “Drinking the Clueless Juice”

Episode 9–starts with so much cognitive dissonance that I have to wonder for a moment–is this some kind of alternate universe?  Did the writer start drinking the Kool-aid?Why are SB and IS sleeping in that girly white bed, and what in the world is that poster on the wall? “An Unjust Law is No Law at All”. Evidently, SoompiTV feels the need to translate it for me–twice! I got it, I got it! (link to Latin root here, more info here)


Aw, these kids are so idealistic. Reminds me of that saying, “If you are young and not a liberal, you have no heart. If you are old and not a conservative, you have no brain.” Not sure who said that, and apparently, no one else is either. (link)

They dash downstairs to bouncy fun music, and I steel myself for this fairytale opening to come to some kind of screeching halt. The kids happily gulp down some juice that Ahjumma Housekeeper brings them, and I can only hope it’s not spiked.


Ah, back to reality…here comes Evil Mommy down the hall. This oughta bust up the good mood. Yep, true to form, she drops that the new furniture, including the couch, was procured out of fear her precious Prince might have to sleep on the couch, and if it was too small, he might be uncomfortable!


OMG.  Cue this sound. The Joseon Queen Evil Mommy orders her servants around while IS and SB read more of “The Prince” to Evil Daddy. The translation is a little muddled, and it’s hard to read the English subtitles over the Korean translation. Evil Daddy asks IS what is the main point of the book, and IS answer is that people in power need to control the sheeple. (My translation. Sheeple=people who act like sheep. Apologies–we say this word at Shamrockmom’s RL house).  Evil Daddy thinks (correctly) that IS and SB don’t agree.


They don’t–because the book was written for a 16th century prince, and you’d be clobbered if you say stuff like that in public today–it’s not PC. Evil Daddy tells them that’s why you do it and don’t talk about it!


That’s real power! (/sarc) I have a feeling that “Real Power” is gonna give him a swift kick to the backside before this drama is over! Look at SB’s face in the above pic–think she’s disgusted?  Maybe it’s just me. The kids disagree–that’s not real power. Evil Daddy starts down the rant trail…


blathering about “you should want the most qualified/best educated doctor or lawyer” but the kids argue that the basic premise is flawed:


Evil Daddy’s comeback is that they haven’t had breakfast yet (juice doesn’t count) and empty brains make empty words! He can’t believe they are “sentimental” after reading this book.I can’t believe he functions with any sentiment at all! I really like this scene, SB and IS stand up for their beliefs, throw Evil Daddy off his game of power and control, and it’s a big win all around for Team SB/IS/JY!

Evil Mommy and her secretary talk.  Secretary tells Evil Mommy that the late Madame would not consider a daughter in law as competition. Evil Mommy is surprised:


Evil Mommy appears to have a “truth allergy” as we say over here at Shamrockmom’s RL house!

The household gathers to see the Joseon King Evil Daddy off for the day’s battles at the office–Evil Daddy tells the tutor to instill “conservative values” in his students.  When Tutor asks if there is a problem, Evil Daddy replies:


He proceeds to extol learning from the past, and I wonder if his brain is fossilized too. Evil Daddy is really getting it handed to him this morning, as he asks if the door lock (yeah the one he had installed, lol) is really necessary, and Tutor responds with an excellent burn, hanging Daddy out to dry with his own words:


BTW–that sign hanging from the door means “Quiet” (정숙) New Korean word for me today. I go nuts when I see non-translated signs or written stuff in a drama–like I will miss a clue. I will painstakingly translate it myself if needed.

Evil Daddy leaves, and as soon as he does, Evil Mommy commands the nanny to take JY from SB! What a witch! Secretary calls Evil Mommy out on it:


and Evil Mommy is mildly surprised–“It shows?”  *face-palm*

Tutor tells SB to not be self assertive. Uh, dude, she’s already a doormat…how is she supposed to go lower? This is Tutor’s reasoning:


Oookay. So being old and overly enamored of the past is a great excuse for behaving badly. (/more sarc) Thankfully SB rises up from the mat for a second, and says she will make Evil Daddy more at ease by passing the exam! Woot! You go! And gimme some of that–I need a spoonful of that confidence for my schoolwork too! Evil Mommy and her Secretary leave, and I had to post this screencap–look at how Secretary has to hold her charge’s hand so she can put her shoes on. A six year old and her nanny…


Evil Mommy summons the tutor. She thinks Tutor’s assessment of SB is off the mark–translated as: she’s not all that smart. Tutor responds that he may not have a lot in terms of grades or test scores to back him up, but he stands behind his words. Evil Mommy make me face-palm again with the comment–If she’s that smart–


Umm, because they are too busy surviving, doing all that poor people stuff like working and paying bills. They’ve probably done the best they could–remember she got into that debate trip thing with IS. Tutor says he will stop prepping her for the Bar exam, but Evil Mommy then says something truly enraging. She wants SB to succeed because it’s the only way:


This comment by Evil Mommy is so over the top, how anyone can feel any sympathy for her is beyond me.

Side note: I was quite pleased to see a respected recapper from a large K-drama reviewing site finally agree with me this week that the parents are over the top with their attitude and cruelty.  Let’s just say I felt vindicated, as I’ve been on this limb, mostly alone, for several weeks. Good to know, it’s not just me out here.

Tutor excuses himself, bailing out of this situation, and Evil Mommy continues to be clueless, asking her secretary if telling others IS’s wife is studying for the bar is OK, and the secretary says, “I don’t know.” No–you do know, but saying the truth could cost you your job, so you are shutting up for now.

Next up to make Evil Daddy’s morning a trifecta of doom–Attorney Yoo brings her baby into work because the nanny is ill. Daddy’s Secretary Yoon aka Captain Obvious looks like she is about to give birth to kittens!


Attorney Yoo says that Evil Daddy will hate this, but too bad for him–she’s got an important meeting today! She tells the Secretary to “warn the participants”. Evil Daddy sulks in his office with Secretary Yoon, grumbling it’s her poor upbringing that caused the baby to be brought to work.


Ok, I thought last episode it was the Hypocrisy juice/Kool-aid that the Evil Parents were drinking.  It appears this episode, it’s Clueless Juice/Kool Aid that is on the menu. Evil Daddy and Attorney Yoo then have an on- the-surface-polite-but-not-really conversation at the elevator. Evil Daddy tries to make himself look like a “modern” dude, saying this will make the company look like it’s doing it’s part for gender equality, but she shoots that down real quick, telling him that he is well known:


Evil Daddy has the gall to act shocked, but Attorney Yoo continues on that if he reassigns cases because of her status, she’s out the door. She didn’t sign up to be a bookkeeper! She ices the cake with the comment that he must be having personal problems!  He pats his starter bald spot, and then has a meeting with the “elders”, I’m guessing they are the senior attorneys there. Startlingly, he looks positively modern compared to these dinosaurs, who agree that even though women in western countries may bring their babies with them, that’s not done here in Korea! It’s “rude”!


OMG. They thoroughly diss her, saying she can’t handle a crisis, and put all the blame on her:


Evil Daddy seems to impress the Board of Dinos by checking into the backgrounds of the top ranked law students. They need to network after all!

We then get to meet a new character–Yoon Jae Hoon, a valedictorian law student. Evil Daddy wants to recruit him for copyright issues, but YJH is there for a different reason! He is about to


Whoa! I might like this dude!  YJH continues on, saying the gift is “overly generous” (Holy Guacamole–how much was it? Shamrockmom loves the details!) Evil Daddy is stunned:


No, he just wants some time to think it over. Yeah, you’d better think about whether you want to enter the K-version of “Game of Thrones” buddy! Meanwhile, Attorney Yoo finds herself locked out of her own computer!  Golly gee, I wonder who could be behind that?!? She calls for help to the secretaries, asking if she is locked out:


And whoa–is that Secretary Min lying like a champ?


Confirmed, even Secretary Yoon says, “we know nothing about it”.  She makes a lame attempt to fix it, then leaves a post-it note for the Attorney to change all her login/passwords and they will talk later.


She then cooly lies to the other secretary that she told the attorney to call tech support!  Oh, wow. She really is a mole. And she seems pretty good at it–maybe Sun Woo’s office needs to recruit her so she can be a “Spy”! A real one, not a lame one, BTW! In an equally cool move, Attorney Yoo shreds the note.

The Vulture Friends are back.  OMG, is that SJW playing with his action figures? How old is this dude? Great caption too!


Evil Mommy drops that SB is being tutored at their home, and she is smarter that first thought. They are shocked that a HS dropout would even attempt to take the Bar exam. Young Ra calls BS, saying that the Evil Parents need couples therapy:


She may be a jerk, but I have to like that line!

Side note and rant:  My youngest son hated HS. He took and passed the equivalency exam (more difficult that the GED) after 1 year of HS, and had a full HS diploma from the state at the age of 16. He started at the local college, and at 19 has almost 2 full years of college completed with an above average GPA, and a more-than-respectable FT job with benefits. He should be a HS senior this year, but instead he is ready to transfer as a college junior. I can’t even imagine him in HS.  Everyone at my work told me he would fail miserably at college by starting so young, and trainwreck his life. Nope, he’s doing quite well, you judgemental fools! /rant over.

Young Ra must want to be my friend today, because she really rakes Evil Mommy over the coals, saying that since she’s stuck with SB as a DiL, then she might as well be “Qualified”! Evil Mommy denies this, then spouts this whopper lie:


I made sure the screencap includes the incredulous look by Vulture Friend Eom.

They trade some more unpleasantries before Young Ra announces she is meeting Evil Daddy at the Club of Exclusiveness, “with my husband”. Riiiight! Evil Mommy goes into Jr. High snark mode, reminding her frenemy not to dress like a teen, and Young Ra exits with this truthful line:


Viki translation “Have fun talking crap about me!”

Why on earth Evil Mommy hangs out with these vultures is beyond my limited comprehension. Evil Mommy whines that she has a headache, and hates Young Ra, while Vulture Friend Eom reminds her that she will be with her husband, so everything will be groovy at the Club. Vulture dude SJW does his part to help out, reminding Evil Mommy about her hubby and YR back in the day, and the fact that he couldn’t have YR:


Just what Evil Mommy needs to hear from her friend, right?!? Then VF-Eom says maybe Evil Mommy should try this ancient Indian practice to raise her self esteem…SJW helps out again!


Whoa!  Double whoa! That’s not my FF he’s pointing at there either!  Dang these SoompiTV subs–they are good! I nearly choke on my Diet Pepsi. SoompiTV–“Fox Lessons”. *runs off to check translations*  DF/Viki–“foxy class”. From the fingers in the ears to the pillow on the lap, this scene totally reminds me of talking about sexy things with my Jr. High friends!


Ya think they hit a nerve?  I wonder if she’s been with her husband exactly twice? I still suspect the stork, though.

Cut to two young vultures-in-training, namely Hyeon Soo and Min Jae, hanging out with IS. They can’t believe that a HS dropout who went to a Public (!) school could even think of taking the Bar. To his credit, IS defends her well.  Min Jae seems particularly mentally challenged. Perhaps he had a drink of Clueless Juice this morning! He offers up this piece of nonsense:


Newsflash, dude. They’re married. WTH is he thinking? I’d be willing to wager IS and SB are “back in business” now–although I do hope that Costco order I mentioned before arrived in time, so they don’t have a sibling for JY within the year! But then HS says that IS will lose interest by the next semester. Yep, she’s on that Clueless juice too. What a little witch! IS has had enough:


Those two are lucky IS didn’t punch them out. He then goes on to tell these young vultures that they’ve never made a life plan with anyone. Flashback to IS and SB looking at pics of Harvard (?) Oxford (?) Not sure–IS said he took these pics, and shows SB the one with the “unjust law” saying that inspired their poster. They dream of studying abroad, with JY in tow, and even though I may personally believe it’s overly ambitious, I like the fact that they plan and dream–together.


They hug, and the scene is so sweet that I forget how angry and riled I get at the rest of the show. IS is under no delusions–he knows the V-I-T are clueless:


Back at the Club of Exclusiveness, Young Ra is escorted in by Evil Daddy’s guy secretary. He seems shaken up by her being alone–and Young Ra says her husband flew to HK on “urgent business”.  Odds that she’s lying–same as the sun coming up tomorrow. She knows she’s got him by the short hairs today:


She gives him a gift, and tosses her hair. Evil Daddy hisses, “Behave modestly”, but somehow I don’t think that’s gonna happen. She flirts with him, touching her hair again and again. Clearly this move gets Daddy Han all worked up! Meanwhile, Secretary gives Evil Mommy’s secretary a play-by-play account of the action! Evil Mommy’s secretary relays the info, which doesn’t surprise her. She even knows YR’s MO:


Evil Mommy’s secretary reminds her charge not to interfere with hubby’s business matters, trying in vain to comfort her. YR however, is in full attack mode. She asks Evil Daddy why he and his wife are so nervous around her, when there’s no attraction on her part!


Evil Daddy starts to look really agitated, as YR goes for the kill, reminding him that his momma wanted her prince to marry a princess–


and caps it off by calling him “sloppy”. DF–“clumsy”. I was not really sure what this was about until Evil Daddy screams, “How would you know?” OMG–is she implying he is umm, clumsy in bed? Dang, that YR has some lady cojones!


Yep, that had to be it! He protests that they’ve never done “it”, so how would she know?


Omo. She tells him it’s “women’s intuition” as she cracks up, and she’s got him so flustered, I’m dying…how many takes did they have to do to not laugh out loud? If you look closely, YR is cracking up big time, and it just adds to the joy I feel at seeing Evil Daddy being played like a fine musical instrument by YR. Evil Mommy’s secretary starts to relay the info, but is stopped, because EM knows that a man’s heart would be broken by that, right? Secretary assures her:


And then the Fortune Teller reappears!  FT and EM go to the Joseon Gazebo, where FT gives EM a sachet of poppy seeds and Musk, illegally collected of course!


Sheesh! FT says, “have confidence”–Yunno, if EM had confidence, you’d be unemployed.  I wonder where you go to college to be “qualified” as a FT?

Evil Daddy retreats to his office to lick his wounded pride, while YR brags to a friend (?) that she “teased” him! She picks up a phone on the table and reads the messages:


What is this? YR looks shocked…Hyeon Soo comes in looking for her phone. Uh, oh!  Mom’s read the texts…HS is texting IS! Wow–I didn’t get that she had a thing for him!


The maid comes in, and they immediately switch to English! I find that so funny, as my Hispanic co-workers always switch over to Spanish if they don’t want any eavesdroppers. YR goes right after her daughter, reminding her that IS is married, he was irresponsible and immature to get a girl pregnant, and that it’s only a one sided love on her part. HS verbally swings back, saying she envies SB–IS isn’t like the other “jokers”–he doesn’t curse, he treated her as a friend, not an outcast.


HS goes for it, telling her mom that she got sent away to study abroad, then yanked back home, derides her Mom and Dad’s “fake couple life”, and cries that they treat her like a possession. She uses her mom’s own words against her too, so bonus points for that.


These two really go toe to toe in this scene–like me and my daughter, Ha! And both of them have quite passable English–no need for subs here! I steel myself, but YR stops herself from giving her daughter a roundhouse slap, and hugs her instead. OK, that’s better.


IS and SB are playing with JY


When the nanny enters and says, “time’s up!”. Geez, so we are still in that Power and Control game. Meanwhile, Evil Mommy hangs the Love Potion #9 sachet in their bedroom. (My apologies–I just couldn’t pass on this old song–it’s so appropriate.) She worries that the smell is strong, but Secretary disagrees:


and tries to reinforce the idea that her self confidence is the most important thing! I agree with the caption too, BTW. The household lines up as the King Evil Daddy returns to the Joseon Mansion. He immediately takes out his bad day on IS and SB,


and when they protest that they’ve hardly seen JY, ED barks that they are privileged. He then turns to his wife, blaming her for not keeping an eye on them. EM tries to defuse her husband, and AH escorts YJ out of that volatile environment as she says the very thing I was thinking:


Evil Daddy is impervious to the Love Potion #9, walking right past the wife, and the wine, huffily stomping to his home office/library to brood.  Maybe he should take a shower–aren’t showers for brooding dudes in Korea?


Hint for Evil Daddy’s next Halloween costume–take a t-shirt and staple pieces of sponge to it, and go as “self absorbed”.  Evil Mommy rips the sachet from the hanger,


derides it as “cheap”, even though I am sure it wasn’t, and gives it to her secretary to throw away. There is no doubt: the Han’s deserve each other. Tutor and Secretary leave, and she asks if he’s seeing anyone–then offers him the Love Potion #9.


Whoa! Should I ‘ship these two? Nahhh.

Evil Daddy crawls into bed and looks like a little boy who didn’t get dessert at dinnertime, while his wife sulks.

Back at Camp Seo, Mama Seo is making homemade red bean rice cakes for JY’s 100th day. I need to try those sometime. NR wonders why she’s bothering, since the Han clan won’t invite them over, or eat the goodies. Mama Seo replies that she wants to do something for her grandson, and SB and IS will enjoy them. NR grumps that she hates them, and Mama Seo chides NR for complaining. I can see both issues here…NR is kind of sour most of the time, and she probably is jealous of her little sis. Mama Seo seems to be less attentive toward NR than with SB. Uncle and Papa Seo arrive back, and the three of them gab over breakfast. Dad is just thrilled they are paying for SB’s education. Uncle gets one part of the picture: SB is young, and living with the Han’s must be a burden. Mama Seo gets another part of the picture, worrying that the Han’s will treat her badly if she doesn’t measure up.

Back at the Joseon Mansion, SB and IS are informed (because they have no vote in this) about the 100th day celebration for JY.  The Evil Parents are making a donation to a concert hall in JY’s name–such a useful gift! (/sarc) Of course, SB’s parents aren’t invited, and Evil Mommy confirms it’s because of the Breakfast Brawl.

Evil Mommy brings in a bunch of fugly dresses again for SB to try on and wear to the 100th day celebration.  I can’t say anything new or creative about this–either Evil Mommy is clueless when it comes to style, or she is deliberately making SB look frumpy. I opt for the latter after seeing the final selection.


Poor SB looks so awkward and uncomfortable. A manicurist is brought in, because Evil Mommy doesn’t want SB to be seen in public yet, just in case:


What a control freak!  Evil Mommy is on a roll, ordering her to wear makeup, and the makeup artist will be there too!

Vulture Friend Eom comes over for a visit, informing Evil Mommy that Hyeon Soo has a thing for IS.  Just what EM needs to hear! Evil Mommy retaliates by saying she’d never let HS get involved with IS–she’s not classy enough!  Vulture Friend Eom reports back to YR, and then the maid interrupts–OMG is that HS?


Is she passed out, or OD’d, or…did she commit suicide? Oh crap! Would the writer go there? This is scary stuff.

SB is studying with the H-T and she thanks him for giving her confidence–IS’s family thinks she’s nothing, and his opinion of her has given her some status. Perhaps she will be the youngest to pass the bar exam. Tutor replies that the Han’s always want the best, the brightest, and then he asks her this, but doesn’t really answer the question. I missed this part even after watching it a couple of times.


Mama Seo is making the rice cakes,


and leaves a message for AH that they are at the front door.  SB is bummed her Mom didn’t stay to see her:


but Mom says that since the two families are so different, they should not try to be close–after all, it’s like a horror movie when they see each other. SB chides her mom.


I was thinking that too, SB.  They go downstairs, open the box, and they feed JY a crumb of the treat after Evil Mommy leaves.


JY, and IS come running downstairs, and they want some too!  Eventually the whole household staff gets in on the action, while YJ takes pics on her phone.


It’s such a cute and warm scene–a full contrast to the cold and rigid photo session with the Evil Parents and all their formality. The expression on SB’s face says it all


The last scene show the seats in the balcony at the concert house—whose name is missing?


Yeah, you guessed it–SB! Those wicked jerks! Do you think no one is gonna figure this out!

Exhaustion is starting to set in with me over the Han’s continued mistreatment of SB and her family. The whole scene with Young Ra and Evil Daddy though, was one of the best moments for me so far. I watched that scene on Viki, DF, and Soompi–just to see the tiny differences in the translations.  Totally worth it!

I am worried over the storyline with HS–is she dead? OMG I hope not.  Is she gonna cause trouble with SB and IS?  Maybe–but I don’t see IS going for her.  He’s a dude who found what he wants.  Neglected and spurned, she could be big trouble.

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