Slightly more coherent thoughts on HITTG–Episode 3

It’s a strange thing that happens over and over to me….the intersection of things that are happening in my life with the things that are happening in the dramas I watch. This week in my Monday Night Piano class, we are starting to learn Brahms’ Lullaby. I start to play the familiar melody, and think to myself–I wonder if a young Brahms came up with this while helping Clara Schumann rock one of the babies to sleep while husband Robert is laid up in a mental hospital?  What makes a man love a baby, even when that baby is not his? (See Ho-Gu’s Love) For that matter, what makes a man love his own child, or decide to turn his back on his children (and/or grandchildren, in my own family’s example) and walk away, either mentally, physically or both?

It’s painfully obvious IS not only loves SB with all his heart, but their child as well. We saw him kiss his girl and his son before leaving for school, he held the baby for their family-selfie/selca.  We can accurately surmise that IS certainly didn’t learn this affection from his Evil Daddy Han and Evil Mommy Choi…I finally figured out what that display of red flowers was about (Hydrangeas) and that post I couldn’t wait for.  It’s up on the Soompi boards, pg. 29 I believe 🙂

Episode 3–

Starts out by having all the adults talk over IS, like he’s not even there. It starts fueling my hatred toward the tutor/hypnotist and Evil Daddy’s secretary right from the get-go. IS begs the Ahjussi-butler for help to escape. His only thoughts are about SB and their baby.

Evil Daddy cyber-snoops on SB’s family, learning they are financially strapped, and even Google-Earth snooping their home. Meanwhile, SB’s family squabble over what they think IS’s family’s situation is.  I like that SB’s Dad want’s to go find his daughter, after all he moaned and groaned over the baby ruining her life in the 1st episode.

Back to the tutorial prison–Ahjussi Butler FTW!  He distracts Hypnotist-Tutor and IS escapes–doesn’t even stop to grab his shoes lol.  My heart nearly stopped right here:


Dang!  Ahjussi-butler just throws the Hypnotist-tutor up against the wall, grabs his wrists and threatens him!  Then we find out-AB has known IS since he was a baby.  IS has obviously inspired this AB to “go to the wall” for him. Here’s some fierce loyalty..


And another question mark–I wonder what the Hypnotist/Tutor guy meant when he said this:


Ok, I can figure out that that is a neighborhood (the -dong suffix), probably/maybe in the Seoul area (Google is not coming through for me on this one.) But why would he say this?  What is the significance?  More research needed.

SB’s daddy arrives at the Joseon mansion/home of IS, only to have IS’s Evil Mommy lie through her teeth that it’s not their home! Ha! Can’t wait for this lie to be exposed….Evil Mommy looks like she is about to have yet another panic attack. She whines on the phone to Evil Daddy, who calls the police!  That’s low, bro.


The police give SB’s daddy major hassle, which is amazing.  I mean he’s older, doesn’t exactly look like a thug, not peeking in windows..geez.  He later describes the neighborhood as “scary”.  I agree with his assessment.

Next is the group of folks I call “The Vulture Friends”.  I will be honest here..I am really bad at remembering all the secondary character’s names. Heck, I can barely get the main character’s names right especially when I am watching 4 shows like I am now…so I cheat and give them names–especially when I am not sure about where these people fit into the drama.  I know they are Evil Mommy’s buddies, one might be related…their kids know each other. Gahh!  I need to re-read the Soompi board and figure this out. They sure seem to have a lot of idle time on their hands to sleuth this stuff out…Maybe they should be spies, LOL!  Wait, did the younger woman just say she used an ambulance record to find out when her (former) husband cheated on her.  Whoa!  I missed that in DF…

Puzzle time!  How many things can you find that don’t belong in this picture…hittg3anachronisticdesk

Hmmm…hourglass, retro phone, lamp that looks like it’s actually candles…why all this anachronistic stuff? Will continue to ponder this one…

LOL at the clueless parents of IS.  “Did our kids cry like that?”  Secretary: “Put on your smile mask..”  OMG.

Yi Ji is not clueless. She calls it as she sees it.


Love it. Also love the sneak-in scene, although I’m too nervous to enjoy the humor I know is supposed to be in it. Finally IS and SB can be together with their baby.  It’s a touching and tender moment, the music calm and soothing…a moment of pure relief for me.  Ahjumma Housekeeper is watching out for them!

Now I love IS even more…he draws SB a map of his house, and learn that the “most comfortable room” in the house belongs to AH and AB.  I can picture IS and his sis, sneaking in–this tiny place of warmth and refuge. AB and AH must really care for IS and YJ, no wonder they help the kids out so much.


He really doesn’t understand how wealthy his family is.  I get it…I grew up in a pretty darn well-off household, not IS level, but way up from where SB’s family is. I never even thought about it until the day my uncle (now deceased) took me to Asian Garden Mall–it was under construction back then in the late ’70’s. He met a shopkeeper he knew from Saigon; somehow he had made it out of there and started a shop in the mall.  I went with my uncle to this guy’s house–he told my uncle how amazing and wonderful it was compared to living in Saigon. It was the darkest and mildew-iest run down apartment I’ve ever seen, even to the present day, in a crummy area of Garden Grove.  This guy was so proud his kids had beds and didn’t have to sleep on the floor, on mats. The kids’ beds were banana loungers…cheap poolside plastic lounge chairs with a thin blanket on top…OMG.  The family had one 13″ B&W TV, and there must have been 8 people, two families, minimum in that tiny 2 bedroom apartment.  It was a huge wake-up call for me as a naive 13 year old. I was really rich, as were all my friends. It had never really sunk in before.

I really hope IS and SB don’t break up, and that they stay strong together, because his parents are going to try every trick in the book, (and probably think of some new ones) to drive them apart. I am encouraged by the fact that IS seems to be getting smarter by the minute.  He finds an extra (!) laptop in his room, and sets it up so SB can send him emails since the ‘rents confiscated their phones.


It’s eerily quiet as IS and AB attempt to sneak back out of the house…the lack of BGM here makes it far more tense.  Every little noise makes me jump. Then IS gets stuck and has to hide under the table while his parents drink tea.  Uh, oh–SB starts down the stairs, IS gets caught, and the goofy music begins.  SB and IS stand together and face his parents while AH and AB look like they are the ones who got caught.  IS takes another step up..”what we like the most is that we love each other.” Check out this confident expression.  He’s just about done with the BS.


SB: “If I didn’t love IS, I wouldn’t put up with being trapped here!”  Their honesty in the face of Evil Mommy and Daddy’s constant lies and spin is breathtaking.  IS and SB hold hands, and SB begs to be able to breastfeed her baby…I can’t even deal with this. I know it’s supposed to be funny, but I want to bang my head on the table in frustration. However, there is a full audience of household help to watch this scene, and they can barely mask the delight of watching their bosses mental anguish.

29 episodes to go…and I am wondering how the writer will maintain the pace.


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