Thoughts/Recap of HITTG Episode 5

Not gonna lie–this episode fell flat for me.  Too much crying, too many flashbacks. I was disappointed, but nowhere near enough to consider dropping the show–or these recaps, which I am find are amazingly fun and time consuming.  I have a lot more respect for anyone out there seriously recapping Kdramas–mine are just a lot of personal thoughts as I watch it.

Episode 5–Starts with a flashback of the epic ending to Episode 4. IS and SB blow right past Evil Mommy Choi to get married! I note the stamps in IS’s hand, and in SB’s mom’s hand.

After the less-than-subtle entrance to the courthouse, Evil Daddy Han whips out his antique fountain pen and signs the document. I notice SB’s Dad uses the family’s stamp.  I need to do some research on the stamp. I am pretty sure I remember from reading the Ask A Korean blog, that each family has a stamp. I wonder if that is why the younger of Dad’s secretaries tells IS “That’s forgery”. Did IS swoop steal the family’s stamp for the marriage documents?

Next we have a lovely scene of IS and SB with the baby.  Interesting choice of words in the subtitles…DF translates IS “counting the hairs on his head”, where Viki calls it “fuzz on the face”. IS says he likes being a husband and father–it’s comfortable to him.  I love this guy–he’s a winner. But SB is crying and sad, she is thankful to IS, but still…I feel awful for her. She probably wants to be with her family, the post-partum hormones are messing with her head, total upheaval in her life…you can see by the look in IS’s face he would do anything to fix this.

The household help stand around and gossip–looks like IS did take the parent’s stamp. Their marriage could be annulled on a forgery charge, but that would not help much. Truer words have not been spoken–Ahjussi butler FTW!

Ya think!

Evil Mommy Choi is throwing herself the Pity Party of the Century, wailing about what she should tell people. OMG, don’t come over to Shamrockmom’s house and spout this kind of nonsense. It’s not allowed at all. One of my kid’s friends who lived with us for a while tried to do this all the time, he loved to play the role of the Victim. We have no use for that here. Get over yourself!

Dad also is pretty good at this Pity Party crap too.

He snivels and cries. I have to laugh at secretary Yoon telling him “no one could have predicted this” and that he is a “genius at situation turnover”, and he agrees with her. What a narcisistic brat! LOL to the secretary–way to butter up the boss!

Note the copious quantities of Kleenex these two go through–yunno, at SB’s house, you only get half a Kleenex!  I remember last year when my Soompi buddy @kaciesmom and I were crying our way through Angel Eyes, and making Costco runs to keep ourselves in Kleenex! I’d bet the Han family buys the most expensive, soft, and fluffy Kleenex available, while SB’s folks make do with the cheapo 99 cent store brand!

SB’s parents go back to their home to have a celebratory ramyun lunch, ha! Dad is unhappy because he hasn’t seen the baby yet. They get into it a little–SB’s Dad wanted IS’s parents to apologize to them for the contract, and SB’s mom calls him out, saying they shouldn’t have sat around calculating about the money  She’s great. This is all she needs to be happy:

and that her grandson’s birth has been registered by both his parents. Then SB’s Dad says what I’ve been thinking:

Sb’s mom is confident that IS’s parents won’t hurt her, but if they try, SB won’t allow it! Ha!  She has indeed raised her daughter well.

Evil Mommy Choi meets with the Fortune Teller! Fortune teller gives EMC an amulet (?) to put in the room where IS, SB and the baby are living. That is incredibly creepy. EMC’s total trust in this fortune teller is frightening. You can see it all over her face, she hangs on every word this lady says.

OMG, EMC wants to legally change baby Jin Young’s name? Another new low.  How could she do that? I don’t think the kids will agree to this. The fortune teller puts the kibosh on that, saying it’s a good name. Ha! Foiled again, evil witch!

The Evil Parents have dinner together in the Joseon Gazebo. Evil Daddy comes up with the idea of making a statement, and sending gifts out with the announcement to their closest 400-500 friends and his 1300 employees.  Gifts depend on social rank!

Did you expect anything different? Then the Evil Parents both have another crying jag…I’m so over the both of them right now. Yi Ji calls them out on it, asking if they are crying because they are happy. Evil Mommy clings to her daughter, begging her to not cause any problems, confusing Yi Ji who says she exercises and eats right!

IS begs Dad’s secretary for something…

While Evil Daddy Han looks at the photo of his parents, and cries some more, apologizing to them.


Did I miss something? Did someone die, or become tragically maimed? Dude, get over yourself! You are a grandfather now. At this point, I need a break from the parents, and I go get a snack….

IS shoos his sis and the housekeeper out so they can have a moment. Yi Ji–“I think oppa has become a man”. Well, duh!

SB calls her folks on IS’s phone–he must have gotten it back from Dad’s secretary. Mom goes into her old room, and gets her Pajama pants, holding them while she talks to SB…it’s like she’s realized her daughter has grown up and left home. They are both crying, and we viewers get a flashback to the rage fit SB’s Mom pitched in the previous episode. Like I said, too much crying, too much flashback. Fast forward–Mom apologizes, and then tells her: “I’m glad that you’re my daughter.” Nice.

She tearfully hands the phone to her husband–note how she is not crying over herself, but it’s the worry over her daughter. Dad gets choked up too, and hands off the phone to sister Noo Ri.

Evil Parents are completely ignored by IS as he goes the opposite way down the hall. They go in to see the baby. It’s been, what? 4 days, 5 maybe? Evil Mommy–“they got married today, so we want to see our grandson” What?!?  Like he’s only real now that his parents are married?
SB cries as IS encourages her to have a sip of champagne to celebrate their wedding. So, so many tears in this episode…He hugs her awkwardly, and I note the box of Kleenex, prominently displayed on the table.

Evil Parents get instruction from the Nanny on how to hold the baby. Evil Mommy holds baby Jin Young, and tells her hubby he will mess it up if he holds him.  The Evil Daddy’s hand gestures in this scene are pretty funny. Then he finally gets to hold his grandson…I notice the only time these two act (mostly) decent is when they are around the baby.  They say normal things like:

Of course, it’s blown up 20 seconds later.
Sheesh! The kid is 5 days old, and you have to put him on a waiting list for Kindergarten? I’m not surprised, I’ve heard of stuff like this before, but still…They make cute faces at the baby, and for the life of me, I don’t know how this baby is so adorably cute on cue.

Evil Parents stumble over calling themselves Grandfather and Grandmother, and then the baby is done with them, and dumps a load in his diaper….The Evil Parents act like a nuclear stinkbomb went off.

In RL, if the baby had been totally breastfed, the smell would have been noticeable, but not stink-bomb level of bad. Evil Dad looks like he is going to lose his dinner! They want a schedule of seeing their grandson twice daily, when he doesn’t poop his diaper, LOL!

Evil Parents return to their previously delusional state. EMC calls Bom :

Ehh, no. They surmise that’s why their son was attracted to her. Nope again. Evil Dad calls her a “hippie” and wants his wife to teach her proper behavior. Really? This is scary–what I fear the most happening is the parents breaking SB emotionally. Evil Daddy goes on a small rant about the French Revolution–oh, so is he afraid now that he will be blamed if IS’s friends start to “rebel”?

Another flashback–IS and SB go back to the college dorm room where JY was conceived. I am not sure why the writer put this scene in here. It seems redundant, and we don’t really find out anything new.

The gifts and announcement have gone out. Gifts–we see wine, chocolates and honey…the recipients read the announcement. It’s sad how much glee is shown at the Han’s family change of fortunes. Not only are the Han’s jerks, so are their friends and acquaintances. The note itself is written very formally but in my mind, it could have been a lot worse. I wish DF still had the pop-out subtitles–it would have made this much easier. Here is the note in one piece:

“We are writing to express our indescribable joy and excitement toward this unexpected event. On December 7th, we had our first grandson. He is the fruit of the love between my son In Sang and his lover Seo Bom. In this world where love and pureness is considered negative, my wife and I wanted to show our support and encouragement toward their decision by agreeing to their legal marriage without hesitation. As you would expect, our new daughter in law is still recovering, so we decided to have the wedding a few months later. Please congratulate our happy occasion without prejudice or misunderstanding.”

It doesn’t sound too bad–until you realize it’s from the Han family. Everyone can read the message between the lines. Young-Ra (vulture friend) especially looks happy at the Han’s difficulties. Congratulatory texts come in–and the Han parents look like they have been drinking vinegar!

There’s a huge pile of gifts in the foyer of IS’s Joseon Mansion–

The AH tells him and SB that the gift from her sis is up in their room–they rush upstairs. It’s a box of dried sweet potatoes–Bom’s fave, and she starts to sniffle again. Also a set of knitted “couple sweaters”, and IS is thrilled. Look at the joy–I wonder if he ever got a hand-made gift before? He will probably wear this every day. Note how the kids blow off the expensive gifts, for the simple ones.

Sis writes some great stuff in her notes–“You have to always be on Bom’s side” and this too:

Oh, no. Here comes Evil Mommy up the stairs with all kinds of dresses and outfits for Bom to wear…I’m sure she hired the same fashion adviser that dressed Gu Hye Sun in Angel Eyes, or at that “Blood” press conference! Why do you want to dress this beautiful 19 year old girl like a frump?  Bom sees that the staff is carrying a lot of stuff, and before she sits down, she gestures for them to sit, but they stare back at her, stone-faced. Awkward!

Evil Mommy’s secretary goes through a rundown of how she should address the staff–and that they will call her “Little Madam” (DF–“Little Lady”) Geez!  Bom–“It’s awkward.” Her expression says it all. Evil Mommy says not to talk about how much she loves IS and baby JY in front of the “elders”. Hmm…maybe because you are jealous?

IS and his Evil Daddy have this really strange conversation, where Daddy says he will respect his son and his wishes, then does this “X and O” answer thing that is just way, way out there in space.  IS asks things of his Dad that are doable and logical: “Can you get along with Bom’s parents?” Dad-“Nope–too difficult for now”.  IS disgusted look is understandable. Evil Daddy does promise to send Bom to college (a small ray of sunshine). IS asks to be a regular college student so he can properly father JY, but Dad says No. Ugh.

IS tells SB that the Hypnotist-Teacher is on their side!  I hope so, they need all the help they can get. He eagerly tells H-T how grateful they are, and how they want to confide in him, but Hypnotist-Teacher just reviews the grueling study prison schedule, while the handyman puts up doors and locks. I may need to rename the house the Joseon Prison Mansion, with SB and IS (and baby JY) all under house arrest.

I need another break, as the revulsion I feel is overwhelming.

SB’s dad and uncle watch the news about the election of the Prime Minister on the vintage CRT monitor with the boom box in the background…

I’m not sure how all this is going to come together, but I think there’s gonna be some kind of scandal related to this election, and the Han Family is gonna go down. Wouldn’t that be a nice “reversal of fortune” trope?

Evil Daddy’s secretary Yoon informs him that “rumors” are going around insinuating he is not helping his less fortunate in-law’s family.

Uh-oh. No doubt he will use this “help” against the Seo family in the future. He says he will decide later since they are so far beneath him. Meanwhile, Mom’s secretary gives SB “smiling instructions” as she is all dressed up in a hideous beige dress to meet Mom’s pack of Vulture friends. She even tells her not to say her name! So crazy. She is paraded like a doll or a pet.

Young Ra (Hyeon Soo’s Mom, I am starting to catch some names!) tries to trip SB up with a “test” of speaking English, only to have SB speak better than she does! How does that taste, hmm? SB is so smart! IS bolts out of study prison, and gives a way too detailed explanation of why he needs to help SB exercise. His mom looks so uncomfortable in front of her friends, and Young Ra looks quite pleased.

IS shoos his friends out of their room so he can have some alone time with SB. He is immediately concerned they have offended her, and they hug. The AB, AH and H-T all chat about the Prime Minister’s appointment and go through some mild hassle about speaking formally/informally.

Evil Mommy goes into the bedroom where IS and SB are curled up on the bed taking a nap.

She looks disgusted…seriously, what is the problem here? The kids are fully dressed, sleeping. I wonder if she ever just took a nap curled up with her husband? Doubt it.

Hey, Mommy Choi, I need to break it to you…someday real soon, these kids are going to resume their sex life. I suggest you start dealing with it now. Yunno, Costco, that place where your family buys Kleenex? Well, it also has big boxes of condoms–they’re in a “variety” pack too, lol! Have the housekeeper put a couple boxes on the list for the next delivery!

IS apologizes for being happy…omg, the next thing, he will apologize for breathing too! Evil Mommy loses her composure and starts slapping him, pinching his cheeks, only to be caught by SB who apologizes to her too!

Check out IS’s smile as Evil Mommy pouts!

I know a lot of viewers/commenters find IS’s parents hilarious, and can’t wait to see them get what we all know is coming to them. I do too, but the Han’s irritate me; I have no sympathy for them at all. I think it’s because I know people in RL who act like this, all the time. I should be thrilled to see them squirm, and that’s fine…for a while. After that, I feel weary and disgusted. Sometimes, revenge looks good on paper, but when the opportunity arises to actually take the revenge, it’s not as fulfilling as it seemed to be.(Check out “Beyond the Clouds” for a 16 hour tutorial on this subject.)

As I watch episodes like this, I can only wonder how much pressure IS and SB can take before they are broken. I have a strange feeling that Evil Mommy was once a little bit of a rebel, but it’s been beaten out of her by the Han Clan.

Sadly, I am going to have to shorten these recaps, as my Music Theory class just got a lot more difficult, and pesty RL things like kid’s car problems and doing my taxes are about to eat into my time.



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