Thoughts On “Ho-gu’s Love” up to Ep. 10

I nearly dropped this show after Ep. 6.  So much miscommunication…it was getting tiresome.  But I caught up this weekend, and I am kinda glad I did.We find out a tiny bit about DH’s background (orphaned) and there are numerous flashbacks to the high school days, and the effects decisions made then have on the present.  Interestingly, I am no closer to figuring out who the father of the baby is, but honestly I am far more concerned about Ho Gu–he is totally attached to the baby Geum Dong, and he is not liking the adoptive parents (neither do I, so I’m with him on this one). I really liked the scene where HG, DH and KC were all giving the baby a bath. Too bad these three couldn’t find a way to raise GD between them, but that’s an awful lot to ask. So who could the father be? We only know who it is not.  And it is not:

Ho Gu–DH was already pregnant when they went out on the beach date, so no.

Kang Chul–DH said so. End of story. Although that hospital conversation about the condoms really threw me.

Tae-Hee or Chung Jae–no possible way.

Mysterious Director of the Sports Agency/CEO–a woman. Nope.

Coach–no way.

The only thing I wonder about is the text message KC got–the one that said “a member of your family should have been born by now”. Work family? Biological Family? I hope it wasn’t KC’s dad—that would be messed up, possibly involving some coercion. Yuck. That brings me to another possibility–was she raped? Would the writer even dare to go down that road? Doubt it, but I’ve been wrong before, and I am sure I will be wrong again. Like I said before, I care more about Ho Gu not getting hurt than anything else. His pure heart deserves to be rewarded, and I hope we viewers are equally rewarded with a great second half of this show.


One thought on “Thoughts On “Ho-gu’s Love” up to Ep. 10

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