Thoughts on Ho Gu’s Love Ep. 1-4 with spoilers

After the stress of watching Maids, and the adrenaline rush of Spy, I thought it was time for something lighter for my Kdrama viewing enjoyment.  Sweden Laundry was ok, but not holding my interest.  I decided to take a chance on Ho Gu’s Love.  It looked like silly, light fun.

Boy was I wrong.

Okay, there are some funny parts.  The part in Ep. 4 where the boys are chasing after the nekkid picture of Do Hee, all the while looking like they are in slo-mo tryouts for Pageant of the Masters…so funny.  And DH’s reaction, “I’m not an A-cup”–I was not expecting that either.  She’s one tough cookie.  I’m dying to know her backstory.

I’m so glad Do Hee decided to have the baby.  I was worried for a while, especially when she was begging for it to be taken away.  There is a soft part of her, somewhere under the hard shell she puts on to show the world everyday.

I did not expect to be sobbing at the end of Episodes 3 and 4…this writer can really reel me in and then punch to the gut…I love the character of Ho Gu.  For all that he seems like a loser, or a sad sack,  he has a moral compass that doesn’t waver, and a compassionate heart.  No doubts in my mind, that came straight from his Dad. Ho Gu has some good friends too, even if they are nerds on the highest level. I have seen some comments calling Ho Gu out as self centered and not connected with reality.  I don’t buy it.  HG looks at things in a very simple, straightforward dynamic.  He seems to be very logical…if there is a baby, there is a husband.  In his world, that’s how it works.  That is what he’s probably always seen. He simply can’t imagine a husband letting his wife have the baby all by herself.  Is that what his Dad would have done?  No way! At Shamrockmom’s RL house, we have a saying….’Don’t make something rocket science when it isn’t .”

His sister annoys me, but I hope once she starts dating that King of the Narcissists Lawyer, she will get straightened out.  (If that dude straightens out–now that will be a miracle.)

Is it wrong to not give a rip who is the father of Do Hee’s baby?  I don’t.  If Ho Gu is there, that kid will have a chance, and that is what really matters.


One thought on “Thoughts on Ho Gu’s Love Ep. 1-4 with spoilers

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