Thoughts on the final episodes of “Spy”

Such a great premise for a show, and such a disappointment in the end.  I have to wonder if the writers went on Holiday for Lunar New Year a little early, then forgot what they wrote previously, and made it up as they went along.  I loved the first 8 or so episodes–I couldn’t wait to see a bad-ass Mom take down these NK spies, maybe even using old-school low tech to help. Sun Woo was in a tight-knit, loving family that seemed to genuinely care for each other. The whole backstory of Mom and Ki Chul could be a spin-off drama or FF.  I liked the short (~45 min) episode length–it seemed to allow for awesome cliff-hanger endings that left the viewer wanting more. But somewhere it got derailed, as everybody looked for this mysterious hard drive–and what happened to the money anyways?  I always want to know where the money went! Why did Mom just turn into this quivering doormat? Did the higher-up corrupt guys ever get punished? (except for Sun Woo’s boss)

I knew when I started rooting for Ki Chul to be the big money prizewinner in this show that something had gone wrong–when you want the “villain” to win, it’s messed up–along with ‘shipping the hot NK minion with Sun Woo’s sis…that’s messed up too.

Here’s my ending: Mom and Dad retire to the countryside, Sun Woo continues to be a field agent, along with his now-defected-to-SK girlfriend. They become an awesome husband-wife spy team, keeping SK safe from NK spies and hackers. Sun Woo’s little sis dates the tall and hot NK minion guy, making her the envy of all the other girls in her High School.  Ki Chul gets the dough from the slush fund and buys the tropical island that Healer didn’t need after all. Ki Chul sends an invite to Shamrockmom to hang with him, and she hops on the private jet he sends to LAX. When she gets there, they—-whoops, our time is up! Now to wait for the preview and the translation!


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