Thoughts on “Spy’ Episodes 13 and 14

I thought it was a bummer that KBS didn’t air these episodes due to the Lunar New Year holiday…they are relatively short at less than 45 minutes each, and I think the extra week took some of the spark out of this show for me.  I still like it, flaws and all. The lamest spies ever, Sun Woo’s Mom who started out pretty badass but has wimped out in the last few episodes, this whole “lets hack into this hard drive” plot…still, there’s been some great moments, and I am very eager to see how the writers wrap this deal up.  I am hopeful for a good ending, although I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up.  The action scenes keep getting better too, I especially liked the scene in 14 where SW pistol whips the bad guy.  Very nice.

I feel vindicated in my faith in Yoon Jin.  I am still waiting to see if she can team up with Mom Hye Rim and protect Sun Woo.

A couple of LOL moments:

At the start of Ep. 14, this little actress totally nailed it.  Look at the adoring look she gives her “oppa”


I’m dying..I can only guess what she’s thinking, “I may be only five, but I already know this oppa is smokin’ hot.  I might never see another manga character in real life ever again, so I better get a good look while I can (or at least till he comes back from the military….).”

From Ep. 13–Another great moment:

Ki Chul, the worst excuse ever for a Communist!


I don’t think Ki Chul read all of the Marxist textbooks in school. He sounds like a grade A capitalist to me!  (By the way, his voice is absolutely awesome, he’s got that deep gravelly voice that makes Shamrockmom’s knees get weak.  He could read the phone book from Seoul and I’d dig it….)

Even Ki Chul’s minions are craptastic Commies, whining and wailing about their money:


Heh, so much for the good of the Party!  Show me the MONEY!!

Currently waiting for subs to finish this show…


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Spy’ Episodes 13 and 14

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  2. I loved this drama, too.So many veteran actors that I enjoy seeing. Kim Jaejoong has been a favorite of mine for a while, for many reasons (keeping it short here). I adored his second lead policeman character in “Dr.Jin”, my choice and “my hero” in that series. Have you seen him in “Jackal Is Coming”…….so darn funny!

    I need to go back for “Protect the Boss” drama……I think I confused it with the “My Boss, My Hero” movie. How did I do that?


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