HITTG Episode 6–What is Bellflower Root wine?

Midway through episode 6, SB’s parents are discussing what kind of gift they should bring to the breakfast meeting with IS’s parents. Sheesh, the Han’s are so rich, they have everything already…then SB’s mom comes up with this gem! (from DF):


Here is the same screencap subbed in SoompiTV for another clue:


So what is this stuff?  What is Deodeok or Bellflower root, and more importantly, why does writer-nim give us viewers this little detail?

First stop–Deodeok Wikipedia entry.  You can find out the Latin name, there’s a picture..but then there is this tantalizing sentence–“The plant has many medical uses and is used to treat lung abscesses, milk-flow obstruction and inflamed boils among many others.” It could also be this plant as well–these two plants appear to be closely related, and it is also used for treatment of lung diseases.

A medicine…hmmm. I check a couple of Traditional Chinese Medicine sites/herbal medicine sites:  Here’s some more pertinent info: (1) (2) (3)

1. It has a bitter taste.

2. It promotes the discharge of pus and expels phlegm from the lungs, stopping coughs.

3. It raises the qi (chi, life energy).

So it looks like the Seo’s gift to the Han Clan is going to taste bitter…and I’m sure it will be bitter for IS’s family when Daddy Han likely gets pulled down on corruption issues, like the tax dodge he arranged for IS’s Songsaenim Hypnotist-Tutor, or election tampering with the PM.  Bellflower root treats lung disease, expels bad stuff like phlegm clogging up the airway..like that Joseon Mansion House, which needs some new, fresh air. (Springtime air! Bom’s name means Spring.) Maybe it would remove other yucky stuff from the parent’s lungs…perhaps like all the foul air that produces the words of contempt toward anyone they think is ‘beneath’ them.  And it will help eliminate their family’s “infection”–their “attitude”–which is about as disgusting as pus. It might raise the life energy of IS’s parents so they can give up their antiquated Joseon era ideas (especially the master/slave dynamic) and live in the present. Yep, the perfect gift for the Han family!

It’s also interesting that according to the first Wikipedia article, this root relieves “milk flow obstruction”. Since we know SB is breastfeeding and using a breast pump, but is not allowed to see the baby otherwise, this is a situation where a milk flow obstruction might occur…and of course, the very best cure is the baby’s frequent nursing! (4) Maybe this wine will clear out the biggest obstruction–Mommy Choi!

Thank you writer-nim for another amazing detail!


3 thoughts on “HITTG Episode 6–What is Bellflower Root wine?


  2. WOW… Thank you!…..Fantastic exploration of the very significance of Bellflower wine in this drama! Loved each link you give here, too. As I would expect from an SLA Forum writer/observer!

    Now if only the HITTG forum writers included some musicians, like @greytac, who could enlighten me regarding the musical selections in this drama! Without those generous pianist and music fans at SLA, I would have missed so very, very much of the undercurrents in the drama.


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