Thoughts/Recap of HITTG Episode 6–first half “Hypocrisy-Fest”

I have a lot to say about this episode…so I am going to divide it into parts.  I note my own hypocrisy here–I wanted to shorten these up, but they are getting longer. Thus the title “Hypocrisy-Fest”! **hanging head in guilt**

It’s a good thing I was not committing a VUI at the beginning of this episode, and that I have improved self control after months of watching K-dramas…or there would have been some broken electronic devices.  I don’t even get a 2 second breather before this happens:


*Headdesk* *Rage-fit* Are you kidding me?!? Evil Mommy Choi has issued the decree that SB can’t see her own son anytime she wants, and can only see him when she’s breastfeeding him? OMG, how cruel can a person get? Wait, I don’t think I want to know that…

SB looks like she is about to cry. I want to cry too. I fear how low the Evil Parents will go to control IS and SB, and baby JY. There’s far too many episodes left…The nanny shoos SB away. Insult is added to injury, as Evil Mommy goes into JY’s nursery. SB puts a way-too-positive spin on this by texting her mom that Mommy Choi sees the baby a lot.

Let me just say here that I really feel awful for SB. She is trapped. If she freaks out, and gets angry, then the Evil Parents can say she’s an unfit mother. If she does nothing, and lets them walk all over her, she won’t respect herself. She loves IS and doesn’t want to lose him either by taking the baby and bailing out. What a mess. I have no sympathy, only hatred of the Evil Parents.

After that depressing start, we see the home and workplace of SB’s parents has been turned into a virtual art gallery of photos of JY, as well as SB and IS holding JY. Literally there is no place in their home anyone’s eyes could rest without seeing a picture of the baby.


It’s clear as SB’s family members kiss and touch the pictures (since that’s all they can do) how much they love this baby.  It may have started out rough when they found out she was pregnant, but that’s long ago and far away now. The addition of the baby to the family picture is especially touching.


It’s also very cool that they have a picture of IS, SB and JY all together. It shows they aren’t holding a grudge against IS. They respect him.


Evil Mommy’s secretary’s calls SB’s mom Jin Ae (thanks to @bebebisous33 on the Soompi board for giving us a rundown of the names) up and schedules a breakfast meeting.


Maybe that’s how things are done in Korea, but it seems really weird to start a meeting like that early in the morning.  If it was business related, then sure, but not this. SB’s mom worries that Evil Mommy might still be upset over the rage-fit.  Sister Noo Ri wants to go too, but her Dad puts the kibosh on it.  Uncle thinks she should go.  Evil Mommy Choi has a delusional moment when she tells her secretary that once SB’s family gets there, they will know how to act!  What’s more, she doesn’t want them to tell their friends that the two families are now related! How presumptuous!

SB waits outside IS’s study prison for his imminent (but temporary) release for lunch. He wants to see JY, and bristles when SB tells him he can’t because of the schedule.


Evil Mommy chides SB for not addressing her correctly since she’s an adult. SB tells IS to “say it nicely” to his mom, and to his credit he does. Evil Mom then spouts some garbage about keeping a schedule, and then asks a question I want to answer.


**Raises hand excitedly** I know…If you hold them a lot when they are babies, they grow up being relatively secure and well adjusted human beings? Is that the answer you were looking for? I’m only 6+ minutes into this episode, and I am getting angrier by the second. The kids really try to be nice about it, asking her to respect their opinions. Evil Mommy reminds them they are minors (wait, weren’t they conveniently adults 2 seconds ago?) and that they have no rights. Note how Secretary holds Mom’s hand, like a child. Nice contrast here, PD-nim!

SB and IS talk in their room. SB thinks she should be grateful that she has so much help with the baby, but instead it is making her sad. IS claims the Evil Parents are ignoring them. SB sees how ticked off IS is over this, and he looks daggers at Hypnotist-Tutor when he comes in to drag IS back to study prison. As soon as the door’s shut, he asks H-T this question:


Me thinks he trusts this guy too much, but H-T gives IS a straight up answer. He tells him a minor can’t file papers in court. Even so, the court would award custody to the family that could provide the “Better Environment” AKA “has more money”. IS is defeated–for now.

Vulture Friends Song Jae Won (male Vulture Friend with poor taste in jeans, son of future PM) and Evil Mommy chat. LOL at this shot of truth serum from SJW-VF:


I actually laugh for the first time in a while. I might like this guy if he can provide some comic relief. Young Ra walks in just as Evil Mommy is about to leave. She is a pot-stirrer for sure with this nugget:


In major hypocritical mode, Evil Mommy throws it right back!


Whoa, maybe there is a little bit of rebel way, way, way down there in Evil Mommy’s brain.  SJW-VF says “I thought you weren’t gonna explode!” Check out this jacket–I’m going to ponder this one for a while. A skull, rhinestones..looks way too edgy and teenage-ery for a lady of her age to wear, especially in that “high society” (In my ‘hood, it would be cool. Literally, anything goes.)


Daddy Han has a strange convo with another guy I haven’t seen before about the Dae San group? More corruption–I’m sure. I have a hard time tracking the corruption thread in this show.  Will consult Soompi forum to get a better understanding. PM Song comes in, checking out the office and bragging on the view. They trade some BS about noblesse oblige and everyone having a similar office. They take it up to the Club of Exclusiveness. What a hypocrite. Evidently, there’s some kind of slush fund that the Dae San group has–and Daddy Han puts on a fake surprised act for the PM Song. Ha! He must be lying through his teeth, because PD-nim pulls out the reflectors again!


Noo Ri is at a Subway, (they must have a cookie-cutter template for them, like McDonalds) and Dad’s younger secretary spies on her as Dad picks her up. Uh oh.

Evil parents chat late at night. Evil Mom reminds her husband that SB’s family tossed out their previous settlement offer Dad grimaces, and says he will do better. “Let’s overcome emotion with reason and generosity.”  Dude, did you learn that pompous crap from your dad and granddad? Evil Mom calls SB’s mom “fierce” (I don’t think she means that as a compliment, although it may be a backhanded one) They hope JY doesn’t have the Seo Family genes!  Is that stuff they drink from the bowls making them delusional or high? It must be, because Evil Mom does the hairbrush treatment on her husband’s head. I remember how the writer had a big emphasis on hair in SLA, as a symbol of vanity among the upper class; it’s interesting she brought that back in a slightly different way here. (See the Soompi board p. 48 for hilarious BTS pics of this scene)

The next scene is a shocker for me–it appears that the Evil Parents actually share a bed! Who knew! I would have guessed these two were a separate twin bed couple for sure. Cue the crazy music–it helps me figure out what I am about to see next I should interpret as funny! (/sarc)

We see Evil Daddy creepin’ out of bed, and it appears the hallways of the Joseon Prison Mansion have a fair amount of nocturnal traffic! Nanny gets up and leaves through one set of doors, IS is peeking out from another doorway, no doubt waiting for a chance to see his son, and here comes Evil Dad, tiptoeing down the hall and into JY’s room.  He actually looks sweet as he holds him:


Then IS catches him red-handed, and chides him for not holding JY the right way!


The nanny gets back and catches the both of them, and boots them both out!


Here’s a thought:  A drinking game for show–Every time IS’s parents say or do something totally hypocritical, you take a shot! Or maybe I should track down my former Music Theory classmates–they can hook me up with some “medicinal plant leaves”, and then every time…uh, never mind.

IS trudges back up the stairs, and SB finds out from AH that her parents have been invited over. When IS finds out, he is so over it all that he says grumpily “..without consulting us”. I suspect he is at the end of his patience. Noo Ri sends a text saying she wants to come to the Breakfast Meeting of Doom, and IS seizes the chance to do one nice thing for SB by personally inviting her. Noo Ri is pretty thrilled about being able to see them and baby JY.

SB’s parents decide to bring the bellflower wine as a gift.  (See separate post.) Again, another thank you to writer-nim. What an awesome detail to add to this story.

Evil Daddy spouts this line.


His attitude is so unbelievably condescending.

SB’s mom finds out Noo Ri wants to use IS’s parents as a connection for a job–Oh no!


and she is not happy about it. I like how SB’s mom wastes no time in straightening her out, telling her that this is not the way to go about things. It might make things uncomfortable for SB. Crumbs…I was really rooting for sis not to be selfish..but between this scene, and the one previously where she told her parents they should take the settlement contract, I am worried.

Side note–once again, I am blown away. I swear Writer-nim must have a secret hidden camera, recording my life and recycling the details. I had a conversation this week with a close family member who suggested I use the friendly relationship I have with the head honcho at the local college to “help” (i.e. pull strings) so that one of my sons can get the last class he needs for his certificate. After I picked my jaw up from the floor, and told this family member that there was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that would ever happen, and that sort of thing was morally offensive to me, this person backtracked and said that I should just be ‘more subtle’ about it! This family member considers themselves to be a strong moral and ethical character too…OMG, I may just drown in hypocrisy this week. This is why I get so hooked on K-dramas.  It’s so often a mirror of the things that happen in RL for me.

SB tells AH a special dish her folks like for breakfast. (braised cuttlefish–what is that?  DF–“Braised Hairtail” Is this something I need to know about? What is the significance? More research needed. After listening closely, I think it’s braised Hairtail because it sounds like she says “Kalchi” 갈치.  Anyways, here is a link to a pic and a sort-of recipe. Looks good–might have to try this one.)  SB is wearing another fugly dress with a graph paper pattern on it, only to be told by Evil Mommy that she has to change clothes to meet her parents! Uhh..didn’t you pick that dress out for her?

SB’s Dad is milling a stamp for baby JY!  How cool! What a personal gift–so thoughtful. Here’s a close-up of the stamp design.


Nice CAD-CAM system too! He carefully selects the case and the box for the stamp.

Part 2 –The Breakfast Meeting of Doom is next!


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