Weeks 2 and 3 of Music Theory Class

Week 2–

It’s good to know that some things don’t change much after being away from college for 27 years…like the first lecture “intimidation”.  The instructor always comes on strong in the first class, warning the students about the workload, and how hard the class will be.  I even told my kids about this when they started college.  I know it’s just to weed out the weak and wimpy students.  Yep, still applies.  Shamrockmom’s class is down to less than 1/2 of the first night’s attendees, and this group of students are smart, and very bright. Better news–they don’t smell like they just blazed up, and they may have had a bath recently.  No need for the Bath & Body Works remedy.  I came prepared though.

Now I realize I really need to work hard in this class.  The Songsaenim goes quickly through the material.  When did classes get this fast?  Oh, no.  Now she’s calling on people in the class to answer questions–in front of everyone.  I didn’t used to get nervous like this.  What happened to my mojo?  I never worried about being called on in class–because I always knew the answer.  I was confident.  Now I am anything but confident. It’s the same way during piano lessons.  I am in a group of 3, and if I have to play something all by myself, I get nervous and mess up.  I don’t remember being like that when I played my flute. I need to locate my mojo.  Is it gone forever?

I hope I did okay on the homework…

Week 3.

So I did okay on the 1st weeks homework. Not great. I messed a few up, I just wasn’t being careful-but I thought I was. Darnit. I need to get started on the write-up for the Martha Argerich/ LA Phil concert I went to last weekend (I have to attend 2 concerts, one symphony and one recital/chamber music for the class)  It was awesome, a bucket list event for Shamrockmom. Now I have to figure out how to write this paper without mentioning any of the following–mostly because it would be so embarrassing to admit:

–how I had tickets for this 6 months ago, long before I even dreamed of taking this class,

–how I would have never known about Martha Argerich if it wasn’t for SLA,

–how I loved the piece she played because I felt it worked out with the FF I wrote….

Yeah, my work is cut out for me. How do I write about something that was such an emotional experience?

There’s a quiz this week, so I will be studying quite a bit on Wednesday afternoon.  My Boss’s violin teacher and my Boss have volunteered to help me and look over my homework Tuesday night.  I can get a free hour of tutoring at the college too, and if I bomb this quiz, I’m signing up.


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