Thoughts/Recap of HITTG 2nd half of Episode 6–Tiny spoiler alert.

Let’s see if I can shorten these a bit:

Mom’s secretary dresses SB in another awful dress, fussily rearranging the scarf. Not only is it way too “ahjumma” looking for SB to wear, omg that color…looks like under-cooked salmon. 10 minutes under the broiler should fix that dress up!


Judging by the expression on SB’s face, I’m thinking she wants to “Say No To The Dress”!

So after that whole discussion about what SB’s folks might like for breakfast, turns out AH couldn’t cook it anyways, since Evil Mommy said no. Evil Daddy and his secretary discuss the results of the stalking research on SB’s family. Sis hasn’t been able to find a job, and Dad’s friends know of his association with the Han family.

IS hugs SB, in preparation for what I am sure he knows is going to be an exceptionally difficult morning.


SB’s parents pull up to the house–looks like oh-dark-thirty outside. Are they on daylight savings time too?


As they go in, I notice they hold hands as they enter the house. Both parents touch/small hug IS as well as their daughter. Well done, Seo Family! SB nicely introduces AH to her mom, while the housekeeper puts out a ton of fancy china cups and little dishes. SB holds her mom’s hand as the Han clan makes their entrance. Cue the creepy music as the two families exchange awkwardly terse formalities and greetings. I note that Yi Ji is not allowed to go see the baby with the families…

Evil Mommy looks like she’s ran a marathon, and the meal hasn’t even started. Evil Daddy sets up a job for Noo Ri and talks about needing a picture..of an orchard(?)

SB’s dad holds JY, but the baby fusses, and SB’s mom steps in.  IS–“we don’t have time to see him. The nanny always has him.”  Then SB’s dad asks a great question!


He’s got some common sense!

IS tells his father to apologize to the Seo’s for the settlement contract. Poor IS, he just wants the two families to get along. (I have this strange recollection–IS, you don’t remember because it happened before you were born, but it might be appropriate here. Your American Cousins in LA remember this well. Sorry for getting sidetracked by the subtitles). Evil Daddy refuses “We’re culturally different.” Oh, really?!?

SB’s dad is looking for the bathroom.  Don’t feel bad dude, I’d be lost too. The camera angles and lighting here are quite interesting. He finally opens a door, only to encounter a screaming over-reaction from Evil Mommy. Again, the music tells me–this is supposed to be funny! The entire household staff comes a-runnin’, and witness SB’s dad apologizing for getting lost. This scene is so overblown for me. Evil Daddy makes light of it,  then after IS takes everyone to the dining room, he scolds his wife:


Umm, no. Your wife is a child. She has to have help getting dressed, a secretary to hold her hand…Evil Daddy goes on a manners and decorum rant, and that the whole goal of this ridiculous meeting is to have SB’s parents accept their offer!

At least IS has his head screwed on straight!


SB’s dad slips her the stamp for JY, but then Evil Parents interrupt. The servants bring in the meal on these red tables, no doubt borrowed from the set of ‘Maids’. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the amount of dishes this family must blow through in a day. They need at least 2, maybe 3 dishwashers–or perhaps they just have hired FT servants to wash dishes by hand. You would need a huge house to store all those dishes! SB’s parents are clearly uncomfortable here, especially as Evil Daddy rips into another formal pontification. This guy is responsible for emitting so much hot air, it’s 90 degrees already this morning here in SoCal. He blathers about IS’s IQ and EQ (what is that?) Shut up already!

The H-T, AB, and Dad’s secretary gossip over what they think the settlement will be, and how the Seo’s will benefit from Bom. Dad’s secretary thinks that Evil Daddy will handle it well because he is a master of formalities, but AB thinks if he’s too formal with them, it’ll backfire. Smart guy.

IS suspects something foul when he tells SB he can only hear his parents talking.  How observant.

Evil Parents offer to support/pay for SB’s education, and the Seo’s are very grateful. But then it starts to blow up…as Evil Daddy divulges that SB’s dad and uncle used to work in an office..We see SB and IS sneak in the room adjacent, and witness this, as do the servants, secretaries and H-T. Evil Daddy says he will get Noo Ri a job–and the Seo’s are shocked. They admit they thought of asking but couldn’t, then SB’s mom says this:


No, I think you read the line writer-nim wrote for the Evil Parents.

The bomb drops..Evil Parents want SB’s family to go ‘retire’ out in the country taking care of an orchard, and also handle Uncle’s “problems”. SB looks so unhappy, as IS turns to look up at the Breakfast of Doom. SB begins to cry as she realizes they want to exile her parents.


The servants gossip, H-T calls what the Evil Parents are doing “a human rights violation”. I kinda like him for laying that out clearly. I still am not entirely sure H-T is on Team SB-IS, but he tells the truth, and wins points with me for not lying to the kids. IS gets up and starts to asks his father to apologize, only to be tersely told to not interfere. He immediately bows to the Seo’s and apologizes on behalf of his father! IS, fighting!

Evil Daddy then blows a gasket, flips the table with all the dishes on it and goes after his son. He tries to climb over the railing, but he’s obviously not as limber as he used to be. SB’s Dad seems only slightly more limber in this scene! Judging by the way Evil Daddy grabs his crotch, he might be out of the gene pool for good! No loss, heh!


I especially like how SB’s dad keeps Evil Daddy from getting to his own son!  And calls IS his Son-In-Law! Winner!


So after all the BS about reason, rational thinking, decorum, manners, formalities–in reality, the Han clan look like any other trashy family on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich.  I feel mortified for SB to hear the Han’s degrade her family like that, I feel awful for IS, who consistently tries to do the right thing, and I feel for the household staff who have to clean up that mess! There are going to be huge repercussions over this incident, and this makes me anxious….Will SB’s family start looking for ways to irritate/bring down the Han’s? Will the Han’s take out their anger on SB and/or JY? It’s a given that their own son is gonna be punished. At what point will SB be so stressed out, she loses her milk and can’t feed the baby? How far are things going to escalate before someone gives in, and how much permanent damage, both physical and psychological, are inflicted on SB and IS, or heaven forbid–JY, who looks like he is in the calm center of a hurricane? Will we see “an eye for an eye” until everyone is blind? Spoiler alert–I’ve seen Episode 7, and I do not like the direction this is going.


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