Thoughts on “Maids” Ep. 10-11-12 with spoilers

I caught up on “Maids” this week…the story moves along at a good pace in this show, although it seems we can’t get through an episode without a beating/torture scene. This time, it’s MM who gets beaten. Sigh…I’m over the beatings.

Except for someone beating Poong Yi. That tattler needs -and gets- a good beating/torture session, especially after he strangles OY in cold blood.  Really PY, you think the mistress is gonna give you all that if you kill her?  You are delusional. I hope the Minister finds a way to punish his evil wife for this–after all, it was his child she killed as well. The scene where Eun Ki drops the rings into the river with tears in his eyes…that was so moving.  Then my sympathy for him is wrecked when he starts acting cold and snotty toward IY.  Dude, really?  One thing I had really liked about this show is that it showed him having some good character growth. He seemed to be naive, but have a functional moral compass.  I should also mention I found it interesting that he has not consummated his marriage to YO yet.  I was proud of him–it was like he was saying, “You can take away my girl and force me to marry this other one, but you’re not going to get an heir out this deal.” It was the only thing he could control, and I admired him for that. I was really rooting for this guy to get together in the end with IY. I have a bad feeling that he is going to turn evil, although his table flip and decision to go with the Manwol rebels and his Daddy could work out pretty well. Of course, finding out your Daddy is the head of the traitors can cause a serious mental setback. Now EK’s less naive, and starting to move over into jerk territory. I am greatly saddened by this.

On another level, I saw at least a little ‘chemistry’ between EK and IY–but I see no chemistry between IY and MM.  I can figure she’s supposed to end up with MM by the end of the drama, but I don’t feel it. Will the remaining 6 or so episodes ramp up the romantic feelings between them?  I get that they like and respect each other, but there’s none of the romance.

I worry for Jan Di as well.  YS is not the most motivated or ethical guy…if she gets pregnant–God forbid–she will probably meet the same fate as OY.


One thought on “Thoughts on “Maids” Ep. 10-11-12 with spoilers

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