Open Letters to the Higher-ups at DramaFever, Viki and SoompiTV–from your frustrated viewer Shamrockmom

Dear DramaFever bosses,

I will start with a positive note–the subs for HITTG are awesome.  Much improved over SLA last year.  Thank you for having a Roku app; it makes my life much easier, and you have a decent Android app too. Good job!  But where, oh where did the Pop-out subtitles go?  It was the most useful feature for comparing and contrasting your subs with Viki.  Please bring them back ASAP!  And can you please fix the bug that changes the language every time I want to read your tabloid news stories?  I didn’t speak Spanish or Arabic yesterday, and I probably won’t today either, but your site can’t remember that, and changes the language every time I sign in.  Sigh.

Dear Viki Crew,

Your subtitles are awesome, and the volunteers work very hard to get popular dramas subbed quickly. The amount you charge every month is extremely reasonable to watch your service ad-free. The viewer comments at the top of the screen are a gold mine of comedy and snark. Your Android app is wonderful, but why do you restrict some content on mobile devices? It’s a bummer. And you promised us a Roku app back in 2013–c’mon, it can’t be that difficult for you guys (especially considering all the small groups that have specialty programming on Roku)

Dear SoompiTV folks,

I’m gonna be honest here–your Android app won’t even let me sign in!  Find your techies and fix it! I can’t even stream to my TV that has a Chromecast because I can’t sign in!  You already have a Roku App from KDrama/Crunchyroll–how about updating it with new content?  Or how about subbing some dramas that the other two aren’t or older ones that have never been done?  You have serious competition here, so you need to do something different to stand out.  Subbing the variety/reality shows is a start. The actor/actress profiles are nice, but need an update as well.


2 thoughts on “Open Letters to the Higher-ups at DramaFever, Viki and SoompiTV–from your frustrated viewer Shamrockmom

  1. Thank you for these comments! I thought Spanish kept appearing because of MY mistakes!

    And I am so impressed by your tech skills…….Roku, Chromcast, plus your entire Blog set-up and its great cross connections via commentators. In particular, I liked the “Ping back” feature that flew me to the IKatu blog, where I found short comments from the “Elite” drama bloggers ( many others may be just missing-in-action). First time seeing this item ever (i.e., the ping back).

    Their short comments were like quote from critics that were found on book covers! And i did the side scroll (per the big arrow) for the first time there……always felt I would lose my place if I did that.


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