Thoughts on “Maids” Ep. 7-8-9 with spoilers

Okay, so maybe I like Moo Myung just a teensy bit better now that I know he didn’t murder the pregnant maid Ok Yi.  Still, now that the Minister’s wife knows she’s alive in the Kimchi Grotto of Doom and MM didn’t kill her, she’s gonna be PO’d.  I still fear for OY’s life, and the baby as well. Poong Yi needs to die a painful death for tattling…  Please writer-nim, keep them safe!

I admit I have “battle fatigue” with this show. I can only take so many scenes of beatings, torture and near-rape before I feel weary and exhausted just watching.  The scenes with the meat sewn in to protect Jan Di and In Yub were not as intense as other beating scenes, and the fact that the servants then cooked and gave the meat to the nobles was quite satisfying. Even the scene of Yoon Seo’s wife trying to get him to ‘do the deed’ so she can have a baby–which I am sure was intended as comic relief–bothered me.  Sexual coercion–in either direction–is just not funny, period. Maybe I am too sensitive to this, I don’t know.  Readers, you tell me.One thing I did like was to see Eun Ki and Yoon Seo both step up and defend their ladies–I thought YS was going to wimp out again, but seeing EK do the right thing gave him courage, at least in that scene, to do the right thing.   I also believe that  the axiom “who needs men to abuse women when women do such a fine job abusing each other” applies in bucketfuls in this drama (as it does in RL).  YO and her mother are so evil.  They enjoy inflicting the beatings and the “Sophie’s choice” of who will be the surrogate mother to the cruel old man.  Utterly disgusting….

One small note–Dear Eun Ki, if you are going to go out in the middle of the night on a super secret mission with your trusty butler, ditch the fancy hanbok with the bright colors and go for the straight “Healer” look of all black, or for the muted black/gray/dark browns of MM.  Just a hint.

The political intrigue baffles me, as it has right from the start, and I will have to take some significant time to go back and read the Soompi board, and the members who explain all that.  I admit I am here for the rest of the story.  It’s a good thing that this drama is visually beautiful–the costumes are amazing, the sets seem so real, and the acting (exception–MM) is pretty darn good.  This drama reminds me a little bit of “Roots” which I watched as a fifth or sixth grader back in the day.  It was intense in it’s depiction of the horrifying aspects of slavery, very much like “Maids”.


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